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  1. CheepHeep our new top actor ??

    Are you trying to "bend" Debbie's gender?
  2. you got on?


    1. Wolf


      yes I'm here now


    Oddly enough, GameTracker seems to have been showing Jay#1 as 'Dead' for about the last 8 hours, since DD's last post! Uptime is actually over 7 days. https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  4. Pic of the Day 11.04.18

    You get a stranger to take your pic, silly!
  5. Pic of the Day 09.04.18

    DJ, you should send this pic to =F|A=Chameleon !

    Jay#1 and HardCore are both up and running now, with players fighting on them.
  7. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    DareDevil made a Great Easter Egg Hunt just for us!
  8. What in the tarnation?

    That was "for real"? Really? Call him "Thumper" for 'thumping his digital chest' so bravely and for being ... Damn! Look how much my signature has grown since I last saw you here, Joe...I have to do some trimming!
  9. Easter

    I didn't get any eggs OR candy!
  10. forums Uploaded GIFs

    Yes, I ran Chrome "Inspection" and then saw the "webp" in the 'source'. I copied that link and opened it in another tab. I replaced the ".webp" with ".gif" and here it is. ... now the page inspector finds ... Here I am trying the "media" copy link and paste : https://media.giphy.com/media/ftGTY1fO9ARUI/giphy.gif = Fail at direct paste. Interesting 'thing' # 3 or 4(?) When I download Aniky's images, they download as "giphy.gif", but when I open them in a new tab and try to DL them from there, they DL as "giphy.webp", even though the address-bar shows them as a ".gif". :tee_hee: (and the same with Shana's image, but a little different "5ac34bfae8165_HappyBlackAndWhiteGIF-source.gif.e1f862dc7054846542d404209dd7991f.gif"
  11. Share the new things which you discover on new update

    It seems that a simple "like" is now just clicking on the button, without choosing a different reaction. (as I did with yours and Kiba's posts) It also looks like we can just paste in the url-addresses of pics, such as the one above. Hmmm, those pics are showing up larger than expected...
  12. Share the new things which you discover on new update

    I looks like Kiba wrote his reply inside the Quote box and it seems like I can still fix those "quote ate my message" posts, even with out the BBcode Ahh...and quoting Kiba's post shows nothing here because his message is inside the quote...I guess that is normal...I can fix it later if Kiba does not.
  13. forums Uploaded GIFs

    A GIF file that I had uploaded before the forums-change now snows up only as a non-moving thumb. In the original post, I was able to make a full-sized and moving image abvoe the thump by selecting 'open image in new tab' and copying that url directly back into the post, above the small image. The version now only showed the thunb and the full-sized link had disappeared. I 'opened the image in a new tab' but it was only the same unmoving thumb image. I removed the 'thumb' from the url and the tab-page played the full image. I copied that url back into my original post and used the editor to insert it into the position of the missing full-image. The gif-links to external urls do work in old posts. Copied from one = https://media.giphy.com/media/ftGTY1fO9ARUI/giphy.gif pasted in, but will it show the full gif? "Insert Other Media" did not allow it to be inserted via URL. Perhaps that is not allowed in this subforum... Trying "embed code" <iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/ftGTY1fO9ARUI" width="480" height="365" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/charlie-chaplin-movie-ftGTY1fO9ARUI">via GIPHY</a></p>
  14. The BBCode tab is missing from the Editor, which we might not need now. I can't fix posters' message problems for them now, or "get fancy" in my own posts now.