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  1. It looks like you somehow "fell out of the Radar map" by "squeezing between vertices" somehow. FF explosions can apply enough force to do that, sometimes.
  2. I found the solution. It seems that either my settings were lost or the new 'default' of "goto first post" overwrote it after the 'recent Forums Update'. You can click on your profile-name on the upper right of any page, which will invoke a drop-down menu. Click on the Account Settings and you can change a number of things. including "Content View Behavior". I found mine set to "take me to the beginning." I clicked on the line above it, "Take me to contents I have not read" and now it has returned to my "normal behavior".
  3. @Buckwild converted my demo into a video and uploaded it to his YT-channel. This shows the "mechanics" of the situation, which had greatly befuddled and amused the players.
  4. Set you 12 on HC after I saw that you had been there recently. 😄


    1. Rolan001


      Thanks redbaird 

  5. uptime on Jay#1 is over 6 days. Talking with Hanky, it may have been some kind of glitch with his ET or with his system. He says that the "screen froze", but he was able to /disconnect and reconnect to fix it. All Okay now.
  6. DJ, your pic reminded me of a recent article by a Professor in the USA who declared that Beethoven was "Classist and Racist" and that listening to his music means that you are the same!
  7. Oh, @C0C4N4T10N you beat me to posting that here. BUT, your 'better-colored' pic reminds me that I have to fix my graphics on silent-mod, thanks. AND, thanks to @ogeazy for luring me to HC to see this in RL. I will have to post my demo somewhere, it is quite amusing.
  8. Yes, it took me a while to find it...before I noticed the 3-dots. I first tried the "3 WTFs" instead of the "3 dots" solution. AH, I guess the 3-dots is for everybody, not just clan-members. I will test it. The "3-dots" are how everyone can at least get the "share address" link.
  9. Woo, you joined the forums some 10 years ago! 😄 


    I see that your Discord ID here is the same as the one who is chatting with me on Discord right now. 😄 


    1. GHARIB


      Vintage, salut mon ami... 

  10. Same happens with topics read and posted in after the Update, such as this one. When I saw alala's post here via Unread Content, I was taken to the first post in the topic when I clicked on the title.
  11. images.png.6f11f67589b2e2ebc922a32455109c2c.png

    OMG it was my first interface with optical pen 😛




    I can even correct it 😄 this exemple is not the right way, it should be this following example (cleanest or more pro xD)


    10 FOR X=1 TO 5


    30 NEXT X



    omg, i time traveled 35 years ago when i was 8 YO 😛



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. GHARIB


      Woo what a Good idea ! 


    3. Xernicus


      @daredevil Could you hook us up please? (Vintage Computing Club)

    4. GHARIB


      Haha and my next one was mo5 (still Thomson) 






      I think it was released only in FRANCE 


      Operating system BASIC 1.0
      CPU Motorola 6809E @ 1 MHz
      Memory 32 KB RAM, 16 KB VRAM
      Graphics 320×200 16 colors



      16 colorssssss OMG haha


  12. You almost got my !st RL LOL of the Day award, but D..X beat you by one minute! Woo! That is titled as "Vintage Looking GIF By NASA"!
  13. After the recent Update, my Posts-viewed history seems to be lost. When I click on the title of a topic that I had read before the update, it opens on the first post, not the first unread post.
  14. @Major Stalvern Fixed your name so that we can do an @ for you.


    (or did DD do it already?)

    1. D..X


      Happy Hour Reaction GIF by Laff

      woo now i can tag @Major Stalvernwhen i need a sandwich 😛

    2. RedBaird


      Oh, No!  @D..X beat out @DJ aka GDR DJ for RedBaird's First RL LOL of the Day! :o 


      "Ham Samich"?  Now @tipsy  will be all over him!

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