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  1. Did not notice the erased circles? Somebody got a "wise ass" idea in the middle of the test. ... or was that a test taken my Spock the Vulcan as a child?
  2. I have admire the skill of the machine operator and those who acted as his eyes. One of the comments: Juan Torres , 1 day ago These videos should be played more of news stations instead of the usual daily crap.
  3. Those 2's an 3's have me puzzled. I also saw a config where the logfile cvar was set to 2, , as if the cvar has other sub-functions. I wonder if the ET program only tests some cvars for a 0-value if it is a binary 0/1 type. I guess that I can look at the source code. (not that I know C )
  4. "Stepping on DJ's coattails", I saw this on a relative's FaceBook page ... ... and thought it was real, at first.
  5. RedBaird

    NHL 2018-2019

    His blade later broke apart and fell off as he was staggering around! Skating requires more mental coordination than just walking and he was having a hard time doing it. Three to him, although perhaps a would be more useful.
  6. /Moved to "ET Support", from "Home > General Section > General Discussion > The Lounge" ... so that I could mark Aniky's post as "Best Answer" Good Job, @Aniky , getting the answer without seeing his file. (I think). ... and because this forum is the place for such questions.
  7. @GwS BadBoy , @Aniky was Very Right. Shown below is part of your config file: The "seta in_mouse "1" " // Toggles support for mouse (according to antman's site and is in the default cfg from installation) I will just copy your // Mouseettings to here and add the antman //comments (mine in //green) // does anybody know why the first 5 cvars might be anything other than 0 or 1 ? seta in_Mouse "1" // Toggles support for mouse seta cl_showmouserate "1" // Toggles smooth mouse // "0" is what you want here seta cl_freelook "2" // Toggles mouse to Look Around // 0 or 1 ... perhaps it is only tested for 0 seta cl_mouseAccel "0" // Toggles mouse acceleration seta m_filter "3" // Toggles smooth mouse // 0 or 1 ... searching for 2,3 found nothing // bitwise, a 3 might be detected as a 1 seta m_yaw "0.0165" // Sets horizontal speed of mouse when in freelook seta m_pitch "0.015" // Sets vertical speed of mouse when in freelo an Antman.info explanatory config source-link Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory CVAR List (on the F|A Home Page, along with other useful links ) @GwS BadBoy I was just about post when I had a BSOD. Luckily, the forums did find my almost-finished post...
  8. Can you PM me a copy of that file? I can change it to "GwS BadBoy" if you wish. I am very sympathetic to anyone self-victimized by their own typos. Otherwise, you can change it yourself after a certain number of months.
  9. OK, that is a lot higher than I ever got!
  10. What were you doing up at 50,000 feet?
  11. I vaguely recall a problem-with-ET post once, where the SS also showed something like "c :/...programfiles/.... \ / etmain". (spaces added for clarity). I don't remember what that problem turned out to be or if in involved Macs or Linux. I looked at my etconsole.log file (in etmain) and found that ET rarely uses the forward / slash. @Neuro You should open your etconsole.log file in your etmain folder and see what it might say...or post it here. That file gets overwritten each time that ET starts, so you should rename it or copy it as soon as you stop the DemoViewer program.

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