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  1. Did you hear those kids laughing at 'grandpa?' They thought that he was doing the "funky robot" dance! Watching that video on YouTube, the next video had this excitement in it! In the same video , somebody was using a spray-cleaner on his computer... and, of course ...
  2. "... beer nights ..." is when I smoked, smoked, smoked...I think that any hangover the next day was from doubling(?) my smoking rate. :blech:
  3. We could flip the idea around and have FF-on on another GameDay server B U T then T H O S E regulars would not like it!
  4. DJ's Pic#2 = I MUST post that on my dog-grooming Nephew's FB page Vindstot's Pic#1 = I suspect that a butcher is trying to reduce his workload at that store!
  5. I would get it for a young nephew of mine, but I am no so sure about that "poke-Mommy-in-the-Eye" function!
  6. I have seen him on Silent F|A servers...uh... maybe it was his "evil twin" stealing his name. Evil EvilButters = GoodButters???
  7. It seems to be a real toy from a real Irish store. Check out their YT channel. ( I am still not sure that I believe it! )
  8. I pray that you don't get any warm early rains to send all the snow-melt down upon us in the valleys in one Great Flood!
  9. RedBaird

    R.i.P. Cheep

    Who was the mystery Chicken-Plucker that did it?
  10. I am still way behind from my promised donations for last year's Pinky-Names donations! Does he get the "Iron Butt" award this time?
  11. I am sorry, but HardCore is too "Pure" for GameDays. (... and the hardcore HardCore regulars would have a Chicken-Fit ... ) I really need to learn to "read the whole topic before replying", as my words above had already been explicated by some unknown respondent. = "Imagine all the hate comments we'd get from the regulars if we had panzerwar there looooool! "
  12. Wow! That IS warm...that is what we have been getting sometimes here, too = 60.8 F. The weeds in my yard really like that temperature + the rain, rain, rain!

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