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  2. "Spoofed cell phone #" is what fooled the support person. She already had one 'data point' about him. When I set up my FB account, I set my birthday as the WW1 Armistice day. Years later, when I clicked on a link that claimed to be able to predict how long you will live, I got a result of 105 years! I then wondered how their algorithm deduced that by the answers that I had given and then realized that while FB may block our years-of-birth from the public, they might be giving it to 3rd parties, like this click-bait one. "105 years"? I should be around at least until 2023 then! Woo Hoo! (ACK! I just had another thought! I wonder how far and wide that click-baiter has shared my fake birthday???)
  3. Yes, that lovely Razer Mousepad must be so distracting! I should have reacted with to both mraw's and Haruhi's posts, as compared to my 'old' computer that suffered a recent OS crash and that I am slowly reconstructing.
  4. Yes, I had the same reaction_surprised.png reaction when I kept getting promotions! 😄 

  5. Welcome Baaaccckkk! 😄 👋

  6. I saw you!  Peek-a-booo!

  7. 💪 🔫 pewpewpew 👽👾 

  8. I thought that I had posted a "thank you" here for the reports about this from @GHARIB !
  9. /locked old topic, which may have attracted 3 spambots today. We will keep an eye on them to see if they post any advertisements. Their posts in this thread may be an "establishment post", making them 'regular users'. ACK! Maybe I should have blocked them, as they are all posting from the same city in the Ukraine. Nah, I want to see what they do next. The 'bots seem to change their tactics as time passes.
  10. My biggest surprise here was in seeing a computer programming 'operator' being used as a "snore sound!"
  11. Oh, yes, it will "come right back", but not like a boomerang does!
  12. I thought that the Dolphin was "fishing" for the seagull and would eat it in the end. Instead, it was just "playing"...or was it?
  13. Did Captain Picard do this: After seeing this from Captain James (Jim) Kirk?
  14. Did you send me a PM on the Tele?


    1. L3ftY.


      wait a sec...who are you again?

    2. RedBaird


      The guy who thought of a prank to play on you after our RL chat.


      "Order a pineapple pizza from a local shop for you." 😄 

  15. UTC is the same as GMT, but London does not return from BST (British Summer Time) to GMT until 0200 BST on 31 October this year. At that time, 0200 BST/London Time magically becomes 0100 GMT/London Time. (and our Insurgency Game Day players will get an extra hour of sleep before their battles! )
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