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  1. It was not just my Mother who did that? She even called one of her sons by the dog's name!
  2. Was Cquatro's first parrot excited to be getting its first Friday Night shot of liquor???
  3. You may be correct, but I usually think of "logs" as being much, much longer, such as those on logging trucks. I would call his targets "pieces of logs", but I can't find the technical term.
  4. I meant that he is splitting good quality pieces of botanical wood, not the zoological "wood" that you seem to have in your mind.
  5. That woman reacted so quickly with medical gloves and a tourniquet that I wonder if this is a common event in that shop? Lesson: if you don't have a holster for your pistol, but it in your pants behind your back. You can only shoot your ass off that way.
  6. We have replaced TeamSpeak and Evolve with Discord : https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/88147-official-fa-discord/ which has a number of FA-channels. Our members and players find it very useful. There are text and voice channels. ADDED: The S:ET in your profile has been set to level 14 on Silent #1. (I see that you had an hour of playtime there earlier today )
  7. RedBaird

    Free view

    I just tested on Jay3/beg1 and the space key "frees me" into free-look. I found that left-click (mouse_1) moves up the slot numbers on each click, while right-click (mouse_2) moves my spectator-view down the slot numbers. You can use the left and right buttons to move up and then back down the slot numbers. If you want to spec 2 players who are one slot apart, you can actually use the 2 mouse buttons to switch between them. If you hit the spacebar and hit the right button, then you start at the highest slot # and move down the numbers. The opposite is true for the left-button. That is very true. My cfg binds are defaults for spacebar and the mouse buttons. My spacebar has the bind "+moveup", but I don't know if that cvar can be assigned to another key and have the same "free look" effect. That function may be built into ET/Jaymod.
  8. RedBaird

    Free view

    Which mod and server is that happening on? Your favorite is jay #3 / Beginners #1
  9. Yes, Recruiters+ are not supposed to set your server levels or change your group from Inactive Member until you post there. When your ET Member group is restored, then 17s+ can set your levels on the servers.
  10. Thanks @Patrick ! The sad thing is that I see many names that we don't see much of anymore , but that is Real Life for ya. ADDED: I can't say "Ahoy, Pinoy!" anymore.
  11. I wonder how they had planned to get the rock out of the truck? The pallet was turned the wrong way to get it out with a forklift. It would have been better to get the rock balanced upon the pallet, lift it into the trunk, and THEN watch the suspension collapse! Actually, they should have gotten a trailer.
  12. O M G , how good to see! (Proof that I AM a poet!)

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