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  1. When she said "...for protection from what's coming", I immediately thought that I was in the Terminator Future!
  2. What a mixture of laughter and "surprised bad-words" you have given me this morning! Did I really wake up at 0300, or is this page a dream?
  3. The problem has been reported to be "fixed".
  4. Maybe she is amused by the sound that you make when she "head-shoots" you. tink-tink-tinky-tink!
  5. I had been aware of mixture of languages that has produced Modern English, but not to this amount of detail.
  6. I understood a lot more about the mechanics of the game when I saw the ball "fall over". That was a lot more subtle than a quick glance could tell one who is unfamiliar with this sport.
  7. Those are world-wide monetary symbols : Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Kroners, along with Chinese, Indian, and various others. Sorry for the , but I sometimes fall into "Google Madness".
  8. Okay, that could help explain some of the earlier reported problems with similar symptoms. Not all of us had problems. I did not. That is the "poopy-kind" of problem to solve. Why Bill and not George? Why RedA and not RedB? @RedAngel
  9. Rambozo, the If I understood the problem correctly, then some people who had the V1 had problems when playing other maps on other servers. IF del(v1)=fixed problem THEN IF ((they install v2) AND (no_problems)) THEN testing_partly_done, ELSE (I give up) ELSE (I give up).
  10. Was it on the server Before Gameday? My downloaded file was for 18 January. I did not have problems on the other servers after that day. Daredevil or whoever else has access to the map-redirect-download server will have to make the changes. I would use Rambozo's Ver#2, after he and/or we finish testing it. Actually, people who did have the problem and for whom removing the version#1 'fixed' their problem could download the V2 from here and just add it to their etmain as a test.
  11. I believe that DareDevil has moved these Very Important Posts from the 'rear' of this topic onto the first page so that future readers will see them right away, instead of having to 'wade through' all the other posts that we had made here. BOY, was I CONFUSED again when I saw his "posted 14 hours ago" post on the first page, in the middle of the 7 January posts! I quoted them back to here, where they are in a more 'natural order' for those of us who had been reading and posting here recently. @rambozo37 Thank you for searching through the original file and finding the WAV-file problem. I had planned to try something similar today, but had forgotten that I had perm-deleted that file yesterday! Oh, No! (That is totally contrary to my usual methods!) AW, CRAP! My quotes are out of order here!
  12. Thanks Much, @CheepHeep I seem to have gotten confused when scanning for the F-pk3 files in my etmain folder. I seem to have mentally latched onto "fabase" instead of "fa_baserace". At least you and @rambozo37 had your brains working correctly today. + = Yes, my fa_baserace-v1 file-date is also 18 January, the date of our last GameDay. I have no idea why I have not had the same problem as others reported here. GameDay visitors would not have downloaded that file unless the server started playing it while they were there, so there is no telling how many have the map and then had or did not have "The Troubles."
  13. Oh, right. You can't really "turn it off", you can only slide the volume 'down'.

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