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  1. Yes, each of our minds can think of different aspects of the question. That does not mean that anyone's opinion is wrong, just interesting.
  2. The words in the vsays are not directed at anyone as the censored text-words often are.
  3. I agree with this very much. We (DD+) has added features to the FA ET servers over the years that reduce the admins' workloads. With the auto-put-AFKs-to-spec, we no longer have to spend time making sure that unmoving players are actually AFK before we put them to spec. With the auto-set Rate to 45,000 and max_packets to 100, we not longer have to try to explain those settings to new players who join with the ET defaults. In years past, when a player did not respond, I would check the location of the IP and then use Google Translate to put my instructions in
  4. First pic: after worrying about the ladder, now I am wondering if he is cutting down that branch and where it will land! That car-on-footbridge pic makes me so glad that I quit drinking alcohol decades ago.
  5. Using the Topics' Report function to express your opinions of a topic subject will make you a "persona non grata" on the FA Forums.


    'Report' is intended to report various types of forum- and post-problems, which the admins can then check and repair, such as spambots and offensive images or words.  Malfunctioning topic pages is another good reason. 😄  



    1. Meshuggah


      hehe, i'm always late to reply cause you guys close the posts too fast 😅

      i was just on a roll, i won't do it again 😇

  6. Just making sure, but my impression is that the two ETs on the different computers have to be using different ports from each other. That is probably what you did.
  7. My ET_demoviewer program is in my 'Main' ETfolder, "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory". It shows up under my "et.exe" file in the Windows 10 File_Explorer display. It cannot find et.exe and its config files from within the ETmain subfolder. BTW, in recent years, my copy has been requiring me to select the demo-file twice. When I first choose a demo to replay, I get this same error as in Neuro's post: If I click then on replays again and re-select the same demo, then it will run the demo normally. I am not familiar with Neuro's fi
  8. RedBaird

    Jay2 problems

    Do you 'share' an IP? If you are in the same household, then it might be a problem like this one :
  9. I hope that you do not have "shake shingles"! Those are "muy malo" when forest fires come by! Maybe you have "faux-shakes"? BTW, how much will you profit on that property if and when you do sell it? If you leave it to one or all of your children, then they will only pay the property taxes that you are right now. Dat's Da Law in California. I am not sure about the generation after theirs, though. I have to do some research on the situation on my house, too. BTW, one would only need to recycle enough 2-liter plastic soda bottles in CA to fill 66.3 Olympic-sized
  10. Google does claim that Google also says that They do not say that "corn is a human invention", but it is close enough, in my opinion. Viva Mexico!
  11. @Raziel Is this like the art class that you attended?
  12. Well, let us see. In California we pay a nickel ($ 0.05) recycling charge on each 2-liter plastic bottle of cola. We don't get all of that back when we turn them in for recycling, but I will assume that we do. 14,000,000 / .05 = 280,000,000 = 280 millions 2-liter bottles. ( If you had bought all of those sodas, then you would have spent at least 350 million dollars. ) Let us assume that the 2-liter plastic bottles are "semi-squashed" so that a bottle does only take up 2-liters of space, spout included. 280,000,000 x 2 = 580,000,000 liters. 580,000,000 /
  13. Well, you know that he posted pics of "his" lambos! (or was that a GF's?) (or 'rich Uncle'?)
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