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  1. On March 26, 2020, FDA Approves Phase III Clinical Trial of Tocilizumab for COVID-19 Pneumonia
  2. RedBaird

    How do I fix my ET?

    Do you have ET open in Full-Screen mode? "when tab out", do you mean they don't show up outside of ET, on your other programs or folder-views?
  3. Hello!  That foto is one way to introduce yourself! :D 

  4. I have had to do that a very few times, but my problem usually affects all of the Internet, not just one server. That Windows 10 taskbar network-indicator usually tells me when I have lost all network usage, but "not always". I had set DareDevil's post as "Best Answer", but then unset it, as it is not the "first thing" that you should do.
  5. The original morse-code-using Ratio Amateurs would be astounded by his modern equipment. The bandwidth that each pair uses is much smaller than in decades past and there is much less "stepping" on each others' signals.
  6. I had never heard the term "tree well" before. Powder Canada : TREE WELL FATALITIES AND HOW TO AVOID " Tree wells are hidden cavities of deep snow that form when low-hanging branches block snowflakes from compacting around the tree trunks. Skiers or boarders who get close to those trees can fall in, often headfirst, and suffocate. " Powder snow, that is. That site says that if the skier's companions don't see the fall, they may find the victim too late. The link has more videos and explanations.
  7. Note that the Day for ET was changed from Saturday to Friday, London Time. With most schools and work 'out' around the world, the weekend play-times matter much less now. " @ COVID-19 / CoronaVirus " ET, DOI and INS will each have "their own day", so our multi-gamers do not have to choose! ( I won't say what the "Easter Egg" might be this year. )
  8. Of course, someone just had to do this...
  9. A "twist too far" or a "twist too soon"

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