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  1. I have been doing that from certain sloped roofs or hills to fire into windows. Finding an allowed spot on a hill can take time, if you can ever find it. That is about as technical as I get. Thanks for your tips. They might raise me from 'average player' to ' ?? player'
  2. I like this pic best, with the evidence of a lovely family with at least 3 kids of various ages. Roof-work is Serious-Work! Do you have government Building Inspectors in your country who must approve such work? The roof on my house was converted from a flat-top to a peaked-roof by professional contractors and the Inspector(s) had to come by at certain stages of work to do their inspections and to okay further stages of work. I suspect that this is partially done to protect future home-buyes, since only during construction can the bad-methods be detected.
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  4. Congratulations! :D

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      Oh!! Thank you very much @RedBaird ❤️😁

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  5. I am trying to mentally calculate how many rolls of comsumer-length spools that would take...If 100 yards/meters on a spool...
  6. I have not looked it up, but I believe that Internet-service satellites are in Geosynchronous orbits, like normal telecommunications ones are. Those orbits are far out enough in space to be 'over' one spot above the earth, at about 23,000 miles / 36,000 km above the equator. Here is a business site that compared DSL, Cable, Satellite and Fiber services : https://www.business.org/services/internet/dsl-vs-cable-vs-fiber-vs-satellite/ (updated this month) You should also do your own research. (I would put a 1-year limit on any searches and 6-months might be better...maybe even 3 months for services in your area.) @Xernicus would have a greater technical understanding of th situation. He might be able to offer advice, depending on the area that you are moving to. (Sorry to volunteer you, Mr. X ). It looks like I 'volunteered' Mr. Hip for an expert opinion. See his post below.
  7. Do you mean something like Wide-Area wireless internet? That should be better than Satellite, I think, for a gamer. The uplink to the 'space ship' is the problem, plus 24,000 mile geo-synchronous orbit, divided by 180,000 m/s would seem to be added to your lag. Ooops! It is actually a 48,000 mile round-trip and then ground-travel time. Investigate your options carefully before you make a choice.
  8. Ahh, the "morning after", when all the beer, wine, vodka and Tequila "seeds" that you 'planted' the night before BLOOM inside your HEAD!
  9. Many @HipKat for starting this topic! We are having a lot of great fun with this! I had come across Hipkat's first video a while ago, and watched it with great ??? until it became obvious that it was a spoof. ( Or is it?). Now I don't know if his other videos of more technical 'stuff' is real help or more spoofs! The titles always look so exciting, or should I say "seductive"?
  10. " take the throne " I really, really wonder what that could possibly mean.
  11. Two videos going right onto my FB page to entertain my relatives, especially the young ones. BTW, I thought it funny that the woman in the DJ vid said "he", assuming that the trouble-making animal was a male! Why did this video make me think of @CheepHeep and his future "Chicken Empire"? I don't see a good future for "Kruzah the horse" in that coming Chempire.
  12. You can turn off notifications from specific programs, applications and apps. Here is a Win10 notification that I just received from FA on Chrome. I clicked on the 'settings' icon and was then given the options as below.
  13. @Sparrow be careful, or @Afro. will pluck some of your feathers at the first opportunity! (I'm going to fix your @ afro so that he receives a notification... He will get 2, because of mine )
  14. I should install an old dialup modem and hook it up via telephone wire to my Comcast modem/gateway/tel-service box and see what happens. I have some doubts...I assume the the tones from the dialup-modem would be compressed...and then decompressed at the other end...hmmm... Oh, wait a minute! I would have to find a dialup BBS that is still active! Maybe I could just send the signal to my mobile/cell phone? Hmmm... I found a site with a list of 442 still-active dialup BBS and Telnet addresses. I would have to pick one in my country...found one in Washington state, USA
  15. My first thought upon seeing the title was, "WHAT?".

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