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  1. Is that actually a "stone" or some man-made object with a special slip-slip-slip skin over a very aerodynamic & hydrodynamic body?? Maybe that is not actually "water" in the pond, but some special liquid. OH! There is a lot more to rock-skipping than I had imagined! Like the commentator is the following video says, "The worst rock in this box is better than the nicest rock I've ever skipped!" You can say that again, brother! Of course, I have never taken a box of rocks to a body of water planning to skip them. I just find whatever is there!
  2. "Uncle Phil" was with Will Smith in the TV family comedy show "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" , starting in 1990. Uncle Phil is on the right in the picture below. GASP! Will Smith has white hair now! Gravity or momentum pulled his cheeks down, which is "up" on his face.
  3. Well, you guys really helped! He has all three ET:mods' GUIDs in his profile now. I will double-check them later. This also means that @Line Out got right onto the job and knows how to follow instructions well! Those are good signs for a re-applicant (if he so wishes later). Mr. Out can read the forums and get to know the Clan-Members on his fav servers.
  4. I see that you had commented on one of F|A Bladez's pictures, asking if he was a firefighter. His profile does say, "Interests: FireFighting, music". I thought that I would try to help answer your question, as Bladez has not been on the forums since February of last year. He had a family tragedy a few months before then.
  5. Although his profile shows him as an Inactive Member, he is not actually in the clan. His Trial app was denied some years ago, due to inactivity. (or so my search so far has found ) We could start the process again. He will need to add his S:ET GUID to his profile, too. Things have changed since those ancient days!
  6. What a Surprise at the end! @Snuffs99, I think the doctor also said that he had never seen anything like it, which for a doctor, is saying a LOT!
  7. That was on the TV news here in the USA, but they stopped the clip after the girl "ejected" the bird instinctively. This is the first time that I heard her say that she really wanted to watch the video. I think that her friend thought she that she was laughing about her super-screams and had no idea that a bird was involved. The Target girl was Very Lucky to have no injuries!
  8. "... so this way WE have 3 to 5 LeatherFaces ...


    👍  😃 👍  😃 👍  😃 👍  🥰 

  9. What Great News! Maybe the future ones can collect nuts & screws to take with them down to burn up.
  10. Congratulations! 😄 


    You can have your Quinceañero now!

    1. DeKing


      The teenager is back :) Still young and lot of things to learn !! 

      Thx a lot for everything RedBaird ;) 

    2. RedBaird


      " things to learn " is the attitude to have.  I seem to learn new things about ET and the Clan every day, often by making boo-boos! 😮 



      OH! That explains your "Interests:  Everything, love to learn !  I mean,..really"







  11. What Good Eyes you both have! No wonder you killll me so easily in the Games!
  12. It looks like I had already watched half of this video!
  13. Some of these pics are the strangest that you have ever posted! What is with that "wooden poles in shirt" guy? Just wanted to be re-posted around the Internet? Why do that? Is that part of his culture, somehow? I am truly !
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