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  1. This is from 2013 PunkBuster Client: Attempting to resolve master2.evenbalance.com // different server-name then PunkBuster Client: Resolved to [] (17) // different IP then PunkBuster Client: PunkBuster Client (v2.094 | A0) Enabled PunkBuster Client: Game Version [ET 2.60 win-x86 Mar 10 2005] PunkBuster Client: Not Connected to a Server Resolving etmaster.idsoftware.com etmaster.idsoftware.com resolved to // different ID master-list IP then
  2. ADDED: OIC now that the original topic is from 2015, maybe that is why the ip-address discrepancy! I copied that from elsewhere and I think that it is outdated now. I do remember seeing that "etguidauth.x.x" years ago, but I don't see it in my just-started-ET condump now. It should have been for the server-ip. That IP does not respond to pings now. PunkBuster quit supporting ET several years ago and DareDevil says that we can just uninstall it these days. F|A does not use it or require it, not like the "old days". Some non-FA servers may still require it.
  3. DJ's #2 pic: that lizard had good camouflage until it grabbed that cookie (US) / biscuit (UK).
  4. DJ, your post led to several other delightful childrens' videos on YouTube: Now I have to stop following that "trail" on YT or I will get nothing done today! (or rather, even less than the little that I get done daily!)
  5. Somebody did a very nice job on whatever all that "stuff" is! That looks like some kind of art-work! As opposed to that second pic! BTW, the Google Image Search on that first pic just says, "Possible related search: cylinder", but the "related images" does show many similar instances of such "art works".
  6. Xeroix is the first to report the ID master list is up! Both of my batch-file versions failed to detect that because the ID-master-server is not responding to pings, if it ever did!
  7. Xeroix reports that is is UP and I can confirm that. Ironically, both versions of my ping-ID-masterlist batch file FAILed because that server is not responding to pings right now. (If it ever did!)
  8. My test just confirmed that. BTW, my batch-file in another post, that pings the ID master-list FAILS right now because their server is not responding to pings, not to the IP nor to the server-name.
  9. I had unhidden this post until after I had tested the TBS master-list. Several FA admins had found that site in recent days, but when we tested the downloaded et.exe with the 2012 file-date, it did not display any servers. It did not work yesterday, but it does work today. The file-date is the same, which implies that TBS had 'activated' or somehow 'repaired' their master-list. TBS used the same method that I remembered from years ago, when the ID master-list server had stopped, so perhaps the TBS-crew are the same ones who came to the aid of the ET community then,
  10. You are ahead of me again! I just finished my second edit to my original post. BTW, when I first tested it, the servers did show up! BUT THEN, I realized that I still had the ETL-IP-substitution in my HOSTS file! When I edited that file and restarted my computer, the TBS et.exe worked just fine. ID masterlist : :27951 ETL masterlist : :27951 TBS masterlist : :27951 I had posted the DeKing/TBS news 2 messages before yours in that other topic, but then I noticed that the et.exe stil
  11. /UnHidden This has been troubling us for a week(?) now. I turns out not be problems with Our Computers or Our ETs, but rather it is caused by the extremely cold weather in Texas. The ID ETmaster list server is reported to be down due to power supply problems. Here is a recent post by @DeKing, where he relays information and help from TrackBase.net (TBS) https://et.trackbase.net/ , where the homepage displays the same info as DeKing had found on Discord: I plan to download and test their modified et.exe and to test the HOSTS-file method of attaching the TBS-mast
  12. ADDED: TESTED, and it does work today! UHOH! The link on the front page of TBS seems to be the same webpage and download file that several of us had discussed earlier in this topic. I just downloaded the et.exe and it still has that 2012 date. I will have to test it again to see if they had repaired it or their master-list server. That is actually Good News, in that ID has not abandoned us again and that this is a temporary problem. I will download and test the TBS-ex.exe and also test substituting their server IP for t
  13. Uh, this seems to be the same site that we had found before. I think that is still up from when ID stopped the ETmaster-server some years ago. Some ET-fans created a new server-list-server and we had used that for a while until ID had restored their master-list. When I downloaded the 2.60b ET version a few days ago, the file date was in 2012 and the modified et.exe didn't work. Their master-list server does respond to pings, though. The HOSTS-file method does work, although I don't see Jay#1 on their list.
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