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  1. Your WinMTR results files show IPs in the IP address ranges of -, and - Could you set your WinMTR to "resolve names" and then run it again during a normal connection to NQ#1? I would like to see what those "reserved IPs" in your report actually 'resolve' to, Perhaps they are part of your ISP's network or somehow Internet Nodes in Turkey are using those IPs. Internet Nodes in Turkey are using those IPs.
  2. @FRANK UK I just hope that she has something on, under those bees! I cannot otherwise even imagine the sensation of that!
  3. ConGraTulations!  


    Each time that I got a promotion at management levels, my first thought was, "Now I can really screw things up!" 😮 


    But then, the higher you go, the more easily you can fix your own fumbles.  😄  📣


    (Such as when I kept trying to set applicants to Trial on the ET servers and sometimes set a bot to Trial instead, in full Public View, much to the amusement of the players who had noticed it.  😢 + 😄 + 😄 )

  4. Oops, ran across another "gaming" 'toon: @CheepHeep & @Renegade Pig ->
  5. Well, this looks like a post-pandemic fashion statement or a way to use those unneeded masks to control ones hair. (How come we only have blonde 'white' people emojis in the New Forums? I seem to remember being able to select a range of skin tones for persons. OIC, that would probably cost a lot more money than when DD first bought them for the previous forum-version.)
  6. RedBaird

    ET guid [fixed]

    Good to know when troubleshooting. I am not very familiar with the intricacies of ETL. That is why @Gladiator's solution surprised me! I would never have thought of that! Yes, I was going to edit my reply to give credit to @RendeL , too!
  7. I suggest that you download this Network-path program. You can put NQ1-clan-fa.com into the 'target' window. When we make reports to DareDevil, he always wonts us to just run it for 100 packets. I suggest that you run it when your ping is normal so that you can get a sample of your 'good connections'. You can save the chart as a text file or as an HTML file. If you save it as a *.txt file, you can easily remove your computer's IP from the results. When you start having an episode of 'bad connections', run the WinMTR program again and save thos
  8. RedBaird

    ET guid [fixed]

    Both the ET & Silent GUIDs in his profile are correct now, as found on Beginners#2. I see that he is a Level 4 Clan Friend there, too.
  9. RedBaird

    ET guid [fixed]

    OOPS! "Too Much", again?
  10. RedBaird

    ET guid [fixed]

    I don't know why you are having that particular problem, BUT...you already have your Silent GUID in your profile, but it is in the wrong field. It is in your W:ET field and not in the S:ET field. You just need to cut that 'number' from the W:ET field and put it into your S:ET field. If would be good for you to capture your true W:ET from the server, using the /cl_guid command in your console. You can then use /condump myPBguid.txt, also in the console. Then copy the last 8 hexadecimal numbers from that 32-digit line into your W:ET field. Ignore any ":2" at the end.
  11. Holy Moly! I was wondering if when Mama Possum "plays dead", do all of her Joeys play dead too? It seems that Possums do not "play dead", they go into a catatonic state where their eyes stay open, their lips retract and they might drool. If their attacker bites them, they do not feel the bite and cannot react to it. Now I am wondering what the Jill does if she wakes up surrounded by her catatonic Joeys? OOPS! I "researched to far!" I have never before read of "forked reproductive organs".
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