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  1. Did you "Ask Microsoft"? "Access Denied" or other errors when you access or work with files and folders in Windows That is the first response to a search for "broken windows folder permissions", which may mean that your 'real answer' is more complex.
  2. I was thinking that too, but I wonder if his main-user is set to Administer. I think most of us have done that. It is 'best practice' to not do that.
  3. I would have voted for the HD topic, too.
  4. Do you mean in RL or in ET ?
  5. Thank You, Sir! I will quit checking my Bremen demos then. A team-Killed Spreadem doing the flame-putt-putt across the sky! No wonder you flew so straight! My own "flinger" would have had me doing Zig-Zags across the sky!
  6. It might have been, but the action was not quite what I experience when I do that, especially the "putt, putt" of the flames, although I can think of an explanation for that. (If it was me )
  7. That may have been one of my "!fling self while flaming" pranks for the players! I usually get little chat-response so I wondered if I was amusing the crowd or not! Thanks for that Demo-to-Youtube. I shall cherish it always! @Young Fox What date and server was that on? I might be able to make a YouTube video from "inside the flame". I have not found it from back to 29 July...
  8. /locked, for sure now!
  9. I had searched for that, too, but I mostly got Cisco pages that I did not fully understand. I don't think that I searched long enough to find "home-user" complaints. OH, and I replied to Jim before I saw our tech-expert Xernicus's reply above!
  10. Notice that I did not spammer-ban you! I was not 100% sure, but your 2 posts at that time fit a pattern of the modern spambots. One difference between you and the two (DD did one) spambots that I had banned from this topic was that you had asked a question and did not offer links to vpn/proxy services. ( I would use a thumbs-up emoticon, but I am not sure that that is a polite gesture in your country. ) BTW, this clan is "sensitive" about proxy-services when used on our game-servers. Otherwise, it is part of Modern Internet Life. I also edited my edit in your other post at that time to reflect your now-proven humanity:
  11. The offer is confirmed, but I did not test the "yes" option yet. (What it says and what it does do may be two different things. ) YES, it did redirect me to Jay3 / Beginners #1.
  12. It is best to keep your email address more private and to use your profile messenger instead. You could then give your correspondent your non-FA email address if you wish. I have removed that email from your post. This is a public forum and email-harvesting bots may have gotten your email addy already, aside from the human-element problem. If that is your forum-registration email and you have to abandon it, then you should put any new address into your private profile. I know this story well because I once received 10,000 mailer-daemon emails in a week. My address had been used in the "return-path" in the Header, so all of the "receiver-email not exist" type of replies from the Mailer-Daemons came to me and not to the real sender or to the infected-senders' accounts (which might have alerted some victims to their 'infections'). They died out within 10 days after having started as a trickle and then becoming a flood of thousands every day. They had probably 'captured' my address via the CCs on the chain-emails that my new-to-computers relatives kept sending me. With my email-system at that time, I had to "peel open" the layers of messages to get to the original, exposing Hundreds of address in the CC-headers in each message. (I had also thought of making a mass-mailing to all of those addresses to teach the victims about "email hygiene". ) I never got my relatives to properly use BCC and I must thank FaceBook for fixing that problem for me. Yes, I just got up (at 0430) and am in my "morning Sir_Types_a_Lot" mode. I WILL help @Gengis with 'that problem' today!
  13. Perhaps you could visit there and "spice it up"! ...oh wait, that looks like a squirt-gun being used to put OUT a fire!
  14. Hello are you able to visit silent1 atm?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pride


      Player with a nickname Nazi1945 is online and im not able to rename him...

    3. RedBaird


      We "got'r done".  The player ignored my Google-Portuguese pms so I froze him and sent it several more times.  He quit. :( 

    4. RedBaird


      NOTE that I had been asking him to change it.  I did not use my vast powers to force a changed name.


  15. That pic of the "gold-plated AK's" remind me of the stories about Saddam Hussein and two of his sons. They seem to be blocking access to the A/C and the music! / /

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