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  1. Dokuments/ETLegacy/nq/client.txt
  2. How is not. How do you explain the fact that on other servers it does not turn off the game? neither on legacy nor on 2.60b
  3. Sometimes the game only turns off on FA servers. Our game has nothing to do. Too much is buried in the server. I can't see anything at this moment.
  4. If you cancel the map download, temporary incomplete files (maps) may appear. About .tmp and random formats, for example .f36gx, .s4nd34, which prevented me from running ET 2.60b.
  5. @GwS BadBoy There is no problem with the disk. If you had 2 GB of free space, then yes.
  6. @GwS BadBoy 2.0 Ghz shows because it is not under load. You see I have something in the background turned on. The stupid shows 0.36V heh In bios, you need to set the RAM divider corresponding to 1333Mhz. For example: FSB - 333MHz, memory multiplier 1: 1.25, that is: 333 x 1.25 = 416.25MHz, which gives the real clock speed of 833MHz (to get it, multiply the clock speed by 2, because it results from the DDR architecture) You can even give yourself a bigger CPU Clock Ratio to get a higher CPU frequency. Example w
  7. @Dark donkey Windows 2000 takes less RAM. xD Yes, it's XP 32bit. It becomes slow because of 400/667/800MHz on memories. After a heavy load on the computer with some game. You need to wait 1 minute for google to turn on. @GwS BadBoy You have to have 3 programs for testing. Mi CPUZ showed 1.51V on the i5 6600. xD What is 1.15V in bios. The programs are cheating. Duo Core processors have 2 cores. XP/ Vista/7 - 32/64Bit matters more, because it affects the amount of RAM and other components used. At 32bit, you won't play other games

    ET Server FILIPE Map Production

    @Hitch How do you cope with creating your own map? Maybe you have something from the arsenal of the Third Reich? Maybe you found one: Pak 40, Pak 35, Flak 38, Heinkel He 111 @Nancy One building and some work. yeahhhh

    ET Server FILIPE Map Production

    @Zaczep Jak sobie radzisz z tworzeniem własnej mapy? Może masz coś z arsenału III Rzeszy? Może znalazłeś jeden: Pak 40, Pak 35, Flak 38, Heinkel He 111 @Nancy Jeden budynek i trochę pracy . yeahhhh
  10. FILIPE

    ET Server FILIPE Map Production

    @Hitch Gtk Radiant is very easy to use. Copy and paste.
  11. FILIPE

    ET Server FILIPE Map Production

    Hello everyone to my corner. In this topic I will be showing the progress in creating my maps. Feel free to ask, suggest something, and maybe it will be useful to me. The current production focuses on creating a map of Warsaw.
  12. There can be many problems and also answers. This is electronics and may be acting weird. What you described more shows the reasons for the drivers or the specificity of the graphics card or its damage. You'll always have a black screen for a while when installing the drivers. The installer himself will warn you about such phenomena. Regardless of which PCIExpress you put your graphics card into, bios should see it. If you have inserted a gravity card into the PCIE, the built-in will not provide a signal. DDR3 and DDR4 motherboards are newer hardware, hence - performanc
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