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  1. @Tabaki99@Ford (Cz) So yes: Windows 10 Home 64 bit (because 32 bit only supports up to 4 GB) supports up to 128 GB of memory. In turn, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit, Win 10 Education 64 bit (for schools and educational institutions) support up to 2 TB of RAM. If you play ET only then there is no need to install 64bit. Well, I only have Windows 10 64bit for the google drive. If Ford chooses 32bit, it will probably have to search on its own.
  2. @Vice86 @Betinho Ford probably doesn't want to waste that much money to play with some i****s. buy a rx550 and a 165HZ Screen, install it on a pirated WinXP with Freesync and then, defrag the old HDD´s while waiting for ET to load up, after the cloning to a SSD failed... hahaha He wanted to know more. But because of me he found out what he did not want - that is, he has to install the system. Internet at its best. And even better if you live next to the server room. (joke. in front of the server room it won't be better)
  3. @Betinho If you have 200 fps in ET, then teleportation occurs - simply put, you have a drop in FPS. This is how the id tech3 engine was programmed. The most important thing in ET is ping, 125faps and the largest monitor possible. I am 27 inches. You will not see 165Fps if you have com_maxfps 125 set. And if you have these 165 then you only have FPS drops (because there is so-called teleportation). Above 100FPS you don't see any difference as your eye can't see it. That's physics - it's all about frequency. The same light bulb, pulsates with a frequency of 50 Hz on
  4. @Betinho I don't know what for ET 165 Hz. 144Hz you can afford. I would recommend 75Hz for such a computer, because it is a waste of the monitor's potential. But if someone has money. To use freesync you must have an AMD graphics card that supports this. From what I read. The Ford computer has no graphics card, but an integrated graphics chip. In this case, he has to buy some more. @Vice86 If something happens to me with the disc. Bad sector will follow - Then I'm not worried about the key and the originality of the system. I just install th
  5. @Ford (Cz) @Vice86 For defragmentation of HDDs, I recommend the program - Defraggler. Or defrag in windows XP.
  6. Always Inter, towered over AMD. This is driving people into money. Every two years something new and better comes out. This is an arms race. I buy a computer for what I need. Well, it's the frequency, not the quantity that counts. @Daddy The difference in 5 3400G and 5 3600 is in 2 cores. In ET, it will give you 0% acceleration. Buying 5 3600 misses the point. Your graphics card is too weak. I would recommend GTX 1660 SUPER OC 6GB here. But if you play any new games. You can also invest in memory (but when you buy a better graphics card). As fast a
  7. All variants of Avast and other antiviruses can be beaten up against your ass. If you are tempted by another antivirus, install it when you need it. If you don't need it, de-install it. Why have it in the background to download resources = slow down the computer. If you came across a Trojan, Windows Defender has no problem. I also use Dr.Web. It looks for viruses in startup files. But if you come across a virus, it may not be interesting. If the virus is not so malicious, you will delete it and nothing will happen the next day. There are viruses that open cmd windows for you and
  8. @Ford (Cz) This is probably the BIOS of the Aspire TC-710 motherboard. I don't know, I don't want to look for it. Here you can switch the order of the disks. I start on the number one. @Ford (Cz) @Vice86 Defragmentation. Only HDDs are defragmented. After such an operation, you can get some speed (I don't notice anything there). Because the disk head does not rush all over the disk. Defragmenting an SSD doesn't speed it up. And it only shortens the lifespan because you are overwriting the flash memory. Several hundred TBs can be sig
  9. @Ford (Cz) Now the question is what will you play. There is a big difference between 32bit and 64bit systems. If only in ET, I recommend the Win10 32bit system (you will not be able to play new games on 32bit). And if you are tempted by new games, you must have Win10 64bit. I have a pirate Win10 64bit Professional system on a google drive - If you want to get it, write to me and I will send it to you. I cannot publish it here, because the regulations apply to me. But privately why not. In addition, I will send you an activation code for this system. Activati
  10. https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/support-product/6393;-;Aspire @Ford (Cz) I forgot to write something here. So I paste here. You do this operation before or after data copying. Copy the system to an 8GB or 16GB flash drive. The pendrive must be FAT32 format. You can format it on the system. The FAT32 format can only be done on 16GB, 8GB and probably 4GB (but 4GB won't fit Win10). To open the system installer. You must have a bootable USB flash drive (FAT32 format). And set it in the BIOS - so that the flash drive starts up first.
  11. @Siwex89 On linux? xD It's useless. The problem is an unstable driver.
  12. Everything we wrote is not helping. I already remembered that you need to fit the driver. There are a lot of Linux Setters. And linux is not a system for gaming but for other purposes - for example, shopping on the Internet. If you want to play without problems, choose windows. Tested It's useless. You have to try to install the driver one that will work - mediocre success. Additionally, uninstall the previous driver and reset the computer. PS. On virtual systems, games are unlikely to start or run properly.
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