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  1. Personally the software was directly installed on my PC lol Good luck for the videos :)! For editing I recommend Sony Vegas, and if the video is a bit long upload to YouTube, you have Handbrake that compresses the video without changing the quality, (there is plenty of tutorial on google if necessary!) )
  2. Hi ! Lol, watch out for the next, I could be your enemy :p Thank you ! With GeForce Experience, you also have OBS Studio for the Live Video, it can also recording on your PC
  3. Hello everyone, I recorded a little session, here is the video... Wonderfull evening, thank you team ! PS: Sorry if I was wrong forum, do not hesitate to tell me !
  4. Ok guys it's simple If you have 13 splines for example, then you will have to stop at 12 in your scripts, otherwise it will create a bug in your script_mover. It's resolved, I managed to do what I wanted, a big thank you to you! Would it be possible for me to do a tutorial on this? Passers of 3ds max, Blender and GTKRadiant, to help whoever will be in need!
  5. Hi! @DoubleDragon I managed to configure the model in the right direction, just configure it in the right order in a 3D software (Blender, 3ds Max). So good for the "sp_02 / sp_12" except that now, when the model arrives at the last splines, it changes axis, it does not go, an idea? For informations! the "tag" is a small object inserted since 3DS max, or Blender, which allows to join a model, to see here https://forums.splashdamage.com/t/gtkradiant-misc-gamemodel-script-mover/233677 In game, Enemy Territory does not support a group of more than 1025 verts, that's why I "split" the bodywork of my car, it includes more than 1025 verts, when it divides, it passes ( if you tell me where to do a tutorial, I would do it with all the details), so no need for "tag" or "misc_gamemodel" or "misc_model" I'm going through the script_mover: value: models2: models / mapobjects ... etc So the only problem is the car arrived at the last spline! (picture) My script without "tag" or "model"
  6. C'est youngfox 23, Regarde sur le lien que j'ai mis de splash damage, tu saura exactement où j'en suis et comment j'ai proceder donc enfait la seule chose qui me reste a savoir c'est comment retourner la voiture dans le bon sens et comment faire pour pas qu'il disparaisse
  7. Lol oui je suis francais me suis trompé dans google traduction xD
  8. Salut ! Oui, je suis en ligne avec l'équipe! Je vous ferai savoir et mettre la solution à la fin. thx Oops, sorry : Hi ! Yes, I am online with the team! I will let you know and put the solution to the end. thx
  9. Hello everyone, against all odds, someone answered me on the forum of "Splash Damage"! to know what a "tag" is: https://forums.splashdamage.com/t/gtkradiant-misc-gamemodel-script-mover/233677/2 We will propose here a software to "compress" a model: https://jkhub.org/topic/11064-wolfenstein-enemy-territory-misc-gamemodel-script-mover-and-vertices-help-please/ I'll let you know about the progressions ! Edit : Currently I am trying to find out how to create a "tag" since 3DSMax
  10. I tried Noesis, and he looks (I insist on "it looks") functional, but now here I am:
  11. @wead Hi old sailor! thank you for your help and yes currently your help would not be refused, I summarize: I want to insert a font in my form and move it in a script_mover, I'm the tutorial (link in the first post), except that I do not understand the last part of the script, namely: "attachtotag ... tag _..." For the moment, my model has too many vertices, I try to compress my vertices with Noesis software (http://www.richwhitehouse.com/index.php?content=inc_projects.php&filemirror=noesisv436.zip) Two choices: I can insert my model in one piece (without exceeding the 1025 greens imposed by the game) It does not work and I will have to divide my model into three pieces I want to note that the model is downloaded, it is separated into 3 originals (car, window, siren) On the other hand, I noticed some ".tag" files in the folder pak0.pk3 ... does this refer to the "tag_ .." of the script? And how used this line "attachtotag" Thanks in advance :p!
  12. @Double Dragon Ok merci pour cette clarification, mais ensuite, admettez juste, j'ai ma voiture, ma fenêtre et ma lumière séparée, dans le tutoriel, nous voyons: tank_shell { spawn { wait 400 attachtotag tank tag_tank // ceci attache le tank_shell au réservoir de script } } tank_turret { spawn { attend 500 pièce jointe tank_shell tag_turret // cela permet de réparer la tourelle à tank_shell } par exemple ici, "tag_turret" est censé représenter tank_turret, mais moi, que dois-je mettre à la place? parce que je ne sais pas quoi mettre après "tag _...."? : p désolé si je m'exprime mal, mais il faut absolument que je fonctionne comme ça, le fichier ".tag" est-il créé au moment de l'exportation?Si nous regardons les fichiers de modèle dans le fichier pak0.pk3, nous pouvons trouver ces fichiers (.tag), mais peut-être que cela n'a pas été vu avec cela? bref c'est vraiment compliqué lol! And i use GTKRadiant 1.6.6 @Lenovo @DoubleDragon Oui, c'est dommage que ce site soit mort ... ainsi que Quake_world ..
  13. Thank you for the answer ! Ok but a target for the model? Be more specific please! I continued my research and after observation I noticed a file ".tag" for each model (other than my models), there is a report with the attachment? For vertices, I have to separate the object into 3, but how are they related to each other? In the script on <attachtotag_tank tag_tank "what does tag_tank mean to you? sorry for so much precision, but the scripts are very hard to understand, I'm still a beginner

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