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  1. In France, the morning, very early Thanks for the info, I had not seen!
  2. Hello everyone! I come back to Fuel Dump, although everyone likes this map, including me, it is unfortunately lagg lagger most players, and me too, especially when the server is full ... It must be said that it is a very large map, and she "pump" a lot of FPS, there are too many details .. to conclude, I have already seen a lot of people complained about this map .. maybe should we find another version (the desert version maybe?) or remove it some time .. ? I don't know, I just report, hoping we can find a solution! Fox.
  3. Young Fox


    Hey friend DJ! What are you mixing?
  4. Hello everyone ! I recorded a new video, it dates from today, and it lasts 1h (it goes quickly when we play ^^) You were there! @REMI @Karopl @Mike Slayer
  5. Indeed, I had a lot of problem caused by this version, check that you version 1903 are well installed, if it is not the case, it is unfortunately necessary to do a system reset, and install the 1903 version of Windows 10 ..
  6. I do not know if you ever tried, but did you start the game as an administrator? If not, try to see , I saw that it had solved the problem of some people, it's worth a try! Otherwise, I saw that others had solved the problem by doing a system restore I also found this: https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/303032/game-crashes-or-closes-unexpectedly
  7. It's really strange, it's the first time I see that! I do not know enough to help you, my friend, I'm sorry, I hope you find a solution to your problem! I will try to look of my side! if I find something, I'll let you know!
  8. Hi mate Tell me, you have already tried, and this may not solve any problem, but try to go into the properties of the game and put it in compatibility for Windows 8 or earlier, you can also try Game Booster, but Well, this software is used to increase the FPS, I do not know if it will serve you . If you have two hard drives installed on your PC, try installing the game on the hard drive that has the most space. Your problem is really strange. Have you tried to uninstall everything and reinstall everything? I will advise you to do it and copy only your etkey; in general, it is never good to install a copy of your old PC, it is always better to start from scratch!
  9. Yes, please accept my apologies, it was early this morning and I have not watched the video since, my bad
  10. It was MikeSlayer Ok no worries, I'll tell them next time
  11. No, I did not say anything, I wanted (at some point, you see me writing) and I saw that there were 2 minutes of games, I thought it better to warn you, next time if I see players going in the glitch, I'll tell them to go out!
  12. Hello everyone ! Players have found a "glitch" on the "Pirates" map. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Fox.

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