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  1. Young Fox

    ET SW #2 ETPRO #2

    I am interested Someone can send me the password of ETPRO 2 please ?
  2. Young Fox

    ET SW #2 ETPRO #2

    The best map is vahlalla for 1v1 or PureFrag https://et.trackbase.net/map/271/ https://et.trackbase.net/map/22/
  3. In France, phase 3 has passed, no more schools, some companies closed, and reinforced hospitals until "new order"...
  4. Young Fox

    Bug ET 30-40 fps

    If you're on a laptop, try plugging in the charger (or unplugging it?) Personally, when I play without the charger connected, my PC remains blocked at 40FPS Fox
  5. Young Fox

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Can we also remove Minas_tirith for a moment please? Everytime, the majority votes "down" Also, it's difficult to advance in the last part
  6. Thank you all! It makes me very happy !! Fox
  7. Again, welcome to the forum!
  8. Yes, everything that is decorative I take it off .. It is much better now, but I think the last problem is my connection, because I have the impression of doing no damage, while conversely, two balls are enough to put low hp .. . I wanted to test with the cable, but I changed last month and the ones I buy are not long enough, I ordered one I would test to see ...
  9. Hey ! Welcome on the forum Fox.
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys! I would not be at home today, I would be back at the end of the afternoon (end of the morning for the U.S.). @Xernicus Infact, Jay1 always lagged for me, I've never have a smooth game, whether on this PC or the old one, that's why I thought it came from the server or ping, and when I saw that some French people play without any problems, I thought that maybe it came from my home ^^..
  11. No it's not worse .. It is with certain cards and especially with a certain number of players connected at the same time ... I have the impression that my shots do no damage and sometimes I have the impression that some are fading. Before that was it but with micro-cuts, lags .. it still does on large cards, which are generally very heavy ..
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