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  1. 20698648459884126 $25 @RainierWolfcastle Thanks for all your help
  2. Transaction ID: 20687459226853122 30usd Because I love =F|A= server.
  3. Some Pictures when I went to pigeon forge Tennessee The other day and on top of the Smokey Mountains
  4. Happy birthday Buddy ;) 

  5. 30 usd 20660159782104851 @daredevil Turn down the bots on jay1 im tired of trying to pawn noobs an the bots dead head on my ass Ty I understand if you cant. just saying u should tho......
  6. I Wont be there ill be on my way back from Tennessee lol
  7. 20646777017829581 14.18 no not broke just trying to make bank account even haha
  8. I know its not the best but I tried
  9. We don't need to tell you lot, but Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory turns 18 today! So we want to see it all; old photos of you hunched over a CRT monitor playing it, you and your friends at LAN events, screenshots of your best scores, gifs and videos of your craziest moments, your mods, your maps -- everything! Let's celebrate one of our favourite FPS games of all time!
  10. subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTtTCBKI-88myl3a3Tg2Lw =F|A= youtube hasnt had a ET video on it in 10+ years well time to put a stop to that these are some old clips resolution isnt the greatest reminder this is just a short teaser
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