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  1. are you running it as administrator? any errors pop up?


    welcome. if u every need any help message me
  3. had a great time on discord voice chat an gameday
  4. I like cortex. but it really is a huge map. so ur mostly running all over then fraggin
  5. FA BASE V.2 http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/news/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/et-maps/item/1546-fa-base-v-2 I liked this map when it was around
  6. we will try this when this was happening to me. make sure punkbuster is deleted as et has no use for it anymore if that is already done. turn off windows firewall/defender as this has effected me. other anti viruses should be fine. then go to nvidia control panel center and reset your video settings might need to restart if asked. thats all i have for now till i can think of more thats happen to me an how ive fixed it. really hope we can get this figured out for u
  7. @daredevil 


    told you my internet company is faked lol 



  8. https://www.cogeco.ca/en/support/outages if this is ur internet provider u can see if there r outages
  9. THE BEAST IS BACK ::DDDDDD with internet finally

    1. Letdown


      WB' yes im that fast :)

    2. equaLz
    3. daredevil


      the flash running GIF by CraveTV    TO    internet fry GIF

  10. Missing my ET family :( I hope I get internet fast at my new place 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. THE BEAST


      Alright. i should be back around monday or thurday is when im supposed to have internet. takes them forever to get to ur house to install 

    3. THE BEAST


      @daredevil welp I can no longer get 1gbps in my area till next year I literally moved 3 miles wtf lol welp at least I have 100mbps still a big difference I can tell a specially when I download mods for my other games 

    4. daredevil


      Ouch i feel ya.. i used to have 100Mbps comcast :) Now on 200Mbps Cox - good difference. I still miss Houston though, 1Gbps :)

  11. Gonna be off for a bit just moved

    1. daredevil


      New place? Nice! Damm i miss the moving part in life! I am stuck now! :(

    2. THE BEAST


      Yes. Ugh I hate moving 

  12. ill help with what needs to be done an try to bring a good crowed
  13. I'm up for it I'll download it. An I'll help run it an hope to get a good crowd there. Worth a try right? I'll stream to help bring some people on it.
  14. Is there any way we can create an ark server? anyone else play this?
  15. This is mine i do a few videos a week of ET then other games if my dump stream thing ever works correctly

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