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  1. i still haven't figured it out...... ive taken my pc completely out mother bored an taken everything apart cleaned re pasted with the diamond paste an its still not stable fps.... this processor should be able to do it but it doesnt every other game runs smooth just wish it would be fixed
  2. I laughed to hard at this i dont know what i havent seen this yet
  3. Guys the way it’s look is imma be off et for awhile I’ll stay updated on forms when possible but I’m working like crazy right now hopefully to see you all soon 

    1. AnG3L


      Take care and good luck 😉

    2. captnconcrete


      working is good. rlf bud ... we  will keep the light on for yea .lol

  4. People going to spec an telling teams where mortar is?
  5. Ill be offline for a few days. Nothing to worry about. 

    1. Kai


      See you soon beast

    2. Eazy


      Man you planning one hell of a fap 😉   see you soon Beasty 

  6. go to you nivida graphics setting an put you fps limit in. if its anything amd its sets a limit untill you change it see if this will help you
  7. Some bs config?????? ive used it like i said it has givin me better fps. (but i have not put the config back in since i reinstalled et like i said) what i was using before was stock et with a few changes like no sky an atmosphere affects
  8. No this isnt a config problem this is the one i just recently started using an give me a bit better of fps since i just reinstalled et i redownloaded the config an posted it here so it hasnt even been put back in my et yet
  9. yes ive tried 0-2. 2 is the only one that will work so it stays a t 2. gpu: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-19-12-3 cfg.cfg
  10. so here lately I dont know how it started but the last few weeks My fps in et has been crap ive rolled back my drivers from when it was working perfectly but i cannot get a stable fps any more my pc spec are. amd fx 4300 quad core processor 3.31 Ghz ddr3 8gb Graphics Card Radeon Rx 460 8gb Motherbored: asustek computer inc. m5a78l-m/usb3 Screen hz 75 My adverage team under load is 75 being the highest so on that behalf My average fps at the lowest 24 highest 80. when full server Now my Average not on a full server like 7vs7 90-112 being the lowest to highest Even @N!ghtmare Team vied me the other day trying to help. Ive deleted every path of et possible an reinstalled to try that then i even put a new ssd clear ssd with windows 10 installed an put et on it an still same fps problem so on that Im out of choices I cant record anymore which i honestly love doing but with this fps is ruining me an ticking me off to not even play et. my computer can handle gta5 farcry5 beamngdrive my summer car 60fps an over Ive tested all my hardware an all seems to be great. so if someone could pretty please help me an if you cant i guess im gonna have to same up an build an intel an nivida system because i dont think you an put intel from amd? I also seen amd has been contacted about this doubt they do anything since its such an old game https://community.amd.com/thread/198897
  11. Merry Christmas too all. 

    1. captnconcrete


      merry christmas bud!

  12. Merry Christmas all hope everyone to have a great one

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