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  1. It always depends on the project, You may want to look into flat file CMSes, just out of curiosity. I did use Grav CMS and Pico. Cool to know there's something like that - without any need for a database and with proper configuration, lightning fast. Of course, those are backends for pages more static, not really crowded community boards. If I had to do some forums for fun - I'd use PunBB, because it's quite simple and allows a lot of custom coding. If you seek something with higher standrad - I would only go for Wordpress with bbPress. For today, the rather simple CMS market is covered by what @daredevil has listed above. I've had a lot of battles with WordPress speed and performance optimisation, and that indeed makes an user hate it, but after doing several commercial projects you'll geththere, having a fast and gorgeous site. Also, as far as coding is concerned, look into Grid, Flexbox. Kinda new is the world of CSS. Check it out, it really is a serious introduction to styling. Folks at CSS-Tricks prepared a gorgeous coverage for Grid some time ago, you may look through.
  2. Washing hands properly is one of the few things we can do to minimize the chance to get infected with anything, including the new CoV-2. You may like it, you may laugh at it, but here are some instructions on how to wash your hands I made for my blood donors' club to share. There's Polish and English versions ready to be printed and just a while ago I have prepared a simple Word document to be translated on your own and printed. Instructions and pictograms are from WHO. I considered it worth spreading since there are some little gimmicks most people wouldn't think of, like turning a faucet off after washing hands with a paper towel, not to have contact of a hand with the faucet, etc., and surely, it may make some people wash their hands and do it more carefully. You may want to print it for your workplace, school or anywhere, you can share it, do whatever you want you consider helpful to you or others. Cheers, stay safe folks! washing hands EN.pdf washing hands PL.pdf washing hands TEMPLATE.docx washing hands template.pdf
  3. Guys had a cool idea to do a video as well, check it out! @Larysa, did you know Batushka is a Polish band? Not my genre so much, but was kinda surprised to see it known outside Poland!
  4. Will try to. I have played some NQ back in the days of ET glory, with Venom guns and officers really having the hats, not helmets. Been quite fun, although seemed a bit unbalanced. And yes, that funny leaning out of corners - loved to see a general peek out of a corner just to see a panzerfaust rocket slowly reaching his head True. Since I can work remotely, I do only work like that right now. It's kinda less productive (especially having Enemy Territory installed ), yet far safer. And if anyone can do it, and is capable of introducing it to their company together with tools with Microsofts Teams or any remote coworking tools - do it. It s not that hard in some scenarios, get your IT guys to cooperate to let al least some fols work remotely, everyone will thank you in half a year. Firstly, people need to come back home to take care of their kids and on the other hand, they would rather do their work so its better the "remote" way. Thanks for the warm welcome guys n' gals, fee;s great to be here
  5. As I have told you back then - not visible on the donations list here on the forums. PayPal-wise it seems sent somewhere, theoretically to FA. And I have PM'd Daredevil twice, but I just do not want to spam poor dude, cause he's probably too busy Anyways, that's not so important matter. I shall, Daddy, I shall
  6. Hi there! My name's Grzegorz, and I'm glad to finally write here! A less tongue-breaking version would be Greg, my nickname is just a derivative off the first name and you can kind of pronounce it like Ghjeenyoo. I come from Poland, living kinda close to Mr. NotellenPage, although we have never met IRL as of yet. I'm 26 and currently mostly working and working. At home I do print/web design and drawing. Also some web design and basic programming. I do have several part-time jobs that I keep juggling, from graphic designer/network administrator for an IT school and embroidery machines operator and DTP at a clothes printing company. From spring till early autumn I also work as an instructor/rescuer at a ropes course park and that's the job I love the most, although it's the least paid and most difficult one. My another love and occupation, although non-profit, is blood donation promotion. I could write a long essay about the topic, people call me addicted to it, but let's just say I work as a volunteer graphics designer and assistant to most widespread blood donors' organisation in Poland. I saw a great bunch of people working overnight for free to promote something good - I decided to join them and thus, yeah, I got addicted to it. I used to play Enemy Territory around 11 or 12 years ago, and recently decided just to check out how is the game going nowadays, expecting a rather dead servers with only long-trained pros. But I've found ET: Legacy and so much new additions and things, like bots, or tripmines. Somehow F|A servers were always on top of the list when using ET: Legacy client, so I think I have played only on Beginners #2. Once I visited some empty server just to play my beloved Baserace - with bots but still, was fun! Heard a lot such stories, so seems like I came as a ET renaissance guy as well. So, I sinked in once again. Having just about any free time is dedicated to coming to the F|A community and having some fun. I think that's the greatest reason I enjoy playing, although being a rather low-fraggin' dude - the community. As for a bunch of people that mostly have never seen eachother, it's great, and I'm glad to have joined here I've planned to write the intro after my PayPal donation was accepted but for some reason it is still hanging unaccepted, which makes me worried if these few bucks did not go somewhere unintended, but hey, sometime it'll get solved! Okay, that's enough. Whoever managed to read though it all, v56 and v43! Great to be here and see you on the battlefield waving pliers next to a tank! Regards, keep warm and heathy, Ghjeenyoo
  7. To all you lovely girls! 😘



  8. Hiiii

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      Howdy there, Nancy :) A friday evening, eventually!

  9. 1MH70496H8612363A $5 - not a monstrosity of an amount, but each coin toss counts!

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