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  1. Clean no errors if patches for ETL might be difficult being new so I made a short objective on how to finish it this is run as a devmap testing was good for waypoints to
  2. I've been having static in my TV monitor sense the update on Windows 10 build 17763 and was getting annoyed with my desktop recorder having static + sound lag I turned this on & it went away https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/coreaudio/spatial-sound This is what gets me is it's made for headset wouldn't have even thought of turning this on until after reading these highlighted lines Windows Sonic for Audio Renderers Many audio renderers target a Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) IAudioClient endpoint, where the application feeds buffers of mixed and format-conformed audio data to a WASAPI audio sink; the delivered buffers are then consumed for mixing with other clients, final system-level processing, and rendering. Windows Sonic spatial endpoints are implemented as ISpatialAudioClient, which has many similarities to IAudioClient. It supports static sound objects forming a channel bed, with support for up to channels (8 channels around the listener – Left, Right, Center, Side Left, Side Right, Back Left, Back Right, and Back Center; 1 low frequency effects channel; 4 channels above the listener; 4 channels below the listener). And it supports dynamic sound objects, which can be arbitrarily positioned in 3D space. The general implementation coding pattern for ISpatialAudioClient is: Create static and/or dynamic audio objects. <----- Like really why lol it was doing that before It was turned on XD Feed each object’s audio buffer each frame so the system can render it. Update dynamic objects’ 3D positions on demand – as frequently (or infrequently) as the app desires. Note that the current output format (speakers or headphones; Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos) is abstracted from the above implementation – the app developer can focus on spatial sound without needing to pivot based on format. Apps that do want their behavior to diverge based on output format can query the format in use, but the abstraction means an app is not required to handle these formats. Microsoft is becoming increasing difficult to keep straight with updates that keep changing the system Im thinking of never updating again.
  3. Will this fix the jumping problem also clipped around it anyway
  4. Ever sense I upgrade windows 10 my gpu has been a punk so please ignore my fps it's not framing right with camtasia before it didn't interfere with the recordings This is just to show the cull distance if that is okay
  5. Sorry the skybox was turned off with low quality sky in options view this is actully what it looks like
  6. Okay got it down to a sky shader what you think it's got a cull effect it's got a little bit of range cut off like if your standing at the tank you can't see allies spawn that eliminates at least some extra entities from rendering don't mind my fps Im on a low end gpu card The area can be lite up a bit with _minlight it is a 15 at the moment there is a sun light used from battery sky but the _foghull effect removes the sky unlike _fogclip this is backwards instead of ranging the fog from the player it ranges it from the sky
  7. It has to have added fog to drop the fps already tried all the methods to cut corners This is with sd_goldrush sky falls back to flapping fps at 60 same thing with fueldump and battery sky Have tested with finalbuild compiler (simulate old style -light -extra) If I could only remember how to cull visible distance with out fog that has slipped my mind
  8. not much better with out the fog tho still flaps back to 60 fps
  9. Trim down did a little but still had to pull fog down from 3072 to 2048 to get it stable fps Can fix the map glitch with new skybox of course
  10. Do you mean these area's I will trim it down see if that makes any difference The part where I cut it down and add a backdrop is the skybox being changed gray is just used cause the map has a area light in the worldspawn for now
  11. https://forums.splashdamage.com/u/ssf-sage/summary https://forums.splashdamage.com/u/pegazus/summary readme_kerkyra.txt // Mapname : Kerkyra B1 // BSPname : kerkyra // Released: December 2016 // Version : Beta 1 //Version 8 // // Map made by: -SSF-Sage and Pegazus from SM-Mapping // // Contact Sage : ssf.sage at gmail dot com //-SSF-Sage @ splashdamage.com/forums (prefered) // Contact Pegazus : Pegazus @ splashdamage.com/forums // SM-Mapping site: *Not active* Sage was active a year ago possibly still around Pegazus hasn't been active in 2 years
  12. I was going to poll this but there leaves no room for debate Trying to figure out if it's worth it or not because I saw some complaining about not being able to reach the flag etc DD suggested a fix for fps this was all I could pull out of it the fog was all that would decrease the fps flops Was pulling just 60 fps coming out of axis spawn now it's more moderate The flops is coming from all the entities being lined up in a single row just have a look at the one with the buildings and terrain and the look at the entities in theory they're all trying to draw in game at one time all the time skips and hints couldn't even fix that
  13. No go on the convert two different formats can't just change code manually Tried wolfcam bad entity 94 number it crashes using jaymod demo wolfcam also only supported for etpro mod Demoviewer doesn't have freecam command either your going to be stuck with limited options ETL or ETPro unless you spend the time recording on different mods and swapping them to legacy demos folder to replay freecam or find the ETx86.exe 2.55 that can read command freecam this would be the cd version when it first came out for windows xp sp1
  14. I'll try and see if it's possible to convert the dm_84 created by jaymod from the format it creates to default dm_84 not to confuse you jaymod's format is technically dm_94
  15. There is N!tmod 2.3.1 and replaying it with ETL 2.76 sorry didn't test all of the mods available just the one's I know to date that are most recently used for testing Once you record on the mod your going to have to pull the Demo_0000.dm.84 file out of C:\Users\%username%\OneDrive\Documents\ETLegacy\nitmod\demos And place it in C:\Users\%username%\OneDrive\Documents\ETLegacy\legacy\demos you may have to create the folder in etmain called demos if you don't have one I only tested the 3 commands that are available for ETL 2.76 because the rest is for ETPro Mod Your not going to be able to use Jaymod because the commands are unknown and the file format is written in a different format and the playback has errrors when pulls demo's out of jaymod and putting them into etmain/demos I tested on Jaymod 2.2.0, Silent 0.9.0, NQ 1.2.9 and only found replays usable through Nitmod 2.3.1 to ETL 2.76 WolfET 2.60 doesn't recognize the commands I added the wrong directory to add demos it goes in legacy not etmain

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