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  1. You can get up here now from the backside above the tunnel only small section is open for spectators to go through so they don't have to follow people etc I'll try tomorrow and script the sounds and points to finish if Im not to tired I know there is some small details like light polls missing texture got a floating wire here and there that is all I saw so you know I know editor has to leave some details unchecked to be sure its his work
  2. Testing spawns now here's a little teaser
  3. Getting close just need to put a few spawns in and adjust some entities Clipping is complete as you can see now there is no possible way to trick jump the gate Both CPs now have ammo cabinets will adjust fueldump and add one so both teams will have one at end but the cabinet will not be inside the Depot it will be at the tunnel exit door This will create a vantage point for both teams to keep it fair play Allies CP at start Axis CP at at Fueldump Tunnel Exit door is now sealed to Fueldump only Allies and Covertops can open it Work is slowing it down but almost done
  4. Still one of my favorites DJ If I really got to think back I just go back
  5. LOL the spline_control count is unreal I found one of the problems You never use this many they're only for sharp turns and turning around and most times never required really tank doesn't turn that fast FPS lag is dropping almost at required range for lower fps
  6. I also patched the area together so you wont see a empty space now Debating if I should start removing more entities the fps lag is still present looking toward Dump if I add more spawns to dump it could increase the fps lag removing malforms and wasted shaders had little increase but not as much as it would removing entities Cause Im still coming up with a high number of entities from calculation 742 would like to have it below 500 if possible see below func_group and func_static are removed during compile and converted to non-solid brushes
  7. Im getting there Still got things to do spawns doors etc etc Sounds are off they will be either removed or replaced with default sounds If I can't find the default sound for each not sure if making news ones would be a good idea it would increase the file size
  8. are u from bunker? |>B<| reading thru ur profile looks like its u bud.. lol long time no see its captain america hows it going dude!

    1. DoubleDragon


      yes that is me been a while Im sure but never been part of bunker directly

      as I am here being my self minding my own business

      it's been maybe 10 years haven't been on there in a long time not sense John X retired / moved on not sure which


  9. Rust is on Youtube I like watching the raids as a group tries to beat one person so fun to watch
  10. To get a bigger picture of what Im having to face these are all the wasted malformes taking up vertex count and causing some fps lag even tho they are caulked they still get counted in the render part Plus who hasn't seen fueldepot with out mountains Once these are cleaned it should perform better plus to think of it that is the layout before the terrain was imported
  11. I did add one new section of tunnel leading out of depot to inside the cave because this is a path that gets used a lot and is towards allies spawn figured it was a good idea to help defend Not sure what kind of door to put there either a static door that functions alone or add it to the depot gate that says open when the depot is hit by the tank you can suggest something if you like would be helpful or anything else
  12. Haven't given up still digging in going to try and pull these together not really gutting the tunnel just repairing and removing the malform shaders and possibly fix some of the vertex counts I have tho removed a few trees 10 maybe those are done and some other things trying to fix a fps hiccup when viewing from allies first spawn to depot through the mountain as you can see I find these in the middle often just doing nothing in blank space there's been a bunch of these in the tunnel but it may not go away will see vertices to are still counted even tho they are removed during compile and are still there rendering during game play I have to re-due the slicks they aren't working as planned will be clipping more as you can see all the clips are gone but a few on the right slicks still visible haven't gotten there yet Some time I will be done not sure if I'll switch teams yet if others want I will even tho I still got to work on spawn entities that are missing any way only thing that will slow it down is the scripting a bunch of 0's to 1's and 1's to 0's changing spawns isn't that bad just have create a new team_CTF_bluespawn and reds and rename them accordingly I'll let you know how much longer when I can get these two area's to connected cause I am going to remove the space between them for visual difference like ELI pointed out. After a crazy doctor visit and a hurricane I might get done with this faster now
  13. it's still happening ? if your referring to baserace_desert my bad

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