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  1. I was referring to the PSU cause the Core can get unstable with a bad or worn out PSU if it is going bad voltage drops can be hard to spot because each PSU has separate cables with separate circuits for each line one line can go bad while the rest stay stable even with the connection to the board can go bad and the rest can work. If Vcore is set to a stationary position and it fluxes then the PSU is unstable or lost it's ability to supply a certain amount of amps at constant rates.
  2. If you change the cool gel and still get the fps drops check your PSU for power issues May need to monitor your system like with cpuid or something similar https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
  3. DoubleDragon

    Lag on jay1

    I guess it'll improve his streaming sorry
  4. DoubleDragon

    Lag on jay1

    Try this here see if it helps if not then it maybe the ISP
  5. DoubleDragon

    FPS drop

    Nvidia has issues with vsync on Windows 10 turning it off may help
  6. Connect interrupts can be various things when it comes to Wifi but mostly it would be router related. /rate 27000 up to 42000 in your etconfig in the mod folder or while in game with /rate then# to find a stable ping Second would be the Channel interference from other devices on the same Channel in your router's path to your device you can assign your device a specific channel 11-13 would be advised for the highest connection. Would require knowledge of setting up your router sometimes you can find these settings also in the device manager of the device for the wireless device called Network Adapters. If your experiencing interrupts after tuning these two things then you have ISP issues or the DNS needs to be reset if you've had previously changed to a new router or had a service maintenance by the ISP . With command prompt open you can dump the DNS with " ipconfig /flushdns " you can do this while still online it isn't affected if it is connected. But my money is on the rate you have set with the channel your running your device on check those first. In rare instances PB has had this problem before with wifi's you can turn it off a little bit with /pb_security 0 default is 1 as for on it just kills the heartbeats hope you understand some of it
  7. Try turning off vertical sync if you have it in your graphics options An hello every one finally got google login to work
  8. When looking for a graphics card look for Nanometers "NM" and Bus Speed. NM also applies to HD's as well for read/write times. The higher the NM the faster response time it has the higher the Bus speed the more Frames per second you will have. a $20 card can perform as fast as a $200 card if these number are about the same. Also take in heat factor and size does make a difference if it is a hot GC that requires more then one fan then it will have future problems of FPS drops from Voltage issues. Have to make sure your computer's PSU is strong enough I would suggest getting a PSU over 600 watts for performance. 4-6 cores is plenty 4 core or Quads are decent for any game.
  9. Some time ago that your referring to some hard drives included a 2 pin clip to change from Primary to Secondary there was no option before SATA. If your issue comes back unplug the IDE device pull the battery out of the mother board then plug the SATA back up reboot the system or hit ctl+alt+del after it is booting, then turn the power off then reconnect the IDE device and reboot. This process is usually done by reading the DOS window during boot if your can't read it fast enough to catch driver info press Pause/Break to get more information about the boot sector. Used this process once before when slave and master wouldn't switch even when clip was changed.
  10. In this file here http://www.wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=202 The script of the map is missing the sound directory in the sound path "sound/teamplay" folder. Same as in most downloads of the map. Alternately you can upload a pk3 with any name as long as the file in the pk3 starts with sound and a folder named teamplay inside soundfolder. The sounds missing are objective sounds by Rayban for Quake Arena. You can find it looking through some doom sites. Here is the list of missing files if you choose to fix the map. You can put blank.wav files in the place of the missing ones with the proper names.wav files files missing included is teamplay and feedback . Make a pk3 name it abcdefg.pk3 create a newfolder name it sound insert it to the pk3 then same with feedback and then put the corresponding wav files missing in those folders and upload it to the server. Server is pure Clients can't fix this. flag_taken { sound sound/teamplay/flagtk.wav voice streaming } flag_captured { sound sound/teamplay/flagcap.wav voice streaming } flag_returned { sound sound/teamplay/flagret.wav voice streaming } flag_team_steals { sound sound/teamplay/voc_team_flag.wav voice streaming } flag_enemy_steals { sound sound/teamplay/voc_enemy_flag.wav voice streaming } flag_allied_returned { sound sound/teamplay/voc_blue_returned.wav voice streaming } flag_axis_returned { sound sound/teamplay/voc_red_returned.wav voice streaming } teams_are_tied { sound sound/feedback/teamstied.wav voice streaming } allies_score { sound sound/teamplay/voc_blue_scores.wav voice streaming } axis_score { sound sound/teamplay/voc_red_scores.wav voice streaming } allies_lead { sound sound/feedback/blueleads.wav voice streaming } axis_lead { sound sound/feedback/redleads.wav voice streaming }
  11. I was lucky it turned west a few miles missed the edge of the storm like 100 miles
  12. You appear to have a ui failure due to incorrect mode cause of either a extension mismatch in profile config or etconfig in mod folder. where it says MODE: -2, SCREEN: 1920 x 1080 fullscreen (ratio 1.7778) change to r_mode -1 and then change the window format to r_fullscreen 0 and then use windowed mode in game menu system then will be full screen then. ET Legacy doesn't like HD my opinion on windows 10 64bit this would solve the dll from not loading
  13. Sounds like you need a beer run Sorry been afk getting old work related stress don't give me time to think about things.
  14. Still can be a cvar issue even if it doesn't post warnings cause anything related to Ui not opening is effected by resolution being the wrong size or a bug in the api for the Ui not to open. Incorrect install of the files and write protection will also keep a UI from opening. If it plays on everything but Pro and Silent then it's related to how it's configured in the files either with the binaries in the mod folder or the configs. Even ETL has issues with full screen on windows 10 you have to run it in Window Mode for it to run r_mode -1 for me that is. And I have seen ET bugg out and not execute config's and run it's own course and you would have no choice but to cvar_restart;exec etconfig.cfg;vid_restart it is normal not to have warnings and the UI crashes. Also my config is full of unsafe settings but it still opens. Well I tried, not a Mac user but I know ET well enough to say what is causing it.

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