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  1. Open console while in game with ~ and do a /condump dumpfile.txt Open the directory where your et.exe is located and post the text file here of that dump file Next if your unsure of how or what information to provide in detail of what your PC is using open dxdiag and click on the save all information button save it to desktop and post that text file here. I would use to inform people to try ETL for new builds cause it was good for transition to install and check but unfortunately the Devs of the app have messed it up to where it blocks some server files your going to have to gruel through the mess unless you can get the last installer of ETL before the upgrade.
  2. DoubleDragon

    Etpro fps drop

    In your config you have to cut all the r_ati settings with Numbers off, change from 1 to 0 If you have primitives turned down already as you have said you did Ati has no vsync disconnect abilities like Nvidia does I mean thats what I think even if it says it does it don't the only work around is to create a shortcut of the ET.exe and set the r_ properties to fit your feel in a custom cfg and exec it through the shortcut and flush the display with a hard vid_restart all done through the shortcut. It is like being on a Linux when messing with Ati so you have to get it right before connecting to the server. This is a sample property of a shortcut ink file on how to execute a cfg through a shortcut the cfg must be in ETMAIN folder not wolf folder or mod folder this way you don't have to worry with what mod your changing to only just the server ip "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +r_customwidth "1680" +r_customheight "1050" +set r_mode "-1" +exec my.cfg +vid_restart +connect serveripaddresshere Can you post the config from the video that your showing from the above clearly it has issues, even my old GTX 750 doesn't drop fps that much do note my network is limited and my time online is short if I can help I will
  3. DoubleDragon

    Etpro fps drop

    Go in services and disable all 3rd party software related to the video card Just run the driver directly and let Direct X control it that is what is was made for ET and ATI and are enemies
  4. Just want to clarify the reason why I said remove the tag_ from script. Cause I was sure the model you used had no tag_ data or a Animation file or MDM or MDX file to support it. Tags are made for models in model editing tools like for instance Q3 Model Tool used to view 3D Studio Max or other applications that make animated 3D models including Milk Shape that also would require a .tag file of the model tags to create animated models or you'll be stuck with Milk Shape having to script every movement of a model hope that helps. If you use Q3 Model Tool you will see the tag_ in tools to add tag's but you can just make a blank .tag file and it would print the needed source code that can't be run in DOS to the file with the tool. Unfortunately these applications aren't available in the site's download section and I don't have the internet speed to upload the Q3 Tool at this time but is available on line I or someone can upload it one day plus the 3D SMax is out dated and Obsolete for Quake Engine's if you find 3D Smax try to find versions 4-6 they only support the plugin for skeletons that is used for player models this isn't available either from SMax web site any more it would take a lot of surfing to find it for future reference to making new models just for models/players/temperate/body.md3 which isn't available in Pak0.pk3 only the body.mdm is available but they can be added in a separate way like a map file would be in same directory or a plan models.pk3 There was some other things I forgot been so long but this sums up what tag's actually are used for. A model has to have a tag_ made in the model and basically a attatchtotank tag_tank <--- is in the tank model it self and the attatchtotank is used to attach two animated models to make one model so there's no separation during any movements according to the tags making it just one model. have a good day
  5. Maybe just put ASCII characters on every file an future files and force every one to just play on normal ET if you want to protest Start a #ASCIIcharacters movement Didn't read this earlier sorry
  6. Someone needs to rename pk3's from ~~~~~fav.pk3 or other characters even with copies of the files in place accordingly they aren't read. Please look into this would like to use the updated version on the server.
  7. To bad by the time it gets to the US it'll be $3k
  8. cvar_restart;exec etconfig;vid_restart You can make a et.exe shortcut and edit the properties it will overwrite any config if connecting directly to the server One I currently have for ETL where the last " use a space then the rest "C:\Program Files (x86)\Enemy Territory - Legacy\etl.exe" +r_customwidth "1920" +r_customheight "1080" +set r_mode "-1" +vid_restart +connect You are using a 64bit system should consider ETL https://www.etlegacy.com/
  9. I said setstate wrong earlier it's setstate nameoftargetmodel remove , invisible , default was tired try remapshaderflush at the end of the script if it fails then your going to need to remove the current md3 at the end of the run and add a different 1 with gamemodel and use the entity it self in gtk and change the angle to what you need angle 180 // this is 1-360 and remove it in game manager and trigger it to show when it gets to that point should look like this some what can be used various ways game_manager { spawn { wait 50 wm_axis_respawntime 8 // Axis respawn time wm_allied_respawntime 8 // Allied respawn time wm_set_round_timelimit 15 // Map timelimit // Stopwatch mode defending team (0=Axis, 1=Allies) wm_set_defending_team 0 // Winner on expiration of round timer (0=Axis, 1=Allies) wm_setwinner 0 wait 500 setstate police_car_b invisible } } police_a { spawn { wait 800 followspline 0 sp_01 50000 length 32 wait trigger self police_path }  trigger police_path { playsound sound/mapa/sirene_police.wav looping volume 500 //play a tank sound followspline 0 sp_01 100 wait length 304 //this says goto sp_01 at a speed of 100 and don't look at //the next command until after waiting 304 followspline 0 sp_02 300 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_03 500 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_04 500 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_05 500 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_06 500 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_07 500 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_08 500 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_09 500 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_10 500 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_11 500 wait length 304 followspline 0 sp_12 400 wait length 304 stopsound sound/mapa/sirene_police.wav wait 500 trigger police_car_b } } police_car_b //name of new model replacing a { wait 500 setstate police_car_a remove setstate police_car_b default } Took out the bars // to remove skipping it's not necessary to have the comments As for your warmup time you can change it to 10 secs by creating a shortcut using it's properties to do so this is what I use most times for custom resolution + map setup "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +r_customwidth "1680" +r_customheight "1050" +set r_mode "-1" +set g_gametype 2 +set sv_pure 0 +set g_warmup 10 +vid_restart +devmap nameofmap
  10. Your car is running down the x axis of the origin brush you need to give it a face angle inside of police_car_a where you need to show police_a you add faceangles 0 90 0 50 you can figure it from there
  11. For the model not showing up it is setstate default //to show setstate invisible //to hide setstate remove //to terminate look in entity list and remove the car and use misc_model // I know your trying to get around the vertices not happening will continue. if the car comes back with shader missing just add a skin to the thing skin file will be named modelname.skin with the contents of the qc file like so if it's "police_a.skin" contents of a skin police_a, directory/used/to/store/the.jpg "or TGA "<-- note the comma after the police_a, that is not the accurate qc layout if you have hood trunk lights wheels etc etc then you have to give each one like the .qc file hood, directory/used/to/store/the.jpg "or TGA " trunk, directory/used/to/store/the.jpg "or TGA " wheels, directory/used/to/store/the.jpg "or TGA " etc etc this eliminates the usage of a shader file unless your using a light emitter on the shader then your would need to remap shader various times ok back to script above you say it is stopping can I ask what is stopping video is blank but I get the idea but your script is looped back to sp_02 or is that supposed to be sp_12? Next you have to control the models with in the script but your tag_ is hooked onto a script mover and not to a model: tags are just for models to set animations with in the model. so to help resolve a unreasonable question your script needs to be changed at the end of stopsound sound/mapa/sirene_police.wav add this // wait 500 trigger police_car_a inside this trigger remove attachtotag police_a tag_police_car_a and put setstate police_a default because your defining a scriptmover to a tag begone with it. Only use tag_ for model animations in game through script like turrets wheels etc etc these only point at part of a group of tags not individual scripts
  12. attachtotag_ is used for triggers inside scripting not to confuse targetname as tank for model it's just a tag_ used in scripting to put models together that has more then one model with a tag_name depending on which version of GTK Radiant 1.4 and below script movers require the xyz origin position for the script mover to work correctly or it will move only vertical or none at all or all over the map Recommend Using 1.5 or above for origins There's more information but it looks like splashdamage really threw this game in the trash by deleting all the old forum posts
  13. You are missing a target just like targetname must specify what it is doing by giving it the script name target = scriptname
  14. You'll find more 1/70 no threat thats like saying it got a tracking cookie Don't forget you can add some not all to the hosts file mainly what this app was designed for think its C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc/hosts when the program is off. I use before the address or for local but that leaves roaming open so just <-- work 100% For the ip's you will have to either manually add them to the firewall rule or netsh from cmd like in this page https://www.itechlounge.net/2014/11/windows-blocking-ip-from-command-line/
  15. Check these seta s_channels "2" seta s_bits "16" seta s_wavonly "0" seta s_defaultsound "0" seta s_mixPreStep "0.05" seta s_mixahead "0.2" seta s_doppler "1" seta s_separation "0.5" if you never had problems before and these are ok then it's pc related

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