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  1. So who are you? Who Who?

    Been playing wolf since RTCW 2002 MP. helped to run a tourny for BE: Battlefield europe where we ran custom made maps, transposed, for OF and DF for fairness, and all over the world: France, Britain, Germany, Poland, Aussie and South America. The idea was to run 10 tournies to see who won, and using the various maps used during ww2. It was a gas. but like a lot of things in wolf, it died, but we had a strong community. Even had some marriages w peeps going from states over to euro. It was a slice.We used the MFOTS formats, but they kind put us in the wind, due to the fact that other games were transposing RTCW and ET. so I was Very glad to find the community still has a following, and for that I am jazzed. we always ran "play as you pay" if you cant pay, u can still play. but eventually we lost our servers w just a few peeps holding all the stakes. I couldnt support the game finaccially at that time, even though I was in the staff; ran servors, adm., and games and all in RTCW. Not to caw, but it was w.o. doubt the greatest time of my life. If wolf ran IVs I would be hooked up to it. I play HL, but NOT TF2...2 cartoonish for my blood. I am so happy that my affienado for wolf can be found here, and you guys are not a bunch of cyber bullies; though I had my share. thx for letting me particpate; but most of all for being there; partially there is no more RTCW which is too bad cause I had the transposed maps (mirrow) so if you dont all hate me for being so old, I'm in. Today I even have the bucks to support the franchise, so it all works outl
  2. My life could have been so much different.

    You are Not alone, bro! Try 12-Step narcotics and/or alcoholics anonymous. You will find many, many, Many with a likewise hard luck story. you can start again. I know. I too am one of them. You have already taken the first step, sharing your story; now the next step is up to you. Try it for 30 days, or 90 days, and see what you think. Or stay until you hear someone tell YOUR story...than you'll know if you are in the right place or not. It doesnt matter How you fell in the Well, but only that you get OUT. I started smoking weed when I was 14 and fell down the rabbit hole. but happy, joyous and free now for 20 years. Good Luck!