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  1. Yes, wasn't too sure about that. BUT, where Would I post to see about getting a Server up regarding RTCW_mp? We got a bunch of ET servers; what naught a RTCW_mp one w Bots/achtung, S4NDMoD, FritzBotz, etc. I guess I would not post in the ET section...not meaning to step on any toes, but appreciate to be pointed in the right direction....
  2. History of WOLF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpkQWkyU RTCW.mp!!! In case anyone still remembers RTCW with nostalgia (where it all began..) a Server is up! Anyone interested in playing all the old maps, etc can still play here. I would really like to ask the Adm to consider a Server for this game; and, if not, if we're allowed to, a little support of Sandmod. I for one REALLy miss the old RTCW, and its where I first learned played in diapers on Wolf. Steam has it, but NO ONE has a rtcw_mp up, since the MasterServer was taken off. I
  3. I know this is late, but does someone just "have" a .cfg file with global basic chat binds, using the basic commands, requests, etc, so that I could just "add' them to my files, cfg so that I know they are correct? I am having trouble seeing exactly what a good file should look like with the correct binds. I know, LAMO. I just want to know, when I pick "O" or "P" the correct global command will come up....sigh
  4. Awesome you guys! Well said! I will put them in my .cfgs w backups, and see how they go. Cannot understand why the et.exe cfg does not manufacture v_say like it does in RTCW, and you can, "cut and paste".
  5. "PB GUID was not visible to me. That name had also been on Silent#1 some 124 days ago, with a different Silent GUID and a PB GUID " ["PB GUID was not visible to me. That name had also been on Silent#1 some 124 days ago, with a different Silent GUID and a PB GUID "] PS Boy, I have really been out of touch lately. I am unfamiliar with how to access these GUID? Though I do have PB?
  6. It makes me feel that I am not alone....in this House of Looney Tunes...Thanx for the updates mates. No, I did not re-instal ET. However, I am trying to update the hacks (ET.EXE and ETPRO.exe), and they are only dl as binary files on my OS Vista 64-bit, and I cannot get them to instal. Therefore, I must play with the original 'stock' version of et.exe and etpro.exe this causes moments of soliliquey for me...but, go on I must...
  7. RE: Regarding this issue. I am using an old OS Vista 64-bit It will ONLY dl file in binary format, and therefore I cannot get it to open. Any ideas about that? To DL the actual .exe files themselves? I had thought to dl them off my os 10 Laptop, and then send them back to my actual computer that I game on. I am afraid, however that it will still dl in binary format. Any suggestions, please. Thanks in advance. OpsVixen||
  8. I jumped on the Recruiting ET server this May, and ALL my XPs were gone that I had accumulated, and I had to start ALL over from scratch. I didn't think I had been off the F/A server very long; and I know its been restored when I have been gone way longer. Is there any ADM that can look into it, so that I don't have to keep starting all over if I am gone a few weeks. thanx mate, ops
  9. I know this has been asked a dozen times, but I only have the et wrote cfg file which is slower than moses. I also do not have v_say, and feel like a jerk being revived or anything else, and I have no global or individual voice. I've looked everywhere, and all I have is from mp_wolf .cfg files. can someone point me to a et cfg that is like what is on FA Fun site, or how to get it. Its calibrated pretty fast. Any help appreciated! OpsVixen
  10. I have NO idea where the DONATE button is, all over this site! I have donated many times before, but I cannot Find any central button, that simply says DONATE. ? why not? Even when I put in Search term, all it took me to was postings. Cmon peeps! if you want donations, do we really have to spend 5 or 10 looking on the web site, if we are not familiar w it? I hardly ever come to the web, and I am STILL searching for the DONATE button!!!
  11. I cannot put the voice on my et.cfg since it is not on there. What are the commands I need to put on there for vsay, global, team, etc? the game et.cfg does not put them in, and I do not know where to find them in this Board, as I dont use this board often, as I am still kinda new to using .cfgs? thx mates! OpsVixen|| see file dl etconfig.cfg
  12. Hi Arno;


    Still Around somewhere? Let me know where you Scrim, and what game. Been playing ET Recruiting. Don't go far. Wolfie always!


  13. Thanks for all the help. That should help quite a lot from just, "cut and paste" Regards, Ops
  14. https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/9487-opsvixen/ Thought I'd update since I never did properly introduce myself, and heard from an old buddy from the old ET?RTCW tourney times. Regards: OpsVixen
  15. Been playing wolf since RTCW 2002 MP. helped to run a tourney for BE: Battlefield Europe where we ran custom made maps, transposed, for OF and DF for fairness, and all over the world: France, Britain, Germany, Poland, Aussie and South America. The idea was to run 10 tournies to see who won, and using the various maps used during ww2. It was a gas. but like a lot of things in wolf, it died, but we had a strong community. Even had some marriages w peeps going from states over to euro. It was a slice.We used the MFOTS formats, but they kind put us in the wind, due to the fact that other games, side swiped RTCW, and ET to run tournies taking over europe with, and refighting WWII with stats, and uncredubke squads, servers, etc. But, I guess it was to condensed since we only played that one game; and well, you know how that goes.


    So I was Very glad to find the ET/rtcw community still has a following, and for that I am jazzed. we always ran "play as you pay" if you cant pay, u can still play. but eventually we lost our servers w just a few peeps holding all the stakes. I couldn't support the game financially at that time, even though I was in the staff; ran servers, ADM., and games and all in RT CW. Not to caw, but it was w.o. doubt the greatest time of my life. If wolf/ET ran IVs I would be hooked up to it.


    And, what now? Have all the games since Blastowitz, but haven't had the time to play them. Now w covid, I plan to do just that. Of course, while I'm still   trying to 😎😎l playthe other 500 games I've dl from STEAM!


    Old WarHeads Below.


    Regards: OpsVixen aka Sharon NV USA




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