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  1. who wants to live forever? live for the spawn
  2. this thread is to cheer all them players, that for some reason, make you smile when you FINALLY kill them be it lag, rig or just pure skill (or your own lack of), that the 1/25 kill ratio always keeps you plugging away, until finally that lucky shot rewards you with the message You Killed ................. for me its the No Quater 1 superfamily Karla the good S!mples the S!mples and their dreaded lovechild, the spawn of pure evil that is Siwex89 and ive only been on the server 1 minute who is your nemesis ?
  3. you are unstalkable 😹 

    i want to follow you like a lost puppy 🐶

  4. used to have to reboot into dos to run shareware doom back in the 90's (using a floppy boot disk) thankfully things have moved on (cat climbing tree behind and not essential desk material )
  5. your dam lucky it didn't go all slippy slide'y on you but that is a beautiful beast to trade up to. naked is the way to go, feel the wind
  6. In case you are currently hibernating and have missed the news Quake 3 arena is currently Free on bethesda.net Free yes Free with a capital F, so if you have lost your disk or found your disk but your pc no longer has a diskdrive (there like cup holder things for you younger folk ) if if you fancy playing a game that was made before you were born head on down and grab a game with fuzzy graphics and bots even us old folk can kill
  7. seem to remember punkbuster doing something like this back along it lets you play while trying to communicate/update then drops the connection (leaving you frozen) but error box disappears when you close et (instead of sitting on top) try minimizing (alt+enter) when first joining and running ok and see if there are any error boxes in the background (or firewall blocking) also there is a manual way to update punkbuster but i cant remember it ................. manual punkbuster update here
  8. I cant date you if your my wifes sisters uncle cousin grandmas brother, oh and you don't understand vsay's v583
  9. well done keep it up - no more !put s!m s smoke time (that sets me off too ) I started at 16 stopped 2 months (46) ago (third time lucky ducky) lasted 3 months last 2 tries (boredom is evil) e cig without nicotine for the drunk days may even try exercise shoot me now one less is better than none do what you want, don't do it for other people
  10. NQ is the best mod so hang in there ppl will join ill pop by sometime too (altho im worse than a bot ) suggest maps in the normal way just tag it NQ2
  11. teach the kids to play ET is fun for the whole family
  12. Hey mate, not seen you in a while so hope all is good.


    I'm missing my easy target practice so frag you soon i hope.





    1. Siwex89


      @forestcat  i would love to see some update photos of that cute puppy of yours :D

    2. forestcat


      pup didnt stay puppy size for long :D she still manages the sad puppydog face tho

      sunshine and life has kept the pc off but when its on its NQ1 is where im headed  :) 




    3. Snuffs99


      Cool, enjoy life mate and i'll see you soon enough, was just making sure all was good so thanks for the update. ;)


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