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  1. but but but ......... i still haven't ...........? still have fa_baserace_v1.pk3 butt not for long mine was random crashes (not msg box related) - same error box with no info - and completely self caused
  2. i had the same friday (had been messing with loads of different configs) moved all config files out of every mod and main (and also removed them from each mods profile folder) (did delete a 'name.pid' file from one mod profile folder loaded a fresh > options > system > recommended then added back a very light config seta name ^3Forest^5Cat set cg_drawFPS "1" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// //1080p //////////////////////////////////////////////////// seta r_customaspect "1" seta r_customwidth "1920" seta r_customheight "1080" seta r_mode "-1" set cl_wwwDownload "1" set cl_allowDownload "1" set cl_mouseAccel "0" set cl_timeNudge "0" set cl_punkbuster "1" set cl_anonymous "0" set cl_maxpackets "100" set cl_autoupdate "1" set com_maxfps "125" set com_hunkMegs "192" set com_zoneMegs "64" set com_soundMegs "192" set snaps "20" set rate 25000 set b_antilag "1" set scr_conspeed "9999" not had crash since suspect corrupt .cfg or .pid file
  3. turns out i had a mishmash of configs and now its all screwed (was smooth movement tho) i like pretty textures tho, so now digging about to find the nice mix that was in the middle there somewhere
  4. Are you interested in creating a map but don't know where to start ? splashdamage mapping forum <<< that link has a lot of knowledge basic starting point - build a box but if your after starting from scratch and building a map this thread has all the tutorials - tutorials-and-et-mapping-resources all links dead but some reference pics still valid youngfox has some good links from a box grows a world enjoy
  5. very nice config colour is bright and vibrant (snow a little to bright) and movement seems smoother, faster and more fluid than my last cfg this is now my default
  6. 2nd that vote i spent ages getting the hydraulic dials on the doors working right
  7. Heyaa Suggestion for map Bergen http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/downloads/summary/15/2490 blatantly stolen nightrain's post from b2 forum (be nice to see whats be tweaked) spent ages getting the hydraulic dials on the doors working right
  8. hii :) come to play on s1 and beg2 too :))

  9. can i phone a friend or or or at least give me 50/50

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