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  1. Hi there Mushrooms and welcome. Here is a little German Rhime for you: Ilse Pilze keiner will se, dann kam der Koch und nahm sie doch! (Ilse Mushroom nobody wants to, then came the cook and did her good)
  2. well democracy makes us play the unique oatmeal every day... sometimes if i want some change in maps, i will have to rotate through our servers and stay where i like the map. Personaly, i would delete baserace completly since i dont see any Point in it, but people seem to love it somehow, so i Accept the majoritys decision. ( vsay crybb, vsay cheep ) I Like the teamplay oriented Maps like daybreak, minas, temple, italy, and fuel dundundun of course. Maps with multiple Object goals and time expanse if the goals are achieved. But unfortunately thats the minority of
  3. Two Vsay´s biting each other: speech4 { sound/fa/fa222.wav "Kill kill kill the white man." fun15 { sound/fa/fa179.wav "Stand up!" //KKK } Ps.: i Guess that´s where it came from They are there with a reason i guess... But racismn is racismn. Point. Same goes with homophoebia, and the list goes on. I wouldnt consider making the Vsay´s all Political Correct. That would underestimate the sense of vsays. Duke Nukem i a master example of Memes and Quotes, but they are all perfectly not PC. I wouldnt chan
  4. Vice86


    Oh hey, another electrical mind. Hi and welcome to the Forum.
  5. Hi and welcome. try out and type the following into your console while in game: /connect nq1.clan-fa.com and see what happens
  6. Hi Mate, i am glad you took the invitation and made it to the forums. Hope you wont be stranger, and check in sometimes. Hit me up if you need anything, or have any questions. Greetings Vice86
  7. Vice86


    Hi man. Come and try out NQ1, u would be surprised how tiny the hitboxes are compared to others. it's like arnie once said. and if u dont have it, dont hit it...
  8. I can try a nukacino next time, but you will have to bring me a Donauwelle! @Karla
  9. I am messing around with Latte Art atm... Today i built a coffeemon!
  10. well, i am german, crazy times back then... we are all so glad to be born afterwards imo. i hope we all know what happend in 1920's and 1930's before the ww2, and what made it possible that the 3. Reich did came up, and the NSDAP could get so big. If you wanna know how it worked, try to watch these movies. "the wave". Old one: New one: If you never watched these movies, do it! no matter where you're from. I personally hate war and i am all against it in any way. my Mothers family lost her granddad and grandma. Th
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