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  1. Ragú alla Bolognese (3h cooked, the meat, not the noodles )
  2. Hi and welcome to the forums. When i realized you are talking about the 1982 castle Wolfenstein i was like, is he fo real? Try out ET if you like. its a teamplayoriented arcade Shooter for everyone and for free.
  3. Blue Catherine Parakeets The parents with the Kids while they were still together. We gave the kids away to some friends when they were 1year old.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums... Make sure to stop by NQ1
  5. I think Ford can hadle the Panzerfaust pretty well without 144 or 165 Hz or frames,... i wouldnt be wondered if he plays the Panzerfaust on default 43/90 FPS... Not everyone is onto Pure fragging, Highend hardware fiddling, some play ET just for relaxation, fun, or timewaste in between some reallife accations... Not everyone has our points of views. But yeah, concluding to all our posts, he must go now, buy a rx550 and a 165HZ Screen, install it on a pirated WinXP with Freesync and then, defrag the old HDD´s while waiting for ET to load up, after the cloni
  6. No need to use "Pirated" ones anymore... (Besides that, please hold any kind of information about that to yourself) Windows is basicly freeware now, if you register the installation on a microsoft account, you can keep the license. Win 10 was freeware on the rollout, when the Betaversions went out, so you could upgrade from win 7 to win 10 for free, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 That USB-Stick tool will use the free version of the latest install with the same routine the beta installs had in the past. So it is still "free". I inst
  7. Defrag only for HDD's, Never defrag SSD's! My old HDD with 1TB had a transferrate of about 130mb/s as far i remember. My new SSD on the other had around 500mb/s, more than 4 times faster, besides all the need of defragmentation HDD's need once a month to run smooth. For me it was the first hardware exchange i literaly noticed on everyday work. So kids, if you dont have a SSD yet, go get some, its awesome!
  8. Also Windows can be downloaded legally as a bootstick install and activated with a genuine microsoft account https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 i can only recommend to try that out, it is awesomely easy, just dont delete your old stuff
  9. i agree with filipe, cloning your "trash", [wich causes in most cases the slowness of an Operating system on a classic HDD] to a ssd, wont solve the problem, BUT it can accelerate it... I also have a 500GB Samsung SSD running for a couple of years now on my PC, and what can i say... about 10 seconds real bootime since day one, no defragging, no bs. I can only recommend you to buy a SSD and do a fresh windows install (i think cloning is more complicated), and boot from the fresh install instead of the old one. But you can try yourself in cloning of cour
  10. Crusted Ham roast from the kettlegrill with homemade dumplings and red cabbage served with selfmade gravy.
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