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  1. https://www.istanbulfm.com.tr/ love to listen and not to understand a single word. And the Music is very artful, much passion and love in it.
  2. somehow everyone is fancy about good ol et again ... thank goodness. anyway hello and welcome. have a good time
  3. thats propably the reason why it worked for me and smulti with the all new reinstall over the old one since installing in safemode failed. The oct Windows had almost all my drivers aboard, so i only had to install the newest gfx drivers over the original from Windows. @Sphalman yes i would still try the reinstall of windows before checking any hardware at all. you can also try snuffs secure mode suggestions, but it didnt work for me, and by the amount of time you try and fail, you can also install win 10 from a stick, this took maybee 20 min for me, and also rules every
  4. it would be worth a try and take propably the least amount of time. i would make a separate partition or HDD where i back up all my important files like "erotic art" movies (just kidding) documents, work stuff, bank, insurance pdfs and such... (i personaly use a Network storage and the second internal HDD wich both fell of a truck one day) anyway i just installed on the old C:\ HDD with the corrupted win 10, and voila->>>all fine... Windows is always the first thing i want to be able to exchange helped me in maybee 90% of my own problems
  5. @Snuffs99 remember? @Sphalman the timing is Similar with your last big win 10 update from Oct2020, and i believe it also came with a win 10 update at me. somehow i believe they came out with the oct. update to find all the "activated" versions...(smiling and remembering the windows xp service pack 2) anyway so i installed the free version of win 10 downloadable from microsoft. maybee you can try this sort of Installation: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows10ISO this helped me and it matches with your s
  6. to test this and rule the psu out, you can disconnect everything that isnt needed for the pc to run. all USB devices, exept the keyboard and Mouse, put out all the cards and drives wich arent needed and hopefully it will run trough, so you know its the psu. if this aint helping, you can try out another pci slot for the card, check different combinations and such... maybee putting the components on a woodenfloor and try running them without the case at all can give you some insight what happens. what also helped me once: installing old drivers instead of the new ones, esp
  7. i once had a likewise issue,... the problem was the powersupply. New GFX-Card did take to much power, so everytime when the card got something to do after booting with aero, or starting a 3d programm, the screen got black, but the rest seemed to keep running. so i resetted the pc and it seemed to work again, until the next 3d process. Booting in secure mode always worked since it ran without 3d acceleration. the power supply did switch off the GFX- card since it had not enough power for it. no power, no picture- black screen, pc still running without card. 800Watt 80+ Gold
  8. A very Intresting insight into Japan, while watching James May trying the do's and dont's about japan.
  9. Just sneaking trough 👋


    do what i want season 9 GIF

  10. all my SS where all superclean in the past on that topic and those spikes where continously even without taking ss. i will check later again since here today in our state is a holiday and when you want to change a important IT-Maintenance Hardware, we do it mostly on these days... maybee my provider did do something on that purpose...
  11. @DeKing i am sure the 3008 is a very good competitive car wich can be raced and all that, but i wouldnt want one in my bedroom just to look on it. There is one peugeot rally car i would put into my bedroom though to look at it: but then when i think of dreamcars, i would prefer the delta instead
  12. i always favorized the Touring disco volante. What a beauty. until Yesterday when Singer came up with this 911 ACS
  13. Ping -t gave me 40-300 wich was usually 4-20 in the past...
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