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  1. Minas is already on the server (fun map, as a LotR fan, I like it), but we can only see it in the list when there are a lot of players connected (25 I think). Please add : North Pole Final I agree with Rendel, democracy can be such a b*** sometimes, but it's still democracy However, can we make it so that, if there is a tie when voting for maps, it's the map that hasn't been played the most recently that gets first? Like, if it's 12 votes for Fuel Dump and 12 for Temple, but we just played Fuel Dump 5 maps ago, Temple is selected instead of the other. ... maybe it's already the case, but I don't know how the current settings work in that particular case. Other than that, I also vote for TC Base, great map, but hard to play when there are too many players (very small).
  2. I'm the most humble person there is! I'm the best at being humble! I'm the humblenessest of humble people! hehe ^^ Welcome to the forum man! hope you'll enjoy it here
  3. Unfortunately no (bad Cross!) I was on my phone, just chillin in spec when it happened.
  4. Hello hello, So, a regular player from BE2 had a weird problem tonight. A couple minutes after the beginning of the map "Pirates", he had died only twice. Once by MP40 and once by flammer. However, his death account from flammer indicated he died 27 times from it. It also affected his K/R negatively. I scrolled back up to the start of the map, and indeed he only died 2 times. So i guess it was some sort of bug. I quickly checked on forum if there was a similar bug in the past, but I didn't find anything. I'm not sure there is much we can do, but I still told him I would report it
  5. haha ironic, an Architect afraid of Heights But anyway, welcome to the forum mate! Glad to see you here!
  6. I think the !nextmap vote for certain admin levels could be up for debates. Even though, if a map was voted, it was elected democratically (unless some people forgot to vote). However, regarding the vote for !mute or !kick, i'm against it. We have admins for that if needed. Also, you have the !adminhelp (or !calladmin) command which sends a message on Discord if no admin is on the server when a player is acting up. An admin will then connect on the server and deal with the problem @notellenPage : agreed
  7. Cross Marian


    Hi Sixxx, Welcome to the community!
  8. Hello, welcome to the forum! hope you like it here ^^
  9. Hi there, welcome back! We are all ET addicts, can’t stay forever far from it xD I’m looking forward to seeing your new skills up against flamma
  10. Hello hello, I agree with letting go of Bridges, Glider and Saberpeak. But personally, I would keep MLB Daybreak >> sure, the keycard at the end is a bit of a bottleneck, but the map gets voted quite often. And it’s a huge map, good for when there are a lot of players online. I would take out haunted house as well. Not played for a while as far as I know. For the additional maps, I’ll think it through and come back with an update, or maybe the others have good ideas
  11. Like good joker, or chaotic Joker? I've just watched the movie, so i was wondering But anyway, welcome again on the forum!
  12. Hello Jakub , Welcome to the forum!
  13. Hi CC1 and welcome! Hope you'll like our forum!

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