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  1. I’ll be very nice to you then! Didn’t see that part the first time I read your post. XD So again, Hi and welcome to the forum. Nice to have you here
  2. Hi PaketeK, Welcome to the forum! haha already exploring different servers, that's good
  3. Recently added a new GIN to my collection: Copperhead (the Gibson Edition). And it's the best I've tasted so far! + But if we're talking more mainstream, I really enjoy the occasional red martini, or a nice Pina Colada when it's hot
  4. Hi Kamel, Welcome to the forum! Hope you will like it here
  5. Nice list I would be in favor of removing Snatch3 from the core list though. It’s just an XP farming map for Axis and we often have troubles balancing it. Maybe swap it with Caen2 or Decay (very popular on HC).
  6. Damn, that's an impressive record Basa! If I have some questions, can I shoot you a PM sometime? Hope you're not talking about your past conquests
  7. I had a big travel plan this year (2020) to do Japan (+ a few days in Singapour). Of course, it was cancelled due to Covid But as soon as this thing is behind us, I'll go!!! ^^
  8. Your seta r_displayRefresh should be set to your monitors refresh rate. I see it is currently set at 60 (you can drop the Hz after the 60). If your monitor is a 144Hz and your Pc supports 125 FPS in the game, then you can change your seta r_displayRefresh to match your monitor's.
  9. Have you tried this? /r_primitives 2
  10. Yeah, it's a grey area in my opinion. Basically when we try to evaluate team balance, we take these factors into account : 1. /Scores 2. !Howfair 3. Number of players on each team 4. Map progression 5. Your own knowledge of each player's skill level If we apply these to your particular case here: 1. /Scores >> largely in favor of Axis 2. !Howfair >> ?? I don't know, but it's not the most important factor anyway. 3. Number of players on each team >> barely in favor of Allies (only 1 extra) 4. Map prog
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