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  1. Yeah Wolfenstein > CS !!! (at least in my heart) But anyway, welcome here!
  2. Haha I think you are talking about this one XD
  3. So, I watched Alita this weekend. It was pretty good if you like simple sci-fi movies. In my opinion, 2 major negative points: - the talent of Christoph Waltz was kinda wasted. - not enough background story and character building (especially for a movie that is clearly not a standalone movie). >>still would recommend. 7/10
  4. @Siwex89 Thompson for the win!! The sound it makes kinda sounds lika a silencer... orgasms for my ears
  5. When you see a teammate going the wrong way... And then you shoot him once, just in case...
  6. Maaan, can't wait to see it!!! But I'm also glad it will be over, so that George can finally go back to writting the books! his lazy a** has been overlooking the books for too long
  7. Well, it was good I would say. In line with the first 2 (at least, not worse). I really enjoyed to see all the actors together. But on the other hand, the hype was too great, and with all the years they had to produce this movie, I was expecting something better. And when I say "better" I don't mean that it should have been more like the common superheroes movies nowadays (marvel/DC) because it's clearly not the idea here... but it feels like there is a lot of potential they did not exploit or even considered. It's hard to talk abouth it without spoiling anything though. So globally: it was okay but it could have been a lot better. The ending will definitely cause controversy
  8. It's a sequel to the first 2 movies though: Unbreakable and Split
  9. Welcome back! And nice to meet you at the same time lol
  10. Welcome back to ET! haha seems like a lot of people felt the Nostalgia after a few years
  11. haha haven't you read my greatest fear?! @Vindstot: lol yeah, but I'm not crazy enough to mess with a thousand years old gladiator!

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