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  1. I already told you yesterday, but congratulations again mate!! BE2 getting stronger xD
  2. nice, can't be a bad guy after that ^^ Welcome to the forum mate!
  3. To be honest, when he joined the opposite team I said "fun time is over" XD because we would have to be super serious to have a chance. It's like fighting a tank with bow and arrows haha ... we still lost though But yeah I agree, it can happen sometimes depending on teams, luck or shuffle that Axis (or Allies) will win a few times in a row. Doesn't really mean we should reconsider the entire shuffling system. But it's still good to keep an eye out and not be afraid to say or suggest something like you did. @RendeL @CheepHeep I checked in a couple of maps on BE 2 if the vote to shuffle is active during the first minutes of a map, but it appears not. Any news on that?
  4. Welcome to the forum! Love your name XD
  5. Hello Mermaid, Welcome to the forum! You look very sofishticated ^^
  6. hey there mate, Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy it here. Don't tell him that! even if it's true... XD
  7. Same reaction as Cheep: if the only thing stopping you is english, you clearly have a good enough level. I've not been around as long as Cheep or Rendel, but I've already seen couple of admins with a worse english level than you. Plus, being admin doesn't mean you know everything, you keep learning and practicing. As for the holidays, there is a section on the forum where we say if we are going to be away for a few days or weeks. There is no rule that says admins can't take vacations Back to the Shuffle suggestion: - I agree with Rendel when he says that the more responsable admins (or trusted regulars) we have, the better the chances are that the teams will be even. So you might consider applying as well. - I don't really like the idea of a shuffle every map. I think an automatic shuffle every 3 (or at least 2) maps is fine. Reason is that, in the case where teams are even and the players have fun, why risk a forced shuffle. Also, the shuffle system sorts out players in teams based on skills. So, for example, if a player has a high K/D ratio, he knows that 100% of the times, after a shuffle he will be put in Axis (unless some other player with higher K/D ratio connects). What if he likes to play Allies? That means that after every map, he can be sure to play Axis again. - Maybe an intermediate solution would be for players to call for a Shuffling vote within first 5 min of a map. This way, if one team is way stronger than the other and no admin is around, you don't have to wait for the next automatic shuffle.
  8. Welcome back to the forum!
  9. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here ^^
  10. Hello lagzOr, Welcome to the forum! hope you enjoy it here
  11. How about the first one? did you like it? I thought the way it was directed was awsome, loved the atmosphere of the movie. And the last scene of the second movie.... daaaaamn. That being said, I agree that Keanu doesn't have a large range of emotions to display (he's clearly no Di caprio), but to play an assassin without mercy, he nails it. >> but i haven't watched the third one yet And yeah, couldn't agree more about the Wonder Woman movie: good looks (cgi and stuff), okay actors, very bad script.
  12. Here is a link: http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/downloads/viewdownload/15-et-maps/1553-adlerhorst-te Shame for Temple, hopping Smiley can fix it! @Smileyyy: let me know if you need people to test the map for bugs
  13. Read the posts from Rendel, Kermit and Shadow. Good ideas. Here is what I agree most on: could be added - Temple - Alderhorst - Frost (- TC Base) >>> I personally really like it, but i'm not surprised that many players don't enjoy it on the server. It's a very short and narrow map. Therefore, when you have too many players on it, it becomes impossible to play allies. could be removed for now - Railgun (last 3 times i played this map, half the players disconnected at the beginning of the map) - Axis lab

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