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  1. When I talk about Wolfenstein to my friends irl:
  2. file.exe is now running correctly Hi there, and welcome back!
  3. Pika pikaa! And welcome to the community!
  4. Hi Anderson! He is a hard one to kill. I’ll see you back on Silent1!
  5. Does it include spectators? Is it possible to calibrate it so that it only changes based on the number of players in Axis/Allies?
  6. Here is some map changes I'd like to see (if it's possible ofc): 1) Add map: Haunted Mansion Final 2) In the map Fuel Dump, would it be possible to: > Remove the buildable Axis CP at the beginning of the map. The CP in the isolated barracks on top of the ill in the first part of the map. Since the respawn time is so short, it gives a too great advantage to Axis in early game. > Remove the anti-trickjumping protection. This is actually a suggestion from a server regular (Yid). Apparently, there is an invisible wall preventing Allies from doing the big tri
  7. Hi Niklas, Welcome to the forum!
  8. Hello there, Welcome to the forum!
  9. huhu you're gonna make us blush But welcome to the forum mate!!
  10. Hello Magi, Welcome to the forum! Hope you will like it here
  11. happy birthday mate!! Hope you will enjoy it
  12. As I said, it is in case there is no admin on the server at some point. I’m no expert, but I think it would be impossible the program the auto-shuffle to be active only when there are no admins around. And when I said shuffle should be last resort, I was of course referring to admins using the cmd ^^
  13. I understand that sometimes, shuffle may be frustrating. But we must see it as a greater good Few important points: 1) Shuffle should be a last resort for admins. We usually prefer to balance teams by moving ourselves (the admins), if that isn’t enough we usually !putteam a player or two. 2) Shuffle is only used in 2 scenarios, and almost always before map start. If there is a too great gap in number of players in each team before map start. Or if there was an overwhelming difference in skills during previous map (causing one team to be Completely crushed).
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