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  2. ID verified Set as applicant
  3. @rambozo37steam id addon on the profiles its ok players regular i think u cant set this boy on apprentice for a time thnx my friend
  4. 1: cheating equals a permanent ban 2: respect any other player any insult will be punished 3: depositing mine on roads or village in fields or forest is strictly forbidden 4: any use of traps strictly reserved at the area of your camp that if being defined by your flags 5: it is strictly forbidden to build on the drops area and on the roads these rules apply to the player as to the admin thank you for respecting them any offense will be punished according to it gravity
  5. fast this boy barely I recruit and you apply you are motivated it is fun I confirm my referal and my vote '+1 no problem to report with this player very nice tic and appreciate by all on the server I wish you welcome in the club and soon in our admin good luck to you
  6. Previous gaming aliases: Steam: wiltingjurian Previous gaming clans or guild, if any: none Discord ID Cerveza_Games#0539 Age:15 What country are you from?: Dutch What languages do you speak?:Dutch Do you use a translator to post in English yes How did you find our community?: Herman a friend Do you play other games?: yes Roughly how many days a week do you play?: 7 Have you donated or purchased VIP membership?: no Do you have any admin experience?: little bit with minecraft scum not Will you be able to help in recruiting new memb
  7. To submit your application plz start a new topic (don't post your application in others application). Mention your are making an application to join the scum group with your name in the title. Example "Rambozo application" -------------------------------------------------- Plz enter your steam ID in your profile Here's how to get your steam ID. You must enter your steam ID in your profile so we can set your admin level. SteamID how to How to add in your profile (click on edit profile) Account settings ---------------------------
  8. small config scum to help the less efficient pc and stay fluid add to that a custom resolution 1600x1100 and you should be good that is functional on the pc of 6gb a 8gb ram it is of course advise to have at least 8gb under this limit the game remains unfortunately slow to run and especially to load the décor element GameUserSettings.ini
  9. for more cmd and explaint https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1826328007
  10. you will find if attached the list of admin cmd for the games scum the soft admin scum helper only allows run two of these cmd the rest will have to be done manually in game for the viewer mods once on the first screend menu of the games press ctrl'+d your menu changes vision and you can join the server as a drone and move around the world the cmd remains active even under this mods it you are so quite possible to be a spectator and use all the admin cmd of the game https://commands.gg/scum
  11. Monster mentioned to me earlier and although i've messaged Dare my OCD is screaming ( ) so maybe there is someone else who has the ability to change the forum and groups name from scRum to SCUM, no R needed and I assume its just a typo??
  12. this little app is a not inconsiderable help for any admin it allows this tp quickly and accurately in the games my also spawn all the materials or anime my also the zombie games sen go through the console controls there is still some bug to fix I think my is an invaluable help small demonstration video download link https://www.scumadminhelper.com/ be careful not to abuse the powers that you are granted as a system administrator a command of the game allows you to locate the players accurately it is not so far that it takes this tp on them to kill that do
  13. thx monster this is very useful
  14. hi everyone a small topic to help you started well in the first point game creating your character for those who do not yet know the game it must understand that all the parameter and strong point you give to your character are important I deposit a small video explanatory that in my opinion will help you much better than a long speech it is of course important to create a character matching your expectations in the game all times certain basic point are to be respected to avoid you end up with a mediocre character who will offer you a bad gaming experience then

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