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  1. Just inside your ET folder, where we see all the mods folders you et.exe etc....
  2. Hi! most of the time you just closing completely your game will help out. This happens to me sometimes when i disconnect from a server and try to connect to another one Have you allowed downloads? Option > game > set it like the SS bellow What can help is make a clean up in your etmain folder and remove some .pk3 files, clean up the mod folder. Maybe you have bad files On what server and what mod did you try to connect to? sometimes if you have older versions of a certain mod or pk3's it can cause this or if you have multiple folders
  3. Was about to edit i realized i uploaded the wrong SS thx! working fine for me now. Thx DD
  4. Hey man! don't worry about your app. We can always put it on pause for a while and resume when you get active again. RL first! Thx for giving us news I wish the best for both of you and a fast and good recovery to your wife.
  5. Hi! you need to run your game as an administrator Click on your et.exe and then click properties > compatibility
  6. That would have been my second guess windows scaling Glad you figured it out and can play with us
  7. Hi! what is your resolution? you run it in fullscreen or windowed mode? How did you got it to work in 1080p? you changed it in your cfg or in your ET shortcut? Can you copy / paste the modification you made plz
  8. Will launch the Halloween gameday preparation pretty soon. Not sure we should make 2 gamedays in the same month unless people requests it. Maybe November?
  9. rambozo37


    VIP lvl and VIP status on forum is for 1 year renewable every year. Since you say it was 2 years ago and you didn't renew it then your sub is over.
  10. Thx everyone Really happy and looking forward for this new challenge as now being part of the recruiting team
  11. Ty everyone for showing up had to leave because i am working later. Gameday is not over so hope you all have a chance to enjoy Here's a sneak peak at our day so far
  12. server is full right now. I'll kick specs to create space
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