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  1. June 15th ?$ ID: 20D43767H20153238 there was a bug with my donation. It doesn't show up and the amount is not what I sent 18.82$. I tried again to send 20$ USD and it automatically changes to CAD? It says its complete tho
  2. donation war is back on! hehehe >:D

  3. Ingame name: rambozo37 Discord: rambozo37#2400 Have you read the rules: yes!
  4. My turn today... Congratulations buddy! ;) 

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    2. lehm


      Congratulations little buddy! <33

    3. Vindstot
    4. CheepHeep


      Haha! Thank you! Super excited to back with the fam!

  5. Congratulations buddy!

    1. rambozo37
    2. lehm


      Warm welcome and congratz!

    3. Vindstot


      Congratz ^_^

  6. I use a Logitech G900 mouse and G510s keyboard. But I do miss my old G5 mouse and G15 keyboard
  7. My favorite map ever is original Goldrush And what you did here looks awesome
  8. You should have seen his face when he pressed the donate button... he looked so proud, all smiling and told me "now we can go play again" lol!
  9. wow already 15 years. time goes by fast
  10. I have a very clean install. Only played in FA servers. All files/maps and files for jay1 - jay2 - silent Just download and put in the same folder as the file name. If you get prompt to replace a file just say no that way you will only get what is missing. Downloads are from my private webserver Hope it helps Maps/files: etmain part1 etmain part2 etmain part3 etmain part4 Mods/files: jaymod silent

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