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  1. R.I.P my friend 😭

  2. omg nooo! I loved Barn!e, such a great guy. Was so nice to work with him for jay3 server. Lately i was hoping to see you back soon. Life decided otherwise. Hope you are at peace up there and can have endless fragging moments with old gamers. Thank you so much for everything you have done for this community. It will not be forgotten. RIP my friend
  3. I am very happy for you, well deserved promo. But i am also very happy for the clan to now have you as staff Gratz my friend
  4. Welcome to our new recruiting team member @!MX On behalf of the FA management we want to congratulate you and thank you for all your help especially on S1 and more recently on jay3. Helping new guys, came to support in jay3, good team work, etc... Your help is very appreciated. This was a long and bumpy road but here we are! Your hard work on many levels brought us here today. Well earned promo We worked more closely these last months and looking forward to keep going on. Remember, this is a game and we are allowed to have fun also Only @daredevil or @RainierWolfcastle can set your profile on website Congratulations!!!
  5. @GHARIB @Fighter Can we have the current map list plz I like this list and would be nice to have it on records Nevermind i just realized it was posted
  6. rambozo37

    ET BEGINNERS #1 Jay 3 Poison Knife

    We will study this option. I also hate poison knives but some people enjoy it. Lets see what the majority wants
  7. everyone got diarrhea
  8. from explosive diarrhea
  9. Hahahaha! ok sorry its not funny
  10. woah this is strange. I sometimes get weird routes but never hit europe. You showed this to your ISP?
  11. yeah sorry, the server is currently offline and we don't know when it will be back up. Trying to contact our server administrator
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