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  1. rambozo37

    FPS Drops

    The other day I messed up my cfg and started to have fps drops. Just to make sure what settings you have for: r_displayrefresh r_primitives com_maxfps com_zonemegs com_hunkmegs cl_maxpackets snaps rate
  2. Hi! I got the chance to see and talk a bit with you when you stopped by on jay2 a month or 2 ago. I got the feeling I had the chance to meet a special and friendly guy. Hope to see you more often
  3. thx! ill look into it when I have more free time.
  4. Dear fellow clan members, friends and regulars On behalf of all the Fearless Assassins we invite you to join us for a weekend to celebrate this Easter. With those hard days arround the world, we propose you a weekend of pure fun. Lets forget all the problems for a moment and enjoy a good time with each other. "The great gift of Easter is hope" We'll be hosting 3 games on the weekend of April 10-11-12th ENEMY TERRITORY DATE: FRIDAY APRIL 10th TIME: STARTS AT 12 GMT +0 SERVER: =F|A= NOQ #1 XPSAVE IP: nq1.clan-fa.com:27960 DAY OF INFAMY DATE: SATURDAY APRIL 11th TIME: STARTS AT 12 GMT +0 SERVER: =F|A= RECRUITING CooP #3 IP: doi3.clan-fa.com:27034 INSURGENCY DATE: SUNDAY APRIL 12th TIME: STARTS AT 12 GMT +0 SERVER: =F|A= #4 Bot Carnage |MEDIC|ENG|COOP|CUSTOM| IP: ins4.clan-fa.com:27022 Don't forget to join us on Discord https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord HAPPY EASTER!!!
  5. yeah that's what makes it hard to diagnosis but we will find a solution
  6. I believe that hunkmegs is capped at 192 (I still use 512 for many years) zonemegs 128 is best and maybe a bit to much but it helps allot for big and demanding maps. Only force hunkmegs, zonemegs and soudmegs. The rest can be exec in game with your cfg + /vid_restart. Can you look in your AMD videocard control panel and see if vsync is disable, antialiasing FXAA OFF, antialiasing transparency OFF, multisampling OFF etc... I was looking all over the web for this post and finally found it! it helped me allot with my old AMD/ATi card. I didn't need to do it all but most settings when changed improved my game ---------------------------------------------------------- COPY/PASTE 0 - If you own an AMD/ATI Radeon graphics card , you HAVE TO include the following line in your autoexec.cfg file: set r_primitives 2 Also, install Clock Blocker - ET is simply unplayable without that program running, especially on newer AMD/ATI cards and/or the Crimson series of drivers. What happens is, AMD/ATI's shitty drivers keep downclocking the GPU and the card's memory all the time, and there's no "prefer maximum performance" option like NVIDIA's drivers have, which causes severe flickering and stuttering. Clock Blocker will make most games play much smoother on AMD/ATI cards, including CS:GO. Note that AMD/ATI's driver support for older OpenGL versions like the one used by ET is very poor - it seems to be running over an extremely slow emulation layer - so ANY NVIDIA graphics card made after 2009 will run ET way better than even the latest and fastest AMD/ATI card available. As a big fan of AMD CPUs, I'm very sorry to have to say this: DO NOT BUY AMD/ATI GRAPHICS CARDS FOR GAMING. UPDATE: the Radeon Crimson drivers v17.6.1 and v17.6.2 fixed the flickering and stuttering issues on ET and other games. These drivers work with cards of the HD 7700 series and later. UPDATE 2: do not install the Radeon Crimson drivers v17.7.1/17.7.2 (won't work with MSI Afterburner) or v17.8.1/17.8.2 (Vega release drivers, worse performance on earlier GPUs). UPDATE 3: currently the best AMD GPU drivers release is the Radeon Crimson v17.9.3. UPDATE 4: and just when you thought AMD's GPU team was starting to do a reasonably good job, they go and release the Radeon Adrenalin drivers v18.2.3 which simply has AMD Radeon Settings - THE GRAPHICS DRIVERS OWN CONTROL PANEL - crashing on Windows 7 x64 SP1. As far as I know, a GPU's control panel not running is something previously unknown in the history of GPU drivers. The same thing happens with the current release, v18.3.1, so do not install any version after v18.2.2, the last release without this patheticallly absurd bug. 1 - The most important graphics quality setting in ET is r_picmip, and it must be set to 0 (best quality) instead of the default 1. Call the console and type /r_picmip to check. If it's at 1, for Satan's sake, /r_picmip 0 then /vid_restart. If more than 13 years after the game was released you can't reach a steady 76 FPS with this setting at 0, go play Minesweeper then. 2 - The second most basic setting which improves graphics a lot, besides having very little impact on performance, is Anisotropic Filtering (AF), which makes textures on a plane surface, like the ground, don't look blurrier the further away you look at them. This one must be set via the video drivers control panel. Right click on the desktop, select the NVIDIA or the ATI Catalyst control panel, then go to the 3D settings section and set it to 16x. Do not confuse this with Antialiasing (AA), which is the most taxing setting for a GPU. Important: leave "Antialiasing - Transparency" OFF - that setting blurs things in ET. The NVIDIA Control Panel already has individual profiles for most games, including ET. AMD's pathetic Catalyst Control Center - which even needs f***ing .NET to be installed in order to run - of course doesn't. Also, on the AMD Catalyst Control Center, you need to create a separate profile for ET - the AMD graphics drivers won't apply the global settings to ET. 3 - Still on the control panel, make sure that vertical sync is set to force off, and if you have an NVIDIA card, the threaded optimization setting MUST be set to OFF (for ET only - leave it on AUTO for other games). 4 - To turn the artillery and explosion smoke effects off, just type /cg_wolfparticles 0 (no /vid_restart needed). Leaving these effects on has a very heavy impact on FPS, besides hindering visibility. To turn rain and snow off, /cg_atmosphericeffects 0. 5 - In the game's menu, click on OPTIONS > VIEW and turn OFF the two settings at the bottom, Blood flash and Blood splatter. The Particles setting may also be used here to control the cg_wolfparticles Cvar. 6 - To turn off the annoying flash when you fire your weapons, /cg_muzzleflash 0. 7 - There are four "magic" values for FPS (frames per second) in the Quake 3 graphics engine used by ET that will help you jump further and do trick jumps: 43, 76, 125 and 333. Set this to the highest value you can keep a steady FPS at with /com_maxfps X. Most of you probably play on disgusting 60 Hz LCD monitors, so 76 will be your best choice. If you happen to play on a 120 Hz monitor, you may set it to 125 (if your graphics card can handle it). DO NOT set this value to 333 - your frame rate is directly linked to the game's and the mod's netcode, and setting it to 333 will make you lag badly, besides being total overkill. The key factor here is to keep a steady FPS. If you can't keep your FPS steady at one of these values 99.99% of the time, then go for a lower value. 8 - Last but not least, you've GOT TO turn AMD's Cool'N'Quiet or Intel's SpeedStep OFF when playing ANY game. On XP, Desktop > Properties > Screen Saver > Power (or Control Panel > Power Options), choose Always On to turn it off. You can turn it back on by choosing Minimal Power Management. On 7, Start button > Control Panel > System > Power Options, choose High performance. Of course you know that game commands are typed on the console, and that to call the console you press the tilde (~) key (the key to the left of the 1 key), right? Important: settings altered by commands typed on the console will probably be lost if you don't switch to the server's mod before issuing the commands and before connecting. That's because if you don't switch to the mod first, the commands will be stored in your etmain (unmodded ET) profile, not in the mod's profile. So, first click on MODS in the game's menu, then double click on jaymod, and only then type the commands. On my site http://www.portaldosgames.com/en there is a basic autoexec.cfg config file available with all these settings and many others. You should keep identical copies of your autoexec.cfg file in both the etmain and the jaymod directories.
  7. Oh you have a 144Hz refresh rate on monitor…. If you have the default 50-60 refresh rate it will or can cause stutter. Try this in game console or add it to cfg without the / /seta r_displayrefresh 120 or 144 (try both) you said you don't have FPS drop right?
  8. What video card you have right now? lol faster then me ok let me check something
  9. deferplayers was used for quake and maybe for RTCW but never worked or used for ET.
  10. This is weird, other players connection shouldn't mess yours. You should only see them stuttering but not the entire game for you. Few questions how did you add the hunkmegs and zonemegs? in the cfg or in the game exe? Do you play on wifi or cable connected? other people using the same connection you use? run any programs, downloads or anything else at the same time? Can you take a demo of you playing so we can see whats going on? Did you add it in your cfg like that /vid_restart ? because you need to do it like this vid_restart ( without the / ) never put / before cvars in your cfg
  11. last 2 change them they are to low seta com_hunkmegs "512" (this is what I use even if 192 is max) seta com_zonemegs "128" or erase them and put it in your exe on your game icon right click > properties > shortcut > in the target add this after what is already there +set com_hunkMegs “512” +set com_zoneMegs “128” +set com_soundMegs “48” It should look something like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +set com_hunkMegs “512” +set com_zoneMegs “128” +set com_soundMegs “48”
  12. Hi! could you post your complete cfg plz to give it a deeper look
  13. Usually when I start to have problems I unplug my router for 2min then plug it back you are connected via wifi or ethernet cable? if its cable try to plug it in another socket on your router. Also is it a possibility that you can plug from modem to pc and skipping the router? Also make sure the ports for WolfET are open, try this tutorial
  14. I support @RendeL in this case 100%. The reason I chosen B2 is for the game style, settings and players. Why should we start changing stuff when the server is doing really good? We are currently ranked No 3 in server ranking so to my guess a vast majority of players likes the server how it is. B2 is a fun environment and there's a little bit for everyone. Anyway, personally I think arty, mortar, panzer, are a great way to counter rambomedics which can also be frustrating for some players. Thank you

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