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  1. congrats :) 🥂

    1. Larysa


      :0 Congratssss!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

  2. Yes he was planning to do it but he might be out for a while so i wouldn't count on it. There was a work around to make it work but with 2.77 it doesn't work anymore. They really trying to force people to legacy only servers I would stick to 2.76 if i were you.
  3. Lets congrats our new recruiting team member @Barn!e Congrats! Well earned promo. Taking care of jay2 and jay3 maps, Solid admin overall, helps new guys, having him around is just a big + for the clan. Thank you for all your work and dedication Only @daredevil can set your group/profile on website
  4. Nooooooo I guess if it makes players happy i can live with it
  5. It works i used it today. https://fearless-assassins.com/forums/topic/121371-cant-connect-and-cant-see-servers-in-list/?do=findComment&comment=944029&_rid=16304
  6. our servers config already have the command line in them. Only S1 and HC and a few other less popular servers doesn't seem to have the line added in their respective mod.cfg set sv_master5 "master0.etmaster.net" For our n!tmod server i have put the line at set sv_master2 "master0.etmaster.net" and it works also so it doesn't need to be absolutely set sv_master5 So all you need to do is use the et.exe from their download link http://etmaster.net/ I still see the servers list. This screenshot was taken today
  7. Same for me. My ping is bad because its an euro server and i am in north America but its steady bad lol! But no lag at all
  8. Thank you very much everyone Very appreciated you took time to write a little something Love you all!
  9. His system should hold maxfps 76 Hunkmegs = 192 Zonemegs = 128 soundmegs = 24 I had a system similar and thats what i used. Also use the suggestion captn gave you and you should be good to go
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