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  1. I owe rendel 28Euro which is around 34USD. Since we pay each other via donations here it is! So thank @RendeL for this one 34$ ID: 20614889711781123
  2. nice! will stream B2 tomorrow then @RendeL plz be nice with me. Last time you kicked my ass live on my stream lol!
  3. is there a B2 funday sunday tomorrow?
  4. Well i couldn't help myself so here goes my sleep before work Official server name: F|A N!tmod Classic Maps Info: 30 players slots No rush rule No adren No double jump No poison knife Spawnkill allowed FF off XP save Max bots 13 (7v6) rules: https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/W:ET_Server_Rules#.3DF.7CA.3D_N.21TMOD_Classic_Maps /connect classic.clan-fa.com:27960 Map rotation: supply caen2 frostbite railgun transmitter et_beach baserace sw_oasis_b3
  5. keep bringing the suggestions. This friday i will work on the server new official name will be F|A N!tmod Classic Maps XPS @DeKing if one day we get a minimum of activity i will create a map suggestion topic
  6. actually i was thinking to add this one you read my mind man!
  7. server was changed a bit. I feel only 10 maps wasn't enough. For now the name is F|A N!tmod super XPS but will be changed soon to something else. If anyone has suggestions you can still connect using: /connect classic.clan-fa.com:27960 or /connect fun1.clan-fa.com:27960 Settings stays the same 20 Map rotation is: supply Depot caen2 frostbite railgun fa_italy_b3_fixed et_beach baserace sw_oasis_b3 bremen_b2 snatch3 venice braundorf_final fueldump adlernest et_mor2_night_final sp_delivery_te radar
  8. rambozo37

    ET BEGINNERS #2 Beg2 full server

    yeah well for once i could play and enjoy a good time
  9. rambozo37

    ET BEGINNERS #2 Beg2 full server

    yeah that was fun i wish @RendeL and @K3rmit would have been with us to enjoy this
  10. yeah i was like wait something is wrong lol! oh well ill post anyway
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