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  1. I'd like to suggest to replace MLB Daybreak by MLB Temple which is a lot more enjoyable imo.
  2. Your english looks pretty good for a french fellow Good luck!
  3. I play it on a toaster with 15-20 FPS, still got some wins
  4. I still have to configure my mic though, or buy one
  5. Does someone play it on PS4, or ultimately on PC? You can add me up if you wanna squad from time to time, as this is probably in my top 3 my fav games of 2018 On PC : Kat0n On PS4 : Fearless_Kat0n
  6. 70 km/h on a bike, nearly had some severe accident though
  7. Game is really fun but the matchmaking is terrible, half of my games are either 7-0 or 0-7. Community is meh too. I'm taking a break as long as the matchmaking isn't fixed. Last time in unranked, I had to ask which rank were my opponents and they casually said "c2" and this is so high I didn't even know what they were talking about, since I'm gold 3. Not really a pleasure.
  8. I guess it fits the description of an AIO since it's a laptop of decent size. And you've made me realize I never actually tried to clean it up, except, screen and keyboard
  9. Hi, I don't know if someone could help me there. My PC has the following characteristics : Intel Core i5-4210U NVIDIA GeForce 920M with 2GB of VRAM 4 GB DDR3 L Memory (no clue of what it is) I should get better in computers to give you a more accurate description My problem is that I have FPS drops in all the games I play, these days I mainly play ET and War Thunder, more secondarily Rocket League and Fortnite. In War Thunder I have a stable 60-80 FPS so I really don't understand, same in ET so it's not about the game it's about the computer (tried r_primitives and all settings set to minimum in ET). In ET it's a clear FPS drop so it's like mini-freezes (during arty or fight with multiple enemies), and in recent games, nothings freezes but it's like I'm seeing motions in a blurry manner, a bit similar to what your eyes see when you're drunk. Really complicated to explain so I hope I did it fine I hope I didn't damage a vital component of my PC, I used to run rocket league in medium-low and war thunder in high and Insurgency in medium-high afair. When I reduce the quality I increase my FPS and manage to reduce the drops, but in ET I can't go lower for example. Thanks I pay in recognition and e-cookies
  10. There's no such thing that addiction to gaming, excessive gaming is either per choice or caused by extrinsic factors like family problems or social problems.
  11. Kat0n

    Thank You

    I'm myself also some kind of social worker and both situations can't be compared, although I don't support arrogance or needless display of superiority. Of course both community and admins make the servers but it's quite obvious to me that admins do some extra work to keep servers clean and livable, to organize event and support financially (some players do it too but I said above that's rare), that's why they applied for adminship at first place. I've rarely seen an admin being full of himself because of that but on a gaming server you don't have to apply the same code of ethics than you apply as social worker or healthcare worker (I assume it's the same), at some point you have to position yourself over the dude you warn or punish because otherwise you have no legitimacy doing it. Of course it works as long as admins respect the rules, so more like a policeman to me. If that was not what you meant feel free to elaborate
  12. Kat0n

    Thank You

    Of course it does, but how many regulars take time to show appreciation, by leaving a comment, donating or explicitly making know they enjoy the service provided by admins? I'd say 1 out of 10 but it would be optimistic. I've been around for like more than 7 years, and 6 years as admin so trust me, we do appreciate this kind of comments or any attention given even more because it's not that common