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  1. I get what your saying but been here before and got my hopes crushed. Said it before but for me personally ET has never been about eye candy, i really hope it is as close to the real thing "feel" wise, if that makes sense. Time will tell i suppose but i do get the feeling that its likely going to be years before we get to play etc.
  2. I don't need to get a life....I'm a gamer so have many.
  3. More like it and at least that shows the new models moving etc, must have heard me. lol Afraid my skepticism will last till i actually play it though....i liked the look of quake wars till i played it and it felt wrong lol
  4. Deal breaker for me is the 6 buttons...My G700 has 13 and i use all of them, plus i like a heavy mouse that feels it has some substance. Looks nice mind and glad your happy with it, but not for me.
  5. Shame all the actual game play footage was actually ET though, all the "new" stuff is just stills and shows not a lot tbh other than nice looking graphics......I'm going to be skeptical until its at beta at least and even then i'll be skeptical till i've played it myself, ET is way more than just good looking scenery and models.
  6. ET legacy IS ET and not new in any way. Legacy was created as an open source project to make ET more accessible, it allows greater compatibility over different platforms and is easier to fix any bugs etc whilst still being compatible with ET 2.60b. One of the main ET:Legacy devs is IRATA who was also one of the main developers for the No quarter mods.
  7. I always wanted the Skyline and then the GTR was my new love until my brother in law got one (white like the pic Tulsa posted). Lovely car and one of the fastest off the line.....now i just wish he would wrap it round a lamppost as he is a knob, he didn't even know what one was till i told him it was my dream car....no imagination of his own.
  8. @Vindstot I'll be honest...that is the damnedest thing i ever did see.
  9. Haha that was my thinking too, i built mine for my birthday at the end of January and love it mate (nice to see the bios date as 2019 rather than 2012 like my older mobo) so you will no doubt love yours, bit envious of the 2080 mind as i could only afford the 2070... but can certainly play anything i throw at it on ultra settings etc etc.
  10. Nice, pretty much what i have although i'd rec using either the 250 or 500GB Samsung 970 evo for your OS install (might as well use that M.2 slot)...nothing really touches it speeds wise and mine runs very well.
  11. I'm glad others enjoyed the event, forgive my grumpy rant, wife says i'm turning into Victor Meldrew Frag you soon.
  12. Sorry **Rant mode Sorry to say and i'm really not wanting to upset those who organise these events but each time i've been on the server today its just been horrid and so far away from what fun should be IMHO. Maybe its my age. Before anyone says i should play elsewhere or another of FA's many ET servers i have to say i play NQ1 every day i can and from my point of view the server I love to play is literally taken over for the day by those who dont play it daily and turned into a totally stupid game. I'm all for fun and its ok for those who come from other FA servers as they can go back to their fav servers and play normally as soon as they are bored of the stupidity.......alas i have to wait for the next day to play my fav server or bugger off elsewhere to play. Rant over** Sad times but i'll be back on FA NQ1 tomorrow when its back to normal.
  13. I have to say blowing up rabbits a touch drastic...I mean what sort of animals are you.
  14. Snuffs99


    I agree that not all VPN users are cheats and i do get your frustration given its very easy to obtain a new IP from your ISP simply by turning your router/modem off for a min or two...However it is in FA rules if you look and VPN's have been discussed a few times before. Its not hard to turn your VPN off to connect to FA servers and i see no reason what so ever why you would need to use one to play ET. I sort of feel your punishing yourself and cutting off your nose to suit your face by taking a stand tbh, the only one missing out would be yourself. Each to their own i guess.
  15. Watched the films and have played a few of the games. Jedi knight 1997 was great for that time era, loved having both light and dark force powers. I have had very limited plays on jedi academy and jedi knight 2 but the last star wars game i played properly from start to finish was the force unleashed.. again good game for the time although the story was a tad crap. Not really bothered with anything since unleashed though, i did play the beta of battlefront but wasn't really my cup of tea so to speak. The one you've posted looks quite good so i'll no doubt have a play when its out.

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