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  1. Haha mate i totally understand, your talking to someone who took his PC apart last night cos a fan "sounded" like it was spinning wrong. As stated IPv6 although sometimes available is still under testing phases with most ISP's here in the UK so i'd assume most ISP's around the world would have something the same where its up and down like a yoyo. When you say some sites don't work i'm surprised as sites should work on all protocol versions, they should at least be backwards compat so should work on IPv4 regardless. Maybe you've altered something that has caused them s
  2. The menus are created using "z files", so look in your ETmain folder and remove any file that starts with z and then replace with the attached one which is FA's own z file for menus and should give all FA servers. zzzzzz_menu.pk3
  3. Snuffs99

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Remove Glider Replace with anything, literally anything. Glider just kills a player base, for example we just had 17 vs 17, glider comes on and we go from 17/side to 4, 4 ffs.
  4. Yeah as before mate i'm going with provider end, that testy tells you all you need to know, IPv6 aint working, move on with life lol. IPv6 is constantly under testing with my own ISP (BT) so i lose IPv6 internet access as and when they decide to mess about. I'm still not sure what it is you want from IPv6 that you cant get through IPv4? I mean i get its always nice to have everything working well but IPv6 doesn't give anything atm that you cant get just as easily on IPv6???
  5. The IPv6 address starting with fe80 is a default gateway or DNS address and not a proper IP address. fe80 is the IPv6 equivalent to 192.168 IPv4. Run a cmd prompt and type ipconfig /all and you should see all IP's given to your network card along with primary and sec DNS servers etc, you will also prob see the ip beginning fe80 will be a gateway addy etc.
  6. Your router should have an IP6 address if your provider says its not them, if it doesn't it is your provider. Dont be fooled by gateway IPv6 though.
  7. Snuffs99

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Sadly the original 6 maps of goldrush, oasis, radar, battery, fueldump and railgun as stated by Kat0n are part of the "pak" files used by ET and cannot be added or removed in the same way any other maps can be. The original 6 have to be either enabled or disabled by someone with full server access, which usually means @daredevil. Also there are some issues with the vote system not marking maps as played, as a result even though a map may have just been played it may still show in the very next vote as never played. This issue seems to be a bug with NQ 1.29_6 that ideally needs
  8. I knew a cookie monster many moon ago. I've never been good at 6v6, its a different way of playing that i've tried multiple times over my ET life and i just cant get used to it and tend to be more a hindrance. I'd happily be a match ref if needed, again many moons ago SNL! and eft// used to do clan wars every year and i used to ref those.....So can ref if needed as i remember most match rules (only 2x pauses etc) but actually playing 6v6 is way beyond my abilities, lone wolf me. Either way i'll probably watch the matches if they are broadcast.
  9. As of this post i can concur that the exe file at that time DID NOT work but i've noticed since then they (etmaster) have changed the IP of their own server, so thats prob why the exe or even using their IP in the hosts at that time wouldn't have worked. I think at the time @Gladiator used the ETL IP ( instead to make it work as mentioned at the end of that thread. Either way i'm glad its all sorted for those who need the server list.
  10. I'm not clued up that much on maps but maybe its something to do with the way the map is set?? by that i mean i remember Dare telling me a good while ago to make sure the maps i upload to NQ1 are not set to campaign mode or sommat??? I'm only fishing, I might be totally off the reason and if i'm honest i'm more posting to help refresh my own memory
  11. Delete all z files from your etamin folder then place this z file into your etmain and when you then start ET you will have FA menus, no need to run a mod or connect to an FA server to get the FA menus. zzzzzz_menu.pk3
  12. I don't use the server list built into ET but this might be of use to some. http://etmaster.net/ I cant say it works as ive not tried so feel free to try and let us know.
  13. Sad times then Just noticed you play beginners 2???..That is silent mod mate which doesn't use your etkey so you will need your silent.dat file from your old silent folder putting in your new one.
  14. The key you copied over probably wasn't your real ETKey, if its quite an old ET install then your ETKey would be in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Punkbuster\ET\etmain So check that location and see if you have an ETKey there, if so copy that one to your etmain folder. EDIT***Just remembered that AppData folder is a hidden folder so you will need to turn viewing of hidden folders ON before you can see it. To turn hidden folders ON: Open either MyPC or any explorer (folder) window Click View from the top menu and a ribbon wil
  15. XP and level are tied to your etkey mate, make sure you have your registered or old etkey otherwise as you see you wont have your XP or level. Regarding no servers in the list.... Personally i use HLSW to store and to connect to my fav servers..... However if your wanting to play FA servers you can delete all files starting with z from your ETMain folder and then add the attached .pk3 (FA's own z.pk3) to your ETMain folder......Loading up ET should then display all FA servers on the main menu, so easier to connect to if the server list isn't working.
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