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  1. I think a map like Minas would ideally need staggered times....So blow first gate and then add time once that is blown and so on. 1 hour is just waaay too long
  2. You know that would be painted as Optimus if you or i had it, how could you not.
  3. Snuffs99


    Well without sounding like some dirty old man (40). Its always a persons eyes that get me. No doubt you will make someone very happy one day if you haven't already. Really nice picture.
  4. I like MotoGP, UFC and a bit of snooker. Never rode a motor bike but do like to watch it, used to do MMA until i got spinal cord damage (not caused by MMA) and love to play snooker when i'm able. Other than that i like @Siwex89 hunting but that doesn't always turn out how i'd like, not easy to hunt them siwex things.
  5. Your line speed is more than fine both up and down, also your line looks very stable with a 2.59ms jitter over 7830km. Haha no as you have traced the route from you back to you mate . You need to trace the route from you to the FA server you play so the server goes where it asks for host. Pings are the time it takes for your device to ask a server if its there and the servers response to get back to you, the greater the distance between you and the server you play the higher the ping will be. I assume as you state your ping is usually 100ms(ish) that you arr playi
  6. You can mess with packets and maybe try and see if you can lower your ping by reducing everything that is using the internet on your pc/laptop.... but other than that your governed by the distance from you to the server, the speed of your internet and the way the server processes lags. It is possible your internet connection is unstable and your losing packets? that would cause sluggishness but a jitter test could tell you how stable your line is so run one. You can also do a tracert and post the results etc and see if anyone can see where your problem is "internet route" wise if there i
  7. The only setting within ET that would make you seem to move faster is changing the field of view (FOV). If you change your FOV in console (\cg_fov number) from the default 90 to say 110 you will feel like your moving waaay quicker but will also make the game in general, including the enemy seem quicker. The reason for this is because the amount of viewable area on your screen will expand so while moving the game will feel much quicker simply because your fitting more in to the screen yet in reality the distance moved ingame doesn't actually change. Resolution can also make the game s
  8. I know here in the UK that the providers are in the process of testing it all and slowly rolling IPv6 out so it is up and down like a yoyo If its down on all devices then IMHO its either a router issue or ISP/Provider issue mate and my money would be on the providers end. Again though how are you actually testing the IPv6? Are you just looking at the network card where it says IPv4 connectivity, IPv6 connectivity? Try changing the IPv6 protocols so you manually input DNS and use googles IPv6 DNS, if you say you have a valid IPv6 addy then its odd you cant us
  9. Sorry double post, not got used to edit button placement yet and find myself quoting my own psts..DOH...my bad
  10. Problems is even if your router says its active most ISP's will still use IPv4 for the DNS, so the DNS not showing as IPv6 isn't really a clue to the issue and even if it did show an IPv6 DNS its not to say its the address of your ISP's IPv6 DNS and not just the router....If that makes sense. If your on Windows for instance and everything is set to auto obtain then even your IPv4 DNS in windows will only show the routers address along with the routers gateway address, so for instance a IPv4 DNS showing as 192.168.x.x or an IPv6 DNS showing as say fe80::4ceb:....... will just be the
  11. First things first is as mentioned check your router. Prob sounds a daft request but here in the UK some ISP's do use IPv6 but more on a trial basis so its on and off a lot depending on the ISP and what they are doing their end. If its turned on and active on your router then check network settings on your PC. Given your using IPHelper are you using Windows or linux? Asking as its odd you would need it in windows.
  12. FA NQ1 is on nq_b_v1.2.9_6_patched.pk3 and no file needs to be touched so long as @Kat0n just ignores and bypasses that post all will be well.
  13. Xmas z pack on redirect server mate, same as halloween one.
  14. Also currently on kerkyra 1944 beach 2tanks MLB Daybreak
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