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  1. I myself have thought about those 2 rules a lot and came to the conclusion its more map specific in a lot of ways. In daybreak the objective in this case was to blow the 2nd tank barrier and get the tank to blow the gate, trick jumping/sneaking through the door and blowing the generator however isn't completing those objectives but instead bypassing them. Now take a map like oasis for instance and you could argue that jumping the wall to blow the guns was no different as your jumping over the "objective" (wall) but in a small map like oasis should the wall be skipped its very easy for axis to spawn at the back and defuse the dyna. In daybreak skipping 2-3 objectives not only gives axis a huge advantage time wise but it also buggers the allied spawn points up where they are actually spawning behind axis at the missed objectives so axis now have a clear run to next objectives etc. If i spot players quick enough or hear the plants etc i have time to sort it but if i dont the next thing you know is the map is screwed up and axis have an awful long time on the key card part and usually the map ends with 30+ min left on the clock while half of allies are still at the missed objectives. For me the biggest gripe on daybreak is that it tends to be players who do know better who are usually the culprit, they already know its a no no and they know it buggers spawns etc, yet they still do it. That is not only frustrating but basically them giving two fingers saying i'll do what i want cos i can and sod everyone else. My tuppence.
  2. Yep, read yesterday that cats can get it....suppose lions an tigers are part of cat family so makes sense. UK prime minister been sent to hospital this evening so fingers crossed he gets better.
  3. Snuffs99

    FPS Drops

    Softsonic tend to bundle unwanted software into a lot of their downloads and installs so it was a wise move to use gibson research instead. DNS wise is easy to change and try others, you can change to Googles public DNS servers instead, might help. Windows 10 go to start-->settings-->network and internet-->change adapter settings-->click on your adapter-->properties-->internet protocol version 4 then click Use the following DNS server addresses Windows 7/8 instead go to control panel-->network and sharing--> change adapter settings........^^^^ Then use the following DNS servers Re run any tests and cross your fingers.
  4. Yeah i think it was LOL but cant be 100%, went through door past bots as engie and blew generator bypassing tank barrier 2 and antenna so wasnt DJ. I'm saying its LOL because he was giving it the "all thank LOL" at the end when axis had won. They were pretty much pinned down so rather than continue trying to blow 2nd tank barrier and fixing tank hes gone through the door instead. I did make it clear to all on that bypassing objectives was not allowed and fooks the spawn points so should i see LOL do it he has been warned along with everyone else on at the time. More frustrating as players like snoop, LOL and sping have all done it before and all know its not allowed so in a way they are taking the p*ss. lol I think an anti rush sort of script as suggested by blaat would be great if it was possible, although in this case it wasn't so much of a rush and more a frustration at not being able to fix tank sort of bypass.
  5. @daredevil Not sure exactly what the script is meant to do but just now ( i have no clue who as was afk ) someone on axis bypassed the second gate (allies second spawn) and the radio mast and proceeded to blow the generator effectively skipping 2 objectives. I've taken a mental image of those playing and think it was LOL but nopt sure so have just told all those currently on the server that should i see them do it i will warn and kick them as its against the rules sort of thing. Lets hope they listen.
  6. Oh, like that is it, i bet they would fast track you too, straight to full member....Not having this....Where the fook did i throw that dummy.
  7. Snuffs99

    FPS Drops

    One way to do it i suppose but unless your config is called etconfig it wont overwrite anything anyway.
  8. FA v's everyone else, thats fighting talk that is and i'd be up for that....... Would be nice to be in the same team as Siwex for a change. Given the current state of the world and everyone being locked up i suppose now would be the right time as there are a lot of players coming back to ET If its just a 1 off sort of thing i don't really see the point in changing the =F|A= tags but if its what the members want who am i to stand in the way of fun. Done quite a few clan v's regs in the past, eft// for instance used to have a yearly clan bash where lots of clans came together for a weeks worth of comps against one another, probably not many clans left with numbers for that sort of thing but baserace nights were always great fun, no timer just first to finish their base etc. Should you decide on a scrim with teams and need any referees i'd happily do that and keep things friendly etc. Will keep an eye out for more info. Edit** Used to do videos of the nights and was great fun. Maybe we could do something similar using demos from the players promoting =F|A= clan?
  9. Snuffs99

    FPS Drops

    You can still run any 32bit program on a 64bit OS (thanks to WOW64 which is basically an emulator), in fact most things you run will be 32bit hence why you have an x86 programs folder. Think about it, ET itself is a 32bit program but runs fine on x64 along with everything else in your programs files (x86) folder. EDIT** However to put your mind at ease i can confirm that rinput runs fine on x64 system. **EDIT
  10. There is no rush rule on NQ1 so not a major issue.
  11. Snuffs99

    How do I fix my ET?

    Haha, the ones in the screenshot in the first post mate....
  12. Spawnkill IS allowed on NQ1, it even has a message that comes up in chat window saying as much. Players get a spawn shield long enough to get out of the spawn or until they fire their weapon at which point its lost. Given the fast re spawn times and the shield i personally see no problems with SK. For me it clearly states spawn kill IS allowed so why any admin would suggest otherwise is a bit baffling. Should an admin say its not allowed i can see why you would think twice and not want to piss that admin off but personally in that instance i'd be inclined to PM the admin pointing out the message in the chat window that says it is.
  13. Will do, as always appreciated my friend.
  14. Fed up of telling peeps on NQ1 and Daybreak tbh, one of biggest issues with skipping doors/gates etc is it fooks the spawns up. Worse thing is it tends to be players that already know (or should). If i see someone skipping objectives i'll ask them to stop, if they dont i'll put them spec and if they continue i'll kick em.....putting them spec removes their dyna from the objective but does need something official that all FA members stick to etc, seen a few members skip but once told they self kill and back off sort of thing but none the less i think all FA members should know not to do it. Daybreak wasn't really made for double jump and its mainly this feature which is used to jump dam etc....seen a few sneak through doors and while i applaud their sneaky-ness i cant allow them to proceed and do tell them so they can choose to back off, if not though like i say spec it is or as a last resort its a kick.
  15. This is a good site for stats and updates in real time. As you can see Italy is in the shit. https://coronaworld.eu/

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