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  1. Hi forestcat, S!mples here. Welcome to the forums, nice to get a bit of info on my prey and will frag you later no doubt. Oh and don't try to catch the chicken cos in FA its a bad arse called cheep.
  2. Looks good, lets just hope leto doesn't fook it up like he did joker in suicide squad.
  3. Makes sense and enforces what captnconcrete said about res. Time to invest in a better laptop or graphics card if its a desktop.
  4. I'd have thought that if you create a shortcut to the server(s) you play and add parameters to said shortcut it should over rule any previous resolution settings in etconfig etc etc ?? (for example +r_mode -1 +r_customwidth 1920 +r_customheight 1080 +cg_fov 100 +set com_hunkmegs 768 +vid_restart)
  5. I did look at etconsole file but there are no error messages at all, i think that is what makes the whole thing quite annoying. Even on a crash the message it gives is simply client crash information and nothing else. I totally get why some move to legacy to sort the problem but i cant more because i want to know why its crashing. lol In the meantime i'll vid_restart and take it from there.
  6. Thanks Cheep but I did try that and it still crashed for me (will certainly try again next time, just in case (lol)), every way i've tried has crashed other than doing what i've said in my last post, doing \snd_restart is needed but it only takes seconds....If i have to endure a few more seconds of wait for the sound to come back on but i'm then good to play the server all night afterwards i'm happy with that. lol Easily pleased me mate and will let you know if a vid restart works next time i join up. lol. Suppose if i stick to just FA NQ1 i wont have the problem, my penance for not playing an FA server lol EDIT*** Out of curiosity just tried vid_restart and yes it does work...Thx (whistle emoji) I thought i had \vid_restart in my config but will add it to the end and see if it works that way, if so all good.
  7. Cant edit my above post so sorry for the new one. I've been trying to fix this issue over the last few days by changing cfg settings, shortcut parameters etc and no luck. However i have noticed that if i connect to a server that crashes for me through HLSW and i do get booted (crashes) if i then open console while ET is still running and use \connect serverip:port it no longer crashes for the remainder of the map....not a proper fix but only means i get booted the once. I've tried using \connect serverip:port by running ET.exe and bypassing HLSW altogether and i've even tried \reconnect after a boot but it still crashes each time unless i connect with HLSW let it crash and then open console after first crash and \connect serverip:port......at that point the game no longer crashes. Very odd tbh and makes no sense but i'm happy with the one crash, get that out the way and i'm good to play whatever map is on without any more crashes EDIT***seems to stop all crashes, since joining server with HLSW and crashiing then joining same server using \connect serverip:port my game has not crashed on any map....as yet, so with hope its just the one crash at start and good for the remaining time your on server.
  8. Ignore, thought i had it sussed and fixed but seems i jumped the gun, still crashing so back to testing ideas
  9. I do use 2.60b yes but this problem is quite new (2-3 months maybe) so just bugs me that i cant figure why its doing it tbh. I can update to legacy but i've pretty much had the same ET for 10+ years without issues so am reluctant to use legacy without knowing why its crashing 2.60b of late, just doesn't make any sense. lol I'll keep trying new things and see if i can "fix" it without the need to update to legacy and obviously if i find the problem and possible fix i'll post here. Is everyone who has the problem using windows 10? EDIT** @GHARIB Thanks for the info but for NQ etconsole is in the NQ folder and not ETMain, i will have a play later and post the log here.
  10. I don't have this issue on FA NQ1 server running 1.2.9_6 BUT i do have it on another NQ server i play running NQ 1.2.9_6 where my game crashes as soon as i press either T, Y or esc. I was thinking it was because FA uses a windows NQ install and the other server i play uses Linux but if some are having the same issues on FA NQ server then that theory goes out the window. I'm yet to find a fix or cause as the really odd thing is it doesn't happen on all maps and nor does it happen on the same maps all the time, i can be playing Goldrush for instance and pressing T or Y to talk or even using esc will simply crash ET with no info other than its crashed (like JohnWicks image above) and yet other times i could be playing Goldrush and can press T Y and esc without any crash. Like i say i dont have the issue on FA's server and my Windows/linux argument made sense until i read this thread. lol I'm going to try some things within windows as this is seeming more like a windows 10 issue, i'm currently on windows 10 pro build 1909 so it could well be a simple compat issue, i'll try running ET in various compat modes and see if i still have the problem. EDIT*** yeah tried all compat modes from 95 up and running as admin but still same issue If anyone does happen to find a fix then like others i'll be greatful, must also add that like JohnWick this issue is a few months old for me too, a clean widnows install and ET install since have made no difference. My current ET install uses 1440p Resolution on a Windows 10 pro 1909 x64 system using more than enought hunkmegs etc (tried changing that and few other setting too just to see, dont help)**EDIT
  11. Old thread but your a freak mate, i currently have my x 500 y 450 with mouse sens ingame set to 0.9, i go higher dpi than that and its all over the place for me, suppose its each to their own.
  12. Witcher was good, i enjoyed it but one thing they could have done better was to tell you when in the time line things were happening (for example 20 years ago, 50 years ago etc). First few episodes confused me a bit time wise but once i understood it made more sense. Bit annoyed i have to wait till 2021 for next season though (has been renewed for season 2 already though), even more so as it was like lord of the rings where you spent 3 years waiting for frodo to throw the bloody ring in the fire waiting for the girl in the woods lol.
  13. I have always been vaccinated and my 17 year old daughter has too. I think that all children should have vaccines and those who don't because of their parents lack of understanding or warped beliefs should be forced to have them. Saying that though i used to have my flu jab but stopped a few years back and have not had a chest infection since...When i had the jab each year i ended up with a chest infection.....make of that as you will but overall i believe vaccines like polio, MMR, pox etc etc should be compulsory.
  14. I was around FA at that time, i started by playing FA HC server before joining the forums in 2010. Loitered around various ET clans for a few years then made FA my new ET home and have been on NQ1 ever since tbh, i venture into HC once in a while but NQ has made me soft and an easy target for the die hard HC crew. lol Like others i'm very happy and thankful that FA is still going, and going strong otherwise i think all use who do play on one of FA's servers would be very bored and watching soaps. lol
  15. Going off ins4nes insane speed i think we all might as well just give up. My down is 79.9Mbps and my up 20Mbps. I'm limited by copper cables and cant get FTTP so cant see me going much above that any time soon.

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