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  1. Splatterladder are very late to the party mate, sure their pack may be slightly different but HDET has been around about 9-10 years now. Think Hirntot used to run it on their servers, i know we (SNL!) used to have it running on NQ. https://forums.splashdamage.com/t/hdet-high-definition-enemy-territory/126510 Screeens https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/hdet-high-definition-enemy-territory I think i only used it once just to try out, yeah looked good....like Gladiator says though, most including myself use low details so its pointless in that sense.
  2. Oh oh,,,,, before i forget i've remembered another i have to add, old but was great when i was a teen. Fist of the North Star...now that is a great watch, i might have to go re watch them for nostalgia sake.
  3. Video makes sense tbh, when i play i have to have the volume at a set level to play "better", if its too low i find it harder to hit. The last few weeks i've been playing with no sound on and off and i def play better with sound at a higher volume and my HS acc goes up but 5% when i've played without sound for a few maps then turn it on....either that or i'm going deaf.
  4. Snuffs99

    Lag issues

    I too had issues a week or so ago, my system would sort of pause for a millisecond every min sort of thing, i even had BT come out to fix my line,,,..Annnd even though there was actually a problem on my line once it was fixed it didn't fix my lags. If your on windows 10 and recently updated to 1903 then go to services and disable Superfetch.......its called Sysmain now in build 1903 but is just Superfetch with a different name, and quite safe to disable. I genuinely thought my SSD was on its way out once BT fixed my line as i still had this annoying lag, i rolled back my BIOS update and even went as far as re installing windows and ET but nothing fixed it hence why i thought my SSD was on its way out......... turned out once i stopped and disabled Sysmain all was once again good with my ET world. Who knows might help others so worth a mention.
  5. 12th grade would make her 16-17, my daughter has also just started college. @EVIL BUTTERS I cant believe how quick time goes tbh, when i think i started playing ET 16 years ago to help the time go by while doing feeds @ 2 in the morning.....now she is 16, 6 foot tall, at college and has a job so she has her own money etc.....I do sometimes miss her being a toddler and taking her on bike rides sat on a cushion on my bike crossbar or her shouting "stand up i have a cuddle" at me at the age of 3. Wow i'm getting old.
  6. Naraf/ross/PHARAOH/macho/add new name here. You have not long come back to NQ1 after a temp ban and literally from the second you got back you have chosen to make yourself known by being a complete idiot, you probably think your being funny or a smart arse but i and no doubt most other players just think your weird and annoying. I've played here @ FA on and off for about 10 years and in that time i've never had a warning or been kicked or anything, i have still enjoyed a good laugh and banter with the players though and have generally found FA NQ1 to be quite relaxing to play with very little input needed by admins to keep play and players in check, unless your on that is. Personally i think your fooking nuts or disturbed in some mental way, either that or your a small child mentally who craves attention, yet doesn't realise the attention you create is negative and bad. Just no need for the drama you create...i mean just look at all the accounts and threads you have created recently, does this really strike you as normal behaviour? If so then you need serious help. I wish you all the luck and hope for your benefit that your able to mentally grow and get a grip on your stupidity, otherwise you wont get far in life.
  7. Its not a new concept and will be just be the same as Onlive was i assume, used onlive for 30 day trial when it first came out and never had issues playing graphics intense games. As the games will run on googles servers etc all the grunt work is taken out of your hands sort of thing, so you will only really need a decent/good(ish) internet connection.
  8. What DoubleDragon said.......Also make sure you run as Admin and double check its allowed through firewall in and out for both private and public network just to be sure.
  9. Don't feel disheartened mate, i think tbh most people tend to only really look for help and tutorials when they need it sort of thing. I'm sure if you do the tutorials a good few will use them and be thankful, i'll certainly take a gander at the HDD one and would happy add my tuppence regarding data recovery, had lots of experience in data recovery from using simple tools like getdataback and spinrite to reading and recovering files from RAW partitions etc. Write them and people will come (see what i did there)
  10. Yep i've recently become a one punch man fan, loved the first season but the second felt a bit unfinished, clearly its been left open for a 3rd season but nothing worse IMHO than a season that leaves things unfinished, Suppose i will have to wait and see what season 3 brings. Also i totally forgot about Dragon ball, spent many a day glued to cartoon network watching it with my daughter when she was like 3....She is 16 now ffs and starting college.....god i'm getting old.
  11. The copy i posted is the 64bit version, if you need or also want the 32bit then you can download it from VV https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/grantperms/
  12. Spooky how things work out sometimes. I've been having issues with my SSD so was going through what i wanted to save on my various drives when i came across and old program called GrantPerms64, basically does what the name suggests and gives the account your running permissions etc....I wasnt sure if it would work with windows 10 so removed all account permissions from my ET folder so got denied access, i then ran GrantPerms and poof,all permissions back. I've upped it to my mega account if you want to give it a try, its freeware so no cracks or anything nasty. Simply put the folder path into the box (for example C:\enemyterritory ) and then click unlock......should work for you. https://mega.nz/#!KwBFQAQC!Xs4AdSpOxzsdSxr-iB-0EGIoOq49xOuKfO8LWzgqONU
  13. That is the route i'd have taken if i'd realised he had already tried to take ownership and failed, probably followed by disabling inheritance had that then failed. While group policy is applicable to Pro and enterprise editions it can actually be enabled and used in both home and premium editions using a simple batch file. @Renegade Pig Just to add i'd love to know how the fook you managed to create this problem in the first place.
  14. Must have missed that but tbf no where does it say that he has tried to take ownership of the folder and failed, only mentions changing permissions etc......And it may be a group policy issue but the folder being owned by the administrator group would not stop an admin account (specifically his) taking ownership.
  15. Just take ownership of the folder, changing permissions wont do much a deny always overrules allow. So..... Right click your ET folder and go to properties. Click the security tab then "advanced" and a new window will pop up, at the top it will say owner...tick the box under owner where it says "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" then click where it says "change" at the end of the owner. Now click advanced then "find now" and a list of all available users on your system will appear, select your user name from the list then press OK, OK, apply and if asked say yes to all sub folders and files. Windows will now reset all permissions and make you the owner of the ET folder and all folders and files within the ET folder. Once the process has finished close all the windows and you should once again have full access to the ET folder.

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