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  1. Mines pretty basic, i have well over a 1000 wallpapers on random every minute. Current one is
  2. Snuffs99


    I actually really enjoyed it tbh, as far as DC goes its certainly at the top of the list IMHO. Given this films timeline takes place after Justice league (ref to Aquaman helping defeat Steppenwolf in the film) i'll be honest and say that during the attacks on land i was wondering where the fook Superman was. lol
  3. If its just brightness then you can alter in options mate........options--> system--> calibrate brightness. Make sure your cfg is in all ET folders and not just etmain, so make sure you have one in NQ, noquarter, jay, silent etc etc. Least that way you know you have a cfg in all mods should you need to exec said cfg. You could even add settings to the et.exe shortcut so when its run settings are done as et.exe is run.
  4. Snuffs99


    I have no issues with either mod....try and put your cfg in the NQ folder otherwise it will run the etconfig file in there created when the NQ folder is created.
  5. Been a good few years since i touched my cfg ((10+ years tbh) but...... You can alter the brightness in either ET options or you can edit your cfg, in your config you need to change the r_gamma setting, yours is 1.3 which is too dark IMHO, mines set at 2.2 (please note that if you change brightness settings in ET options you can only go up to 2.0).
  6. Yep showing up now mate......that was fast, literally posted here and went on web for 2 mins, went back to HLSW and now its showing, at first i thought i was going mad but yeah.....super fast response. Thanks Dare, much appreciated.
  7. FWIW NQ1 just times out in HLSW since the upgrade to 1.2.9. I can connect fine and play no problems but just been timed out since the update. Not got any problems with the other FA servers as they are all pinging fine and show players etc but NQ1 as you see is just timed out all the time.
  8. Snuffs99


    LMFAO, just read his other threads.....well tried too, not laughed so much in years. Played ET 20 years,,,,,its only been around for just over 15. Worth the read just for the chuckle factor.
  9. You will have to go the linux route mate. https://www.expressvpn.com/support/vpn-setup/app-for-raspberry-pi/
  10. Kodi is old hat, with the likes of ciberflix, titanium, cinema and morphTV for vid on demand stuff (Movies and TV shows) and then stbemu, perfect player and smarters for Paid IPTV subs along with freeflixHD etc for the free TV streams anyone still using Kodi is living in the past and missing out IMHO. Always use a VPN though to be safe and help circumvent any ISP IPTV blocks in place.
  11. Snuffs99


    The server IPs are shared with other VPN clients yes but most VPN's have 100's if not 1000's of servers around the world with many spead around each country, so while say a few UK London servers might have the same IP range (89.234.x.x) the rest around the UK would be different ranges, same with other countries and locations etc....your talking 100's of IP ranges just for 1 VPN service, not to mention the new IP's added by the VPN services all the time to circumvent geo location blocks etc put in place by the services like netflix, bbc etc etc. I just think its a bit of a losing battle trying to block every VPN server. @daredevil Sorry you posted the same time i was typing my reply. I have nothing but respect for what your trying to do but do fear its a losing battle mate. i'll try various servers from my VPN's and will let you knwo how it goes mate. P.S yeah first i tried (Cyberghost Manchester 89.238.x.x) worked straight away mate, as did the second (Cyberghost London 185.235.x.x)...... i'll get a list together of my VPN IPs and PM you as and when i've had a gander at the ranges mate, looking at it though there are at least 30 different IP ranges used by cyberghost just for the UK alone.
  12. Haha i don't play Jay 1 but you can go on my list. I don't really remember names but i'll give a few i do remember. HipKat (obviously) FA Vito FA Bigbro Siwex89 Kimi EGO!S schrodingers cat LAS |UA| Grizzu kml Infiltrator (uses a lot of names so hard to keep track of) And my worse enemy is sean the bot.....he is a bot with a bot and even taunts me when he kills me. Plus everyone else i forgot to name above. TBH i'm happy to play whoever and am always greatful for the games i have considering its a 15_ year old game......i remember the above as they tend to always be on the opposite team to myself and make me sit more upright to kill them. Re: Snuffs/S!mpleas/S!mpleton/Mr:Smith
  13. Snuffs99


    I must admit i too was curious as to why VPN's were banned and figured it was something to do with changing IP's after a ban......However given that 99% of ISP's use dynamic IP addresses its a tad pointless banning VPN's to prevent IP ban circumvention as a hacker can simply turn their router off for a few min and will be given a new IP by their ISP anyway when they turn it back on. Keeping on top of VPN addresses isn't an easy thing to do either, if the likes of Netflix/hula/directTV/BBC and ITV etc etc can't really block them all then its doubtful FA would be able to do what they cant. Banning Proxy servers is one thing but to ban a VPN and all its servers around the globe is another, other than showing a different IP the two are very different things. . My tuppence.
  14. Snuffs99


    I have to try my VPN's now mate just out of interest to see if they actually work on your server......obv if they work i'll let you know but please dont be banning my GUID or anything.. P.S... Yep my VPN's work fine on your server mate, both cyberghost and ipvanish on UDP...sorry.

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