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  1. Haha, yeah thats the gap between first tunnel and second i meant mate.
  2. Are you meaning by jumping the gap from the first tunnel to the second?? If so i get the barrier being there but stops you using the left path as its currently placed.
  3. Snuffs99

    Chat kick

    Never had the issue but if you add the \vid_restart to an autoexec.cfg would it not help prevent the problem in the first place? Or even adding \vid_restart to a server shortcut link, that way the cmds are executed before ET even starts etc? My server shortcuts for instance all have the following +r_mode -1 +r_customwidth 2560 +r_customheight 1440 +cg_fov 113 +set com_hunkmegs 768 +vid_restart Would something like that prevent the kicks?
  4. @daredevil Oh before i forget to mention mate. Since you put the invisible barrier there at the pit when you now leave axis first spawn and go through the tunnel (left of first axis spawn) towards the allies first flag, in the tunnel you can no longer go through the left side of said tunnel as there is also an invisible wall there. I'll try and get a screenshot of where i mean next time its on.
  5. I kept expecting him to fly. Does look good though so lets see if they have managed to fook this one up.
  6. No clue why but i woke up with this in my head, this is a great live version of Say Something, Christina Aguilera is just wow @ 2:37
  7. Snuffs99

    pk3 files

    Yeah its possibly as Double dragon says and you might need to take ownership of the folder. I posted a little program that can do all that for you if needs be but i think windows moved on from logging user names etc in the event logs, personally i'd say N/A is Not Applicable rather than Not Admin. Either way i will find the thread link, just in case. Here , this will give you any permissions needed. The exception error you have in your log has quite a broad range of possible causes from an anti virus blocking a .exe to corrupt system registry files etc. Hopefully Dare is able to fix the issue for you via teamviewer. If daredevil is unable to fix the issue for you i'll try and talk you through a few possible solutions to check for corrupt system files and what not. ET is a stand alone program so it doesn't have to actually be installed to work so to speak. You could always copy your ET folder to somewhere safe for instance then uninstall ET then run ET.exe direct from the copied folder........will see if Daredevil can work his magic first before going through too much as it can get quite complicated having lots of possible solutions from lots of different people. Fingers crossed Daredevil can get you up and running. GL
  8. @Siwex89 Haha, i'm sure you'll try your best. @daredevil Working well mate but whether its siwex proof remains to be seen.
  9. Snuffs99

    Project Reality?

    Not sure i'd play it but has a very similar story to ET, was meant as an extension but later released as a stand alone. Never say never though, always up to try new stuff.
  10. Snuffs99

    pk3 files

    Ahh so its windows telling you its crashed? I assume your running it as admin?, it doesn't have to be compat mode or anything but does have to run as admin under windows 10 otherwise it will crash. Bit odd it doesn't crash with NQ though? Not sure how PC savvy you are but if your running ET as admin already and its still crashing then check the event log and see what reason its giving....to access event logs in search box type event and event viewer should show, click that then click the arrow by windows logs and click applications.....check the errors and see if any relate to ET and what reason it gives, if any (log will have information (circle with i in), warnings (yellow triangle with exclamation) and errors (red circle with exclamation)) .
  11. Snuffs99

    pk3 files

    Does it give a reason for booting you?
  12. Snuffs99

    pk3 files

    You would be better off posting a screen shot of your ETmain folder with pk3s, some are required for ET to work so cant just delete any and all .pk3 files as ET wont work otherwise (as you have seen). lol Certainly map pk3s can be removed without problems along with any starting with z, z files are usually server specific (so some will be for FA's menu interface within ET), any z ones or maps you do need will simply be re downloaded to your folder the next time you join server. Again a screenshot will be better so others can also advise.
  13. Many thanks for fixing one of our many 1st world problems. Appreciated as always Daredevil.
  14. Haha, but there isn't a no rush rule on NQ1

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