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  1. Wow, that is a socket i've not heard in a long time, you running an A6?? being a dual core i cant think of others without googling. If you are can you not grab a cheaper Radeon card that will work with the CPUs APU to boost gfx?
  2. glad its not just me that knows it exists but cant find it. Cant be arsed writing all out again so here is the short short version. Got beta March 2003 Joined a clan Clan disbanded Wondered from server to server but each server i joined eventually died so stuck with FA in the end. Here we are I've no clue how much longer ET will last but If i'm honest never in my dreams did i think it would last 18 years,,, so each year is a bonus from my point of view. Its mainly thanks to clans (like FA) keeping servers up and helping build the community via forums and discord etc that its lasted as long as it has IMHO. Made many friends over the years playing ET and have even met a few in real life. I have never regretted a minute of it, its played a huge part of my life for the past 18+ years. Also because of clans like FA even now after 18 years ET still gets some noobs playing for the first times etc. One thing i will say is after reading most replies in this thread up to now.....well i'm feeling my age. I say this to those who ask..... My daughter was born Nov 2002, March 2003 i started ET. 18 years later she is off to Uni, she works, drives and has her own car that she has saved years for and she just bought a puppy etc etc..... Me? Yep still playing ET
  3. ......clearly not PHNTM
  4. Bit more to it. So put money in the machine and get a box with a heatsink and an old CPU....The lucky ones (1 in 2) win a ticket in their box which they then have to fill in and apply to enter the prize draw which itself is a 1 in 30 chance to win a new Ryzen.?? Seems like a lot of work
  5. Snuffs99

    Mouse settings

    @ASBO Have a read of the following thread it has lots of good info in it and is still relevant. Check out the aiming by Raziel stuff mentioned then set your own mouse etc how it works and feels for you. You will have a greater understanding and be able to set your mouse and settings that suit your needs etc. Again though any changes you do make just make sure you give them time enough to get used to etc
  6. Snuffs99

    Mouse settings

    Yeah that is the same as it would be on most other servers tbh, allows the pitch but not the yaw meaning your mouse cross hair will fly very very fast when you look up or down. Overall some say it feels more fluid and smoother....me personally?? never noticed much difference once i've adjusted the mouse sensitivity or DPI to compensate.....but can try none the less. @ASBO One thing to note mate is when/if you change a setting you need to give it a little while to get used to before you go changing everything again and again, you cant expect a setting to suddenly make your aim better, as with most things it all takes time and practice.
  7. Snuffs99

    Can't join Jay 1

    Those remaining are probably needed to run the game mate, pak0/1 etc etc
  8. Snuffs99

    Mouse settings

    If you would prefer to try using a higher mouse DPI setting but the mouse it moving like its possessed you can actually add an extra 0 to the following. seta m_pitch "0.0151" seta m_yaw "0.020" They would then become seta m_pitch "0.00151" seta m_yaw "0.0020" Please note though that these setting use to be restricted by PB but since PB isn't used any more you can use the added 0 on FA servers. Some other clan servers may still restrict the m_pitch and m_yaw settings to PB default restrictions though, those servers wont kick or ban you for using the extra 0 but will force the cvar restrictions to PB restrictions...... meaning your mouse movements will be super, super sensitive until you remove the extra 0. As for mouse settings in general?? Well its totally a personal choice i think, i use low sense and low DPI My basic settings DPI is currently set to x:500 y:450 and in game sense of 0.7 (currently have a good 1:1 ratio) FOV 106 Res 2560 x 1440 Been a few years since i altered anything ET wise but MarkC has a good 1:1 fix, plus the download comes with mouse movement recorder so you can check your actually getting a true 1:1 ratio. Download the following and read the !MarkC_Windows_10+8.x+7_MouseFix_ReadMe.txt first and go from there The MarkC Windows 10 + 8.1 + 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix Download
  9. Snuffs99

    Can't join Jay 1

    NQ wise if you use ET 2.60b you can delete the entire NQ folder from the install directory and rejoin NQ1 , provided you have downloads turned on it should then download new NQ files for you from the FA redirect. Cant speak for legacy but notice your using 2.77, maybe not all servers are ready for that version?? Sure someone who knows for sure will post.
  10. Thanks but sadly i was being 100% serious though. Until you mentioned it in your post i hadn't noticed.......If it makes you feel even better when i first read your post about us reading your true meanings i actually thought i'd misunderstood the meaning of one of your posts so went looking, it took me a good few min to realise you were actually talking about the missing T It was just the missing T you were talking about right??
  11. Haha the driver was called Daniel or something like that. I think it was yesterday i was reading about it on the news, seen a few idiots on twitter saying it was the trains fault. The train company said the following 'Dont blame the train, the driver of that blade is at fault,' . 'Oversize load drivers should know that you cant move that fast, let alone beat a train. He should have sat his a** at the light and waited til the train passes, simple
  12. Is it bad i really never noticed the missing T? DOH!
  13. Noo, don't ruin it for me, its genius i tell you, GENIUS
  14. That radiator in the pool is next level thinking, Genius
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