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  1. Your correct but they still don't stop viruses getting on your PC, as soon as you visit any webpage that page is cached and pictures etc are saved to temp folders etc, some bugs can then force themselves in to other folders from there. If i lost my internet connection right this second i would still see this very page as its cached and all images are in temp folders etc on my PC. AV screening screens the temp folders but they are still on your PC,,,,sure they may well detect a virus and remove it before its spread from said temp folders but either way its still on your PC. Its why the likes of windows screensafe blocks sites with a red screen before the pages are displayed (warning its unsafe to continue any further), obviously if you heed the warning and don't continue your safe but once you continue past that red block screen everything you see in your browser is on your PC.
  2. I'm with hipkat I just use defender and scan with malwarebytes now and again and might even push the boat out with a few anti root kit tools etc once in a blue moon. Thing with anti virus is that they don't actually stop the virus getting on your PC they just tell you you have one etc by which time its too fooking late either way. Paid services like Norton/Mcafee etc are all just resource hungry wastes of time IMHO.
  3. No i dont have any fov reset issues but i have fov and screen res set through HLSW so for every server in my list the following settings are set each time i connect along with the same in my autoexec.cfg +r_mode "-1" +r_customwidth "1280" +r_customheight "1024" +cg_fov "106" +set com_hunkmegs "768" +vid_restart And yes before anyone says i know the resolution is odd but i've changed little in the past 15 years and i like it as it is, if ti ain't broke n all that.
  4. Haha, Yes and no tbh, i do hit the wrong buttons by mistake once in a blue moon but biggest problem i have buttons wise is that i get a heavy middle finger now and again so end up reloading mid fire fight..... but that would happen on any mouse for me as my reload is the normal rt mouse button. Its the 4 by the thumb i like and use the most along with the 5-6 scroll wheel buttons (push scroll wheel left/right), i've also just assigned numbers to them for ET so i have pistol (2), smg (3), knife (1) and nade (4) assigned to the thumb buttons. Had this G700s for a bout 2 years now but as with most things its each to their own i suppose, before this 700s i had a G9 and before that i had the G7 wireless mouse. The G9 was nice but odd shape and quite small but worked very well.... the G7 was total crap and replaced with the G9 by logitech support when the G7 died a death.
  5. Don't do it mate, I too have the 700s and use each and every one of the 13 programable buttons and like the 4 by my thumb, the 502 only has 11 buttons and only 3 by the thumb which doesn't sound that bad but if like me you use them all then which ones would you be willing to lose. lol I do like the look of the 502 but I'll be sticking with my 700s for a while longer yet.
  6. Any chance that you could please enable co ops any weapon pick up like it was on 1.2.3? Takes the fun out of being co ops tbh when you can only pick up other co-op weapons as your spotted a mile off when in disguise running round with a sniper rifle. Overall though I am really glad you've finally upgraded to 1.2.9, 1.2.3 had awful hitbox glitches that were not really addressed till a beta version of 1.2.7, even then they could be a tad sketchy...….much better in 1.2.9. Thanks in advance, appreciate all the hard work you've done. Re: Snuffs....aka S!mpleton
  7. Fair play, also my bad, didn't notice the other thread. Sorry........ DOH.
  8. As title http://www.pbbans.co...y-t147199.html/ Open season for haxors now. GL Re: Snuffs
  9. Most laptops/notebooks you DONT need an install CD as they have an install partition (usually hidden) which has all the install files needed for windows and your specific laptop/notebook etc to be put back to default factory settings. You usually access the recovery mode on laptops during its boot up and its normally one of the 'F' keys that needs pressing at a specific time (think Toshiba is usually F12). It will tell you during bootup to press certain F keys to perform some tasks, F2 at POST (first screen you usually see) screen for instance will take you to BIOS setup, F8 @ POST may give you boot priority options etc etc. Turn your laptop/notebook on and watch for the info on the screen (it will be before windows is loaded), it should tell you which F key is needed to start recovery, from there its self explanitory. Hope this helps.
  10. listcvars in console shows all cvars and their current settings, should be all you need to create your own cfg file. Cvar list attached...over 1500 so would take lots of forum posts. Obviously you would also have to find out the legal values allowed for each cvar before you go changing too much so dont be blaming me if you change something and bugger it all up. Re: Snuffs brink2.txt
  11. HUD = Head up display, basically the gun, compass, skill level indicators etc are all part of what makes up the HUD. I agree with dare on the compass mind, i like to know whats happening and the compass can give so much info. Re: Snuffs
  12. As stated they are exactly the same apart from the noise and look. MP40 Class: Axis Medic, Axis Engineer, Axis Field Ops File: mp40.weap Damage: 18 Rate of Fire: 400 Spread: 400 Spread Scale: 15 + 10% Random Clip Size: 30 Max Ammo: 90 Thompson Class: Allied Medic, Allied Engineer, Allied Field Ops File: thompson.weap Damage: 18 Rate of Fire: 400 Spread: 400 Spread Scale: 15 + 10% Random Clip Size: 30 Max Ammo: 90 I prefer the thompson noise when it fires but other than that i'm not arsed provided i got a gun with bullets. Re: Snuffs
  13. Fullscreen on 22" monitor @ its native 1920x1080 res. I use ETmin but mine is Alt-Z to switch between ET and Windows cos its the old 2003 version lol . Re: Snuffs
  14. Dont really know who is the best shooter but i'd say those who play FA Hardcore are probably the best, IMHO very little aiming skill is needed on servers with double jump and no friendly fire etc. Re: Snuffs
  15. 1 and only 1 is When you'd rather just go play ET instead of reading all this shite.

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