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  1. Sorry mate, i've just edited my post to tell you to back up your etconfig file first.... so i hope you read the edited version before you play with etconfig.....my bad if you fook up and havn't got a backup.
  2. You can run ET as admin and load a mod you want to save settings for, set your settings to what you want but do not connect to a server, once you have set your settings exit the game as normal and they should be the same when you next load it up....failing that use a command line in parameters to set resolution etc etc (example +r_mode -1 +r_customwidth 1280 +r_customheight 1024 +cg_fov 106 +set com_hunkmegs 768 +vid_restart)....or You shouldn't really play with the etconfig.cfg so MAKE A BACKUP OF IT FIRST then open the etconfig.cfg in etmain and change the settings in there, save and copy that etconfig to each mod folder to be safe and sure it changes in all mods....as etconfig is the default cfg file anything you change in that should stay unless over written by an autoexec.cfg.
  3. Haha i too was thinking gfx card settings if nothing else worked so nice to know it wasn't just me.....although the only setting that would change the real colour is the hue, but that would affect everything and not just ET.
  4. As Mufasa says trying dif configs would only change what cvars are in said configs and would not "fix" the issue if a dodgy cvar has already been committed to the default etconfig. I cant see anything in your cfg above that would cause your issue which tells me if its anywhere it would be a cvar in the default etconfig.cfg. Your cfgs only override cvars you put in your cfg and everything else comes straight from the default etconfig.cfg, maybe try and remove the etconfig.cfg (by remove i mean move it out the folder temporarily) and let ET create a new one from scratch and take it from there.
  5. As it happens yes i did see connection errors from time to time while speccing others and tbh mine is usually capped to 125. However as i was "fixing" my config i set maxfps to 333 but assumed the server is capped to 250? I've fixed my config now (i hope) and its once again capped @ 125 and will stay there. P.S i must add that although i saw connection timeouts while speccing with 250 fps i had no issues or connection losses while playing with that fps. Also most wont have noticed but i have fps set to 125 as you can actually jump slightly higher and further than you can with say 90, try it, you can jump on boxes easier with 125 than you can with 90.....bit like 71 gives less recoil for pistol etc.
  6. Anyone using it, i buggered my config up by messing with it (i know, lf it aint broke dont fix it, but i tried and fooked it more). Anyways, i've fixed my config and use a resolution on 1280x1024 while playing ET but while fiddling with gfx card settings i came across this DSR setting in my control panel and decided to turn it on. What is DSR? DSR Dynamic Super Resolution renders a game at a higher, more detailed resolution and intelligently shrinks the result back down to the resolution of your monitor, giving you 4K-quality graphics on an HD screen. Wow is all i can say tbh, the image is super dooper crisp in ET now compared to what it was, its so sharp i can see so much better and is like having the HD pack for ET but without having the HD pack if that makes sense.....plus i can still hit a stable 250fps (assume its the server cap?) with no probs. Worth a try for anyone playing ET, for me personally i've gone from feeling i need to go spec savers to not..i can see so much better in game now. :D I've got mine set @ 2x (native resolution) and smoothness 0%. Let me know if you use it and what you think, like i say for me its like going from standard def to HD+
  7. LMFAO...the AXIS is stacked...They have the spawn..... THEY HAVE THE SPAWN made me chuckle the most along with the granny and her 3.87 k/D ratio.
  8. easiest way is to add parameters to the shortcut or the et.exe. Mine is +r_mode -1 +r_customwidth 1280 +r_customheight 1024 +cg_fov 106 +set com_hunkmegs 768 +vid_restart No mater what i use to run the game those parameters override everything else.
  9. Snuffs99


    I was getting disconnects a few days back but that was due to a re-install of ET and lack of map pk3's, as http download etc is off by default i'd get disconnected and directed to this site after each map if i didn't have the required maps......easily sorted my issue though by simply turning http downloads etc back on. Does the disconnect not tell you why in console?
  10. Seems jay and silent are timing out too but only when i flit between them (the red lines in pics below is when i click on that specific server in HLSW), unlike NQ and Hardcore which is constant and regular.....If its doing the job its meant to be doing then all good, like i say not had any issues connecting or playing.
  11. As title, Not had issues connecting or playing etc but DareDevil asked me to report quicker if i saw any issues so here i am. Both NQ1 and Hardcore are timing out every few seconds in HLSW, Jay1,2 and silent are fine though....not sure if the timeouts affect anything. NQ Hardcore
  12. Complaint can actually be turned off by each and every player, while yes its good to have the option when there is a player that tk's a lot on purpose you find those players are reported on forums anyway.....So IMHO as 99% of tk's tend to be totally accidental i've always had the stance that only noobs even have complaint turned on. You find it gets used out of pettiness and frustration most of the time, hence why i say only noobs even have it turned on.

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