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  1. I'll install win 7 on a VM later and see if i can replicate your problem, in the mean time try using something like HLSW to connect and see if you have the same problem with that. Oh i just had a brain fart and i think i have had issues in the past with games when using windows 7 as it has that games shite on it if i remember right. Go start-->all programs-->games-->games explorer...click options and tell it not to check online for updates and uncheck the 2 boxes about collecting info for games. Let me know, failign that i'll proceed to install 7 on a VM and try to replicate your issue.
  2. WTF, $180..........Yeah was a good mouse but certainly not that good.
  3. Haha your not wrong, i loved my G9 to be fair but it was a bit odd to get used to as its not a traditional "kidney" shape....I also didn't like the smooth case cover as it went a bit odd (almost sticky) over time when you used it a lot. Can you even buy the G9 any more? though it was a discontinued tbh, hence why i went for the G700 when mine died.
  4. rundll32.exe is a windows process so points to an issue with windows rather than ET. In windows 7 if you run taskman when you try to run ET and rundll32 starts and go to view-->select columns and click command line from the list it should tell you which process has started that specific rundll32.exe. Do you run ET as admin? Also you could try using something like HLSW to connect to the server rather than going through ET.exe Hard to advise really as i'm on windows 10 and my ET just works. Cant say i've ever really had anything like you describe though even when i had Win 7 but i've always used 3rd party software like xfire and HLSW to connect to the servers i use.
  5. Same. G700s is a nice heavy mouse so it feels well made and can be used wired (nice strong braided cable) or wireless. I love the 4 buttons by the thumb and the scroll wheel left/right.....Use every button bar mouse 3 (scroll wheel down) which makes it quite hard to find a replacement, even from logitech. I'll stick with the 700s intil it dies tbh and if its still under warranty they happy days as i'll get a new one from Logitech, probably wont be the 700s though but they will send the equivalent. Best customer service i've ever had tbh with Logitech....About 8-9 years ago i had the G7 wireless mouse and it broke but as they no longer made or stocked the G7 they sent me the G9 instead, used that till its death and been with the 700/700s ever since, was quite funny as i had to smash the G7 with a hammer and send the pictures with my ref number to Logitech to prove it was actually broke. lol
  6. Fair enough, i get where your coming from but tbh even TOR has its flaws, you need to really set up your own relays etc rather than using whats put in place by a default setup. Cyber actually works with TOR too so thats another bonus, along with bitcoin payments i like it a lot and touch wood have not had any issues at all in the past 3-4 years of using it.......Also should you go the Cyberghost route you do get 45 day money back guarantee, which is legit too as i've used the guarantee myself when i bought the wrong package by mistake. Dont just dive straight in and buy it though, keep an eye on their site for offers as i got my 3 year sub for a steal tbh, works out at about £2/month....same for any VPN tbh, try to use those which come with trials as what works great for me might not be great for you and your needs etc. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  7. I'd take Robbs comment with a pinch of salt tbh Hipkat, only Tuesday just gone he/she apparently had no clue and was confused on which was the best VPN between surfshark and Nord so how he/she could possibly suggest surfshark after only a few days is beyond me. @DonaldSilver Mind me asking what you want the VPN for? I'm asking as i've had various results from different VPN's over the years depending on the use. For me personally atm i've currently got both an IPVanish sub which is due to expire and i'll let it as i've had nothing but bad connections and slow speeds when using with torrents and geo bypasses yet it works very well on my fireTV........I also currently have Cyberghost (just renewed for 3 years for $70 on special offer), with Cyber i've had great speeds and strong connections when it comes to torrents and bypassing geo locations on services such as Hula, netflix, BBC etc, Cyberghost also still currently works for me in UAE where many other VPN's dont including IPVanish, nord and pure. So for me personally i'd rec cyberghost if you can grab a sub at a discounted price.
  8. My last desk looked the same but last few years i've had an XXL boogie bug mat....pretty much covers the whole desk so doesn't slip etc as monitor is on top of it along with everything else on my desk, well worth the money tbh.
  9. I installed 1903 the other day and took 3 attempts, first 2 failed miserably and left me with BSODs before windows decided to auto rollback to 1809, which was nice of it tbh. Downside to the 1903 update failing and the rollback was that it took hours to re-download and install 1903 feature update only for it to fail once again..... Anyways after a bit of messing around repairing system files using DISM and SFC on my 3rd attempt 1903 update took and installed fine. As expected my fang (legacy device) wouldn't work but that is nothing unique to 1903 so was easily fixed once i'd turned digital signiture enforcement off and pointed windows to the "unsigned" drivers i'd made a while back (made them for creators update).....All is good so far. @Xernicus Nice bit of info there mate, its been a while since i used anything from GRC (years tbh but do still have spinrite) so was nice to have a bit of nostalgia from XP days checking my ports etc. As for MBAM and defender....totally agree however in some cases where using MBAM its Windows itself that turns defender off if it detects MBAM. I use MBAM corp which does run fine with defender however like you have suggested i use defender as my real time and run MB once a month or so, usually when i have a spare 10 min and nothing to do. lol ...Up to now though the last year or so MB has not found anything defender hasn't already taken care of. Can never be too careful though.
  10. IPvanish are shite IMHO, not had a great experience with them in the 2 year sub i've had, thank god it runs out in August, plus its US based which sort of makes me think their no logging is simply BS. CyberGhost on the other hand iv'e had for 3 years and just renewed again, never really had any problems when it comes to streaming or torrents etc and you can have 7 devices which is always nice. Never tried surfshark so cant comment on that. NordVPN i never really got on with, same with PureVPN.... and ExpressVPN is simply over priced IMHO. One thing to note is that most VPN services tend to drop in speed dramatically if used on routers as a lot of routers don't really have the capability to run at the VPN's top speeds.
  11. I know you have said your going to upgrade CPU in a month or so but i'd advise you wait till the 3rd gen Ryzen CPU's are out, wont be long now. I'd also advise you check your Mobo manufacturer for a BIOS update as you might not need to buy a new one, i knwo the 350 chipset is older than the 4 series etc but BIOS updates usually add new CPU compatibility..... so certainly no point buying a new Mobo if that is the case. System looks good though. P.S, just noticed you have 2 x 4GB memory sticks and a single 8, memory works better in pairs if its dual channel (like yours for instance) so i'd also advise you buy another 8 GB stick and make sure they are in paired slots...some times its slots 1 and 3 and 2 and 4 but most Mobos tend to have different coloured slots so just make sure your 4 and 8's are in same slot colours as the other 4 and 8 etc...if that makes sense.
  12. Tbh having 2 running at the same time is sometimes counter productive and probably why MB is disabled by the update. I too use both Defender and MB corp edition but i tend to run MB manually once a month rather than having it run in the back ground sort of thing just to make sure defender is doing its job, which it does very well IMHO and MB never finds anything bad when i do run it....lets face it you know yourself when your system just isn't right, i certainly do and can usually tell when something is wrong just from teh sound it makes. lol I've not installed 1903 as yet but by choice mainly because i know i'll have issues with my legacy device(s) (fang), however windows stopped support for legacy devices a few years back in the creators update so nothing new there and i'll certainly update to 1903 when i can be bothered. @DoubleDragon I get where your coming from regarding older systems as my Daughters laptop was quite sluggish when i updated it to 1809, stopping a few none essential services helped though, no need for shite like superfetch to be hogging resources etc so i've disabled a few of the none essential services and her laptop runs a lot better, managed to keep defender running but yes it can quite literally keep CPU and disk usage @ 100% etc as and when it feels like it, same goes for windows update and update scheduler and what not, sometimes stopping those services and running them as and when you want can make a huge difference overall.
  13. TBF though mate you are blind (well daredevil is at least).
  14. Also check Google for 'aiming by Raziel' mate (i think its mentioned in BossHK thread above), was more for RTCW but as ET was basically made as an expansion to RTCW before being released as a standalone the tut works just as well.

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