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  1. Deadpool 2... two words...f%$# Yea!

    1. B3rk0


      Damn yeah!!!!

    2. w1cx


      going to see it tonigh!!

  2. That is a BIG DOG.. and how the heck water coming out that hose? where you guys find this stuff
  3. I will be on jay 2 for awhile tomorrow.. hope to see some friends and fill dat server up again.😉

    1. pronoob


      Alright! Ur welcome 😉

  4. oh ok ty so much, Time to do some research
  5. You can install et legacy on ubuntu? If so will give er a go. ty
  6. This is disgusting, and they deserve all that they get.
  7. Ty for all the responses i tried that method, also captn tried yours. I saw one other way posted about downloading and installing through a link with deb in it.(have to find it again, i am gonna figure this out if it kills me) And when i do gonna post for all interested
  8. Hello, Is it possible to have 2 installations of et,on 2 operating system with working sound on both?(have a partition for linux) Need someone good with ubuntu if so to help fix my sound issue, or give me another install method,with less problems with audio.
  9. In only 2 weeks Robert lost 2 weeks
  10. Ok click on it and backspace save me. Ty so much still learning new forum details.
  11. Here is for the month of may. Cheers. May 14th 15$ #15K88613X15916529
  12. Well actually i did what u said to do and still there and now added 5 more.... tried edit link and remove that way do i need a restart to make this nightmare go away.
  13. Hello, Having little issue deleting pictures i put in about me page.. Any help you can give is appreciated.
  14. Fun playing few maps on jay 2.. oh the memories.. good people good fun :)