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  1. Omg! this is to much! Very Interesting... The Hulk always wins
  2. Hulk

    mile 22

    This looks like a N1 suspenseful action flick.
  3. Hulk


    Think this movie gonna be fun for all.. Guy find machine dog finds out it is goverment asset..
  4. Hulk

    T-34 | trailer

    Looks pretty good think i check this out :)
  5. Hey Welcome to the Forums!!!
  6. Chicken taco salad and for desert m&m cookies with vanilla ice cream in between
  7. Is it possible to make little hulk emote or gif smashing.... That would be the best emote Eva!!!

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    2. Cit0


      Do one where Hulk smashes a 🐓 and then one where a 🐓 pecks our some hulk 👀 ‘s 

    3. CheepHeep


      Or maybe where the hulk teams up with a chicken cheep destroying the human race. :)

    4. Neuro


      Uhhhhh no all you get is 🧟‍♂️

  8. Just got back from the lake watching these guys. :)images.jpg.9ab71752ccf5fbf13a94aafe404ace20.jpg Such a great show.

    images (1).jpg

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    2. Vindstot


      Which one is you?

    3. Hulk


      I wish....😜

    4. Vindstot


      Dont say that you wish, say instead you will :P

  9. The Crocodile with glasses got me lol.. And being from seattle our boat races more like this.
  10. New Month 15$ You GUYS RULE!!! RULE I SAY!! Transaction ID:7Y291058GG8730106
  11. In My younger days half a bottle of tequila with worm... Those were the days. Just thinking about it brings back memories.
  12. Hulk

    Values in Life

    Honestly.. Have to say 1.Honesty 2.Family 3.Loyalty 4.Dedication 5.Problem Solver 6.Strive for success 7.Zero Quit attitude

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