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  1. Happy birthday!! have a nice day Mr. @Xiahou Dun
  2. Jealousy Mine do exactly the same as on your picture @Blunt, he's sitting in front on the screen to make me looking at him ^^ I take it on my knees, and he fall asleep, it's a little handicap but less than if he was on the keyboard But a cat who's purring on your knees and give you all his confidence have no price ! He his less ennoying when I play ET than when I take my breakfast
  3. I have no pictures here but yes same problem They need lot of affection !
  4. I've finally found the difference between the 32 maps I have and the 29 of your list Battery, Snatch and Radar are not on it?
  5. That whats killin the game last time, a flamer teleporter... it was fun before it comes lol Yes Huertgen is really really hard for allies, but they maybe need more time to find the way back to make it simplier Yes that's a problem, but the bunker have two ways to come in, need to defend the two and not stay fragging the allies bots ( as I can do some times.. ) I've got an other idea for this map, maybe we can put the winter version for the winter period ( don't know if all of you are in winter soon..) but that could be fun So TC BASE and BEERUN to test,
  6. When I heard that I really think you need to breathe Sometimes when you have too much things in your mind your can not think properly I have, like everyone, some moments of hate, of rage, but I accept it. That's like fear, it's a just a reaction of your mind, sometimes it's needed, sometimes it's not. And when you accepted it, that's just become energy, because you have surpassed what's locking you in this state of mind. Emotions are naturals we can't change it , but negative or positive that's our point of view. We lived in a system whoes goes faster a
  7. Not really sure this is the good place to put it but.. too much laughs And for the canadian-french learning
  8. That's a great idea ! @K3rmit, this is the good list of the maps on the server? for a total of 32 maps ? http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=serverinfo&idx=755828&section=mappool - Is see 1944 omaha and teuthonia in your list but are they still in the server? - I also see that there is two version of goldrush and oasis, there is a difference? we are playing the both? - Supply depot and fuel dump are not almost the same maps? And the list of all maps is here? http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=maplist Maybe not the same here : ht
  9. I look at the maps and some of them could be fun 1. Parisbastille ( don't remember if that's really that one ive played years ago but it's fun in my memories) 2. School ( played on another server and cool one ) ( sorry I haven't see the last page with the FPS issue...) 3. Bergen could be nice too ( played on another server) 4. Raiders ( seems fun too but i never played it ) For the maps "Base", "Beer Run" and " Purefrag" I don't know them or don't remember. so I can't say.. but i'll be happy to test it in the future Thx for the new maps added, ke
  10. Cercle, for sure !! Fenchies are not the last ones this time
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