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  1. J'aime pas forcément la publicité ni la marque , ni les marges extravagantes du "luxe" Français qui n'en est plus vraiment.
    Mais alors j'ai adoré la créativité, et ces petits piques aux Français sont vraiment bien trouvés 😄 


    The Simpsons | Balenciaga




  2. ❤️ 

    (c'est fou c pas très connu, ca date et y'a un remix avec igorrr, qui est maintenant un groupe plutot bien connu en france en tout cas ^^ Le monde est petit.. )

  3. Hello and welcome to the forums
  4. Oh I see better the issue. It's maybe something to change on the config with seta r_mode "-1" seta r_customwidth "1920" seta r_customheight "1080" seta r_fullscreen "1" You have to adapt the resolution to your own screen if it's different for the customwidth and customheight I hope that can help
  5. DeKing

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    Even if we get rid of Xposed last year, I'm for a quick back for it in the rotation, like for one month. I'm kinda miss it even if it was hard map for allies, it's a map for professional enginneers
  6. Finally you made it Frag you soon haha !!
  7. Just /connect nq1.clan-fa.com:27960 And ask someone to set you, but Trackbase told me it's good now ^^ Welcome back mate !!
  8. The official FA pets topic, you have no other choice than post a pic of your lovely cats there ( it's mandatory to be member ) Nice to finally see you here, you will found the forum like your home soon
  9. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!! A Big Caaat attack !! :) 
    That was just to say gratz bro !
    You see all comes in time :) Im' happy for you, you really deserve it. 
    And I'm sad I didn't took this time to !freeze you more and abuse you on server... x) 
    Maybe one day in the future 😄 😘

    1. XeRoiX


      Thanks my dude! haha! chaattts!


      im sure you can still !freeze me 😄


      sounds like we got a war planned? 🤔 

    2. DeKing


      I hope we are able to do it both on each of us 😄 

      Chaaaaats !! 😛 


      A war? too much wars planned the next week haha it's halloween, we should be afraid!!! 👺

  10. I'm a bit late, but I wish you a really happy birthday mate  🥳 🎂


  11. Ce remix mamène... Awesome 



    1. 0siE.


      Trop bien, merci :)

    2. DeKing


      On dirai un vrai titre tellement c'est propre alors que c'est juste un gars qui a mis des musiques ensemble :) 

  12. 💪 🔫 pewpewpew 👽👾 

  13. I'm sure he think he do the same effort
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