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    Everything, love to learn !
    I mean,..really
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  1. DeichKind is sooooo good !!  thx 😛 


    Kind regards, 

    Deking 🤣

  2. One lvl older 😛 


    Thanks to everybody for the support, the help, for the talks, all the questions I had and still have, for everything... 


    I'm sure that I'm nothing without involved peoples who want the best for me here, I don't know how to thank you for that, It's so much appreciated ! 

    It's like you take me in your family without judging me, it's really important for me


    You're the best here! I'm really not afraid for the ET and FA future when I see us all together with the same objective, keeping the fun for everybody.


    Long life to FA, and a big thanks to all of you, who make this FA clan still alive after the years, that's priceless ! 

    1. !MX


      You deserved, my friend! Congrats and keep doing the excellent job!

    2. Odeonn
    3. RainierWolfcastle


      Hooray DeKing. Most awesome. 🖥️

  3. DeKing

    ET BEGINNERS #1 Jay 3 Poison Knife

    I just hate ppls who only play this .. at any moment. not funny to kill with a ppsh salve a player with a knife and not funny to be poisoned with sometimes just luck My opinion... It's cool to have this option, it's not cool to have ppls who spam it too much like everything Can we ban the abusive players instead the poison knive ?
  4. What a question... the best will be here of course Next one soon!! We are waiting for you all 10:00 AM UTC /connect b2.clan-fa.com:27960
  5. You need to be sure! I joke welcome back and stay here this time we need you my friend !!
  6. Congratulations on the promotion man! Well deserved! 😀

    tenor (2).gif

    1. DeKing


      Thank you a loot !! :) 

      Thanks for you friendship, thanks for your involvement in FA, thanks for all the fun you give us !!!!! 😍

  7. Congratz buddy!

    good job GIF

    1. DeKing


      Thx my Green Martian 😛 


      Thx for all the help you gave me since the lvl1 😘

  8. Felicitaciones amigo :) 

    1. DeKing


      Muchos gracias amigo :) 

      Gracias por ayuda, por todo 🥰

  9. Congratz! 😄

    1. DeKing


      Thank you my bro for everything you've done for me here !!! :)❤️ 

    2. Ins4ne


      It's all your work B) 

  10. Congratulations! 😄 


    You can have your Quinceañero now!

    1. DeKing


      The teenager is back :) Still young and lot of things to learn !! 

      Thx a lot for everything RedBaird ;) 

    2. RedBaird


      " things to learn " is the attitude to have.  I seem to learn new things about ET and the Clan every day, often by making boo-boos! 😮 



      OH! That explains your "Interests:  Everything, love to learn !  I mean,..really"







  11. Félicitations ! 

    Celebrate Happy Birthday GIF by DreamWorks Animation

    1. floki


      Congratz deking :)

    2. DeKing


      Merci a toi, mon recruter !! du coup ca a plein de sens maintenant 😛 
      Merci a toi de m'avoir ramené ici par la peau des fesses, ca en valait tellement le coup !! 😘

  12. soon he will create some Lego ET maps by himslef to be more realistic I have basics in stop motion if you want, I've done lego movies when I was a kid
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