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  1. I present you my 3 yorkshire (poutchi, chiko, flee) and my cat Maika.
  2. My vote would go to Oasis. I really like that map but i don't know wich i would want to replace by it. But i would want to play oasis. It's been a while i think
  3. The origin of my name in ET is my nick name people gave me in high school. It is jojo. But I added poutine because I like poutine.
  4. Please dont forget to try our quizz: 


  5. Hello everyone! I am an amateur DJ. In base to discover more and expand my data base, I would like to know what are your favorite music styles?
  6. hey. I know is a dumb question but I dont remeber if I installed the 2.6b patch. it sais my version of ET is 2.60 so is there a way to know if I already have it? and i can't find the download link of the patch.
  7. hello buddy whats up.

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