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  1. you figure out that question u had on server lastnite. u need anyhelp  hit me up in pm.

  2. My first donation but not last. It is not much but it is honest work. 15$ Transaction ID: 2AE935577T777925M
  3. Hello. my question is: Is it possible for me to install ET Legacy on my windows 10 laptop and keep my levels from ET that is on my windows 7 laptop?? and could i still alternate playing on both laptops?? if possible please describe step by step to do so. i'm set in different servers so if possible to tell me the files needed too please. thank you Jojo poutine
  4. I present you my 3 yorkshire (poutchi, chiko, flee) and my cat Maika.
  5. Jojo poutine

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    My vote would go to Oasis. I really like that map but i don't know wich i would want to replace by it. But i would want to play oasis. It's been a while i think
  6. The origin of my name in ET is my nick name people gave me in high school. It is jojo. But I added poutine because I like poutine.
  7. Please dont forget to try our quizz: 


  8. Hello everyone! I am an amateur DJ. In base to discover more and expand my data base, I would like to know what are your favorite music styles?
  9. hey. I know is a dumb question but I dont remeber if I installed the 2.6b patch. it sais my version of ET is 2.60 so is there a way to know if I already have it? and i can't find the download link of the patch.
  10. hello buddy whats up.

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