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  1. You are certainly free to take that gamble and let us know how it worked out for you
  2. Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells... smelly.

  3. It’s okay guys, I hid all the wrong answers
  4. GI-JOE

    ET NQ #1 NoQ|#1 server lags

    Hallo, if you could help narrow it down for us by running WinMTR on the NQ1 server IP ( or nq1.clan-fa.com) and let it cycle for at least 100 packets and then export the results to text and send those results to us via Contact Us it would be much appreciated! If there are no irregularities there it would help get us closer to the cause of the issue
  5. Oi, old dude. You still around? Where my money at!

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    2. speedfact


      Then I would owe you...right?

    3. GI-JOE


      Everyone wins!


    4. speedfact


      Why do I feel that is a lie. Don't make me call in the big guns!

  6. GI-JOE

    Hello there :)

    New forum, who dis?
  7. Real life first, take the time you need and come back when you can, we’ll be here. unless you really want to quit?
  8. My real name is Seymour Buhtts
  9. Too gud, but not too gud to use them hacks on our servers... tsk tsk Byeeeeee
  10. I have been known to make the booties shake and the heads bang My current band's latest effort: My Youtube, I've got a few old videos up there: Maybe someday I'll have time for new ones lmao
  11. *poke*


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    2. GI-JOE


      Speedo hasn't replied to my messages since november so I assume he's either eye-ball deep in kids or dead, I'm not gettin any younger :P

    3. kami


      That is sad to hear. You two would have made beautiful little GI-Speedos. Oh well, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side... The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest... What I am trying to say is that he is such a slut, right?

    4. GI-JOE


      Totally! 💔

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