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  1. @rambozo37steam id addon on the profiles its ok players regular i think u cant set this boy on apprentice for a time thnx my friend
  2. 1: cheating equals a permanent ban 2: respect any other player any insult will be punished 3: depositing mine on roads or village in fields or forest is strictly forbidden 4: any use of traps strictly reserved at the area of your camp that if being defined by your flags 5: it is strictly forbidden to build on the drops area and on the roads these rules apply to the player as to the admin thank you for respecting them any offense will be punished according to it gravity
  3. fast this boy barely I recruit and you apply you are motivated it is fun I confirm my referal and my vote '+1 no problem to report with this player very nice tic and appreciate by all on the server I wish you welcome in the club and soon in our admin good luck to you
  4. 100th followers ! 


    Thank you ! 



    1. monster


      im glad too u my friends i forgot coming on the forum regular


    2. monster


      and of course i forgot regular se who follow who xd



  5. all pll cant vote the beast pls that make me happy
  6. vote is down thx too u kat0n that is a great idea
  7. small config scum to help the less efficient pc and stay fluid add to that a custom resolution 1600x1100 and you should be good that is functional on the pc of 6gb a 8gb ram it is of course advise to have at least 8gb under this limit the game remains unfortunately slow to run and especially to load the décor element GameUserSettings.ini
  8. @everyone if you could think about subscribe to our YouTube channel in the end of giving it more visibility this will support our community thank you(modifié) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTtTCBKI-88myl3a3Tg2Lw
  9. hello to all. we hand over to new our YouTube channel for this purpose I invite anyone who wishes to record their gameplay on our different games and server whether you are admin or one of our dear player the invitation to all I also offer you now to support our community by subscribe to that if in order to make it live long years and allow it to gain visibility this in the purpose of course to enlarge again and again our big family I think spend on most of our servers wet so record different player if any time one of you will not appear in the video I invite him to identify I could thus avoid record these person you can contact me right here via mp or on our discord| A-Monster #2934 thnx
  10. my 3-year-old boy did this test he didn't even make a tiny grimace
  11. monster

    freeze on nq1

    i use 2.6 because legacy dont run good on pro mods and i like play on this mods for jay2 for exemple i run good not freeze or other problem
  12. monster

    freeze on nq1

    impossible to play on nq1 I freeze every two minutes my config turns with 100 maxpacket and custom rate on value of 34000 I well test other value on that if my changes are really minimal for info I'm no problem on my other online games
  13. for more cmd and explaint https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1826328007
  14. monster

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

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