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  1. small config scum to help the less efficient pc and stay fluid add to that a custom resolution 1600x1100 and you should be good that is functional on the pc of 6gb a 8gb ram it is of course advise to have at least 8gb under this limit the game remains unfortunately slow to run and especially to load the décor element GameUserSettings.ini
  2. @everyone if you could think about subscribe to our YouTube channel in the end of giving it more visibility this will support our community thank you(modifié) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTtTCBKI-88myl3a3Tg2Lw
  3. hello to all. we hand over to new our YouTube channel for this purpose I invite anyone who wishes to record their gameplay on our different games and server whether you are admin or one of our dear player the invitation to all I also offer you now to support our community by subscribe to that if in order to make it live long years and allow it to gain visibility this in the purpose of course to enlarge again and again our big family I think spend on most of our servers wet so record different player if any time one of you will not appear in the video I invite him to identify I could thus avoid
  4. my 3-year-old boy did this test he didn't even make a tiny grimace
  5. monster

    freeze on nq1

    i use 2.6 because legacy dont run good on pro mods and i like play on this mods for jay2 for exemple i run good not freeze or other problem
  6. monster

    freeze on nq1

    impossible to play on nq1 I freeze every two minutes my config turns with 100 maxpacket and custom rate on value of 34000 I well test other value on that if my changes are really minimal for info I'm no problem on my other online games
  7. for more cmd and explaint https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1826328007
  8. monster

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

  9. you will find if attached the list of admin cmd for the games scum the soft admin scum helper only allows run two of these cmd the rest will have to be done manually in game for the viewer mods once on the first screend menu of the games press ctrl'+d your menu changes vision and you can join the server as a drone and move around the world the cmd remains active even under this mods it you are so quite possible to be a spectator and use all the admin cmd of the game https://commands.gg/scum
  10. this little app is a not inconsiderable help for any admin it allows this tp quickly and accurately in the games my also spawn all the materials or anime my also the zombie games sen go through the console controls there is still some bug to fix I think my is an invaluable help small demonstration video download link https://www.scumadminhelper.com/ be careful not to abuse the powers that you are granted as a system administrator a command of the game allows you to locate the players accurately it is not so far that it takes this tp on them to kill that do
  11. hi everyone a small topic to help you started well in the first point game creating your character for those who do not yet know the game it must understand that all the parameter and strong point you give to your character are important I deposit a small video explanatory that in my opinion will help you much better than a long speech it is of course important to create a character matching your expectations in the game all times certain basic point are to be respected to avoid you end up with a mediocre character who will offer you a bad gaming experience then
  12. monster

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    again uje the beast patron i hope see a day this map on our nq1
  13. monster


    hi everyone we open a server test for the games scum that if will be open to the public today 20 hours we invite anyone who owns the game to join us we're also looking for other admin we're currently 4 and that's strong so we're counting on you
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