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  1. the problem comes from the seting of this pc it does not allow a higher resolution has 1600by900 and this on my segond screen too on custom seting I lose the simple display
  2. my shit turn with a intel hd520 card for 4go ram and proco i5
  3. problem solved pc dont suport 1080p on the game shit portable xd maximal resolution freeze on 1600by900
  4. seta ui_r_mode "-1" seta ui_r_picmip "3" seta ui_r_subdivisions "999" seta ui_r_texturebits "0" seta ui_r_texturemod "gl_linear_mipmap_nearest" seta r_customwidth "1920" seta r_customheight "1080" same error could not load opengl subsysthem
  5. seta ui_r_detailtextures "0" seta ui_r_dynamiclight "0" seta ui_r_ext_compressed_textures "1" seta ui_r_gamma "1.3" seta ui_r_lodbias "2" seta ui_r_mode "-1" seta ui_r_picmip "3" seta ui_r_subdivisions "999" seta ui_r_texturebits "0" seta ui_r_texturemod "gl_linear_mipmap_nearest" seta r_customheight 1920 seta r_customwidth 1080 xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd IM AN IDIOT XD
  6. rambozo37 in cfg or exec cavr in console same resuletat
  7. lol yep xd my 0 is hard xd dont work corect i use 1080 not 1800 on the video
  8. seta r_mode -1 resolution 1920x1080 screen lg tv 4k hdr windows 10 for run the game here is windows screen en full screen the game crash could not load opengl subsysthem on error message xd thats unplayable xd plss helpppppppppppppppppp Enemy Territory 2020-01-12 03-08-31-1.m4v
  9. for the best translate i use everytime RedBaird bacause is the champion on the world big ty for you
  10. suite a la perte de mon disque dur je nes plus ma cfg audio personaliser et ma memoire me fait defaut en gros je voudrai refer le mm stile de fichier chaque sound du jeux es separer dans le fichier txt avec des mhz diferent afin daugmenter le sound de la marche et du hit sound et pa la mem les autre sound ambient eux se retrouvai fortement diminuer si quelqun pourait maider a retrouver les ligne de config je serai ravi
  11. parrot flirting GIFhappy new year hentai sama😜



  12. little gift mery christmas my friendno one cares GIF



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      Ty ty my friends going check

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