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  1. Congratz to all and big thanks to all help what you have gave to us!
  2. I mean if pro medics start to use cover ops and not medic after we make cover op more "powerfull" do that make server ever harder to play? For me there read player name, not "disguised enemy" in Jay1. So if he use my pants there read von Rantala and i know he is enemy. If we get enough suppor for some changes, we could test those out Maybe at some other server first and then jay1
  3. Finnish version coming? You need help with finnish version, i can help on that?
  4. Hey, thank you for the feedback and suggestions. We are always ready to hear feedback and if get enough support we can try out and test it in our servers. Ofc as we can see medic (per feedback), we shouldnt touch. I been little bit away from gaming and jay1 is not so known to me. So sometimes i do have difficult to spot cover ops as they are now. I dont know if its possible, but maybe cover ups could lose his cover after he get answer to his shots? I think it might give too big advange to pro players if they can play cover ops without losing cover. When we do changes, we also shoul
  5. Sorry to hear for your lose. Its hard to lose your best friend. We always come to miss our lost friends, they are in our mind daily. But what can give us condolence is that they are in better place now, and they dont have any pains anymore and they are waiting us. They want us to keep going and think only good memories. I wish you a lot strenghts, even that missing never go away, life still has a lot to give and it will give enjoyment and happiness in future too and even that we cant talk to them or pet or hug them, they live in our memories. My condolences. Stay strong!
  6. von Rantala


    Hello Enrique. Nice to see your intro topic. You listed Rock as your favorite music genre. What are your favorite bands? I like to listen rock too Do you listen local Radio Rock? I listen mainly our Finnish version of Radio Rock. There is one host whos name is Jussi69. If you know The 69 eyes he is drummer in that band He is my favorite host and yesterday i was watching 69 eyes gig with my friend
  7. Hello Moe and welcome to our forum
  8. I come again little bit late, because i can be active only through fri-sun, because doing a lot work. So sorry for commenting little bit late. Only thing what i want say is that playing should be fun. For some reason, i see some in here (this topic) not enjoying playing anymore and feeling bad. I recommend you to take couple month full hiatus from gaming and clan sites. Come back as fresh. Remember gaming should be fun, if you dont enjoy playing in our servers, ofc i am sad of that, but try to find enjoyment on gaming again. We have enough reallife problems to make us stressed and
  9. Cult movie. Seen many many times. But havent watched for longer. Some scenes are so fun that you are laughing at so laught that neigbours might call the police But this is not comedian movie. Comedian scenes are more as dark humor. Great movie and Cult movie. One of my all time favorite movies. Every movie aficionado should watch this movie. This movie should be every "100 must watch movies list" 9,5/10
  10. I had two birthday partys this weekend. Saturday my sister oldest son 6 year birthdays and today my grandma birthdays. Next weekend we will go to watch the 69 eyes with my friend. Trying to come at Jay1 next weekend too. Weekend flyed fast. Time with family is irreplaceable, you dont appreciate that so much as a kid, but as a adult you appreciate time when all are gathered together.

    1. Vindstot


      I also spent the weekend with someone whose company I really enjoy, and it felt long, but also fast to pass :)

      And after a half a year, I went to have an outdoor BBQ with my father and some other family members, which felt really good

  11. Saw first time from Netflix. 5/10. Too slow on my mind and not funny either. Ofc what is funny to someone else is not funny to all.
  12. Reallife first What kind business you have? You able to get your living from it? Welcome back to forums!
  13. Hello Grace and welcome to our forum. Happy to get you back to ET too. Glad to hear you enjoy playing at our servers Maybe you want send apply and help us keep ET alive
  14. Hello Larry and welcome to our forum and welcome back to ET. I am happy to hear you enjoy playing in our servers, hopefully you will enjoy our site also
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