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  1. Just started watch Game of Thrones fourth season (seen many many times) and Second Season of Mentalist. (first time watching Mentalist)
  2. You should have added opinion of "I am never leave from Jay2" i would chose that.
  3. This is mini tv-serie. 6h long. Watched half yesterday and will watch rest today. Seen many many times and this is great movie/mini tv-serie. Best historical mini tv-series what i have seen with The Devil's whore. Napoleon is based true historical facts. Especially i like John Malkovic in this mini tv-serie. He make great acting performance. I think all actors make good job in here. Even 6 hours feel too short to tell story of Napoleon. 9,5/10
  4. Hello Shaz and welcome to our forum. Maybe you want to join us too. Dont hesitate to look up our apply section!
  5. Will watch this today. Last two movie what i watched Seen many times, one of my favorite western movies. I like western movies a lot. Also like Dakota Fanning. Plot is dark and can be too difficult to some to watch and controversy. Like a lot on Dakato Fanning performance in this movie 9/10 Watched yesterday first time, when saw trailer in here. Liked a lot, give little different view on time in Nazi Germany. I know that all dont like to "joke" about that time. Or laught about funny Hitler character, but sametime, you have to understand that there was a lot kids who did idolicy Hitler, when there was so hard propaganda. But this is movie which you can't take too seriously. Sometimes was too slow, but sometimes funniest movie for long time. There was also serious side in this movie. So overall good movie. Especially i like Sam Rockwell in this movie. Didnt like Scarlett Johansson. 7,5/10
  6. Wow 8 page who has time to read all the 8 page just joking. Good that there is a lot discussion on matter. I wasn't able to read all the comments in here, so i only say my opinion and dont know if its sayed already or is there decided something against that already. We never should remove adre, jay2 regulars play in Jay2 because adre. I play there because adre. I like adre, i never had problems if i die because someone using adre against me, its not annoy me if someone using adre and i cant kill him because that, because i see him using that adre correctly then. I like our current adre reload time, it shouldnt been made too long to reload adre again. There is jay1 and many many other FA servers where is no adre, so if adre annoyes you, jay2 is not correct place for you to play, but there is still many correct FA servers you to play where is no adre. I personally haven't had problems with Fg42 users, but ofc if you see its problem, maybe making damage to those bullets less powerfull would be better choise than touching adre. I always think that panzer users, FG users, Shotgun users, should have right to play and be good by using that gun, because i and we are good in medics. If they get enjoyment being good by using other gun than MP or Thompson then they should have right be good. They get enjoyment by being good and I get enjoyment being good in MP/Thompson as everyone who use they favorite class. Only thing what is annoying me on playing ET is that if spawn protection is too short and you cant get out of spawn because that. Other than that, dying is part of gaming and it not annoyes me no matter which gun i get killed.
  7. Will take game weekend :) Will play some EHM and visit jay2. Will be less active in site this coming two days, but try to do some clan jobs in the sunday. Sometimes its good to just take full day or two to just playing, thats why we are here, for playing. EHM is great game and when you start playing it time fly fast, and 6 hours feels like 10min passed. Time fly so fast by playing it. Yesterday played that game 8 hour row. When plan was just to play couple game. We all have our duties in here clan, but its always key to remember our most important duty is to enjoy gaming. Sometimes i feel guilty of playing EHM when i should do clan job or being in Jay2, but sometimes we all should give ourself permit to enjoy some gaming, because that was reason why we joined this clan :) 

    1. Hulk


      Agree with this 100% :)

  8. First time i seen whole movie, seen parts of movie from tv many times. Was good movie, but not best Jim Carrey movie. 6,5/10
  9. Hello Raf Welcome to our forum. Nice introducion. Thanks for sharing part of your life with us. This is place where you can find friends who give you nicknames.
  10. Hello Gracjan and welcome to our forum. We have a lot ex FG members, so feel free to apply and join us to keep ET a live and enjoy company of friends and FAmily.
  11. Hello and Welcome to our forum! Hope you get back to work and not lose too much money because this Covic. Many pps are either part time layoffed or fully layoffed. Together we can win this pandemic You may like Jay2, there is not so much players as Jay1. In jay2 we have adre. Its my favorite server!
  12. Remind me on old days. When i joined to clan, it was common that we got close to same amount player as jay1.
  13. We had fun again in jay2 and played panzwar too

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