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  2. Seen many times. Good movie. Some scenes are over acted by actors, but still good movie overall 7/10
  3. Hello Callum and welcome to our forum!
  4. First time seen. 7/10 Seen many many times. Great movie 8,5/10 Seen many many times, one of my favorite movies. Favorite western 9,5/10
  5. I am huge Deadwood fan. Watch serie at least once per year and usually 2-3 time per year. Now just got TV-serie and movie watched and planning to start it from beginning righway or December. I just love that tv-serie, i remember most lines. Al Swearengen reminds me a lot on my grandfa. Movie was good, i dont say it was disappointent, but didnt like it as much as tv-serie, but i am extremly happy they made movie, because tv-serie ended way too soon. I just hope they will make new Deadwood movie. Seen movie now 4 time and everytime when i watch it, i watched tv-serie first. Movie came i May 2019. So in last one year i watched Deadwood tv-serie and movie four time. I try to keep pause before starting to watch serie/movie again, but i cant resist and have to watch it again. Let see how long i can resist now before i have to start it from beging again. Movie 9/10 Serie 10+/10 My favorite line/part in whole serie
  6. Hello and Welcome back!
  7. Hello Carlos and Welcome to our forum!
  8. Hello Hanz and welcome to our forum!
  9. Watched SicKo in friday. Very good document. Got tear in my eyes. Extremely mad it made when i saw that 79 old man had to do work, when he was sucked by pension system. I have huge respect towards elder ppls. Maybe because grandparents been so important to me. I cant even imagine feeling if my Grandfa had to go low salary job for age 79. It was touching to see someone have to go work in 79 year age. He been building America and he dont get those peacefull last years of his life. Its very wrong. I never will come to move USA, i dont understand why ppls want to move in USA. Its have one of word worst healthy care and care old eldery. I am amazed how ppls let it happen, why they not raise rebelion like ppls in France or Great Britain would do (as example). Will add this to my watch list. Did go watch Tenet at movie theatre with my friend yesterday. Tenet was big disappointment. Usually i like Chris Nolan movies. I didnt have clue on what was happening in movie. Main thing i did understood, but there was still a lot what i just didnt understand. Was too long too and too slow. Repeat itself too much too. 3/10
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