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  1. Hope all is well von, miss you man 👍 

  2. @CheepHeep I have keep eye on your recent progress. Great job mate, i am happy that you rejoined us. Happy Birthday mate!
  3. von Rantala

    Jay 2

    @HOTSPUR thanks for reminding me. Played this map and did take fotos but forgot to sent it to dd. Will do it know. Thanks for report!
  4. Here is my latest update on my fantasy team which i keep updated. Using only my favorite players are currently playing in NHL. Thinking on making rule to allowe EU players too after this season. My current Roster. Latest moves was to trade Saros. I did gave 50 game time to my three goalies, Dubnyk, Koskinen and Saros and then choosed two which go for rest of season. Next year Rantanen, Aho need new contrats what i predict take 7-9 milj per player, what mean i have to give up some players away after season. Not sure yet who i let go, this season decide it and when i see they (Aho, Rantanen) new contracts. Also Koskinen got 2 milj more to his contrac in next season, so i probably have to give either Dubnyk or Koskinen away after this season because both earn 4,5 milj. There is also retired numbers also in this photo. fallout new vegas best guns Players who play in AHL or EU and ex and retired players My first and secondary line ups from past couple seasons Captain History Last season stats image hosting forum This on going seasons stats Players Stats in my fantasy team era Players career stats who have played in my team My own trophies. From Left to Right. Saku Koivu Trophy = Best Forward trophy. Most points trophy. Teppo Numminen Trophy = best defender trophy. Martin St. Louis Trophy = Best goal scorer trophy. Best Goalie Trophy. +/- Award. Best two way forward trophy. (votes taken from real Selke trophy votes). Antero Niittymäki Trophy = Most valuable player award. Improver Trophy Winners
  5. Wild have been active in trades. Was sad to see Niederreiter go, but it can be possible that even i have to trade him from my Fantasy team when Rantanen and Aho need new contracts. Will update my latest Fantasy team situation in here in this week. I truly hope Nino (Niederreiter) will get boost and he can get back to 50-60 point range which he can be. He can be 30 goal scorer also and earn that 5 milj contract what he have. We needed to make trade to get boost in our scoring what has been problematic time to time. Also Nino lost his first line role to Zucker last year and then Parise and Greenway this year and we had to use him in to rightwing where he never found his game what was reason to trade him. Now he can be leftwinger in Carolina and i have very high execptions because he is playing with Aho now. Still its always sad to see favorite players been traded. I did wish we would trade Coyle. We got Coyle in Burns trade from SJ and he havent never been enough good player to us. Sometimes he is hot, but most of time he is lacking skill to play in top 6 role what Bruce giving him all the time. Wild got Victor Rask from Carolina and that trade was bad. We could have got a lot more on Nino. Rask could be problematic player to us in the future. He probably dropp in fourth line next year and then its too much to pay 4 milj to fourth liner. We also got Åberg from Anaheim. He have powerfull shot, he is like poorman Laine. Åberg is huge risk in own zone, but we needed scorer. We also got couple D-man when we added Hunt and Biteto. I think we would have better players in AHL like Belpedio or Soucy or Murray. Let see if trades are over from us. We still need better back up, but those are in current situation difficult to find. Maybe Mrazek from Carolina if Carolina take Talbot from EDM. Will check if i have time to make anykind trade predictions in here in this week. Started to follow Edmonton too. Watched all most all games where Koskinen been starter, he have made huge impression to me and did take him to my fantasy team. Never was big Koskinen fan before, but i am coming Koskinen fan little by little. I like agressive style goalies, who come to challange shooter, like Niittymäki and Rämö (did) do as Fleury and Rinne also who i like to watch also even that i am not Rinne or Fleury fan. Koskinen is tall goalie but very flexibe and i like his attitude to not give up even that couple goals has find way to his back or team is far away in scoring board. Here great save from him, one of best what i have seen from goalie in couple years.
  6. I been actively lookin on Wikipedia and IMDB to see when they will make Deadwood movie. Deadwood serie is my all time favorite tv-serie and Al Swearengen is my all time favorite character. He remind me a lot on my grandfa. He didnt swear so much as Al dose, but they had little bit similar way to see life and Al Swearengen look a lot on my grandfa when i was kid and granda was in the 70's It was happiest day for long time in my life when i saw they are now finally making that movie what they have tried to do like 10 year or so. Watched tv-serie so many times that dropp on counts but still watched once per year. Now days i try to keep at least 8-9 month break before watching serie again because its feel better when there is minor cap between watching it. There was periods when i started to watched again from episode one when got last episode watched. Deadwood is listested one of best Drama series all time and are very hight on list what credit tv-series what was cancelled too earlie. I am restless when i waiting it come to HBO/Theatress. Never waited any movie as much as i am waiting this movie and when opening day will be set i probably cant sleep in nights when i get closer to that day. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4943998/?ref_=nv_sr_3
  7. Hey, how are u guys and girls! First big congratz to all new promotions what have been given when i have been away. Nice to see some new blooth in clan too and new helping hands! Happy to also see Rendel back in clan! Hienoa että oot tullut takas auttaa meitä! I have some pm's waiting for me, but i try to get myself back online in jay2 first and then check pm's. Thanks for all "hey how are u" pms when i have been inactive. So whats have been going in my life! I have been doing work and a lot. Very often 50h per week. I enjoy my work still a lot. Its hard tho because in mondays and tuesdays i do night shift and i am home at 3:00Am and in the wednesday i do evening shift (home at 20:00) and then morning shifts in the thursday and friday, what mean that in between monday to wednesday i only come home to sleep and get my sleep pattern back to morning pattern for rest of week. That havent left me a lot time for clan. I has been lurking in site tho and kept eye on all most important stuff but avoided to reply anything when i havent know whole pic. So in the comming weeks, forgive my mistakes or explain me situations if i am wrong on something. Also NHL has kept me busy. Watched all Wild games ofc and watched a lot Edmonton games too. Never been Koskinen fan before, but he made big impression to me in EDM goal and even did take him to my fantasy team. As most of u know, my Grandfa passed away in 14.May and i have been missing him a lot. Grandma is okey, some hearth problems which she have to live now. She memory is poor, but she still recognise me most of time and is happy and not miss grandfa what is good. Still single, even that tipsy tryed his best to get me girlfriend. Anyway come to jay2 to and say hi to me when you see me. Mostly i will only play weekends, because my work schedule. Lets make Jay2 great again! Cheers von Rantala
  8. My condolences. Stay strong in there and we are here for u!
  9. Yeah. This tells all. If Hockey players dont get in they feeds, its truly bad injury. In soccer they cary players in stretchers away in the field like couple time per game because players filming so much that they cant get out of field by they own legs, but when Hockey player is carryed out by strechers its usually take 3-6 month them to actually get back to ice, shorter injuries they just skate away from ice theyself. Sometimes its crazy to see that leg is broken and they keep skating. Hockey players pain lvl is out of this world.
  10. Yeah they played very well. Even that i think we should have won that game against Sabres week ago, they did played well tho and is different team than in before. Happy to see Scandella playing well also, in my books he would earn A to his jersey. Pommiville ex-Wild has been playing well also, what has been surprising to see. Goalies has been solid and they defence very well. So Yeo got kicked from St. Louis i am not happy but i am not surprised either, for Fletcher it did take way too long to kick Yeo, but Amrstrong didnt wait. Right choise tho, Yeo is cabable coach, but he go those losings streaks every year, he have to find solution and fix it. In paper St. Louis should be easily playoff team, behind Nashville, Wild and Winnipeg tho, but ahead of Dallas, Chicago and Colorado and in first Wild card. I am not trusting Berube either if i am honest, did see him little bit in Flyears so i am not fully sure if he is correct man for the job. When Chicago kicked Quinneville i just started to wait news when he will be named to St. Louis blues coach, so was huge surprise that St. Louis didnt name him to that role. Maybe Quinneville didnt want to take team in middle of season but wait for the summer so he can run summer camp. But i bet he will be next St. Louis coach. In my mind was mistake to kick Quinneville from Chicago. They should have kicked Bowman from GM role instead, he gave Panarin away, he gave Teräväinen away, he gave Hartmann away and all was gaved in free prize. Also he made too big contratcs to Seabrook, Kane and Toews. Its impossible to keep team in compitive lvl if you have two 10+ milj salary player in the roster, no matter if they earned those moneys. PIT was in problems too couple season when they made record contrats with Malkin and Crosby. Now Salary cap increased like 10-20milj from those times and they contracs are good ones. So we have to wait couple year to salary cap increase so we can see Chicago compitive again. Also kicking McLellan from Edm was correct choise. I have watched every 8 min recapt from EDM games and also 3 full (one live) EDM game and team is way too lose in defence zone and McLellan was favoring Talbot way too much. Koskinen started and played better but McLellan waited to game 9 before he gave first start to Koskinen. Somehow i have seen EDM interesting team to follow and i try watch they games too when possible. I wasnt Koskinen fan before, but i now started to follow him and started to like his gaming style. I did see him alot in past three world championship tournaments when he was playing in Finland goal, but he didnt make impression then, but now i started to warm little bit on his game style. Also I like to watch Brodziak playing in the EDM. Hireng Hitchock was surprise tho. I believe he will lead team to playoffs, and teach them some defensive side of game and they will choose new coach for next season. Also EDM should fire they GM he has made awfull signatations and trades. Watched couple Flyears games too, waiting too see when Hakstol get kicked off. Flyers have good enough roster to go in the playoffs.
  11. Washington Captain: Alexander Ovechkin Alternate Captains: Nicklas Bäckström, Brooks Orpik Coach: Todd Reirden GM: Brian MacLellan Most Underrated: Nicklas Bäckström Most Overrated: Tom Wilson Biggest Leader: Alexander Ovechkin MVP: Alexander Ovechkin Goalie Ranking: Braden Holtby 55-65 Phoenix Copley 5-10 Possible back up signing/trade All-star line: Alexander Ovechkin – Niklas Bäckström – T.J. Oshie John Carlson – Matt Niskanen Braden Holtby Second all-star line: Andre Burakovsky – Evgeny Kuznetsov – Tom Wilson Dimitry Orlov – Brooks Orpik Phoenix Copley Strong point: Core group of Ovechkin, Bäckström Kuznetsov, Carlson and Holtby is strong and powerfull and can compite on anyone on the league, they core is one of best in the NHL and they still have many years left in high lvl. Weak point: Secondary winger group is weak, after Ovechkin and Oshie, team dont have star wingers what could cost them long playoff run this year. Playoff prediction: New coach and lack of elite wingers can cost them longer playoff run, but team should be in the playoffs because strong core group. Winnipeg Captain: Blake Wheeler Alternate Captains: Dustin Byfuglien, Mark Scheifele Coach: Paul Maurice GM: Kevin Cheveldayoff Most Underrated: Mark Scheifele Most Overrated: Jacob Trouba Biggest Leader: Blake Wheeler MVP: Blake Wheeler Goalie Ranking: Connor Hellebuyck 60-65 Laurent Brossoit 15-20 Eric Comrie 5-10 All-star line: Patrik – Laine – Mark Scheifele – Blake Wheeler Dustin Byfuglien – Josh Morrissey Connor Hellebuyck Second all-star line: Nikolaj Ehlers – Bryan Little – Kyle Connor Tyler Myers – Jacob Trouba Laurent Brossoit Strong point: Wingers group is one of NHL bests, and all the wingers are still young age. They also have a lot very underrated players. Put Wheeler to MVP role, because his leader lvl is very high and he have bigger value and role and respect on team than Hellebuyck. Even that Hellebuyck was Vezina finalist in last year, i saw that Wheeler actually was more important to team than Hellebuyck. Weak point: Center squad need help and big time, Little is decent third line center but they need better second center to group, losing Stastny probably hurt team more than ppls think. They also need good two-way forwards to group. Playoff prediction: One of favorites to go in the playoffs from most deepest division in NHL. All Central division teams could go to playoffs this year and Winnipeg has one of most talented teams. Playoffs they dropp in first or second round because they miss some veteran touch and second line center is question mark.
  12. Toronto Captain: - Alternate Captains: Patrick Marleau, Morgan Reilly, John Tavares Coach: Mike Babcock GM: Kyle Dubas Most Underrated: Morgan Reilly Most Overrated: Frederik Andersen Biggest Leader: Patrick Marleau MVP: Austin Matthews Goalie Ranking: Frederik Andersen 50-60 Garret Sparks 20-25 All-star line: Austin Matthews – John Tavares – Mitchell Marner Morgan Reilly – Jake Gardiner Frederik Andersen Second all-star line: William Nylander (RFA) – Nazem Kadri – Zach Hyman Nikita Zaitsev – Ron Hainsey Garret Sparks Strong point: Center squad and first pp unit. Team is still very young and most of players still have a lot potential to improve. Also coach is one of NHL best's Weak point: Goalies are still minor question mark. I think Andersen is little bit overvalued as goalie and his GA% was higher than most of other playoff goalies had. Also d-group will need more help. They only have one very good d-pair and rest cant be comparated to other playoff teams d-pairs. Also they will be problems in the future after giving Tavares, Marleau and Matthews so big contrats so it will not be easy to fix d-group when they still need to do contracts with Nylander and Marner too. Playoff prediction: Window is open for couple year before they hit to salary cap problems after making big contracts with Tavares, Marleau and Matthews. D-group is not good enough to go long in the playoffs. Ofc that could has been sayed on PIT too in past, but they had better goalies then than Toronto have now. PIT goalies was able to even sitaution comparated to others more than Tornto goalies can do. Anyway will go to second round and compite on division win in regular season. Vancouver Captain: - Alternate Captains: Bo Horvat, Brandon Sutter, Alexander Edler, Christopher Tanev Coach: Travis Green GM: Jim Benning Most Underrated: Brandon Sutter Most Overrated: Loui Eriksson Biggest Leader: Brandon Sutter MVP: Brock Boeser Goalie Ranking: Jacob Markström 45-55 Anders Nilsson 25-35 Thatcher Demko 1-5 All-star line: Sven Bärtschi – Bo Horvat – Brock Boeser Christopher Tanev – Alezander Edler Jacob Markström Second all-star line: Loui Eriksson – Brandon Sutter – Elias Pettersson Michael Del Zotto – Troy Stecher Anders Nilsson Strong point: They have couple very good and promising player which they can start build they team, those players are. Brock Boeser, Bo Horvat and Elias Pettersson. Weak point: Woah where to start, They probably have weakest first all-star line in NHL. Bärtschi who i had to put in left wing probably would not even fit in teams who are top 5 teams in NHL and most of teams he would be third/fourth line winger. Team have couple good third-line players and NHL lvl players but they are lacking top 6 players. They had to use in they top 6 guys who are not cabable to handle that role. Also d-group is also one of NHL weakest, they dont have any d-man who have potential to be 50+ point player and almost all the other teams have even one d-man who have potential to be 50+ point man. Its even hard to get 35 point from someone from d-group. Also goalies are not good enough to compite in high NHL lvl. Playoff prediction: Last places in the NHL. Vegas Captain: - Alternate Captains: Deryk Engelland, Reilly Smith (rotate third A between several players) Coach: Gerard Gallant GM: George McPhee Most Underrated: William Karlsson Most Overrated: Cody Eakin Biggest Leader: Max Pacioretty MVP: Jonathan Marchessault Goalie Ranking: Marc-Andre Fleury 55-60 Malcom Subban 5-10 Oskar Dansk 5-10 Goalie addition to back up role All-star line: Jonathan Marchessault – William Karlsson – Max Pacioretty Shea Theodore – Colin Miller Marc-Andre Fleury Second all-star line: Erik Haula – Paul Stastny – Reilly Smith Nate Schmidt – Deryk Engelland Malcolm Subban Strong point: Wide offensive group who is still young. Team also have very good role players in third line and fourth line. Last year MVP Fleury is also very strong point for the team. Weak point: Team did lose couple players but also signed and traded couple key player to team. There is risk that adding big names to big roles ruin team atmosphere and motivation. Last year team got motivation because they was trusted bigger role than in old teams, now team message was that they was not good enought because they did take other big names to big roles instead of keeping same team togeter. Also D-group is still minor question mark. It would need help as back up goalie position. Playoff prediction: Will go to playoffs, last year i did fail with this team and it could happen again, if team motivation and atmosphere is ruined by adding new players to big role and showing that they didnt trust old players enough, but top 3 from last year still get big minutes so i want to believe change was not too big. Need help in d-group to long playoff run. Dropp against San Jose in second round or first round depent when they will see in playoffs.
  13. San Jose Captain: Joe Pavelski Alternate Captains: Logan Couture, Joe Thornton Coach: Peter DeBoer GM: Doug Wilson Most Underrated: Marc-Eduoardo Vlasic Most Overrated: Evander Kane Biggest Leader: Joe Thornton MVP: Erik Karlsson Goalie Ranking: Martin Jones 50-55 Aaron Dell 25-30 Antoine Bibeau 1-5 All-star line: Logan Couture – Joe Thornton – Joe Pavelski Erik Karlsson – Brent Burns Martin Jones Second all-star line: Evander Kane – Tomas Hertl – Joonas Donskoi Marc-Edouard Vlasic – Justin Braun Aaron Dell Strong point: Top 3 D mans are best in the NHL with Nashville, its impossible to say which team have better top 3, Nashville or San Jose, San Jose top three is Karlsson, Burns and Vlasic when Nashville have Josi, Subban and Ellis. Its question of taste, which type d-mans u like more, Burns and Karlsson probably cant play together because both are super agressive in offensive zone and they need defensive defender as pair, when Josi is more two-way defender and Subban offensive d-man so Josi and Subban can play in same pair but Burns and Karlsson not. Vlasic is best d-man in defensive zone when Ellis from Nsh is great two-way defender. NSH has overall better d-group when you add Ekholm and Hamhuis in mix too. Would be interesting to follow how Karlsson and Burns can come a long with each others because both are very offensive defenders. Weak point: Team would need little bit help in offence groups. Ecpecially in wings, Couture is probably used as wing even that he can play as Center too, so its leave only Couture and Kane as big name star wingers to group when Pavelski is used in center. Playoff prediction: Will go to playoffs and season decide if they want keep Karlsson or not, price was very cheap for them. Will probably go to conference finals because so good d-group even that need help to offence group. St. Louis Captain: Alex Pietrangelo Alternate Captains: Alexander Steen, Vladimir Tarasenko Coach: Mike Yeo GM: Doug Armstrong Most Underrated: Jaden Schwartz Most Overrated: Jake Allen Biggest Leader: Alex Pietrangelo MVP: Vladimir Tarasenko Goalie Ranking: Jake Allen 35-45 Chad Johnson 25-35 Ville Husso 25-35 All-star line: Jaden Schwartz – Brayden Schenn – Vladimir Tarasenko Alex Pierangelo – Colton Parayko Jake Allen Second all-star line: Alexander Steen – Ryan O'Reilly – David Perron Jay Bouwmeester – Carl Gunnarsson Ville Husso Strong point: Center group is one of NHL deepests and bests. They signed O'Reilly and Bozak to team also got Perron from free second line is one of NHL bests too. Weak point: Goalies are not good enough to go long playoff run, i predict that before playoff start they starter will be Husso and who knows maybe he can even compite on rookie award. Also couple year ago team had one of NHL best defence group and now after first pair, they group is bellow avarage. Playoff prediction: Bubble team, last year i predict that team go to Yeo-losing streak as Wild went every year and that cost St. Louis playoff spot last year, they lost 10 game from 12 and eight or nine row, just which Wild got every year under Yeo. I predict that losing streak will happen this year too, and we will see if its cost them playoff spot again. In paper team should go to playoff. Tampa Bay Captain: Steven Stamkos Alternate Captain: Ryan Callahan. Second A they rotate between 2-4 player Coach: Jon Cooper GM: Julien BriseBois Most Underrated: Brayden Point Most Overrated: Ryan Callahan Biggest Leader: Ryan Callahan MVP: Nikita Kucherov, Victor Hedman Goalie Ranking: Andrei Vasilevsky 60-65 Louis Domingue 20-25 All-star line: Brayden Point – Steven Stamkos – Nikita Kucherov Victor Hedman – Ryan McDonagh Andrei Vaslevsky Second all-star line: Ondrej Palat – Tyler Johnson – Yanni Gourde Mikhail Sergachev – Anton Strålman Louis Domingue Strong point: Defence group is very good and deep. Also a lot leaders and young talented players in the group so team can be together long. Weak point: Team second line is not as good as some biggest challangers. There they could need help. Playoff prediction: Will probably win Eastern Conference and could be seen in the Finals. Question mark is can Vasilievsky keep his lvl high all the season, he is playing one of best d-group and one of best two-way teams. Also Cooper is getting alot more from players than regular coach would get from they players.
  14. Ottawa Captain: - Alternate Captains: Matt Duchene, Mark Stone, Mark Borowiecki, Zack Smith Coach: Guy Boucher GM: Pierre Dorion Most Underrated: Matt Duchene Most Overrated: Bobby Ryan Biggest Leader: Marian Gaborik MVP: Mark Stone Goalie Ranking: Craig Anderson 50-55 Mike Condon 25-30 All-star line: Ryan Dzingel – Matt Duchene – Mark Stone Thomas Chabot – Cody Ceci Craig Anderson Second all-star line: Mikkel Bödker – Chris Tierney – Jean-Gabriel Pageau Dylan DeMelo – Ben Harpur Mike Condon Strong point: Anderson is still good and underrated goalie, his stats havent been great last seasons, but its more to blame on team poor defence than his game. Weak point: Where to start? After Karlsson trade team have worst defence group in whole league, they traded Brassard, Karlsson, Hoffman and Turis away in one year, and made they team worst in NHL because only solid return have been Duchene from Colorado. Is Dorion worst GM in history of NHL with Mike Milbury (who i think is worst GM in history of NHL) or is own Melnyk forcing Dorion to make all these moves. Playoff prediction: Last place in NHL Philadelphia Captain: Claude Giroux Alternate Captains: Wayne Simmonds, Andrew MacDonald, Sean Couturier Coach: David Hakstol GM: Ron Hextall Most Underrated: Sean Couturier and Wayne Simmonds Most Overrated: Jori Lehterä Biggest Leader: Claude Giroux MVP: Sean Couturier Goalie Ranking: Brian Elliott 40-50 Michal Neuvirth 20-25 Anthony Stolars 15-20 Alex Lyon 1-5 All-star line: Claude Giroux – Sean Couturier – Jakub Vorachek Shayne Gostisbehere – Ivan Provorov Brian Elliott Second all-star line: James van Riemsdyk – Travis Konecny – Wayne Simmonds Andrew MacDonald – Travis Sanheim Anthony Stolars Strong point: First line is NHL bests, very good and also Giroux and Couturier are NHL best face off guys, also Couturier one of best two-way forwards thats why i valued him more in MVP ranking than Giroux. After van Riemsdyk siginin team also have very good second line. Team also have super talented goalie group with Stolars, Lyon and Hart, who all can be future starters in NHL. Weak point: Team defence group is very thin, you should not be able to put MacDonald who was playing AHL couple year ago to in your second all-start line and as third d man. Was surprised that they didn't sign any d man or tryed to get Karsson from Ottawa. They still have 10 milj space in salary cap. Playoff prediction: Team probably will give 2,5-2,8 goal per night because poor d-group so if they can make 3-3,5 goal per game from they two forward line they can go to playoffs, compite on last (playoff) place with Florida, Montreal, and New York Islanders, but d-group is biggest question mark and lack of big name starter in goal can be final decicing factor. Pittsburgh Captain: Sidney Crosby Alternate Captains: Yevgeni Malkin, Kris Letang Coach: Mike Sullivan GM: Jim Rutherford Most Underrated: Olli Määttä Most Overrated: Justin Schultz Biggest Leader: Sidney Crosby MVP: Yevgeni Malkin Goalie Ranking: Matt Murray 50-60 Casey DeSmith 15-20 Tristan Jarry 15-20 All-star line: Yevgeni Malkin – Sidney Crosby – Phil Kessel Kris Letang – Olli Määttä Matt Murray Second all-star line: Jake Guentzel – Derrick Brassard – Patrick Hörnqvist Brian Dumoulin – Justin Schultz Casey DeSmith Strong point: Center squad is probably NHL best (Crosby, Malkin, Brassard, Cullen) Also team d-group is better than many thinks, they have very solid and good top 6. Maybe some have better first pair than Pit. Weak point: Winger squad could be better, when Malkin is used in center its leave only Kessel as star lvl winger to team. Playoff prediction: Probably win they own division and is second or first in the east and you can wait long playoff run from them as long as Murray stay healthy.
  15. oh boy Wild has been looking slow. We never been fastest team in the NHL, but now we are super slow and thats worries me. We have to be quick in our passes. Dubnyk saved over 40 time in three of our four games. We give two time more shots than we take. Our young players, Granlund, Greenway, Kunin, Niederreiter, Coyle and Eriksson Ek are all good players but they are not fast skaters, they are avarage skaters or bellow avarage. Parise, Koivu and Staal are not fast skaters either, only fast skater of team is Zucker who have been our second best player after Dubnyk. We need to add some speed to our line up and fast, because NHL is changing and we havent been able to keep with it. I still think we can get to playoff, as long as we start play quicker hockey we are same team as last year, only new player in top 9 is Greenway, and we was fast team last year because we played quick puck moving game, we have to get back to that. We cant try to get wins by winning skating competation, we have to let puck do to work. We lost couple players (in freeagency or who was traded) who would help us, like Domi, Duclair, Galchenyuk and Pacioretty. I am waiting some move from our GM now. EDIT. Maybe we could somehow get Nylander from TOR or Hayes from NYR or Kessel from PIT, I hear those could be available atm.

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