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  1. You seen this? It's for college, but works for HS too:



  2. Well I shouldn't have skipped your flaming lessons! My loss. Muwahaha Goodluck with your adventures. Come visit though/don't forget about us when you become famous. OK?! Cheers
  3. Hi. Nice to meet you. I haven't been around long but I've noticed forums getting busy as well!
  4. Welcome back Chamba! I may have played on FA servers in the past before I stopped playing because life. Now I'm back and joined the clan See you around. I play mostly on Jay1.
  5. I think I've stayed awake for about 26 hours. Jurassic park and guacamole/chips all night long with my best friend.
  6. Welcome to FA Tosti!
  7. My heart goes out to her two sons and husband.  I just lost a relative this week. The news is still shocking and unfortunate. “When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” - Kahlil Gibran This isn't just for me. This quote is for anyone out there that has lost a loved one and needs a little something.

    1. CheepHeep


      My condolences :( If you need someone to talk to, you know im always available on Discord for a chat. Losing a relative is never easy and one should never go through it alone. You have your family to support but dont forget you also have us. ❤️

    2. m00jii


      My condolences :(

    3. Verillaxus


      You're in my thoughts, Neuro. Sorry to hear. The only solace i found was creating a place for the lost in my heart that lives on; it's tough though, and certainly not easy. When you are ready, this site helped me with my own loss recently, so maybe it will help you: https://support.sueryder.org/practical-emotional-advice/how-can-i-cope-bereavement

  8. Happy Birthday Von Rantala! Hope you've had a great day full of celebrating.
  9. Neuro


    You're the man! These puppet things remind me of Jeff Dunham.
  10. Sniper is awesome in Insurgency! I'm working on officer in DOI. I mean, what's your specialty in the medical world? HAHA
  11. Am I the only one seeing these black boxes of text in topics across forums? It's not a big deal but is there a way to change this?
  12. Hey Francisco. Welcome to FA! What's your specialty??
  13. @CheepHeep isn't joking about donating... HAHA. He asks everyone. Welcome to FA servers and the forum. I'm willing to answer questions as well!
  14. What number follows 14 and proceeds 16? OHhh IT'S 15! This absolutely topped off my day. Thank you for noticing me fam. And congrats to all these promoted peeps lately. :)

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    2. Patrick


      Good job, Nero! :P

    3. Neuro


      NEURO @Patrick Never knew the * would be so needed (Neuro*) Good god.

    4. Patrick




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