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  1. Setlevel Neuro! Don't forget the tags!

    1. Neuro


      yep, I'll still wear the tags lol ...until I want to be free again ;)

  2. Neuro

    Interview: von Rantala

    Hanging in there How's...new jersey?
  3. I now bring to you the one and only von Rantala! Quite friendly, experienced admin and leader. Thank you von for taking the time to answer a few questions to let us get to know you a little more! What is something fun we don't know about you? Hmm, i am very open person, i have told a lot on my life in the servers and site. But maybe its that i drink a lot CocaCola xD Have you noticed anything changing within the FA community since you joined? DD is more active in these days, when i was first active an
  4. Awww finally a face to the name!
  5. Hope everyone is avoiding the virus and not suffering too much with lockdowns. It's a crazy time. If you have a good meme please share lol.

    Maybe things will calm down by the summer so we can atleast enjoy that!

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    2. RedBaird


      Neuro, we have a topic for that :D




      Did @hulk post his 'meme' there, yet?


    3. Neuro


      I was about to make a topic but nope someone already beat me to it!

    4. Hulk


      @RedBaird nope, this one was to share with nuero. Yep, does not take them long to make topics around here.

  6. Neuro

    How do I fix my ET?

    I'm running ET on etlegacy and they are gone! Thanks for the help
  7. Neuro

    How do I fix my ET?

    Also those pink particles keep flickering in game. They go away tho when i tab out. Do I need to change my resolution?
  8. Just installed ET fresh... anyone know what's happening? I get this error Thanks a bunch
  9. Neuro spam activated. 38 notifications. I thought some major stuff went down. Only a neuro happened. Still looking for that wifi cable? XD


    Hi btw.

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    2. Kai


      same here


    3. Gengis


      Neuro lost control. Haha



    4. Neuro


      yep just me doing a little catch up on the incoming trouble makers. 🤣

  10. Congrats on tying the knot! I joined not too long ago. Nice to meet you
  11. Hi there. welcome to FA!
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