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  1. How are all my recruits doing no adays?? :) 

    1. m00jii



  2. /Follow's Neuro and awaits her return! I hope you are doing well!


    @daredevil I just set her 16 on her new W:ET on Jay#1

  3. /Follow's Neuro and awaits her return! I hope you are doing well!

    1. Neuro



    2. daredevil


      Welcome back! sup with Discord name..  😛 

    3. Neuro


      I'm back to Neuro. :) 

  4. NEUROOO, I was planning on spamming you since you've been gone for long. How are you?!

    1. Neuro


      no spamming allowed. haven't got covid so alive and kickin. how's mooji doin?

    2. daredevil


      Moojii reads my mind - i tell you, he is cyber mind hacker 😄 

    3. m00jii


      I wish my cyber mind hacker skills would work on that nerd Jaie but no results :(

  5. Neuro


    Always looking for fun dibs on the flamer
  6. Setlevel Neuro! Don't forget the tags!

    1. Neuro


      yep, I'll still wear the tags lol ...until I want to be free again ;)

  7. Neuro

    Interview: von Rantala

    Hanging in there How's...new jersey?
  8. I now bring to you the one and only von Rantala! Quite friendly, experienced admin and leader. Thank you von for taking the time to answer a few questions to let us get to know you a little more! What is something fun we don't know about you? Hmm, i am very open person, i have told a lot on my life in the servers and site. But maybe its that i drink a lot CocaCola xD Have you noticed anything changing within the FA community since you joined? DD is more active in these days, when i was first active an
  9. Awww finally a face to the name!
  10. Hope everyone is avoiding the virus and not suffering too much with lockdowns. It's a crazy time. If you have a good meme please share lol.

    Maybe things will calm down by the summer so we can atleast enjoy that!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RedBaird


      Neuro, we have a topic for that :D




      Did @hulk post his 'meme' there, yet?


    3. Neuro


      I was about to make a topic but nope someone already beat me to it!

    4. Hulk


      @RedBaird nope, this one was to share with nuero. Yep, does not take them long to make topics around here.

  11. Neuro

    How do I fix my ET?

    I'm running ET on etlegacy and they are gone! Thanks for the help
  12. Neuro

    How do I fix my ET?

    Also those pink particles keep flickering in game. They go away tho when i tab out. Do I need to change my resolution?
  13. Just installed ET fresh... anyone know what's happening? I get this error Thanks a bunch
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