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  1. What's your dharma?

    1. daredevil


      Do we need to have one? 

  2. Hey guys...check this out. He's a psychiatrist. He's got some good info.



    He talks about this thing I learned about...Dosha. Your dosha is your mind-body type. There's Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. Heres a quiz Dosha Quiz - Chopra The website will coach you on your mind-body type, foods to eat more of, avoid, and other stuff. Let me know what you think :) 

  3. Neuro

    Mid pandemic

    More people are dying from this than the regular flu. It's totally a different beast. Again, if everyone just wore masks for sometime, the viruses wouldn't have anywhere to go and we'd be done with it. No more crazy numbers of deaths from covid, we'd be done and back to normal. No more fear either.
  4. Neuro

    Mid pandemic

    I’m honestly not sure what to write about but here I go. I just need to vent. Just wanted to write a little something about how things are going with me. But that’s kinda hard given the state of the world right now. Things are shit. It’s been such a f***ed up time this past almost year and a half with the pandemic. It’s literally killing people all over the world. We have people on the streets in some countries like India, not getting into hospitals. What a mess. I used to work in healthcare, now I’m out of it, but I’m working to get back into it now and work my way up. I just need to help out and make a difference wherever I can. That’s how I feel anyway. We all need to be wearing our masks if we are to get out of this thing. We don’t even need to all get vaccinated. Just the mask and hand washing would rid of it. But not everyone wants to wear it. Pisses me off. People have such little minds when it comes to the health and safety of communities. Like what’s the big deal? We would be out of this by now and back to living in less fear for ourselves and one another. I hope this blog post finds you healthy and well mentally and physically. Please comment about your experiences with this pandemic. I know my mental health has been going to shit. I started a new medication for it and I think its helping. IDK. That stuff is a mystery to me. I’d love to hear how it’s been for you and what you think of this pandemic. Do you work in healthcare? Has your work been affected? Are people wearing masks? Where in the world are you at? But yea, I’ve been well. Joined FA 4 years ago and I’ve had some good times. Finally got a new laptop so I can now play sandstorm. Probably starting school in the fall so my play time will drop again while I study and try and pass everything. I hope we can have some more parties like the old times again tho. Cheers to summer gameday starting tomorrow! Take care. Thanks for reading. Love ya.
  5. I have 12 notifications, and only from you 😄 I think you should have a lot more 

    1. Neuro


      I'll keep going

    2. DeKing


      Good luck !!! ;) 

  6. Hello and welcome! Thank you for you pennies
  7. Soccer is awesome! Hello and welcome
  8. Neuro

    join F|A

    Hello and welcome!
  9. Neuro


    Hello and welcome!
  10. So cool all the traveling you've done. Hello and welcome
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