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  1. It looks like you are "still around" having left some evidence in your profile here. :D 


    Your help for the clan is still "much appreciated" and your tools are used almost daily somewhere.  Thank you, Sir! 

    1. captnconcrete


      yea it would be great too see some sunlight on server!!!!!

  2. The first vocaloid song I've heard is this I think
  3. Not really pop music, actually... I've seen them live last year when I went to see Scandal, and I liked their music.
  4. In this one I can hear both versions lol https://www.theguardian.com/technology/video/2018/may/18/the-new-yannylaurel-do-you-hear-brainstorm-or-green-needle-video And even funnier, after trying again the one in this thread I clearly hear Laurel wtf? I could hear Yanny the first time I listened and now I can't hear it again? Lol I even thought who the heck can hear Laurel are they deaf? And now I hear it and I can't unhear it...
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