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  1. Negoshk Beta 1 - negoshk_b1.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: negoshk_b1.pk3
    Map Name: negoshk_b1.bsp
    The town of Negoshk is the mainpoint of the Axis Supplement Routes in the North. Therefore the Allied Forces plan to destroy their ammo depots. To be successful the Allied Forces have to steal a tank right out of an Axis City Outpost to destroy the City Gates to enter the Inner City and destroy the Ammo Depots.



  2. Bloody Omaha - bloody_omaha_b2.pk3

    Download PK3 name: bloody_omaha_b2.pk3
    Map name: bloody_omaha_b2.bsp
    The Allies have landed on Omaha beach, the objective is to take over the area. By taking out the two Flak88 guns at the top of the beach they will be able to clear the path for armor.
    Another true WWII map



  3. Bridges Final - __BRIDGES__.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: __BRIDGES__.pk3
    Map Name: __BRIDGES__.bsp
    The Axis are attempting to escape Eastwards from Northern Italy with a train cargo of booty.
    To do this they need to fix the train with spare parts on a truck.
    Trouble is that the Allies are on to them!
    The map is made up of 3 open areas connected by road and rail tunnels.
    The objectives are the vehicles, the road tunnel barrier and 2 rail bridge barriers.
    Axis have to get the spare truck to the train, fix the train, then get the train back across the bridges to the waiting cargo to win.



  4. 1944 Huertgen - 1944_huertgen.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: 1944_huertgen.pk3
    Map Name: 1944_huertgen.bsp
    The Huertgen Forest through which the Allies moved was thickly wooded, cut by steep defiles, fire breaks, and trails. The Germans built deep, artillery-proof log bunkers, surrounded by fighting positions.
    They placed thousands of mines in the forest. In addition, they felled trees across the roads and wired, mined, and booby-trapped them; and registered their artillery, mortars, and machine guns on the roadblocks. Tree-high artillery bursts, spewing thousands of lethal splinters, made movement on the forest floor difficult. Armor had no room to maneuver. Two months of bloody, close-quarters fighting in mud, snow, and cold was devastating to morale. Parts of at least three U.S. divisions, pushed beyond all human limits, experienced breakdowns of cohesion and discipline.



  5. 1944 Siegfried - 1944_siegfried.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: 1944_siegfried.pk3
    Map Name: 1944_siegfried.bsp
    The Axis and the Allies are at a standoff! Both sides seek to capture the enemies secret documents and transmit them at the central Command Post!
    This is a dual objective map.
    Both sides seek to steal a set of documents from the other.
    Each team should try to build the command post (located in the center of the map).
    Whichever team controls the command post will be on offense.
    In addition, whichever team controls the Com-Post will control the forward spawn.
    The central "keep" has several access routes leading to the Com-Post. There is access through a tunnel system underneath the building that can be sealed by activating levers to close the gates, by default these gates are open. Aside from the lower gates there is the always-open bridge entances.
    Defensively, each team has three obstacles to prevent the offensive team from gaining access to their documents. There is a constructable gate located inside the buildings, there is also a destructable main gate, and finally a set of team-only doors for coverts to sneak through.



  6. Ruine Castle - ruine_castle.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: ruine_castle.pk3
    Map Name: ruine_castle.bsp
    Southern France, 1942. The Axis found a ruine which can be used perfect as headquarter. The Allies noticed the movement of the Axis soldiers towards this ruine and try to prevent them from capturing this place. Kill the Enemy and you will have victory!
    Another real WWII map!
    GameTypes       : Objective
                             : Deathmatch
                             : LMS
                             : NOTICE! This map has no objectives and will run like a deathmatch gametype. Even if it's running in objective mode.
    Note: Very small map - not suitable for the main F|A servers.



  7. Caen - caen.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: caen.pk3
    Map Name: Caen.bsp
    The Allies have occupied the town of Caen and have set up a Battalion headquarters.
    The Axis must push the Allies back across the river, get a tank across to break into the battalion headquarters, and steal their maps.



  8. The Ghetto - UJE_the_ghetto_b6.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: UJE_the_ghetto_b6.pk3
    Map Name: UJE_the_ghetto.bsp
    Also included: uje_the_ghetto_waypoints.zip
    The Allies have occupied the Ghetto and have set up a Ganghouse and The Axis must push the Allies back to the Ganghouse, get a tank there to break into the Ganghouse, and steal their Combat maps.
    All in all a fun map!



  9. Sniper Marina - sniper_marina_b1.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: sniper_marina_b1.pk3
    Map Name: sniper_marina_b1.bsp
    Axis and Allies have found a mediteranean heaven somewhere north of Morocco.
    A fight started to claim territory. Only Snipers are involved in this mission.



  10. Cartoon Sniper - UJE_cartoon_sniper_b2.pk3

    Download PK3 name: UJE_cartoon_sniper_b2.pk3
    Map name: UJE_cartoon_sniper.bsp
    Also included: uje_cartoon_sniper_waypoints.zip
    Description: A fun sniper map in a cartoon theme. Ever wanted to battle it out on the streets of the simpsons? Then this is the map for you!
    Fun, and different from other maps Intended as a sniper map!



  11. Chartwell - chartwell_140.pk3

    Download pk3 name: chartwell_140.pk3
    Map name: chartwell.bsp
    Chartwell, England, 1943.
    Axis have launched a surprise paratrooper attack on Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill, to steal the plans for the D-Day invasion.
    - Axis win if they successfully steal and transmit the D-Day plans before the map timer expires.
    Axis initial spawn is at the the buildings in the grounds of the house.
    If they destroy the AA gun or the AA gun controls then the Axis spawn changes randomly for every Axis spawn, with the spawners arriving at any part of the map. Allies must repair both in order to prevent Axis paratroopers. This makes the Axis attack easier as they can attack from any direction.
    To enter the house Axis must destroy the Main door or either of the side doors.
    Axis must grab the key from the Dining Room and take it to the Safe in the Study. Either of the Study doors must be destroyed to get in (one needs dyna, one needs satchel).
    Once the Safe is opened, take the D-Day plans to the Command Post for victory.
    Axis Cov Ops can booby trap the entrances to the AA gun and AA gun controls, by standing nearby for a few seconds.
    Allied Cov Ops can defuse them in the same way. Booby traps show as faint transparent bars, and are set off if an allied soldier touches them.



  12. AE Sniper Practice - ae_sniper_practice.pk3

    Download pk3 name: ae_sniper_practice.pk3
    Map name: ae_sniper_practice.bsp
    This map is intended for snipers to have fun and improve their skills - or more commonly, simply for a sniperwar!
    Wide open areas with plenty of places to hide and snipe from, lots of buildings with windows and rooftops, climbable trees, buildings, towers, etc..
    Plenty of ammo and health packs available (if you get out of their scope in time )
    There is also a telephone wire for the bravest covert to try and cross over to infiltrate the enemy lines.
    Objectives: None - just sniping!
    Best played with 1-10 players per side.



  13. Railgun EU BETA 2 - railgun_eu_b2.pk3

    Download pk3 name: railgun_eu_b2.pk3
    Map name: railgun_eu.bsp
    The Allies must prevent the Axis from loading and firing Dora, a colossal railway gun. The Axis must transport and load Dora's ammunition, protect her firing controls and fire her to win.
    There are also two modifications for this map which can be added - A snow-reduction mod for improved performance, and a spawnfix mod to keep things more fair.



  14. Sniper Lake BETA 2 - Sniper_Lake_b2.pk3

    Download pk3 name: Sniper_Lake_b2.pk3
    Map name: Sniper_Lake_b2.bsp
    Two small compounds located on the shores of Sniper Lake were constructed. Axis & Allies had weapons and
    supplies airlifted in only to find out that it was crates of sniper rifles only.
    This is a good sized map for 10-15 players per side.
    Note: This is a sniper only map and should be played that way! which means covert ops class only with sniper rifle.
    - The Axis/Allies need to hold off the enemy troops with nothing but a knife and sniper rifle.
    - The Axis/Allies need to find cover and stay alive untill fresh supplies are airdropped in.



  15. silEnT MOD version 0.6.1

    Some brilliant fixes are available since the recent 0.6.0 release of silEnT MOD. See details below!
    What's New in Version 0.6.1 (See full changelog)

    * Added: New optional parameter "syntax" to custom command blocks. This allows creating proper syntax help to show with !help command.
    * Added: Shrubot custom commands can now have color codes. The colors are not required when using the commands.
    * Changed: The maximum number of custom commands increased to 95.
    * Fixed: Double amount of level stars in the map change debriefing.
    * Fixed: Many coloring errors related to white nicks.
    * Fixed: Server side was not handling the new skill_(x) cvars correctly.
    * Fixed: Killed sniper had scope enabled with normal fov after revive. Depending how the sniper was killed.
    * Fixed: !baninfo was not displaying permanent bans in Expires in field.
    * Fixed: Stamina bar color bug.
    * Fixed: Lua documentation. The G_ClientNumberFromString is actually ClientNumberFromString.
    * Fixed: Some typos with shrubbot commands and inconsistencies with !help.
    * Fixed: Shrubbot !help now accepts the command names with ! infront.
    * Fixed: Unified !help syntax notation.
    * Fixed: Player names that were both online and previously stored, were printed twice in the !aliassearch command output.
    * Fixed: Formatting bug when more the 10 matching aliases for a player.
    * Fixed: With custom commands, the missing command line parameters are stripped from the command.
    * Fixed: Player name replacement gives better error messages for every case, including the command name.
    * Fixed: Teammate healthbars were flashing wrong health data. Introduced in 0.6.0.
    * Fixed: Player idents were enforcing bans to innocent players. Introduced in 0.6.0.



  16. silEnT MOD version 0.6.0

    The guys at MyGamingTalk.com have released a brilliant update to the ever improving silEnT MOD for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory; this time bringing some superb new features!
    Special thanks for Krauersaut for building the Mac OS X client.
    What's New in Version 0.6.0 (See full changelog)
    * Added: New dialog window under silEnT menu for screen resolutions. This dialog has autodetected possible resolution and includes widescreen resolutions.
    * Added: ETPro compatible access to sess.aWeaponStats (a GET by weapon index returns a 5-element table of numbers), from pheno of ETPub.
    * Added: Optional aliases database. New commands !aliases, !aliasesdel, !aliassearch and !userinfo now has an option to show the stored aliases. New server cvar g_dbMaxAliases.
    * Added: Mute information is displayed in with the !finger command. This includes time left, mute reason and who muted.
    * Added: Players can freely choose the type of hit sounds they prefer. This is controlled with cg_hitSoundType cvar. Related to this, server admins can configure the type of hit sounds the players default if they do not specifically select any type. By defult, the cg_hitSoundType is 0, which means server configured hit sounds and allowing custom hit sounds in custom pk3 files. Read documentation about g_hitsounds, g_defaultHitSounds and cg_hitSoundType. There is also an additional paragraph about adding custom hit sounds.
    * Added: g_misc flag 256. Setting this flag disables the "First Blood" announcement.
    * Added: g_logOptions flag 1024. This flag allows logging every player drop. It can be usefull for inspecting the server operation, but it will also cause lot of needless log writes.
    * Added: g_realPlayTime cvar. Used to show additional real play time of the payer (without spec time) in the debriefing screen.
    * Added: Flag 8 to g_playerCounting. Bots are not included into the player count.
    * Added: Cvar based enabling of both Thompson and MP40 to the limbo menu selection regardless of the team (g_classWeapons, flag 8)
    * Added: cg_effectDistance client cvar which can be used to control the maximum distance to draw the bullet effects.
    * Reworked: Class skills can be freely enabled/disabled in any order using 0 and -1 in the skill_(x) server cvars.
    * Reworked: The !finger command now shows the client operating system, again. This information was removed in the 0.5.2 because of unreliability in the full string.
    * Reworked: PPSh first person view model.
    * Reworked: The commands !gib, !lol, !pip and !pop no longer do it to everyone if target is not specified.
    * Fixed: Statistics bug with satchel charge.
    * Fixed: Shrubbot commands !useredit and !usereditpb didn't allow editing players with level higher then 32 when attempted with rcon.
    * Fixed: A bug in the player name cleaning allowed empty names using spaces.
    * Fixed: Player name doesn't change anymore everytime the name edit field loses focus. OK button must be clicked for the changes to take effect.
    * Fixed: Persistent SMG kills and deaths were getting lost if the player reconnected during the map.
    * Fixed: Dropping the helmet multiple times when repeated hits to the head. With antilag enabled.
    * Fixed: g_inactivityOptions flag 4 was not moving players to spectator. Fix from pheno of ETPub.
    * Fixed: Lagometer transparency (couldn't change lagometer transparency)
    * Fixed: Fireteam window transparency (improper drawing)
    * Fixed: Fireteam member information going over the window edge when latching to another class.
    * Fixed: g_noSkillUpgrades now locks the skills to the enabled ones, instead of changing every skill to 0.
    * Fixed: !readadmins command did not add admins correctly into the database. Versions affected on various levels from 0.5.0 to 0.5.2.
    * Fixed: Client inactivity timer ETPro compatible. Fix from pheno of ETPub.
    * Fixed: animation timing bug mainly for weapalts (switch to/from)
    * Fixed: reverted back (removed) fix for thrown knife dodging introduced in 0.5.2 version.



  17. Greece - greece_beta.zip

    Download PK3 Name: greece.pk3
    Map Name: greece6.bsp
    //What to do when you are on Axis side:
    -Destroy the village gate
    -Destroy the villa doors (This let you capture the village)
    -Destroy the entrance barricade, so axis can get trough and attack
    allied soldiers from the back
    //What to do when you are on Allied side:
    -Defend the village gate
    -Defend the villa doors
    -Defend the entrance barricade



  18. Sniper Castle - snipercastle_b2.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: snipercastle_b2.pk3
    Map Name: snipercastle_b2.bsp
    A simple strategic sniper map offering some stunning sniper shoot-outs.
    No objectives, just pure sniping!
    BOOM Headshot!



  19. Sniper Range ET - sniperange_et.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: sniperange_et.pk3
    Map Name: sniperange_et.bsp
    Train up on shooting, by yourself or with others.
    Includes both Axis & Allied spawns for clan training.
    With a variety of static & moving targets
    This map is designed both for solo practice
    And also has 16 axis & 16 allied spawns for clan practice
    Map source is included within the pk3.



  20. V2 Base - v2base.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: v2base.pk3
    Map Name: v2base.bsp
    Axis have captured an old fortress and built a V2 Base test facility to evaluate the new V2 rockets, Allied forces have intercepted this information and are trying to steal the secret V2 Rocket design blueprints.
    - Steal the V2 Rocket blueprints from the Axis base.
    - Transmit the blueprints using the base radio.
    - Destroy the Base Wall to get free passage into the V2 Base.
    - Capture the Fortress Tower Spawn.
    - Destroy the basement storage wall for additional access route.
    - Construct the command post.
    - Construct the Fortress ladder for optional route into the base
    - Construct the field and spawn MG42's
    - Prevent the Allied forces from stealing the V2 Rocket blueprints (When stolen sirens turns on globally).
    - Prevent the Allied forces from transmitting the documents using the base radio.
    - Prevent the Allied forces from destroying the Base Wall.
    - Construct the command post.
    - Destroy the Fortress ladder (if constructed by Allies)
    - Destroy the field MG42's (if constructed by Allies)



  21. Alcazaba Asssault - alcazaba_assault.pk3

    Download pk3 name: alcazaba_assault.pk3
    Map name: alcazaba_assault.bsp
    Attack AXIS
    Defend Allies
    Escort the Tank to the hermit and blow the windown. Dynamite the Safe and steal the Secret Documents.
    Build the Fieldradio to transmit the Secret Orders.
    The Command Post is very important cause it activates Spawnpoints near the Bunker.
    - Destroy Tank Big Door #1
    - Destroy Tank Barrier #2
    - Escort the Tank to the hermit and Destroy the windown.
    - Dynamite the Safe Door.
    - Steal the Secret Documents.
    - Build the Fieldradio and Transmit the Secret Order.
    - Build the neutral Command Post to enable the CP Spawn.
    - Build/Defend Tank Big Door #1
    - Build/Defend Tank Barrier #2
    - Dont let the Axis blow the Bunker windown.
    - Defend the Safe Door.
    - Destroy the Fieldradio.
    - Build the neutral Command Post to enable the CP Spawn.
    Waypoints available here.



  22. Alcazaba Asssault waypoints

    Waypoints for the Alcazaba Asssault map found here.



  23. Operation Marrakech - et_mor_pro.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: et_mor_pro.pk3
    Map Name: et_mor_pro.bsp
    An abandoned area on the outskirts of Marrakech is the localization of the Nazi' secret bank. There are missing gold bars which were lost by Allied forces during fights in the Northwest Africa. Now a new battle must take place to decide finally who becomes the new leader of World War 2!
    Objectives :
    1, Build the bridge and move the tank over to the main gate
    2, Let the tank blow up the town's main gate
    3, Dynamite the East Gate
    4, Activate the Door Controls using the Key Card (their icons are on the map)
    5, Blow up the defences by the Bank's entrance
    6, Escape with the Nazi gold
    1, Don't let the Allies get the tank over the bridge
    2, Protect the town's main gate
    3, Protect the town's East gate
    4, Prevent the Allies from accessing the Door Controls
    5, Protect the Bank's entrance
    6, Don't let the Allies to escape with the gold



  24. Operation Gun Fire - opgunfire.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: opgunfire.pk3
    Map Name: alley.bsp
    The allies are in need of ammo and food supplies which only can be brought by plane,
    But with all the roads blocked and no time to clear the roads and the axis flak close-by.
    The supply plane cant come near the drop-zone and the allies need to take out the flak,
    The axis need to hold the flak cannon at all cost, and destroy the bridge to stop the allied forces.
    Map objectives:
    defend the bridge
    destroy the flak cannon
    defend the flak cannon
    destroy the bridge



  25. Operation Chariot - chariot_101.pk3

    Download PK3 Name: chariot_101.pk3
    Map Name: chariot.bsp
    In 1942 the greatest threat to allied shipping was the mighty German battleship, Tirpitz. Her vast size meant that the only dock on the Atlantic seaboard that could accommodate her was at St Nazaire.
    So Operation Chariot was born, its mission to blow up the dock and neutralize the threat of the Tirpitz.
    The game commences with the allies having rammed the south gate with the destroyer HMS Campbeltown. They must now attempt to destroy as many of the 6 main dockyard facilities as possible.



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