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  1. Sniper Lake BETA 2 - Sniper_Lake_b2.pk3 and waypoints

    Download pk3 name: Sniper_Lake_b2.pk3
    Map name: Sniper_Lake_b2.bsp
    Two small compounds located on the shores of Sniper Lake were constructed. Axis & Allies had weapons and
    supplies airlifted in only to find out that it was crates of sniper rifles only.
    This is a good sized map for 10-15 players per side.
    Note: This is a sniper only map and should be played that way! which means covert ops class only with sniper rifle.
    - The Axis/Allies need to hold off the enemy troops with nothing but a knife and sniper rifle.
    - The Axis/Allies need to find cover and stay alive untill fresh supplies are airdropped in.
    sniper_lake_b2 waypoints.rar



  2. Operation Marrakech - et_mor_pro.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: et_mor_pro.pk3
    Map Name: et_mor_pro.bsp
    An abandoned area on the outskirts of Marrakech is the localization of the Nazi' secret bank. There are missing gold bars which were lost by Allied forces during fights in the Northwest Africa. Now a new battle must take place to decide finally who becomes the new leader of World War 2!
    Objectives :
    1, Build the bridge and move the tank over to the main gate
    2, Let the tank blow up the town's main gate
    3, Dynamite the East Gate
    4, Activate the Door Controls using the Key Card (their icons are on the map)
    5, Blow up the defences by the Bank's entrance
    6, Escape with the Nazi gold
    1, Don't let the Allies get the tank over the bridge
    2, Protect the town's main gate
    3, Protect the town's East gate
    4, Prevent the Allies from accessing the Door Controls
    5, Protect the Bank's entrance
    6, Don't let the Allies to escape with the gold
    et_mor_pro waypoints.rar



  3. POW Camp - powcamp_b5.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: powcamp_b5.pk3
    Map Name: powcamp_b5.bsp
    The Allies have analyzed aerial recon photos and discovered the location of a notorious POW camp. A small Allied force is given the task of breaking into the camp to destroy it and liberate the prisoners from their captors.
    1: Fix and advance the tank to destroy the garison wall.
    2: Build the Sola River bridge to move the tank across the river.
    3: Steal the Main Camp Gate Key from the Commandant quarters
    4: Take the key to the control tower to access the main POW camp.
    5: Blow up the Execution Wall to gain access to the crematorium/Gas Chamber
    6: Take the artillery shell from the gas chamber.
    7: Throw the artillery shell into the oven to blow up the crematorium.
    A: Build the command post
    B: Capture the forward spawn flag in the main POW Camp.
    😄 Build the assault ramp to have another way into the camp.
    😧 Disable or destroy the gas controls
    E: Build the scaffold for another way into the crematorium
    F: Dyno the invasion barrier to have another path into crematorium
    1: Prevent the Allies from escorting the Tank to the garrison wall.
    2: Prevent the Sola river bridge from being built.
    3: Protect the gate key from being stolen
    4: Don not allow Allies to take the key to the control tower.
    5: Protect the execution wall from being demolished.
    6: Protect the artillery shell from being stolen.
    7: Prevent allies from transporting the artillery shell to the crematorium oven.
    A: Build the command post
    B: Capture the forward spawn flag in the main POW Camp.
    😄 Do not allow Allies to build the assault ramp.
    😧 Build and maintain the gas controls
    E: Prevent the allies from building the scaffold
    F: Build and protect the invasion barrier to force allies south
    powcamp_b5 waypoints.rar



  4. Obersalzberg - Obersalzberg.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: Obersalzberg.pk3
    Map Name: Obersalzberg.bsp
    Axis developed a serum wich will get them substantial advantage during further war.Therefore Allies need to conquer the serum to investigate it and obviate the Axis soon advantage.
    obersalzberg waypoints.rar



  5. Rovaniemi Farm - rfarm_b2.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: rfarm_b2.pk3
    Map Name: rfarm_b2.bsp
    The axis forces are retreiving in Northern Finland and They have
    Their field office at the town called Rovaniemi. Finland
    freedom fighters are raiding the nearby farm and are trying
    to steal the Truck and Explosives that axis are keeping in the town.
    Axis will have their hands full defending the Explosives and the Truck.
    Allies must:
    1. Steal the truck from axis farm
    2. Escort the truck into and through the town
    3. Steal the explosives into truck
    4. Build command post



  6. Chartwell - chartwell_140.pk3 and waypoints

    Download pk3 name: chartwell_140.pk3
    Map name: chartwell.bsp
    Chartwell, England, 1943.
    Axis have launched a surprise paratrooper attack on Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill, to steal the plans for the D-Day invasion.
    - Axis win if they successfully steal and transmit the D-Day plans before the map timer expires.
    Axis initial spawn is at the the buildings in the grounds of the house.
    If they destroy the AA gun or the AA gun controls then the Axis spawn changes randomly for every Axis spawn, with the spawners arriving at any part of the map. Allies must repair both in order to prevent Axis paratroopers. This makes the Axis attack easier as they can attack from any direction.
    To enter the house Axis must destroy the Main door or either of the side doors.
    Axis must grab the key from the Dining Room and take it to the Safe in the Study. Either of the Study doors must be destroyed to get in (one needs dyna, one needs satchel).
    Once the Safe is opened, take the D-Day plans to the Command Post for victory.
    Axis Cov Ops can booby trap the entrances to the AA gun and AA gun controls, by standing nearby for a few seconds.
    Allied Cov Ops can defuse them in the same way. Booby traps show as faint transparent bars, and are set off if an allied soldier touches them.
    chartwell waypoints.rar



  7. The Ghetto - UJE_the_ghetto_b6.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: UJE_the_ghetto_b6.pk3
    Map Name: UJE_the_ghetto.bsp
    Also included: uje_the_ghetto_waypoints.zip
    The Allies have occupied the Ghetto and have set up a Ganghouse and The Axis must push the Allies back to the Ganghouse, get a tank there to break into the Ganghouse, and steal their Combat maps.
    All in all a fun map!



  8. Rhineland Bridge 4 - rhineland_bridge_4.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: rhineland_bridge_4.pk3
    Map Name: rhineland_bridge_4.bsp
    1945, Southern Germany. Allied forces are trying to cross the Rhine river at the last functional bridge. Axis forces are struggling to keep them from crossing, if the Allied forces succeed it may be the turning point of the war.
    rhineland_bridge_4 waypoints.rar



  9. V2 Base - v2base.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: v2base.pk3
    Map Name: v2base.bsp
    Axis have captured an old fortress and built a V2 Base test facility to evaluate the new V2 rockets, Allied forces have intercepted this information and are trying to steal the secret V2 Rocket design blueprints.
    - Steal the V2 Rocket blueprints from the Axis base.
    - Transmit the blueprints using the base radio.
    - Destroy the Base Wall to get free passage into the V2 Base.
    - Capture the Fortress Tower Spawn.
    - Destroy the basement storage wall for additional access route.
    - Construct the command post.
    - Construct the Fortress ladder for optional route into the base
    - Construct the field and spawn MG42's
    - Prevent the Allied forces from stealing the V2 Rocket blueprints (When stolen sirens turns on globally).
    - Prevent the Allied forces from transmitting the documents using the base radio.
    - Prevent the Allied forces from destroying the Base Wall.
    - Construct the command post.
    - Destroy the Fortress ladder (if constructed by Allies)
    - Destroy the field MG42's (if constructed by Allies)
    v2base waypoints.rar



  10. Oil Raid (by Icarion) - oilraid_b1.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: oilraid_b1.pk3
    Map Name: oilraid_b1.bsp
    Control over the city of Al Dawda means control over the oil in the region. The Axis are defending the city against the Allied raiders.
    Objectives Allies:
    * Escort the tank to the main entrance
    * Construct the command post
    * Dynamite the depot gate OR run the train into it
    * Construct the ramp for side access
    * Get the fuze and take it to the detonator
    * Activate the detonator with an engineer
    Objectives Axis:
    * Construct the tank barrier and delay the tank
    * Construct the command post
    * Defend the depot gate
    * Defend the fuze
    * Defend the detonator
    oilraid waypoints.rar



  11. Operation Chariot - chariot_101.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: chariot_101.pk3
    Map Name: chariot.bsp
    In 1942 the greatest threat to allied shipping was the mighty German battleship, Tirpitz. Her vast size meant that the only dock on the Atlantic seaboard that could accommodate her was at St Nazaire.
    So Operation Chariot was born, its mission to blow up the dock and neutralize the threat of the Tirpitz.
    The game commences with the allies having rammed the south gate with the destroyer HMS Campbeltown. They must now attempt to destroy as many of the 6 main dockyard facilities as possible.
    chariot waypoints.rar



  12. Road to Amiens - road2amiens_b2.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: road2amiens_b2.pk3
    Map Name: road2amiens_b2.bsp
    Also included: Omnibot waypoints.
    Allies must sabotage the Tower guarding the Road to Amiens.
    February 18, 1944.
    Under cover of night, an elite Allied squad has orders to sabotage the Axis Sniper Tower guarding the Road to Amiens.
    5km to the north, Amiens Prison holds 700 inmates, including several important leaders in the French Resistance - 12 of whom are to be executed in 24 hours! Allies must succeed or the French activists will be shot!
    road2amiens_b2 waypoints.rar



  13. Cartoon Sniper - UJE_cartoon_sniper_b2.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 name: UJE_cartoon_sniper_b2.pk3
    Map name: UJE_cartoon_sniper.bsp
    Also included: uje_cartoon_sniper_waypoints.zip
    Description: A fun sniper map in a cartoon theme. Ever wanted to battle it out on the streets of the simpsons? Then this is the map for you!
    Fun, and different from other maps Intended as a sniper map!



  14. 1944 Huertgen - 1944_huertgen.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: 1944_huertgen.pk3
    Map Name: 1944_huertgen.bsp
    The Huertgen Forest through which the Allies moved was thickly wooded, cut by steep defiles, fire breaks, and trails. The Germans built deep, artillery-proof log bunkers, surrounded by fighting positions.
    They placed thousands of mines in the forest. In addition, they felled trees across the roads and wired, mined, and booby-trapped them; and registered their artillery, mortars, and machine guns on the roadblocks. Tree-high artillery bursts, spewing thousands of lethal splinters, made movement on the forest floor difficult. Armor had no room to maneuver. Two months of bloody, close-quarters fighting in mud, snow, and cold was devastating to morale. Parts of at least three U.S. divisions, pushed beyond all human limits, experienced breakdowns of cohesion and discipline.
    1944_huertgen waypoints.rar



  15. Radar Summer - radar_summer_130.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: radar_summer_130.pk3
    Map Name: radar_summer.bsp
    Also included in download: z_radar_summer_130.pk3 (texture / gamma fix - readme included)
    The Allies are attempting to sabotage components of the new W�rzburg radar! Don't let them steal the radar components and destroy the radar stations!
    v1.3.0 Changes include new passage from bunker to main radar compound. Need to blow generator to open the door.
    All 4 objectives are needed for allies to win.
    radar_summer waypoints.rar



  16. Caen - caen.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: caen.pk3
    Map Name: Caen.bsp
    The Allies have occupied the town of Caen and have set up a Battalion headquarters.
    The Axis must push the Allies back across the river, get a tank across to break into the battalion headquarters, and steal their maps.
    caen waypoints.rar



  17. Transmitter - transmitter-beta2.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: transmitter-beta2.pk3
    Map Name: transmitter-beta2.bsp
    The Allied forces have a hard time progressing forward as civilists are resisting the invadors being manipulated by the volksempfänger's propaganda program. To break the civil resistance Allied forces have to overtake a local transmitter, which is amplifying the master-signal from Berlin for local receivers. Thus they have to rotate the transmitter's antenna, so it points towards an allied pirate sender. The pirate sender sends on a different frequency, so the allies have to manipulate the frequency by installing a radio modification kit on the transmitter electronics.
    Allies have to...
    -construct a bridge
    -capture the forward hut
    -dynamite the serpentine barricade if built by axis
    -rotate the receiving antenna located in the tower
    -take the radio modification kit from the forrest hut
    -dynamite the tunnel grate door OR infiltrate it with a covop
    -install the modification kit in the castle
    -a gate that can be risen by "hand"
    -a bypass tunnel with a triggerable door for the serpentine barricade
    -a dynamitable teamdoor (tunnel grate door)
    -a neutral command post
    -(lame) custom hq voice commands
    transmitter waypoints.rar



  18. Streets of Italy - italyfp2.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: italyfp2.pk3
    Map Name: italyfp2.bsp
    Also Included: italyfp2_mods.pk3
    Allies need to work there way around this Italian city and steal the gold from the Axis. and the Axis must protect the gold and the Axis barriers, try to destroy the Allied vehicle.
    Objective info :
    1. Escort the Jeep
    2. Destroy the Market Gate
    3. Destroy the Jeep Barrier
    4. Construct 2 Ramps
    5. Steal the Gold from the Tower
    6. Get the hell out of city!
    OPTIONAL: Build CP
    OPTIONAL: Construct Ladder
    OPTIONAL: Destroy the Tower Wall
    1. Destroy the Jeep
    2. Defend the Market Gate
    3. Construct the Jeep Barrier
    4. Don't let them construct Ramps.
    5. Protect the Gold
    6. Don't let them run away!
    OPTIONAL: Build CP
    italyfp2 waypoints.rar



  19. Stalingrad - stalingrad.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: stalingrad.pk3
    Map Name: stalingrad.bsp
    The Axis have taken control over large portions of the Russian city of Stalingrad. In order to re-take the city, the Allies must gain control of a small neighborhood on the western side of the city. This area is a key strategic position, from which the allies hope to launch further missions deeper into the city. However, being aware of the importance of this area, the axis have placed two jagdpanther tanks somewhere within this area, which must be destroyed in order for the allies to move in their own tanks, and secure the area.
    1) capture munitions depot spawn
    2) build command post
    3) destroy upper wall
    4) destroy main gate to secure munitions depot spawn
    5) destroy east tank
    6) destroy west tank
    7) prevent axis from building ccommand post/destroy axis command post
    1) defend forward spawn
    2) prevent allies from building command post
    3) defend uper wall
    4) defend main gate
    5) defend east tank
    6) defend west tank
    7) build axis command post
    stalingrad waypoints.rar



  20. Bridges Final - __BRIDGES__.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: __BRIDGES__.pk3
    Map Name: __BRIDGES__.bsp
    The Axis are attempting to escape Eastwards from Northern Italy with a train cargo of booty.
    To do this they need to fix the train with spare parts on a truck.
    Trouble is that the Allies are on to them!
    The map is made up of 3 open areas connected by road and rail tunnels.
    The objectives are the vehicles, the road tunnel barrier and 2 rail bridge barriers.
    Axis have to get the spare truck to the train, fix the train, then get the train back across the bridges to the waiting cargo to win.
    __bridges__ waypoints.rar



  21. Bloody Omaha - bloody_omaha_b2.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 name: bloody_omaha_b2.pk3
    Map name: bloody_omaha_b2.bsp
    The Allies have landed on Omaha beach, the objective is to take over the area. By taking out the two Flak88 guns at the top of the beach they will be able to clear the path for armor.
    Another true WWII map
    bloody_omaha_b2 waypoints.rar



  22. AE Sniper Night - ae_sniper_night.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: ae_sniper_night.pk3
    Map Name: ae_sniper_night.bsp
    American Elite Clan Sniper Challenge (Night Time Version). Axis and Allies are at a standoff to hold a blown bridge so neither side can rebuild it to cross into enemy territory and to help further win the war! supplies are low and the only available ammunition left is sniper rounds. you must do your best to defeat the enemy with this covert rifle.... one shot, one kill.
    This map is for those who enjoy a good night time hunt!
    ae_sniper_night waypoints.rar



  23. AE Sniper Challenge - ae_sniper_challenge.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: ae_sniper_challenge.pk3
    Map Name: ae_sniper_challenge.bsp
    American Elite Clan Sniper Challenge. Axis and Allies are at a standoff to hold a blown bridge so neither side can rebuild it to cross into enemy territory and to help further win the war! supplies are low and the only available ammunition left is sniper rounds. you must do your best to defeat the enemy with this covert rifle.... one shot, one kill.
    This is (in my opinion) a superior map to AE Sniper Practice, but others may disagree
    ae_sniper_challenge waypoints.rar



  24. 1944 Siegfried - 1944_siegfried.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: 1944_siegfried.pk3
    Map Name: 1944_siegfried.bsp
    The Axis and the Allies are at a standoff! Both sides seek to capture the enemies secret documents and transmit them at the central Command Post!
    This is a dual objective map.
    Both sides seek to steal a set of documents from the other.
    Each team should try to build the command post (located in the center of the map).
    Whichever team controls the command post will be on offense.
    In addition, whichever team controls the Com-Post will control the forward spawn.
    The central "keep" has several access routes leading to the Com-Post. There is access through a tunnel system underneath the building that can be sealed by activating levers to close the gates, by default these gates are open. Aside from the lower gates there is the always-open bridge entances.
    Defensively, each team has three obstacles to prevent the offensive team from gaining access to their documents. There is a constructable gate located inside the buildings, there is also a destructable main gate, and finally a set of team-only doors for coverts to sneak through.
    1944_siegfried waypoints.rar



  25. 1944 Overlord - 1944_overlord.pk3 and waypoints

    Download PK3 Name: 1944_overlord.pk3
    Map Name: 1944_overlord.bsp
    Allies must escort the tank through the countryside to blow up the library wall.
    The allies must then steal the documents from the library and get them to the transmitter.
    There are many secrets to this map (for example there is a weak area of the axis bunker wall that can be dyno'd). Should be a fun map.
    Please note that this map is completely different from earlier versions of the 1944_overlord releases.
    1944_overlord waypoints.rar



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