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  1. Yeah mouse pads are a lot cheaper to replace than desks lol
  2. Hey Ox! Glad you finally made it here Stick around my HC friend!
  3. Good idea @ScoOfi I am not good enough for leagues these days but it would be good for us as a community to host some for sure. I hope there's enough interest!
  4. Welcome mate! Played with you a lot on HC and it's always nice to meet old timers - like many here, I've been playing since '03! Glad to have you here.
  5. Chuckun

    ScreenShot Error

    You most likely just need to run ET as admin if you get errors like that.
  6. Was really looking forward to this, loved this when it happened when I was a kid. Sadly though, it's totally overcast here so won't be seeing anything but clouds.
  7. You missed one - Grime - and the UK smashes it with the likes of Stormzy, Skepta, etc
  8. TRUSSSST INNN MEEEEE! Welcome back! And congrats on getting your life together Maybe you can learn how to cook by playing ET using a flamethrower...!
  9. These three are me every time I get to play...
  10. Ok I take it back. xD
  11. There's no way to represent Chuckun so it's all in vain really...
  12. Pahahahah the last one is me at 4am with work in the morning
  13. Haven't been remotely interested personally, I appreciate the tech advancement but don't really see it as beneficial for me personally. But then I never spend much on phones!
  14. @n3g4n nothing beats the relief of oasis ending lol
  15. I'm having withdrawals guys, need moar memes plz thx bi
  16. Chuckun


    Our server rules haven't changed, proxies have always been disallowed and VPN falls into this category unfortunately as people abuse them. It may be that our proxy list has recently been updated with a fresh batch of known proxy IPs.
  17. Chuckun

    Checking In!

    Glad to hear from you mate! I forget how long you've been gone, but I got married to my beautiful girl and recently bought a new sofa which DJ says is the casting couch sofa................ Lol! Hope life is treating you well! We miss you!
  18. Developers obviously lacked my sense of humour lol xD
  19. I need !pants and !slap but don't know if silEnT mod has it?

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