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  1. 422 downloads

    Download pk3 name: mp_assault_etversion.pk3 Map name: here_mp_assault.bsp One of the best RTCW maps of all time, Assault takes place in an axis airfield. Featuring long, mid and short range fragging, as well as fun objective on both sides. here_mp_assault.gm here_mp_assault.way here_mp_assault_goals.gm
  2. 273 downloads

    Download pk3 name: 1944_Nordwind2.pk3 Map name: 1944_nordwind2.bsp Author(s): +KOMMANDO+, Mateos Mateos has released a newer version of 1944 Nordwind called "1944 Nordwind 2". Description: The Axis are launching a surprise attack on allied forces. They are using a Jagdpanther to open the Truckyard Wall to allow an escape with the Allied gold! 1944_nordwind2 waypoints.rar
  3. 119 downloads

    Download pk3 name: g0ldrush_b1.pk3 Map name: goldrushtest.bsp Author(s): Zer0Cool There are number of eggs in the map (in this case 20) which can be taken by both teams and have to be brought to the nests of the teams. After all 20 eggs have been taken 3 new spawn randomly. Every time when one of the 3 eggs is captured, a new one spawns, so there are always 3 eggs in the map till map ends. There can be taken up to 120 eggs per team atm. The team with the most eggs in the end wins. readme.txt goldrushtest.gm goldrushtest.way goldrushtest_goals.gm
  4. Version Final


    Download pk3 name: fun_fortress.pk3 Map name: fun_fortress.bsp Author(s): Marko & Svarvsven Description: Axis are attacking in this map. Axis must repair and escort a tank to blow the entrance to the allied base. After that, they must steal secret rocket prototype documents and finally; transmit them from the radio station which is in the dam area. fun_fortress_readme.txt fun_fortress.gm fun_fortress.way fun_fortress_goals.gm
  5. 169 downloads

    Download pk3 name: canyonlake.pk3 Map name: canyonLake.bsp Description: Axis must protect the book from being telegraphed by the Allied forces. canyonlake.gm canyonlake.way
  6. Version BETA 2


    A big thank you to the UJE team in [UJE]Niek for the waypoint files Download pk3 name: et_powescape_b2.pk3 Map name: et_powescape_b2.bsp Author(s): Codey Description: Are you looking for a fun map to play with your friends, but still want the challenge to be there? Then this is definately the download for you! Not only do you have to complete the two main objectives (or stop them from being completed, depending on which team you're playing as) but these are randomly placed...which means, you cannot spawn, and make a bee line for the objective's location...you have to try to stay alive and search for them! If you think this offsets the balance in the game, don't despair, as the showers and taps will not just clean your hands and face, they will also give you health when turned on. There are some important features in this map to keep in mind: Random Objective Placement The two main objectives, Secret Documents and Soldier activation key, are placed randomly at the beginning of the match. To provide for more varied gameplay each match. Faucets give health All taps and showers in the map when turned on can give out health. Water supply pump destructible Either Axis or ally team can destroy the water pump with TNT located at the south-east of the camp. All taps in the facility will then not function for the remainder of the match. Alternate route out of the camp The General's car can be driven down the hill and crashed through the fence, providing an alternate route out. But you must find the key and start it up first. Each team has primary and seconday objectives, I think this adds to the challenge of the map, and if you're looking to have fun with the potential of some serious frag fests...then keep this in mind: the more, the merrier! The full potential of this map will be enjoyed if you have more rather then less players in the server. Some of your objectives are: Allies Primary 1. Steal the top secret axis documents from the reearch facility 2. Take the documents south to the train and escape with as many pow's as you can Secondary 1. Capture and hold the North supply room to aid escape 2. Capture and hold the Train station area to aid escape Axis Primary 1. Prevent Allies stealing the top secret documents from the research facility 2. Prevent Allies from escaping on the train with the documents Secondary 1. Capture and hold the North supply room 2. Capture and hold the Train station area et_powescape_b2_readme.txt et_powescape_b2.gm et_powescape_b2_goals.gm et_powescape_b2.way
  7. 509 downloads

    Download pk3 name: SuperGoldrush_Final.pk3 Map name: SuperGoldrush_Final.bsp Author(s): NullZilla ---------------------------------------------- I think this map is long, but I find it very beautiful. What's new in this version (SuperGoldrush_Final, the prettier version): • The starting time limit is now 8 minutes. When the Allies steal the tank, the time limit will be extended to 20 minutes. When the tank gets past the first barrier, the time will be extended to 25 minutes. When the tank gets into the bank courtyard, the time limit will be extended to 30 minutes. This makes it for the Allies have to steal the tank quickly, but once they get it in the courtyard they have much more time to get the gold. • Tons of things are now buttons you can press, and something (funny) will happen. See something that is by itself, or something that catches the eye? Try going up to it and pressing activate. Something might happen! • Allies can flood the bank by pressing a button in the "Control Room". They can only press this button every 2 minutes. Flooding the bank will kill most people inside. Although this will kill people inside, while the bank is flooding no one can get into the bank. So use it when the time is right. Only Allies can press this button. • Allies OR Axis can kill people in the bank entrance by pressing a button in the "Control Room". This will make a few spikes drop down from the ceiling killing anyone in their path. This button can only be pressed every 60 seconds. • Improved lighting • New textures in a few places • You can now plant landmines on the bridge. • There is now a room up high I now dub "the control room". Inside is a table and when you press a button a few special things will spawn on the table. There is also monitors there showing different parts of the bank. Also there are now buttons there that activate traps in the bank and you can see the traps in the monitors. (Great Fun!!) • Most chicks taken out due to request by a few servers that wanted to run the map. In place of them are either new passages or new pictures. • Easier to get inside the bridge • MG nest by the 2nd tank barrier has been re-made • A few buildings taken out • Even MORE rooms and paths • All bugs fixed (I Hope, since this if the final version and I won't be able to fix any after this) • Tons of useless "decorative" structures removed to speed up compile time and to better FPS. • Tons of stuff now caulked, even more caulk then the original goldrush so FPS *should* be better. • Almost every clip (prevents people from walking or flying somewhere) removed; except for ones that are nessesary, like on stairs. This will allow you to go almost anywhere you desire but the downside is if you go up too high you will see much of the map invisible due to caulking. • I included the .map file in the pk3 if you want to see how anything is done. I thought, well if the original goldrush is going to be open source then why not SuperGoldrush? Feel free to use anything I made in it as long as you give me credit in your readme (like I am giving credit to people). Known Bugs: • There are a few spots in which the FPS rate drops low. I have tried everything possible and no matter what I do this is not fixed. • In one of the hidden underground tunnels, there is a spot that has a hall-of-mirrors effect. I have no clue what the heck is causing it. There is nothing there at all except what should be there. • When the bank is flooding, if you are behind the bank and look up you can see the water rising into the air. LOL. • When you flood the bank the announcer says the bank is flooding TWICE. Don't know why it does this it should only play once. What was new in the previous version (SuperGoldrush2, the funner version): • That middle tower thing is now hollow on the inside and you can climb up it. • New spiral stairs in the bank • New air vent in bank • More tunnels with a few surprises • A teleporter somewhere in the caves in a hard to get to spot that teleports your right behind the bank. • Many more rooms and paths • A few bugs fixed • New Lights in some of the darker rooms • An even more efficient map which will give you lower FPS then even the original goldrush • Better lighting even more then the original goldrush • Slightly more efficient scripting here and there • More realistic placing of the ambient music in the map (pvs) • Allies can dynamite a "back door" in the bank to get the crates and escape easier. • After truck reaches final spot game waits a few more seconds then normal before ending. • New sniping spots • You can get INSIDE the bridge and shoot from there. • Random decor here and there. • New underground tunnels • Even more stuff I can't think of right now What was new in the first version (SuperGoldrush, the fun version): • More rooms than original goldrush • Some clips removed • Better lighting • Some fun things like "you are an idiot." • New paths • Underground tunnels. -------------------- Hints, Tips Tricks, and more: • The "Back Door" in the bank can be dynamited from the inside by allies. And the bank can be flooded by allies by pushing a button. • People say Oh great just what goldrush needs, more MGs for axis. This map maker is a moron. But little does this idiot know, the allies can use these MGs as well . Infact the new MG near the original axis spawn is useful for raping the axis as they come out of their spawn. Also to stop axis from getting to the tank allowing allies to repair it. • Second balcony on bank does make getting the gold harder. This is why I made a back door the allies can dynamite to get the gold easier and escaping easier. Though some may argue dynamiting this door will even be harder then just grabbing the gold and running, what it does do is distracts the axis's attention from the gold. While they are disarming the dynamite, grab the gold, and vice versa. • The new up-high sniping ledges are there for a reason. Use them. • Crouch and get into a window and shoot from there. Chances are the enemy won't see you, and even if they do it will be too late. • Somewhere in the tunnels there is a teleporter that will teleport you right behind the bank. Though this does come at a cost as getting to that teleporter you will be injured. So Guess what, there is health and ammo cabinets right by the bank. Use them. • Explore the map before playing seriously. There are so many new camping spots like in the tall tower. It's there for a reason, use it! • MGs can be damaged with bullets and even a knife. Is that second MG making getting to the tank hard Shoot it (with the tank's turret) and make 'er smoke! • USE THE NEW PATHS! supergoldrush_final waypoints.rar
  8. 227 downloads

    Download pk3 name: fliegerhorst_2.pk3 Map name: fliegerhorst_2.bsp Author(s): Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: 1945, Southern Germany. Axis forces have developed a very poison gas that they plan on releasing over the enemy by air. Allied forces have found the hiding place and secured the gas, but can they hold it. Safest way to be sure is to destroy the airplane that the Axis forces are planing to use for the gas release. ------------------------------------------------- Info! ------------------------------------------------- #. This map has taken me forever to make, at least it feels that way. After 2 BETAs and what I thought was the FINAL release and many helpful testers I am hoping this will be the last. The map has taking its course of redoing the objectives so many times during the development that I almost forgot what I first thought of when starting on this map. I am almost sad that i have to leave this baby and go on to making another map, I really enjoyed working on this map. This is also the first time I do some Voice Over by myself for a map, and I'll think you'll enjoy the "News" where I am talking a bit about the objectives. Have fun, cya next time it's time for a map to be tested! ------------------------------------------------- Special thanks and Credits to: ------------------------------------------------- Enra, for testing, server and hosting my website. Sock at SD forums for great info. And offcourse everyone who gave me great feedback and testing, specially thanks to SmeTskE! I would also like to say that most of the textures are made by me. There are 156 new textures provided in the .pk3 file. In there´s 30 textures that I have borrowed from Iikka "Fingers" Keranen. fliegerhorst_2.gm fliegerhorst_2.way fliegerhorst_2_goals.gm
  9. 114 downloads

    Download pk3 name: budapest_beta1.pk3 Map name: budapest_beta1.bsp Author(s): ClasShadow ///////Description://////// main objective is to destroy a large bridge, also included are 2 elevators that are team construct/own 2 trams to ride, a forward flag with team swapping doors, an extensive sewer network with three gates for the allies to destroy and a patrol boat with a mounted mg. ///////Textures/////////excluding terrain alpha mapped tree textures ShareCg by fusebulb http://www.sharecg.com/v/7205/Texture/Tree-texture-with-alpha-map other textures various other free/share sights and some of my own handy work, im especially proud of the man hole covers with Budapest etched on them . ///////Sounds/////// all voice chat sounds were put together using the "Free Audio Editor" from existing wolf et wav files Free Audio Editor 2009 available at http://www.free-audio-editor.com/index.htm a small note after struggling to get the new sounds to load, i acquired the quake3 util program fixWav from http://www.btinternet.com/~AnthonyJ/projects/FixWAV/ and that did the trick. piano sound effect from http://www.pacdv.com/sounds/index.html -with some small editing on my part, mainly to reduce the size. ///////Models/////// all either edited stock md3's from wolf et pk0, or my own creations. none of the static models are inculded in the pk3 so if u want them youll have to contact me. //////Omni-bot scripts and map coding,////////// all my own work, with help from various tutorials and forum posts. special thanks to dood and crapshoot at the omni_bot forums for there help and clearifications budapest_bata1_waypoints_readme.zip
  10. 811 downloads

    Download pk3 name: et_beach.pk3 Map name: et_beach.bsp Author(s): Nerve Description: The Allies have to steal the secret german documents. We located them in a Sea Fortress near the Normandy. et_beach waypoints.rar et_beach.gm et_beach.way et_beach_goals.gm
  11. 325 downloads

    Download pk3 name: beerrun_b7a.pk3 Map name: beerrun_b7a.bsp Author(s): detox|TWL (TDFTI), Freak, Iffy, RivrStyx Allies must steal two kegs of beer and safely get them to the truck at the loading dock. beerrun_b7a waypoints.rar beerrun_b7a waypoints.zip
  12. 415 downloads

    Download pk3 name: sos_secret_weapon.pk3 Map name: sos_secret_weapon.bsp Allies must steal the secret weapon, construct the radio to signal the plane and escape. sos_secret_weapon waypoints.rar sos_secret_weapon.gm sos_secret_weapon.way sos_secret_weapon_goals.gm
  13. Version BETA 6


    Download PK3 Name: UJE_the_ghetto_b6.pk3 Map Name: UJE_the_ghetto.bsp Author(s): [UJE]Niek The Allies have occupied the Ghetto and have set up a Ganghouse and The Axis must push the Allies back to the Ganghouse, get a tank there to break into the Ganghouse, and steal their Combat maps. All in all a fun map! uje_the_ghetto_waypoints.zip uje_the_ghetto.gm uje_the_ghetto.way uje_the_ghetto_goals.gm
  14. 360 downloads

    Download pk3 name: et_mor2_night_final.pk3 Map name: et_mor2_night_final.bsp Author(s): Fix, {STS103} DC9 CAN, Avoc =================================================== Title : Marrakech Streets 2 - By Night [FINAL] OrigMapDate : 27/8/04 ModDate : 19/03/06 2nd ModDate : 15/10/08 Orig. Filename : et_mor.bsp Original Author : Fix Email : Orig. Mod. Author : {STS103} DC9 CAN Email : ggerrow@rogers.com Modified Mapname : et_mor2.bsp Night Mod. Author : Avoc Email : nedim@husic.dk Night Mod. Filename : et_mor2_night_final *** Night Edit Note *** // FINAL NOTES Oktober 2008 // The night version has reached its final version. A few new areas have been opened up, most significantly the new entrance to the lab and a new "upper" area has been opened by the axis backdoor. The barb swing gate has been changed into a "neutral barricade" - when axis construct it, it will be a barbwire. When the allies construct it, it will be wooden wall, blocking the way down the road to the lab, providing valuble cover. The truck has been moved to the left of the tunnel exit giving the axis a better chance to intercept the allies when they steal the objectives. Apart from that, a few new objects have been placed and some new aesthetical elements aswell. Nedim @ eft-clan.com April 2007 This map has been updated and modified in order to provide some new gameplay dynamics. First and foremost, the tank has been made indestructible in order to prevent the sometimes impossible task of escorting it to the town gates. The tents near the tunnel exit have been replaced by ruins. An alternative route has been made that allows the allies to go around the main route. And of course, most obviously, the setting has been made into a night map. Apart from that, everything is still the same. Thanks to DC9 CAN for allowing me to modify his modification of the map, and to Fix for creating this wonderful map in the first place. Nedim @ eft-clan.com Textures: LightedWindows and nightsky made by me, Nightsky is also used the "Quotidian" map. **************** *** EDIT NOTE *** March 2006 This map has been updated to repair (clip) seam leaks in the four pillars near the tank ramp, clip the overhead section on the town side of the front gate, added wm_set_round_timelimit in script, and re-named et_mor files to et_mor2 for co-existence. A new Allied objective "destroy the back door", additional building structures, texture repairs, and affects have been added to improve gameplay. The tank speed has been adjusted to move the Allied team to the front gates quicker. Thanks to "Fix" for allowing me to make these modifications and providing the alpha maps (.pcx files) so that this modification could have the same terrain as the original. {STS103} DC9 CAN. ***************** Objectives : Allies; 1, Escort the tank passed the barrier 2, Escort the tank to the town gate and destroy them 3, Destroy the back door entrance *** New objective *** 4, Destroy the entrance to the laboratory and get the document case 5, Take the documents back out through the gate to a waiting truck : Axis; 1, Don't let the tank get passed the barrier 2, Stop the Allies from destroying the town gate 3, Protect the back door entrance *** New objective *** 4, Guard the laboratory entrance 5, Don't let the Allies escape with the document case Notes : This is my first time mapping for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory, so I might not have got every thing working in the way it should, and it is probably not balanced totally equally But it has been tested a lot, so I am fairly sure it is without bugs and runs quite well. * Permissions* All original and composed textures or assets in this level remain property of the sources respective owners. You MAY distribute this PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, and include all files, including this readme, intact in the original archive. et_mor2_night_final waypoints.rar et_mor2_night_final.gm et_mor2_night_final.way et_mor2_night_final_goals.gm
  15. 693 downloads

    Download pk3 name: sw_goldrush_te.pk3 Map name: sw_goldrush_te.bsp Author(s): RivrStyx(mapping) & kNoX (Ideas) Objective: The Axis are guarding a hoard of gold in the Tobruk Central Bank. The Allies must steal an Axis Jagdpanther to blow the bank open, steal the gold bars and drive them to safety in a Truck sw_goldrush_te waypoints.rar sw_goldrush_te.gm sw_goldrush_te.way sw_goldrush_te_goals.gm
  16. 161 downloads

    Download pk3 name: cluedo_130.pk3 Map name: cluedo.bsp Author(s): 2Bit Set in the country manor of the board game Cluedo (Clue in the U.S.), there is no real scenario - this is played just for laughs as a break between "proper" maps. Each game lasts about 10 minutes. Axis spawn in the Ballroom (centre top of the map) and Allies in the Hall (centre bottom). A flag then randomly spawns in one of the seven other rooms. The upper edge of the room's walls glow white when the flag is active inside. The flag can be captured by either team, giving the white glow an inner blue (allies) or red (axis) core to show the current possessor. When the flag is held for a total of 90 seconds by a team it is secured and removed from the map. The white glow is removed and the inner core remains to show that the room has been fought over and which team secured it. This process is repeated until one team has secured four flags and is victorious. Players can move freely between the rooms and enter the cellar. The doors are glass lined so that players are aware of anyone camping the other side, which is legitimate and likely to be the case. Each room can be entered or exited through its windows, and the four corner rooms have secret passages which link them. Players can also move around and over the building. Each of the seven flag rooms has a trap which is activated by the lever in the corridor outside the room. Once a trap is activated it cannot be re-used for 30 seconds. The traps make the interior of the room uncomfortable or downright dangerous for its occupants, which helps to shift players camping the flag. The player activating a trap is teleported to a location outside the room, so he can witness the carnage he has caused. To make things even more lively, the players will find there are all sorts of places that engineers can plant mines to surprise the unwary... The action is fast and frantic, with low respawn times to ensure all the players stay in the thick of it. Recommended for teams of between 2 and 12 per team. cluedo waypoints.rar cluedo.gm cluedo.way cluedo_goals.gm
  17. 292 downloads

    Download pk3 name: supply_pro.pk3 Map name: supply_pro.bsp Author(s): Ginc, eTTp`Igloo Allied intelligence has discovered that the Axis forces are temporarily storing a large shipment of gold at a supply depot near the German border. The Allies have to drive a truck into the supply depot to steal the big ass crate of gold using a crane. The Axis have to defend the Depot and protect the gold till the end of aggression. (night version) supply_pro waypoints.rar supply_pro.gm supply_pro.way supply_pro_goals.gm
  18. 119 downloads

    Download pk3 name: apennines_b2.pk3 Map name: apennines_b2.bsp Author(s): Jacques "Mlehliw" Kvam ***DESCRIPTION*** 1944. In the Apennines Mountains, located in central Italy, the axis have constructed a remote secret research laboratory. Through covert operations allied forces have gotten wind of this operation. They have inserted troops in the immediate vicinity of the facility. Carnage ensues. apennines_b2 waypoints.rar apennines_b2.gm apennines_b2.way apennines_b2_goals.gm
  19. 134 downloads

    Download pk3 name: 2hide.pk3 Map name: 2hide.bsp Author(s): Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren ------------------------------------------------- Basic Information ------------------------------------------------- Author : Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren Email address : lindgrenrikard@hotmail.com Webpage : http://www.drakir.tk ------------------------------------------------- Map Information ------------------------------------------------- Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Title : 2Hide Filename : 2hide.pk3 Release date : 2003-11-07 Decription : During the Axis attempt to fire across the english canal they have built and hidden a huge gun in a farmhouse. To stop the firing of the gun, Allied forces need to get hold of the secret codes that unlocks the door to the hidden gun and then destroy the gun to make sure it cannot be used!. Program : SD Radiant 1.3.8 Build time : Started work 2003-09-29 Compile time : 25mins BSP, 25mins VIS and 5 hours LIGHT Compile machine : AMD Athlon 2200, 512mb Installation : Place the 2hide.pk3 to your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or bring down the console and type: map 2hide. New Textures : 1 New Sounds : Nope New Models : Nope ------------------------------------------------- Info! ------------------------------------------------- #. This is a the FINAL version. #. See if you can find the 3 hidden rooms in the map, they dont add anything to the map just there for fun. #. Objectives : Destroy/Defend the entrances. : Capture the Forward Spawn. : Get/Defend the Dynamite Detonator. : Build/Destroy the Commandpost. : Get/Defend the Keycodes Documents. : Dynamite/Defend the Big Gun. ------------------------------------------------- Special thanks and Credits to: ------------------------------------------------- None yet...well perhaps "Sock" for the work he puts into answering our stupid questions on the SD Forum.....almost forgot B-Xpress for our lovely midnight chats (B-Xpress also gets some credits in the map as i have named the train after him). Tnx to all who tested it and gave feedback on bugs and other issues, some testers name below in now perticular order: - SenF clan, specially Pete Wright. - Loffy, fellow Swede mapper. - S.S.HeirPie - =CFC= Kam - PH@T!E aKa Chris - Doddsy - toasterking - Mev2436 - J D - Zeus a.k.a. Alex - RudeBoy - Blusher ------------------------------------------------- Progress reports from my homepage: ------------------------------------------------- 2003-11-07 Due to a stupid misstake i had to make yet another version. THIS IS THE FINAL! 2003-11-06 FINAL version released. HF, GL! 2003-11-04 FINNALY the map is ready for tests. Be a BETA tester of my new map "Hide"! Contact me via mail lindgrenrikard@hotmail.com and i´ll give u the download location and password to the test server. I dont want this BETA to go public before a gametest is done so i can get rid of any stupid small misstakes i may have made. 2003-11-03 Its in the middle of the night and i am doing compile nr. 5 for todays mapping. Glad to say that the map will reach BETA tomorrow, i have been doing the objectives during the past days and its been booth fun and mindblowing at times. The objectives are done and works: First task for the attacking Allies will be to grab the forward spawn flag Then they need to steal the detonator battery so that they can arm the dynamite detonator in the town. When the detonator is armed they need to push the detonator trigger to blow a hole in the wall to get hold of the secret code documents that is kept inside a vault in one of the buildings in town. The secret code documents is needed to unlock the door to the big hidden gun inside the farmhouse. Once the door is unlocked its time to blow up the big gun to win the game. This may sound like a undoable task, but i am hoping that i will be a rather fair deal. The game tests will show if something needs changing. As for a fun part it the map i have added 3 secret rooms in different places. You dont gain anything from finding them but i thought it was a fun addon for the map. The map is pretty biased for the Axis, i havent yet added anything for the Allies to build. But then again they will have their hands full with blowing things up instead. More screens and more data on the BETA release will follow in next update later. Just typing away waiting for the VIS compile. I have almost reached my goals on this map, i set out to not use any new textures and no new sounds or models, well i broke the first goal by making 1 new texture for the secret rooms. But that wont add much to the pk3 size so what the heck. 2003-10-26 Yet again 8 new shots, the shots and the test below does tell almost everything i have made in the past days. Also getting closer and closer to having the goal decieded. Dunno if i will talk about them yet though, not sure if am going to be able to do them as i wish yet. 2003-10-21 As you can see below i have put up 8 new screenis for your viewing pleasure. I am back at hard work on this map, and its getting along nicely. This is truly the biggest mapping project i have taken upon me to do. But its pleasing to see that its turning out great. I am making things up as i go along, but i am getting more and more clear on what the objectives will be. The map will have a tank, that the Allies are going to have to steal from the the Axis fortified area. Allied forces needs the tank to blow a hole in one of the town buildings so that they can get the stuff inside that house. I know this has been used in several maps, but i think it fits the ET theme to have a tank. The tank may change into a truck if i can get the stuff i want to do working. One thing i have said to myself from the beginning is that i must only use the original textures and models for this map. This is so the maps download size will be as small as possible. The whole .pk3 file is in its current state only 3.5mb and i dont think it will grow over 5 when done. 5mb is even acceptable to a modem user to download. So i belive that this will also make this map played more. This time i will have alot of testing before releasing it, the map will be released to the public in a "FINAL" state from start. 2003-10-09 Progress report. Havent been working that much in "Hide" for a few days. Been playing mostly, just recently joined a UK ET clan, ]RaF[ Runaway Fighters. So alot of mapping time has gone to taking the dust of my aim. I have released 2 new small maps i wipped up really fast, u can read more about those on the "News" page. But i havent stopped working on Hide, just taking a short break. The map is coming along nicely, i have been banging my head gettting the FPS great on the map with some hint and other rearrangements of brushes and the terrain. So if all goes as planned the FPS will be pretty good on this rather large scaled map. Right now i am working on the townpart that will be the 2:nd objective for the Allied forces to get hold of. I am adding alot of detail to the buildings and also the interior. 2003-09-29 A new map is on the way. I havent gotten that far yet. But as i use to do i show off on progress while working on the project. This new project goes under the workname of "Hide", that name will not be the one used on any release, dunno why i called it that.....just what came to my mind when doing the terrain. I dont have the theme and objectives clear yet and havent decided on what they will be......still thinking of them and what i should implement regarding maybe having a tank or a mocing truck in the map. All i can tell so far is that the first objective for the Allies to clear is to bring their flag from their spawnbase to the Axis fortified area and thereby capture that area. Once captured they are going to have to complete 2 more objectives before the map ends. ------------------------------------------------- Copyright © 2003 Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren all rights reserved This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM (or other media) WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION. ------------------------------------------------- 2hide waypoints.rar 2hide.gm 2hide.way 2hide_goals.gm
  20. Version BETA 2


    Download pk3 name: Sniper_Lake_b2.pk3 Map name: Sniper_Lake_b2.bsp Author(s): Cerberus Two small compounds located on the shores of Sniper Lake were constructed. Axis & Allies had weapons and supplies airlifted in only to find out that it was crates of sniper rifles only. This is a good sized map for 10-15 players per side. Note: This is a sniper only map and should be played that way! which means covert ops class only with sniper rifle. Objectives: - The Axis/Allies need to hold off the enemy troops with nothing but a knife and sniper rifle. - The Axis/Allies need to find cover and stay alive untill fresh supplies are airdropped in. sniperskin.pk3 sniper_lake_b2 waypoints.rar sniperskin.pk3 sniper_lake_b2.gm sniper_lake_b2.way
  21. 232 downloads

    Download pk3 name: ae_wizerness_final.pk3 Map name: ae_wizerness_final.bsp Objectives: # The Axis/Allies need to blow open the back door that leads to upper hallway for a secondary route into the enemy base. # The Axis/Allies need to get to the opposing forces V2 Rocket Control Center and blow the rocket controls. ae_wizerness_final waypoints.rar
  22. 169 downloads

    Download pk3 name: return2goldrush_b1.pk3 Map name: return2goldrush_b1.bsp The allies have discovered that the axis hold secret documents about the upcoming rate they must steal them The axis must prevent any attempts to steel the documents return2goldrush_b1 waypoints.rar return2goldrush_b1.gm return2goldrush_b1.way return2goldrush_b1_goals.gm
  23. 217 downloads

    Download pk3 name: axislab_final.pk3 Map name: axislab_final.bsp Author(s): Jon Swenson (=N4RC= Smokey) and Chris Swenson (Hobbie) --------------------- Axis Lab Final for ET --------------------- Map by: Jon Swenson (=N4RC= Smokey) and Chris Swenson (Hobbie) Email address: jonswensone@hotmail.com Clan Web Address: http://www.n4rc.com Description: The Axis are guarding a top secret chemical weapons laboratory working on equiping long range missles with deadly poisons, but most importantly it also houses the Germans first prototype of a nuclear bomb. The Allies must repair the old truck, infiltrate the facility and escort the nuke out to the truck and drive it safely to the allied line. ======================================================== **Axis Objective Descriptions 1 Primary Objective: **Stop the Allies from dynamiting and gaining access to the lab. 2 Primary Objective: **Stop the Allies repairing the truck and escorting it to the hilltop. 3 Primary Objective: **Prevent the Allies from accessing the elevator by destroying the elevator generator. 4 Primary Objective: **Stop the Allies from destroying the door to the nuke. 5 Primary Objective: **Stop the Allies from taking the nuke. 6 Primary Objective: **Prevent the Allies from escaping with the nuke in the truck. 7 Secondary Objective: **Set up a Command Post inside the radio room. 8 Secondary Objective: **Prevent the Allies from building a Command Post. ========================================================= **Allied Objective Descriptions 1 Primary Objective: **Plant dynamite at the entrances to gain access to the lab. 2 Primary Objective: **Repair and escort the truck to the hilltop. 3 Primary Objective: **Repair the Elevator Generator to escort the nuke out of the lab. 4 Primary Objective: **Dynamite the door to the nuke. 5 Primary Objective: **Move the nuke into the elevator and then to the truck waiting on the hilltop. 6 Primary Objective: **Escort the truck and the nuke safely to the allied lines. 7 Secondary Objective: **Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post inside the radio room. 8 Secondary Objective: **Build a Command Post in the West Cabin. ========================================================== **Map Info Title: Axis Lab Final Filename: axislab_final.bsp Game/mod: ET - wolfmp/wolfsw/wolflms Author: Jon Swenson and Chris Swenson ========================================================== **Build Info Base: Scratch Editor(s) Used: Wolf Radiant, Corel Photo-Paint Build time: Been on going for a year. First made for RTCW. Compile time: about 1 hour ========================================================== **Installation Extract axislab_final.pk3 into your (wolfet)\etmain directory. ========================================================== **Playing Run wolfet bring down console "~" and type... /g_gametype 2; map axislab_final ========================================================== **Play Information Single Player: NO wolfmp: YES wolfsw: YES wolflms: YES New Sounds: YES New Graphics YES ========================================================== **Special Thanks to... The N4RC clan for help on testing the map. Nibs Mapper Resource Center for help on scripting http://www.nibsworld.com/rtcw/ ========================================================== Axis Lab was first made for RTCW. We decided to convert it over to Wolf ET. Mail me suggestions, bugs, complaints, comments and or ideas for improvement. E-mail me at jonswensone@hotmail.com ========================================================== **Version History: **Jul-28-2004 Final release -loads of time spent on script. -Changed the objectives. -Last man standing is added. -Added many objects to the map for atmosphere. -Fixed command map icons from going outside the compass in etpro. -Removed campaign file. (Most admins make their own) -Time limit is now 25 minutes. -Elevator now operates differently. (Axis blow elevator to stop it from moving) -Changed many textures. -Differnt objectives with different scripts. Known bugs: -Sky messed up at certain angles. (Thing has to do with the vis. Didn't find a fix I liked.) -No icons on command map for the ramp. (The icons don't come back when the build area is disabled and then enabled when the truck is in position) -Players being smashed by the cart. (Stand clear 🙂 ) -When swimming, players get stopped by the river bed. (This happens in the caves on oasis also. 😢 ) **Mar-6-2004 Beta 2 release -Fixed bug with nametags. Had to change the way fog was made. **mirror had to changed** -Changed the lighting outside to be brighter. -Allies now secure the hill top spawn when the root cellar is blown. -Fixed the objectives (sewers, root cellar, and document's room doors) so you must be next to them to blow them. Before you could blow them from a far distance. -Added voice announcements for the objectives. -Fixed some miscellaneous things around map. -Time limit is now 20 minutes. -Fixed the campaign file. **Feb-25-2004 Beta released -Bug found after release with nametags. axislab_final waypoints.rar
  24. 120 downloads

    Download pk3 name: carnage2.pk3 Map name: carnage2.bsp Just like the previous versions, allies attack on this map. They spawn on landing crafts and have to make their way up the canyon to the 'No Man's Land' area. Lowlife added a back path in the mountains to avoid the canyon congestions with artillery and airstrikes, provding allies with a secured back path that takes them above the main canyon bunkers. The trenches flag has been moved to a side bunker, avoiding the huge spawn killing which was a major issue in the previous versions of the map. After having captured the trenches, allies will have to head to the axis base where a radio beacon has to be set up. Once constructed, the B-17 Bob made flies up the canyon, drops a bomb and breaches the bay doors to the underground basement of the map. From that moment, allies gain a permanent spawn in the basement and axis forces are pushed back to the final objective, a sea battery. The battery access is protected by a massive gate which is locked with a magnetic seal. The only way to get past it is to destroy the power generator located in the basement. The battery only lies a few feet away.... -Northerner carnage2 waypoints.rar
  25. 385 downloads

    Download pk3 name: resurrection.pk3 Map name: resurrection.bsp Author(s): RivrStyx OBJECTIVES ALLIES: 1. Destroy Main Gate power to gain access to Kreiger. 2. Steal Book of the Resurrection from Kreiger Mansion and make way to raft and escape to caves. 3. Capture flag in mansion room to advance. 4. Destroy secondary door for access into lower mansion. 5. Destroy catacomb door for access into book room. AXIS: Prevent all this! resurrection waypoints.rar
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