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  1. just seen ur name we havent met yet but dam thats a awsome name bud i likes it!

    1. Pepperonipizza


      Haha, thanks for the compliment! I'm not active enough, so it's normal that you haven't seen me 🙂

  2. There is also a certain distance threshold with the rnade. If the rnade flies over a certain distance, a direct hit to a player will cause the nade to explode and it'll usually be a kill/instagib (depending on server settings).
  3. This is not the correct way to go about protesting whatever happened to your application. If you have a problem with how your application is being handled / was handled, then use Contact Us. We do not like it when someone makes a topic that is just intended to whine. /locked
  4. I'm part of C++ projects. We're building an engine for a newly developed declarative programming language in those. We use CMake for our building and I personally use KDevelop as the IDE. I pondered going over to VIM, but I don't see that working with the size of the project that we have. Part of our old codebase was written by someone that used VIM. As a consequence, there are too many source files that are simply too large (few k lines of code). I also help teaching Prolog and Haskell.
  5. I checked it out. I assume you're talking about version 1.1.1? The license it's under is pretty strict. I don't think it allows a public git repo for us to change stuff on it. This program is free for personal non-profit use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. Redistribution of modified modules/package is strictly prohibited. If you plan to use this program for a sponsored/commercial event/website, you must get written consent from the author. You may: * customize the Software's design and operation to suit the internal needs of your web site * produce and distribute modification instructions, Themes or Skins provided that they contain notification that they were originally created by VSP. * create applications which interface with the operation of the Software provided said application is an original work You may not: * permit other individuals to use the Software except under the terms listed here * reverse engineer, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the Software for distribution or usage outside your web site excluding those applications described here * modify and/or remove any copyright notices, links or labels on the Software on each page and in the header/footer of each script source file * distribute modified versions of the Software * distribute individual copies of files, libraries, or other programming material in the Software package * distribute or modify proprietary graphics, HTML, or CSS packaged with the Software for use in Software applications other than VSP or web sites without written permission from the author(s) of VSP. * use the Software in such as way as to condone or encourage terrorism, promote or provide pirated Software, or any other form of illegal or damaging activity
  6. How to install ubuntu, with pictures: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Ubuntu-Linux
  7. Looking good! You must have some experience as a woodworker, right? Or do I just suck at putting stuff together?
  8. The one with the handshake is incredibly relatable. Every. Single. Time. The guy is the cheefullest I've ever met. But every time it's like he's trying to break my hand...
  9. Last show was brutal in some ways. Those verbal bashings: Queen of Thorns vs. Cersei, Asha vs. Theon, Jaime vs. Frey shitbros. Great to see the gravedigger theory confirmed
  10. Hmm, you've given this more thought than I have and are obviously more experienced in these matters. Sorry for the dumb suggestion Seems like you either need to wait for them to fix the package or play with a downgraded version. What GPU do you use? Do you still find that it has decent drivers?
  11. Similar to you I've tried installing ET on linux manually before and it resulted in much frustration (I couldn't get my sound to work). After that, I got ET to run on linux after simply installing a "ET" package from an external source. Here is the page for ET. Read the how-to to see how to add external package sources. I recommend you try this.
  12. Good morning! Time for croque monsieurs!

    1. bo0m


      Gm nub! Eat my panzer!

    2. Flible


      Where you been?

    3. Flible


      Ah, u is teruggekeerd naar FA. Welkom terug :)

      Altijd al co geweest of is er onlangs wat veranderd?

  13. If you're looking for more depth you should read the books. If you like even more depth, you should look up some theory videos on YouTube. There's some really neat stuff out there.

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