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  1. vke


    I'm in the US Navy currently. Been in for about a year now, I finished basic training on my 23 birthday, but I had thoughts of joining the marines as a younger man. I'm so grateful that I went to uni for a few years. I have a much better perspective on life and what I'm sacrificing for than many of my comrades. My joining was not just to serve my country; that is a huge part, but I joined to better myself. To push myself out of my shell, to give me unique experiences and to work with some of the most awe-inspiring machines and quality people. I thought a lot about how I could best serve my country, and carrying a rifle wasn't it. There is a need for that and if that is what you truly want to do, get some uni experience or at least wait a few years. just my 2 cents.
  2. I'm almost done with my training to be a nuclear qualified machinist's mate in the US Navy. I love my job. Every day i learn stuff that I never would have had an opportunity to learn otherwise. Not all of it is fun; but I'm getting paid for an education that less than .01% of the world will get. The Navy has done so much for me already. I've met the woman of my dreams because of the Navy.
  3. I main Jinx, Graves, Jarvan and Kassadin, but I can play pretty much every champ.
  4. give me real valk back!

  5. I'm still around! I get on server occasionally but I'm super busy with work. Still lurking forums though
  6. I have a 99 Cherokee Sport I'm slowly converting to 4wd. Just sold my 91 Honda Shadow 650 to buy the Jeep and some parts. I don't have time or a garage right now so things are going slow
  7. I'm in the US Navy Nuclear Power School, studying how to operate nuclear reactors on a submarine or aircraft carrier.
  8. vke

    Edge of Tomorrow

    The book this is based on; All You Need is Kill, was pretty awesome but it looks like the movie doesn't take to much from it I'm still excited
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h59mDlBSt7o