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  1. happy birthday! we have to play together again sometimes !
  2. Hi, another German We have already seen us in Silent #1 you remember ? Poke me next time so we can talk a bit.
  3. stabak

    Issue starting ET

    jup my fault no directx update needed
  4. stabak

    Issue starting ET

    1. latest DirectX version installed 2. latest Graphics card driver 3. search and change/add in \\Enemy Territory\etmain\profiles\ETUI\etconfig.cfg if nothing will work: try to rename (not delete, maybe you need to look about some old settings) your \\Enemy Territory\etmain\profiles\ETUI\etconfig.cfg and restart game. new etconfig will be created and should work. (you have to switch all settings, since its running in lets say "safe mode")
  5. stabak

    Issue starting ET

    Hi DFighter, long time not seen would you be so kind and paste the full log here.
  6. take care, hope everything goes well.
  7. have fun, here and also on servers
  8. i don´t have experience in maintaining CS:GO Servers, but if any will lead me at the beginning, i am willing to learn. I know its not the Person you are looking for, but if needed i will help.
  9. have fun here and of course on servers
  10. Pepperoni salami, ham and feta cheese hmm in Germany kebap is not a pizza. Turkish pizza is called Lahmacun here.
  11. to our Forums, i don´t remember to see you on Servers or play against or with you, but i guess we will seen us soon. What is your favorite Server ?

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