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  1. Hi guys, who remembers me? currently not playing in Wet, but I will try to be active on the forum. I was interested to know who is online players I knew.
  2. Hi Kevin, you remember me, all right?

  3. Welcome to the FA forum Sebastien
  4. I formatted the PC and I have not remembered to install the patch 2.60 and 2.60b that was the problem.
  5. I also tried with an autoexec but it does not work. etconfig.cfg in the folder etmain and in the folders jaymod or silent, when I go into the game become with the default settings. Watch this: (Full Screen - 720p for read)
  6. Hi guys, I always visited the forum, but I played the game and other games, I wanted to ask how come I put my ETConfig, but when I enter the server FA, and is reset back to the original default settings. I try /exec etconfig and /vid_restart but not found bacause once in the game is reset.
  7. Happy Birthday BlackBull!

    1. BlackBull


      Thank you, Daredevil! :)

  8. Hi and welcome to the FA forum!
  9. Hi and welcome to the FA forum!
  10. Hi and welcome to the FA forum!
  11. Hi, welcome to the FA forums!
  12. I knew a player who is called Zuthus.
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