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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Maps for Downloads.

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  1. Goetterdaemmerung_beta3

    After the army test center Peenemünde had been bombed 1943,Minister of Defense Albert Speer decided to transfer the German rocket production in Kohnstein near Nordhausen an underground rocket factory where they produce V1/V2 missile and the Projekt Amerika a A10/A4b winged two-stage supersonic-glide missile and a A10/A9 non winged two-stage hypersonic-glide missile,where can reach usa to hit new york and there allies,allies send a team into the mountain to destroy the missiles



  2. BIOHAZARD_beta3.1

    July 24th 1998 Raccoon City A series of bizarre murders have occurred on the outskirts of Raccoon City Each victim is attacked by a group with signs of cannibalism on the victims remains The Raccoon Police Departments,Special Tactics And Rescue Service,are assigned to investigate the murders,Special Tactics And Rescue Service,is divided into two teams Alpha and Bravo,Bravo Team is sent first but after contact with them is lost Alpha Team is sent to investigate both the grisly murders and find their disappearance of Bravo Team

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  3. syphonfilter_beta3

    1999 Erich Rhoemer an international german terrorist is the leader of the Black Baton terrorist,Erichs evil scientists develop a virus called syphonfilter a bioweapon,Erich claims the whitehouse to transfer 100 million dollar on his account or he start a missile on washington,we located Erich in a old soviet base in kazahkhstan rozovka our spy sattelite have pinpoint the exact location,the agency send their best agents to stop the missile



  4. toxic_fabric_beta1.2

    Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch map
    some professors found in some ancient ruins in greece a couple books with some unknown letters,after they decode some letters they go to rainforest in brasil and nortpole to investigate some meteorite crystals what are written in the books,the professors use there toxic facility where they work to gain access to the generators for there power to open a time vortex for the Stroggs ,that they come in our time 
    original tread http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.php?showtopic=15827

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  5. Raid (compressed)

    /// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ///
    /// Compressed textures and removed some ambient sounds from the map to ///
    /// lower pk3 size from 27 to 20MB.                                                                              ///
    /// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ///
     Raid final    :    Objectives
     Author        :    Magic 
     Email        :    janerikstorseth@gmail.com
     Release    :    17-04-2016
     Website    :    www.magics-territory.com
     Game Information.
     Game        :    Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
     File name    :    raid_final.pk3
     BSP name    :    raid_final
     Menu name    :    Raid
     Game modes    :    wolfmp wolfsw.
     Players    :    6-8 per team
     Version    :    final
     Attacking    :    Allies
     Timelimit    :    25
     Spawntimes    :    Axis : 20 / Allies : 15
     Install    :    Put the pk3 file into the etmain folder.
     Story    :
     Axis are holding the library as their HQ - 
     Allies has decided to do a raid for the axis gold - 
     Escort the truck and force your way through the town to the library - 
     Steal the gold and escape
     Thanks to    :
     Neil aka mrfin
     Denny aka Firefly
     Sir John
     Bunker community
     Splashdamage community



  6. =F|A= Goldrush

    B2 Changelog
    Truck starting position changed. CP position changed to back of bank. When built by axis, they gain healing and supply station next to the CP. When built by axis Tank Depot's Side Door gets removed. Inside of Bank has completely been changed to combat camping around the corners. 2nd Tank Barrier's buildable has changed position to grant more cover to Axis engineers. Map has been made a little bit less orange, to ease on the eyes a bit. Side Wall to Bank has been added. Minor texture changes. More  changes.  
    bspname: fa_goldrush_b2
    Map by =F|A=Smiley.



  7. =F|A= Egypt

    FA_egypt_B2 Changelog:
    Increased performance throughout the whole map. Changed the 2 bridges at the start of the map. Enlarged 1st Axis Spawn. Removed Secret Room. Added stairs to the Western side of the floodgate building. Removed some clips off mountains for a more "free" gameplay. Minor lightning changes. Fixed temple door bug. (thanks @Buckwild) Other minor gameplay changes.  
    Known issue at the moment are the missing sound files. Maybe in the near future custom OBJ sounds will be added.
    bspname: fa_egypt_b2
    Map by =F|A=Smiley. 



  8. =F|A= Italy

    B3 Changelog
    Completely removed fog from map. Improved performance. Fixed some lights. Overall brightness of map increased slightly. Fixed cause of crash. bspname: fa_italy_b3
    Map by =F|A=Smiley. & =F|A=C!t0



  9. Stiglitz

    Stiglitz B1
    Release Date: 31/08/2018
    This map is intended as an entry for the Trackbase, TWT, Wolfwatch map-contest 2018.
    I would like to thank all of the organizers for setting up the contest. It has been a valuable experience creating a map on a fixed schedule.
    First of all, unfortunately due to the fixed time schedule, which didn't necessarily go hand in hand with the personal free time of phisherman and me (kemon), we had to make some cuts on the planned objectives.
    All objectives are in the map, but they are not necessarily implemented the way they were originally intended to be.
    This map is intended as a new kind of objective map with a unique mechanic: escorting a script_mover freely without it being fixed to a spline path.
    This can partly be seen in "shield-b1". For this to function properly a LUA script is necessary.
    Both the LUA script and the restricted personal time during the contest lead to the decision to opt for a standard escortable along a spline path.
    However, beta2 is definitely planned and will include all those shiny mechanics.

    For the concept to properly work, the map had to be completely flat, because upwards and downwards movement would definitely cause visual glitches in the movement animation of Stiglitz. 
    The layout of this map is divided into 4 sections: Noble, Church, Industry and Nature. 
    This was done to have chokepoints that Stiglitz needs to be escorted through, while still providing several alternative routes.
    The two middle sections both have a capturable spawn making it necessary to communicate with your team. After all, you don't want the enemy to suddenly spawn behind you!
    Since the map is basically all on one level, the VIS blocking could be done differently than usual. We didn't need to create seperate valleys or closed of sections and could have everything in one giant space.
    This makes it nicer for the Spectator to fly around. That is also the reason why the world_clip is a func_static. 
    So the Spectator can leave the playable area and take on vantage points outside of the player's reach, but the player is still constricted to the play area.
    VIS blocking in this map works as following:
    ------|      |----------|      |------
    --B---|      |----C-----|      |--D---
    ------|      |----------|      |------
    ------|      |----------|      |------
    When being in zone A as spectator (sky) you see everything. However, as a player you can only walk around in the lower areas (B, C, D). These are the streets and the blocks are the houses which all are structural in their core.
    There is a giant HINT brush spanning across the whole map cutting the map right on top of the building blocks. That brush ensures that it is not possible for the engine to see into block C and D when the player is in B.
    This results in all detailed things going on on street level actually being constrained to that street, which even though the map is just one giant cube, ensures stable FPS.
    July 1943:
    Local resistance reported a branch of Deathshead’s X-Labs in a small remote village. 
    Stiglitz, an OSA agent, has been sent to infiltrate the facility and gather intel of Deathshead’s activities. 
    Communication broke up some days ago and Stiglitz is suspected to have been spotted and is soon to be executed.

    This map has one primary objective (extracting Stiglitz), one secondary objective (Command Post) and two flag spawns.
    Stiglitz:    Stiglitz can be escorted by both teams along the spline path. Allied forwards and Axis backwards.
    CP:            Aside from the usual CP benefits, the command post is also responsible for showing Stiglitz on the command map. If you do not own the command map, you don't see his position.
                Already in this version this is a rather big advantage, but with free escort movement this will basically be game deciding. 
    Flags:        The flags are located on each of the middle islands and make team communication necessary to avoid enemies falling into your back.

    Author:                    keMoN & phisherman
    Brush count:            35.541
    Entity count (total):    3.292
    Entity count (ingame):    847
    Development time:        contest time frame -> 7 months
    Compile parameters:        [q3map2] -meta -v -mv 1024 -mi 6144 "[MapFile]"
                            [q3map2] -vis -saveprt -v "[MapFile]"
                            [q3map2] -light -samples 4 -samplesize 8 -v -thresh 0.05 -patchshadows -dirty -dirtdepth 256 -external -lightmapsize 512 -shade -bounce 2 -bouncegrid "[MapFile]"
    The mapfile is included. We kindly ask that you contact us before releasing any maps based on Stiglitz_b1.
    Once beta2 is released this map will act as some sort of tutorial map with an extensively documented script and if possible a tutorial video series.
    By doing so, we hope that we can spark a new genre of objective maps to bring some fresh wind to ET.                    

    -----Thanks to-----
    Direct support:
    • ryven for extensive support during debugging of the script_mover. 
    • WuTangH for the broken tree model acting as bridge from Nature to Industry and the modified head model for Stiglitz to fix a visual glitch.
    • Everyone on the TWT Discord for helping out in one form or another.
    Indirect support:
    • Jon Swenson (=N4RC= Smokey) and Chris Swenson (Hobbie) for Axis Lab. The forwards and backwards movement of Stiglitz is highly inspired by Axis Lab.
    • Gordon 'digibob' Biggans [SD] for his purely magical MD3-to-TAG tool
    • C and Npherno for their wonderful model tools respectively
    • hipshot for his "miramar" skybox from http://www.custommapmakers.org/skyboxes.php
    • RtCW for models + textures
    • Detoeni for his submarine and truck models
    • ischbinz for textures
    • FireFly for his Hanomag model
    • RayBan for his treeline textures
    • Everyone else who provided info, feedback, ideas or helped in any other way.



  10. fa_italy

    fa_italy Changelog
    Tons of feedback and testing brings us a new and improved version of Italy!
    -More Roof access
    -New route to Flag
    -New route to CP
    -More mining areas for encouraged Engineer play
    -other changes, open areas to improve over all flow of the level



  11. =F|A= Goldrush (Silent)

    S1 B1 Changelog
    After a lot of seperate feedback from the Silent servers running fa_goldrush_b1 I decided to make a seperate version for silent mod.
    - One CP has been removed.
    - Once bank door has been destroyed Allies will be granted a forward spawn.
    - Side door has been removed due to balancing reasons.
    - More minor changes.
    bspname: fa_goldrush_s1_b1



  12. =F|A= Goldrush

    B2 Changelog
    - Truck starting position changed.
    - CP position changed to back of bank. When built by axis, they gain healing and supply station next to the CP.
    - Inside has completely been changed to combat camping around the corners.
    - 2nd Tank Barrier's buildable has changed position to grant more cover to Axis engineers.
    - Map has been made a little bit less orange, to ease on the eyes a bit.
    - More minor changes.
    bspname: fa_goldrush_b2



  13. 1944 Huertgen Forest Xmas Edition

    Map Information
    Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
    Title: 1944 Huertgen Forest Xmas Edition
    Filename: 1944_Huertgen_Final2_Xmas.pk3

    Description: The Axis are launching a surprise attack on allied forces. They are using a Jagdpanther to
    open the Truckyard Wall to allow an escape with the Allied gold!

    Big thanks to Niek from [UJE] for his authorization regarding using his assets for this Xmas map!

    Additionnal thanks to Dragonji, hellreturn, Micha, Sedra12, Smurfer, Teuthis, Thunder, WuTangH and |MTC| clan peeps for their feedback!
    And special thanks to dFx, for all his help since the beginning, and his Decompilateur!

    Some assets are taken from Fuel Dump Christmas by Avoc, credits to him!



  14. UJE Castle UJE Christmas UJE Factoryb1 Xmas

    Another 3 X mas maps full with fun

    UJE Castle
    UJE Christmas tank
    UJE Factoryb1 Xmas



  15. UJE Oasis UJE Goldrush and UJE Temple xmas

    Xmas maps pack
    This pack is made for xmas to have a nice feeling with these days Maps in this pack are:
    If you use these mappack then i hope you have fun with it.
    Thanks to all original makers of these maps and for making these .maps public. Also thanks to all model makers like ischbinz and berzerkr for textures. Keep the game alive guys and girls.
    Greetz and a mery christmas from the ujeclan



  16. Castle Blackwood Beta 2

    The map is heavily teambased especially when double-jumps are disabled. It features boost spots (you need to stand on another teammate) to gain access to certain areas that are important. The tunnels also features two one-way drops that adds some tactical decision-making. Explosive gameplay mixed with boost spots make this level easy to pick up but hard to master.
    Ideal teamsize 10v10
    Timelimit 25min (+10min when 2nd barrier is passed)
    Mapname: blackwood_b2
    Shortname: Castle Blackwood ^1B2
    Size: 4.6 hectare (medium)
    Mission: escort tank -> siphone diesel (construction) -> bring diesel barrel to documents (capture the flag)
    Waypoints: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F-1mvRnKqXnHGvPZNn_Xjo-xpqsqwXgy/view?usp=sharing
    ET-Legacy 2.75 doesn't draw the flames inside the castle correctly but ET206b works



  17. mlb_egypt_fixed

    mlb_egypt_fixed 1.0.0 By Kate   September 11, 2015
    File Size:10.32 MB   About This File:
    allied    "Stop Axis forces from escorting the boat up the river. They're aiming for a set of gold crates hidden in the pyramid sarcophage chamber."
     axis    "Escort the boat up the river, gain access to the pyramid sarcophage chamber and steal the gold crate."
     neutral    "Allied forces are attempting to stop an Axis squad from escorting their boat up the river where it risks granting access to the pyramid   *Fixed a bug in the script (thx to Lynxx), which needed a change in the bsp. The bug is: When the cannon is fired, also the backgate gets blown and allies can't defend the objective. So Axis can Spawn near the rear entry, and get it. ~peyote



  18. italyremake_tnt

    About This File
    players times to times crashes with silent mod
    Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
    Map Size (suggested)     : 16-24 : Large Map
    Chanelog :
         - dynamite issues
         - looping sounds
         - Jeep clipping
         - wallhacking in the tower
         - some light leaks
         - mortar issues
         - Mercedes glass transparency
         - black lines on the sky
         - Jeep stops few meters before barriers, to prevent repairing
           instead of arming dynamite
         - Command Post is a additional spawn for both teams
         - Jeep stops in the middle of tunnel, and is awaiting gold there
         - cracked wall in tower can be destroyed with satchel/dynamite
         - some roofs are unclipped now
         - Health/Ammo cabinets near Market Square
         - MG42 near CP
         - primary Axis house is bigger,and they spawn more inside to
           prevent SK
         - ladder to the roofs
         - constructable ladder to the balcony (for Allies)
         - fixed some brush problems...
    Objective info :
         1. Escort the Jeep
         2. Destroy the Market Gate
         3. Destroy the Jeep Barrier
         4. Construct 2 Ramps
         5. Steal the Gold from the Tower
         6. Get the hell out of city!
         OPTIONAL: Build CP
         OPTIONAL: Construct Ladder
         OPTIONAL: Destroy the Tower Wall
         1. Destroy the Jeep
         2. Defend the Market Gate
         3. Construct the Jeep Barrier
         4. Don't let them construct Ramps.
         5. Protect the Gold
         6. Don't let them run away!
         OPTIONAL: Build CP
    Features :
         - custom escortable vehicle (Willy Jeep)
         - over 170 new custom textures
         - over 50 new custom sounds
         - custom sky
         - chickens!
         - nicely made map with unique atmosphere 

      Contents of this Package :
    Installation Instructions:
         Put italyfp2.pk3 into your etmain directory.
         Put italyfp2_mods.pk3 into your mod (etpro, noquarter etc)
         directory to fix icons appearing outside compass.
    Construction Time        : Over 2 months
    Custom Content           : Textures
                             : Shaders
                             : Audio
                             : Models
    Credit to Other Authors  :
         Pazur - thanks for everything! It would be a pure deathmatch
       map without your help, and effort  Niech Ci Bog w
       dzieciach wynagrodzi 
         Isbowhten - for awfull scripting, but at least it's working
       (so far)  Thanks for adding objectives to the map.
         Detoeni - jeep model
         {SSF}Sage - banana model
         Th0rn3 - melon, orange, chicken, street lamp models
         BlackRayne - trash bag model
         Activision - 2 models
         SplashDamage forum - for the help I've found there
         SplashDamage - for using early ET VO sounds
         Project S - I was unable to contact him. This map is based on
       his SOF2 conversion.
         Special thanks to beta testers and people that gave me some
       some suggestions:
         - Sunny, Anak!n, Irata [*], Pella, Jim :O, .$k@d0n, Magic,
           Bricktop, BrightIs
    What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog 
    Released November 5, 2017
    No changelog available for this version.



  19. ET maps the_moskeeb1

    About This File
    // Axis Objective Descriptions
       1    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from blowing the Axis Tank Door Garage."
       2    "Primary Objective:**Disable or obstruct the Allied Tank to prevent it reaching the Bank Courtyard."
       3    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from using the Tank to blow open the Back Moskee Doors."
       4    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from stealing the Gold Bars from the Moskee Vault."
       5    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from escaping with the Gold via a Boat in the sub_bunker."
       6    "Secondary Objective:**Set up a Command Post inside the sub_bunker to gain a respawn point. DONT BUILD IT TO FAST BECAUSE YOU WILL LOST THE TANK DEPOT RESPAWN!!!"
       7    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post and build your from fortifying your position with a Command Post."
    // Allied Objective Descriptions
      1    "Primary Objective:**Blow The Tank Door to steal a Tank from the Axis garage."
      2    "Primary Objective:**Protect the Tank and escort it to the Moskee valley, clearing any obstructions along the route."
      3    "Primary Objective:**Escort the Tank into position to blow the Moskee Back Doors open to reach the 2 goldcrates."
      4    "Primary Objective:**Steal two crates of Gold from the Moskee Vault and escort it to the boat."
      5    "Primary Objective:**Escape with the crates of Gold using the Boat in the sub_bunker."
      6    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post inside the sub_bunker ."
      7    "Secondary Objective:**Establish a Command Post at foward garage door."
    Very special thanks to the following people.  Without them this would still just be a bad idea in my head.

    Lead-Mapper    -    i just pretend to map    -    masterkiller(QC)
    Testing/Ideas    -    tons of bugs/ideas    -    CED and his Brother,Tony,fred, tipou and more friend. (thanks guys)
    Help - pakalatak and psylopat (from easymapping)
    The goldrush source
    web ressource:  

    Any suggestions/bugs/thoughts/for the final version can be done in this topic


    By Masterkiller(QC)



  20. ET maps mp_base

    What's New in Version pk3
    Allien version
    // Axis Objective Descriptions
    1 "Objective:**Dynamite the Allied Quick Access Bridge"
    2 "Objective:**Defend the Axis Tunnel Gate Door"
    3 "Objective:**Defend the Door on North Radar 1"
    4 "Objective:**Defend the Door on South Rader 2"
    5 "Primary Objective:**Protect the North Radar Tower 1."
    6 "Primary Objective:**Protect the South Radar Tower 2."
    7 "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from stealing the Baby Alien!!"
    8 "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from taking the Baby Alien to their Radio room!!"
    // Allied Objective Descriptions
    1 "Objective:**Construct the Allied Quick Access Bridge and blow the Allied Door"
    2 "Objective:**Dynamite the Axis Tunnel Gate Door"
    3 "Objective:**Dynamite the Door on Radar 1"
    4 "Objective:**Dynamite the Door on Radar 2"
    5 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the North Radar 1 Controls."
    6 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the South Radar 2 Controls."
    7 "Primary Objective:**Steal the Baby Alien "
    8 "Primary Objective:**Take the Baby Alien to the Allied Radio Room!!"



  21. Et maps op_lucky_a2



  22. Total tank race Beta 3

    Basic Information

    Author : Kent "Loffy" Lofgren, Sweden Email address : loffyswe@yahoo.se

    Map Information
    Game            : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
    Title           : total_tankrace_beta3
    Filename                : total_tankrace_beta3.pk3
    Release date : Autumn/winter 2005

    Program : SD Radiant 1.4.0
    Compile time : 1 hours.
    Compile machine : Dell Dimension 8200, 2.0 Ghz Pentium 4, 512mb.


    Place the total_tankrace_beta3.pk3 in your etmain folder, select it from the Host Game-menu, or bring down the console and type: /map total_tankrace_beta3 (not total_tankrace_beta3.pk3 or total_tankrace_beta3.map, just total_tankrace_beta3) and hit ENTER.


    This map has identical bases, tanks, trucks and gold-boxes for Axis and Allies. It is a mirrored map. The objective for both teams is to dynamite the tank garage, steal the tank, drive it to through two steel gates, reach the bank, park the tank, and get access to the bank. The tank will blast the bank door, but it is also possible to gain access to the gold by dynamiting a bank-door. This door is re-buildable. The main objective is to steal two boxes of gold (while stopping the enemy from doing the same). Both boxes must be carried to the team's truck, and the truck must be driven to victory.

    Each team will receive 1 point for the following (in any order): - tank through first steel gate
    - tank through second steel gate
    - first gold box is secured on truck
    - second gold box is secured on truck
    - truck passes first truck-barrier
    - truck passes second truck-barrier
    - truck reaches its goal (a tunnel).

    All in all, 7 points. There are score-boards all over the map so you can keep track of who is in the lead at any given time.

    To win, a team must:

    a) drive truck (with both gold boxes) to its goal (the tunnel), or b) be in the lead when the timelimit is reached. Timelimit: 30 minutes.
    In other words, if the score is Axis 4 - Alies 2 when the game is over, Axis will win.


    - If the score is tied (0-0, 1-1, 2-2 et cetera), when the game is over, it will be a draw.
    You do not need 7 points to win: All it takes, is driving the truck to its goal.

    Special thanks:

    Map made by me alone (Loffy) based on an original design by P4nth3r and after discussions with other mappers at www.splashdamage.com/forums (SD), for example WeeBull. I also want to thank server admins around the globe who constantly support and host custom maps, and all others who have given their input to me. // Loffy

    Improvements since last version (beta 2):

    - improved frames-per-second. 
    - improving visual design, more ww2 feeling. - more spawn-boxes (so players do not spawn inside each other). - made map bigger.
    - moved first spawns to the right/left, i.e. away from each other. - improved voice commands (e.g. "Repaired the tank!"). - moved construction boxes closer to the objects that are built. - put more space between barriers and the next point (wall/gate). - put a score board near the bank. 
    - made it impossible to reach gold until the tank has been escorted to the bank.




  23. fa_goldrush_b1

    Big thanks to:
    - Added side door to tank compound so it's harder for allies to flank. Side door can be opened by covert ops or by constructing the Southern CP.
    - Changed lightning to a more "warm" feel, with that I changed skybox.
    - Moved 2nd Truck Barrier, 2nd Tank Barrier and 1st Tank Barrier's construction materials to give axis more cover.
    - Made tunnel connecting supply cabinets at Long to 3rd Arch Way.
    - Changed balcony completely. Big tower removed. South CP moved on top of new balcony area.
    - Bank Courtyard completely overhauled. More cover, more roof access etc.
    - Axis 2nd spawn roof changed, (compared to GALS it's easier to get to roof now.)
    - Added another exit out of Axis 2nd spawn to cool down on blocking.
    - Gold in Bank moved forward.
    - Added another entrance into Bank for allies to attack.
    - West of Bank Courtyard I opened up a house, again to help allies capture gold.
    - *Lots* of clipping removed, I'd say +50%. This gives a way more open feel for the player and more spots are accessible.
    - Entities 2720 -> 1702
    - MG near old 2nd Truck Barrier removed. Same goes to the one near 2nd Tank Barrier.
    - Supply cabs in axis spawn moved to back alley near Bank.



  24. ET maps fa_italy_b1

    fa_italy_b1 Remake by =F|A=Smiley.
    Big thanks to:
    Prof. Tony
    B1 Changes:
    - More roof access.
    - 2nd entrance to flag courtyard.
    - CP has been moved to avoid fall damage when leaving old CP spawn area.
    - Axis spawn completely changed.
    - Supply cabinets added at exit of Axis Spawn.
    - Fences removed.
    - New pathway from axis spawn to tower.
    - 2nd hole will open when destroying tower wall.
    - Flag courtyard cleaned up.
    - Changed appartements.
    - Secret room is now easily accessible.
    - Removed a lot of clutter for more smooth gameplay.



  25. fa_bremen_final

    Remake by =F|A=Smiley.
    Special Thanks To
    Change Log (b1)
    Major Changes:
    - Added extra exit out of 1st Axis Spawn to reduce blocking.
    - Made building South of 1st Axis Spawn accessible.
    - Made balcony East of 1st Axis Spawn easily accessible with small corridor.
    - Made house accessible to help both allied in first stage and axis in last stage.
    - With that, I made exit out of house easier.
    - Added area to help axis during last stage.
    - Added room with ladder to first floor in house opposite to CP room.
    - Extended house opposite to CP room to come out next to keyroom.
    - Added room West to CP room.
    - Made stairs wider and created hole.
    - Added second door frame to CP again for less blocking. Also made North Western door frame wider.
    - Made courtyard easier to go about.
    - Re-did lower level of house North East of keyroom.
    - Lightened up corridor East to Truck and removed weird shape of it.
    - Removed gate South to Truck and added back alley that comes out in Axis 2nd Spawn.
    - Made truck room more balanced.
    - Added stairs all around keyroom to create a "more open feel".

    Minor Changes:
    - Removed clip from rooftop of middle house.
    - Removed hole from floor of middle house.
    - Added low wall to second floor middle house.
    - Raised wall looking over garage a bit in middle house.
    - Made balconies accessible.
    - Added Wooden Cover to arch.
    - Removed useless background effects for improved performance.
    - Replaced some spawns for both allied and axis.
    - Added clipping to stairs and unregular surfaces.
    - Added window to crossover above Main Gate.
    - Lowered table and moved rubbel for statisfying jump.
    - Moved wall a bit next to stair CP room.
    - Re-textured roofs, doors and some walls.
    - Lowered wall in hole to generator to not get stuck.
    - Removed useless clutter in keyroom.
    - Moved 1st Truck Barrier a bit.
    - Removed door in Western Wall of truck room.
    - Smoothened truck route.
    - Added small detail.
    - Caulked invisible faces of brushes for better performance.
    - Made door under bridge team door for axis.
    - Removed useless entities for better performance.
    - Re-textured CP room.
    - Changed loading picture.

    Change Log (b2)
    Major Changes:
    - Added corridor connection house North East of keyroom to corridor East of truckroom.
    - Bot waypoints added.
    Minor Changes:
    - Small bug fixes.
    - Changed clipping.
    - Added extra clipping to irregular surfaces.
    - Moved box in garage a tiny bit.
    - Tweaked mine spots all around the map.
    - Fixed texture load errors.
    - Readme file added.
    Change Log (b3)
    - BSP name changed to more fitting one.
    - F|A touch given.
    - Barrels replaced with better looking ones.
    - 2 doors changed to teamdoors.
    - More optimizing
    - Changed ledge to fence.
    - Made window at MG42 smaller.
    - Door removed at new corridor.
    - Construction materials at 2nd truck barrier moved to other side of road.
    - Other small changes.



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