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  1. Should I apply for =F|A=?

    1. Gengis


      Why not ?

      There you will find how to submit it :




    2. L3ftY.


      Why not post your app, we all need a good laugh anyway 

    3. CheepHeep


      you gotta talk to DD first :P 

  2. This is normal on the map version that the F|A servers are running. Usually only affects the spawn floor of the building, but arty placed outside can sometimes reach the second floor This is a physics problem when the truck enters the first floor. I can work on a fix so that the truck stops on the top of the hill until the door is blown (which would provide allies additional cover they desperately need on that section of the map) which would fix the arty on the second floor. The whole in the roof has been a problem since the maps introduction. Not sure if that is fixable, but most people don't know about it, like the roof access on some of the versions of the Aldernest map, which i believe should be on Hardcore because of the amount of players that play on it
  3. Wonder how a ET Server that is duplicated Hardcore config with the original 6 map rotation + 4 other maps that rotate each month would look like?  Would it be successful?

    1. Mortemex


      Why you confused @Kai xD 

    2. CheepHeep


      You should try our OLD SCHOOL server. Sort of what you are talking about except its using campaign mode.

  4. It should be possible, ETPUB has something similar back in the day before it was removed (since silent is a combo of ETPUB and Jaymod). Been awhile since I have worked on Silent, but if you would like me to look at it as well, lemme know
  5. Might i suggest a notification or something when a user attempts to join and they can't? Might lose new players because of that

    1. Kai


      He has the 2nd most followers in forums

    2. Mortemex


      I smell a challenge 

  7. Hardcore Appears to have some sort of Server setting that limits the people that can play at 15v15, anyone else after that point is unable to play on the server and can only spectate Just thought I would mention it in case it was not the intention
  8. Turns out it was because of Punkbuster Service was not started (elected not to install it)
  9. Pretty much what the title says, I have 2.60B installed and when I try to see a server list or try to run a connect option in the command window it cannot connect. ET is allowed through my firewall Thoughts?
  10. Is it worth seeing in theaters?
  11. Iron Man 2 for some reason LOL
  12. My two feet with Jumping on peoples head
  13. I can do some Xbox, still trying to get active on here again. Waiting for a part for my PC to come in
  14. If the cleaner doesnt work: Right click on Computer, Go to Properties Go to Advanced System Settings Locate the Path Statement under System. If you see anything before the first %systemroot% remove it After a reboot run a sfc /scannow from Elevated Command Window.

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