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  1. et_depot and waypoints

    1 "Primary Objective:Protect the allied radio transmitter at all costs."
    2 "Primary Objective:Dynamite the axis radio transmitter."
    3 "Secondary Objective:Defend the way to the flag."
    4 "Secondary Objective:Built the metal barrier to protect the flag from Axis."
    5 "Secondary Objective:Build the command Post."
    6 "Secondary Objective:Hold the Flag."
    1 "Primary Objective:Dynamite the allied radio transmitter."
    2 "Primary Objective:Protect the axis radio transmitter at all costs."
    3 "Secondary Objective:Built the metal barrier to protect the flag from Allies."
    4 "Secondary Objective:Defend the way to the flag."
    5 "Secondary Objective:Build the command Post."
    6 "Secondary Objective:Hold the Flag."
    et_depot waypoints.rar



  2. ET_village and waypoints

    Allied forces are attempting to retrieve and escape with gold stolen from the Axis-occupied village.
    et_village waypoints.rar



  3. Q3dm17 for ET and waypoints

    Converted by 'Kragle' - full copyright goes to ID SOFTWARE and QUAKE 3 for this map.
    i converted it into et and added weapons about and ammo and health cabinets, plus i made most of the map cushion so you dont fall to your death which is slightly modifyed but had to be done.
    Read : http://www.smpclan.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=2730#2730
    for more info.
    copyright 2006 - id / quake 3 software & designers
    this map may be used for study but cannot change its design in anyway.

    this map may also be going in 999gamma 2. but ive not desided yet. i may build my own arena with etf textures and other stuff.
    2006 |999|'Kragle'
    |SMP| BAHA
    q3dm17 waypoints.rar



  4. Golddays 3 - golddays_v3.pk3 and waypoints

    1 "Primary Objective:Stop Axis From Blowing The Basement Door!"
    2 "Primary Objective:Stop AXis From Building The Ladder"
    3 "Primary Objective:Stop Axis From Retaking Their Gold"
    4 "Primary Objective:Dont Let The Axis Escape"
    1 "Primary Objective:blow the door to access the house."
    2 "Primary Objective:build the ladder to get an extra entrance to the house."
    3 "Primary Objective:grab the gold."
    4 "Primary Objective:getaway truck."
    displays target demo
    golddays_v3 waypoints.rar



  5. fa bremen final - fa_bremen_final.pk3 and waypoints

    Remake by =F|A=Smiley.
    Special Thanks To
    Change Log (b1)
    Major Changes:
    - Added extra exit out of 1st Axis Spawn to reduce blocking.
    - Made building South of 1st Axis Spawn accessible.
    - Made balcony East of 1st Axis Spawn easily accessible with small corridor.
    - Made house accessible to help both allied in first stage and axis in last stage.
    - With that, I made exit out of house easier.
    - Added area to help axis during last stage.
    - Added room with ladder to first floor in house opposite to CP room.
    - Extended house opposite to CP room to come out next to keyroom.
    - Added room West to CP room.
    - Made stairs wider and created hole.
    - Added second door frame to CP again for less blocking. Also made North Western door frame wider.
    - Made courtyard easier to go about.
    - Re-did lower level of house North East of keyroom.
    - Lightened up corridor East to Truck and removed weird shape of it.
    - Removed gate South to Truck and added back alley that comes out in Axis 2nd Spawn.
    - Made truck room more balanced.
    - Added stairs all around keyroom to create a "more open feel".

    Minor Changes:
    - Removed clip from rooftop of middle house.
    - Removed hole from floor of middle house.
    - Added low wall to second floor middle house.
    - Raised wall looking over garage a bit in middle house.
    - Made balconies accessible.
    - Added Wooden Cover to arch.
    - Removed useless background effects for improved performance.
    - Replaced some spawns for both allied and axis.
    - Added clipping to stairs and unregular surfaces.
    - Added window to crossover above Main Gate.
    - Lowered table and moved rubbel for statisfying jump.
    - Moved wall a bit next to stair CP room.
    - Re-textured roofs, doors and some walls.
    - Lowered wall in hole to generator to not get stuck.
    - Removed useless clutter in keyroom.
    - Moved 1st Truck Barrier a bit.
    - Removed door in Western Wall of truck room.
    - Smoothened truck route.
    - Added small detail.
    - Caulked invisible faces of brushes for better performance.
    - Made door under bridge team door for axis.
    - Removed useless entities for better performance.
    - Re-textured CP room.
    - Changed loading picture.

    Change Log (b2)
    Major Changes:
    - Added corridor connection house North East of keyroom to corridor East of truckroom.
    - Bot waypoints added.
    Minor Changes:
    - Small bug fixes.
    - Changed clipping.
    - Added extra clipping to irregular surfaces.
    - Moved box in garage a tiny bit.
    - Tweaked mine spots all around the map.
    - Fixed texture load errors.
    - Readme file added.
    Change Log (b3)
    - BSP name changed to more fitting one.
    - F|A touch given.
    - Barrels replaced with better looking ones.
    - 2 doors changed to teamdoors.
    - More optimizing
    - Changed ledge to fence.
    - Made window at MG42 smaller.
    - Door removed at new corridor.
    - Construction materials at 2nd truck barrier moved to other side of road.
    - Other small changes.
    fa_bremen_final waypoints.rar



  6. fa goldrush b1 - fa_goldrush_b1.pk3 and waypoints

    Big thanks to:
    - Added side door to tank compound so it's harder for allies to flank. Side door can be opened by covert ops or by constructing the Southern CP.
    - Changed lightning to a more "warm" feel, with that I changed skybox.
    - Moved 2nd Truck Barrier, 2nd Tank Barrier and 1st Tank Barrier's construction materials to give axis more cover.
    - Made tunnel connecting supply cabinets at Long to 3rd Arch Way.
    - Changed balcony completely. Big tower removed. South CP moved on top of new balcony area.
    - Bank Courtyard completely overhauled. More cover, more roof access etc.
    - Axis 2nd spawn roof changed, (compared to GALS it's easier to get to roof now.)
    - Added another exit out of Axis 2nd spawn to cool down on blocking.
    - Gold in Bank moved forward.
    - Added another entrance into Bank for allies to attack.
    - West of Bank Courtyard I opened up a house, again to help allies capture gold.
    - *Lots* of clipping removed, I'd say +50%. This gives a way more open feel for the player and more spots are accessible.
    - Entities 2720 -> 1702
    - MG near old 2nd Truck Barrier removed. Same goes to the one near 2nd Tank Barrier.
    - Supply cabs in axis spawn moved to back alley near Bank.
    fa_goldrush_b1 waypoints.rar



  7. op lucky a2 - op_lucky_a2.pk3 and waypoints

    op_lucky_a2 waypoints.rar



  8. mp base - mp_base.pk3 and waypoints

    What's New in Version pk3
    Allien version
    // Axis Objective Descriptions
    1 "Objective:**Dynamite the Allied Quick Access Bridge"
    2 "Objective:**Defend the Axis Tunnel Gate Door"
    3 "Objective:**Defend the Door on North Radar 1"
    4 "Objective:**Defend the Door on South Rader 2"
    5 "Primary Objective:**Protect the North Radar Tower 1."
    6 "Primary Objective:**Protect the South Radar Tower 2."
    7 "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from stealing the Baby Alien!!"
    8 "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from taking the Baby Alien to their Radio room!!"
    // Allied Objective Descriptions
    1 "Objective:**Construct the Allied Quick Access Bridge and blow the Allied Door"
    2 "Objective:**Dynamite the Axis Tunnel Gate Door"
    3 "Objective:**Dynamite the Door on Radar 1"
    4 "Objective:**Dynamite the Door on Radar 2"
    5 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the North Radar 1 Controls."
    6 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the South Radar 2 Controls."
    7 "Primary Objective:**Steal the Baby Alien "
    8 "Primary Objective:**Take the Baby Alien to the Allied Radio Room!!"
    mp_base waypoints.rar



  9. italyremake_tnt.pk3 and waypoints

    About This File
    players times to times crashes with silent mod
    Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
    Map Size (suggested)     : 16-24 : Large Map
    Chanelog :
         - dynamite issues
         - looping sounds
         - Jeep clipping
         - wallhacking in the tower
         - some light leaks
         - mortar issues
         - Mercedes glass transparency
         - black lines on the sky
         - Jeep stops few meters before barriers, to prevent repairing
           instead of arming dynamite
         - Command Post is a additional spawn for both teams
         - Jeep stops in the middle of tunnel, and is awaiting gold there
         - cracked wall in tower can be destroyed with satchel/dynamite
         - some roofs are unclipped now
         - Health/Ammo cabinets near Market Square
         - MG42 near CP
         - primary Axis house is bigger,and they spawn more inside to
           prevent SK
         - ladder to the roofs
         - constructable ladder to the balcony (for Allies)
         - fixed some brush problems...
    Objective info :
         1. Escort the Jeep
         2. Destroy the Market Gate
         3. Destroy the Jeep Barrier
         4. Construct 2 Ramps
         5. Steal the Gold from the Tower
         6. Get the hell out of city!
         OPTIONAL: Build CP
         OPTIONAL: Construct Ladder
         OPTIONAL: Destroy the Tower Wall
         1. Destroy the Jeep
         2. Defend the Market Gate
         3. Construct the Jeep Barrier
         4. Don't let them construct Ramps.
         5. Protect the Gold
         6. Don't let them run away!
         OPTIONAL: Build CP
    Features :
         - custom escortable vehicle (Willy Jeep)
         - over 170 new custom textures
         - over 50 new custom sounds
         - custom sky
         - chickens!
         - nicely made map with unique atmosphere 

      Contents of this Package :
    Installation Instructions:
         Put italyfp2.pk3 into your etmain directory.
         Put italyfp2_mods.pk3 into your mod (etpro, noquarter etc)
         directory to fix icons appearing outside compass.
    Construction Time        : Over 2 months
    Custom Content           : Textures
                             : Shaders
                             : Audio
                             : Models
    Credit to Other Authors  :
         Pazur - thanks for everything! It would be a pure deathmatch
       map without your help, and effort  Niech Ci Bog w
       dzieciach wynagrodzi 
         Isbowhten - for awfull scripting, but at least it's working
       (so far)  Thanks for adding objectives to the map.
         Detoeni - jeep model
         {SSF}Sage - banana model
         Th0rn3 - melon, orange, chicken, street lamp models
         BlackRayne - trash bag model
         Activision - 2 models
         SplashDamage forum - for the help I've found there
         SplashDamage - for using early ET VO sounds
         Project S - I was unable to contact him. This map is based on
       his SOF2 conversion.
         Special thanks to beta testers and people that gave me some
       some suggestions:
         - Sunny, Anak!n, Irata [*], Pella, Jim :O, .$k@d0n, Magic,
           Bricktop, BrightIs
    What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog 
    Released November 5, 2017
    No changelog available for this version.
    italyremake_tnt waypoints.rar



  10. the_moskeeb1 and waypoints

    About This File
    // Axis Objective Descriptions
       1    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from blowing the Axis Tank Door Garage."
       2    "Primary Objective:**Disable or obstruct the Allied Tank to prevent it reaching the Bank Courtyard."
       3    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from using the Tank to blow open the Back Moskee Doors."
       4    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from stealing the Gold Bars from the Moskee Vault."
       5    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from escaping with the Gold via a Boat in the sub_bunker."
       6    "Secondary Objective:**Set up a Command Post inside the sub_bunker to gain a respawn point. DONT BUILD IT TO FAST BECAUSE YOU WILL LOST THE TANK DEPOT RESPAWN!!!"
       7    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post and build your from fortifying your position with a Command Post."
    // Allied Objective Descriptions
      1    "Primary Objective:**Blow The Tank Door to steal a Tank from the Axis garage."
      2    "Primary Objective:**Protect the Tank and escort it to the Moskee valley, clearing any obstructions along the route."
      3    "Primary Objective:**Escort the Tank into position to blow the Moskee Back Doors open to reach the 2 goldcrates."
      4    "Primary Objective:**Steal two crates of Gold from the Moskee Vault and escort it to the boat."
      5    "Primary Objective:**Escape with the crates of Gold using the Boat in the sub_bunker."
      6    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post inside the sub_bunker ."
      7    "Secondary Objective:**Establish a Command Post at foward garage door."
    Very special thanks to the following people.  Without them this would still just be a bad idea in my head.

    Lead-Mapper    -    i just pretend to map    -    masterkiller(QC)
    Testing/Ideas    -    tons of bugs/ideas    -    CED and his Brother,Tony,fred, tipou and more friend. (thanks guys)
    Help - pakalatak and psylopat (from easymapping)
    The goldrush source
    web ressource:  

    Any suggestions/bugs/thoughts/for the final version can be done in this topic


    By Masterkiller(QC)
    the_moskeeb1 waypoints.rar



  11. Razer Cortex

    How does Razer Cortex: Boost work?
    When Boost is activated, Razer Cortex suspends processes that your PC doesn’t need to use while game. This frees up memory and CPU power which results in less laggy gameplay and improved frames per second.
    Do I need to launch my games from Cortex for Boost to work?
    Razer Cortex will activate Boost when any of your games in your library is launched even from your desktop, start menu or a game client like Steam or Origin.
    Does Boost overclock my hardware?
    Boosting your games will not affect your hardware settings. Razer Cortex instead focuses your PC’s processing power and memory onto the game that you’re running



  12. fa_italy_b1

    fa_italy_b1 Remake by =F|A=Smiley.
    Big thanks to:
    Prof. Tony
    B1 Changes:
    - More roof access.
    - 2nd entrance to flag courtyard.
    - CP has been moved to avoid fall damage when leaving old CP spawn area.
    - Axis spawn completely changed.
    - Supply cabinets added at exit of Axis Spawn.
    - Fences removed.
    - New pathway from axis spawn to tower.
    - 2nd hole will open when destroying tower wall.
    - Flag courtyard cleaned up.
    - Changed appartements.
    - Secret room is now easily accessible.
    - Removed a lot of clutter for more smooth gameplay.



  13. Lenovo CFG 2018 - 11 April 2018

    For try this CFG
    copy all files .cfg, on etmain folder
    copy shortcuts on desktop, 
    right-click on the shortcuts, properties, change the destination letter of ET.exe, and confirm, apply
    right-click on the shortcuts, run as administrator, after entering the game open the console with the key \
    write / exec ETplayer2018 and press enter
    bind w "+forward"                 
    bind s "+back"                    
    bind a "+moveleft"                
    bind d "+moveright"               
    bind q "+leanleft"                
    bind e "+leanright"               
    bind r "+reload"                                           
    bind f "+activate"         
    bind CTRL "+movedown"                                                       
    bind SHIFT "+sprint"             
    bind c "+prone"
    seta cg_runpitch "0"                                       
    seta cg_runroll "0"                                       
    seta cg_bobup "0"                                        
    seta cg_bobpitch "0.000"                                 
    seta cg_bobroll "0"                                     
    bind F1 "vote yes"                                  
    bind F2 "vote no"                                    
    bind F3 "ready"                                         
    bind F4 "notready"                          
    bind Backspace "vstr AxisAllies"
    bind KP_INS "vstr nextstatus"                
    bind KP_ENTER "mp_fireteamadmin"                    
    bind PAUSE "vstr pausetoggle"      
    bind l "openlimbomenu"                
    bind ' "playdead"                                   
    bind z "weapalt"                           
    bind MWHEELUP "weaponbank 3"                         
    bind MWHEELDOWN "weaponbank 2"               
    bind 3 "weaponbank 4"                                 
    bind CAPSLOCK "weaponbank 5"            
    bind SPACE "weaponbank 6"                  
    bind 4 "weaponbank 7"                        
    bind MOUSE1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"  
    bind MOUSE2 "+moveup"                                  
    bind MOUSE3 "vstr lenovo"                  
    bind ALT "vstr speedjump"                         
    Bind 2 "vstr FFE"
    bind b "+zoom"                             
    bind F7 "vstr clock"                     
    bind 1 "weaponbank 4;wait 120;+attack;wait 20;-attack;wait 10;kill; forcetapout"
    bind ENTER "vstr map"                     
    bind [ "mapzoomout"                      
    bind ] "mapzoomin"                        
    bind u "messagemode3"                                 
    bind y "messagemode2"                               
    bind v "mp_quickmessage"                               
    bind t "messagemode"                                    
    bind x ""
    bind n "r_picmip 3; vid_restart"                          
    bind k "VoiceChat taunt2"                          
    bind j "VoiceChat song6"                           
    bind h "VoiceChat speech70"                        
    bind g "VoiceChat song13"                          
    bind F9 "vstr crosshair"             
    bind F8 "vstr crosshr"             
    bind F10 "vstr crosshairsize"         
    bind KP_END "vstr fps00"                       
    bind KP_DEL "vstr time00"                
    bind KP_PGDN "vstr packets00"           
    bind KP_DOWNARROW "vstr rate00"               
    bind UPARROW "vstr gamma"                     
    bind LEFTARROW "vstr fov"                       
    bind DOWNARROW "vstr sens"              
    bind . "vstr info"                     
    bind RIGHTARROW "vstr sound"                    
    bind p "s_volume 0; Echo ^1Sound Mute"            
    bind , "players;; wait 50;toggleconsole"        
    bind m "vstr st"                                
    bind TAB "+scores"                                    
    bind 5 "setspawnpt 0;say_team ^1Spawn 0 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"                         
    bind 6 "setspawnpt 1;say_team ^1Spawn 1 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"                         
    bind 7 "setspawnpt 2;say_team ^1Spawn 2 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"                         
    bind 8 "setspawnpt 3;say_team ^1Spawn 3 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"                         
    bind 9 "setspawnpt 4;say_team ^1Spawn 4 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"                         
    bind 0 "setspawnpt 5;say_team ^1Spawn 5 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
    if you want to change the picmip press the key n
    good fun !!!
    by Lenovo




  14. Lenovo cfg 03-04-2017

    This is my last stable and accurate cfg



  15. Unpark CPU cores

    Disable CPU Core Parking Utility
    If you are an owner of a new multicore Intel CPU for example Intel core I7 and Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 OS, you already might notice that some of the cores in your resource monitor are marked as parked. This is a new feature of windows 7/2008 operating system that is made to balance energy consumption by your CPU. So let’s say if you are performing some tasks that do not consume a lot of CPU power, all the cores that are parked will remain in that state. However, if you are running something that requires a lot of CPU power, all the cores, which were previously parked, will be placed in the active state (unparked) to perform the task. And after it’s done, they will be parked again.
    All in all, this is a nice feature to save the energy. But if you decide to keep all of your cores active at all times, there is no way to disable CPU parking from the user interface or by running command prompt.
    While searching the internet, I could not find any utility that will allow you to enable and disable the CPU parking without having to go and modify the registry manually. So I decided to write one.
    This utility will allow you to easily enable or disable core parking for your CPU. The first thing that you should do is to go to a resource manager to check if you have parked cores. The reason of doing so is that core parking is not enabled for all the multicore CPU’s. For example, if you have Intel Q9550 Quad Core CPU you may not see any parked cores at all.

    Once you have started “Manage Parked CPU Utility,” you have to press “Check status button” to allow program to search registry for the keys and values that are responsible for the “core parking”.




    After search has finished, you will see N number of rows in the list view control along with the Status that will describe if the value retrieved from the registry indicates that your core is parked. But as I said earlier, core parking is not enabled for all the CPU’ s even though registry value may indicate that cores are parked. From now you can press “Park All” or “Unpark All” buttons to enable or disable parking. Also, you can change a single row.
    Note that for the change to take effect you will have to reboot your machine. Also Utility should run with Administrator priveleges in order to be able to access registry. This utility does not require installation.
    source: http://www.coderbag.com/programming-c/disable-cpu-core-parking-utility



  16. Pk3 creator

    PK3 Creator Source Files Readme
    Version 0.2

    PK3 Creator is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 9 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 2.0.
    In the PK3Creator directory, I have included all the files you need to view or edit my application.
    Please note that the code is not extensively commented and might be messy in some places.
    I have tried to keep the code of similar sections in Regions which you can expand or collapse (all the code of one TabPage for example goes in one Region).
    This might make it easier to find what you need.
    You are free to use the source to track down bugs or find out how I did certain tasks.
    Please do not use this to create the exact same application and claim it as yours. I have published the source for your pleasure and for the sake of the community, so that if I go missing or lose interest, someone else can take my place and fix some bugs or develop this further.
    You can always try to reach me on my email: r0fnick@gmail.com

    How to use
    To read the source files you will need Microsoft Visual Studio.

    Select an option below and follow the instructions:
    1. I do not have any version Microsoft Visual Studio
    No problem, you can download the free Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition here:
    Open the PK3Creator.vbproj project file in the PK3Creator directory to start.
    2. I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or later (Standard or Professional)
    You're good to go. Open the PK3Creator.vbproj project file in the PK3Creator directory to start.
    3. I have Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2008
    You should be good to go. Open the PK3Creator.vbproj project file in the PK3Creator directory to start.
    4. I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or earlier (Standard or Professional)
    Since my project is made in Visual Studio 2008, you cannot directly open the project because of small compatibility issues.
    You can still view my project but you will have to manually add all the files, which can be quite a difficult task depending on if you know what you're doing or not.
    An easier solution is to download the free Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express, see step 1.



  17. Lenovonotebook

    Ho creato un facile, la configurazione intuitiva, completa con 23 script, per cambiare:
    FOV, sensibilità, fps, mirino, dimensioni mirino colore mirino, gamma, di volume, di classe, spawnpoint, demo registrazioni, registrazioni audio, modalità spettatore AFK, maxpackets, tasso , timenudge, spettacolo fps e lagometer on / off, spettacolo di clock on / off, speedjump, il fuoco per effetto, modalità di attacco coltello, a piedi on / off, ottenere condum guid + + + screenshot giocatori informazioni, in modalità live, si lega ovviamente possono essere cambiato sui pulsanti a proprio piacimento
    L'archivio RAR contiene.
    Selettore allies.cfg alleati si lega
    axis.cfg Asse di selezione si lega
    start.cfg axis.cfg exec, allies.cfg
    copiare tutto in etmain,
    prima di lanciare il gioco, si collega a ET.exe, tasto destro del mouse, cliccare sulle proprietà, destinazione, incollare il seguente riga di comando
    + Set com_hunkmegs 512; + Set com_zonemegs 64; + Set com_soundmegs 64; + Collegare
    esempio :
    "C: \ Programmi \ File Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory \ ET.exe" + set com_hunkmegs 512; + Set com_zonemegs 64; + Set com_soundmegs 64; + Collegare
    Fai partire il gioco,
    aprire la console,
    scrivere / unbindall
    premere INVIO
    Ora scrivere lenovo.cfg exec
    e premere INVIO
    Premere il tasto "Backspace" per unirsi Asse o Alleati squadra
    KP_LEFTARROW premere per selezionare classi alleati
    KP_RIGHTARROW premere per selezionare le classi degli assi
    guardare il messaggio Echo vi aiuterà a modificare le impostazioni del gioco
    cautela prima di eseguire la CFG:
    cambiare questi parametri in lenovo.cfg:
    Seta r_mode -1
    r_customwidth seta 1366
    della seta r_customheight 768
    O set alla risoluzione personalizzata, nelle vostre case;
    Codice: Seleziona tutto
    Seta r_mode -1
    r_customwidth Seta 1920
    Seta r_customheight 1080
    Seta r_customaspect 1
    codice della pagina
    in seta r_mode 5 - 960x720
    Seta r_mode 5 - 960x720
    Seta r_mode 6 - 1024x768
    Seta r_mode 7 - 1152x864
    Seta r_mode 8 - 1280x1024
    Seta r_mode 9 - 1600x1200
    Seta r_mode 10 - 2048x1536
    Seta r_mode 11 - 856x480
    questo è anche importante
    impostare l'aggiornamento del gioco pari a quella fornita dal monitor nella risoluzione
    scelta, come il mio schermo del computer portatile non va al di là di 60Hz se la tua volontà non più si mette la migliore, ma non al di là di 120 Hz (consigliato)
    e, infine, di controllare anche i parametri di connessione
    impostazioni della velocità dal server 5.000-90.000 Dipende dalla vostra linea
    maxpackets impostazioni dal server 30 a 100 Dipende sulla linea
    impostazioni timenudge dal server 0 a -50 per problemi di rete
    packetsdup da 1 a 5 di rispedizione pacchetti per problemi di rete
    Buon divertimento con LenovoNoteBook CFG



  18. Class Selector

    Class Selector
    copy on etmain folder and exec lenovo.cfg



  19. lenovo.Notebook cfg

    this cfg is really done with commitment , inludes all scripts
    Fieldops Fire For Effects
    speed jump
    crosshair change
    crosshairColor change all colors
    crosshairSize change from 20 to 80
    fov change from 90 to 130
    sensitivity change from 3 to 5
    maxpackets change 30 43 76 100
    rate change from 25000 to 90000
    timenudge change from 0 to -50
    advantage class selector
    spawnpoint selector 5 spawnpoints
    script afk spectator mode
    join team axis or allies
    sound volume + sound mute
    get condump guid screenshot
    show/noshow clock
    walk on/off
    MaxFPS change 125 - 76 - 43
    fire advanced
    demo recorder on/off
    wav recorder on/off
    show/noshow FPS and Lagometer

    copy on etmain folder
    exec lenovo.cfg on console

    Help for Binds

    TAB "+scores"
    ENTER "vstr map"
    ESCAPE "togglemenu"
    SPACE "weaponbank 6"
    ' "players; Echo Current Status: Info Players; wait 50;toggleconsole"
    , "mapzoomout"
    - "zoomout"
    . "mapzoomin"
    0 "vstr AxisAllies"
    1 "weaponbank 1"
    2 "weaponbank 2"
    3 "weaponbank 4"
    4 "weaponbank 7"
    5 "setspawnpt 0;say_team Spawn 0 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
    6 "setspawnpt 1;say_team Spawn 1 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
    7 "setspawnpt 2;say_team Spawn 2 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
    8 "setspawnpt 3;say_team Spawn 3 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
    9 "setspawnpt 4;say_team Spawn 4 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
    < "vstr speedjump"
    = "zoomin"
    @ "autoscreenshot"
    ` "toggleconsole"
    a "+moveleft"
    b "+zoom"
    c "+prone"
    d "+moveright"
    e "+leanright"
    f "+activate"
    g "VoiceChat song13"
    h "VoiceChat speech70"
    i "r_ignorehwgamma 1;vid_restart"
    j "VoiceChat song6"
    k "VoiceChat taunt2"
    l "openlimbomenu"
    m "vstr st"
    n "mp_quickmessage"
    o "r_ignorehwgamma 0;vid_restart"
    p "s_volume 0; Echo Current Status: Sound Mute"
    q "+leanleft"
    r "+reload"
    s "+back"
    t "messagemode"
    u "mp_quickmessage"
    v "vstr FFE; VoiceteamChat FireInTheHole"
    w "+forward"
    x "vstr walk_t"
    y "messagemode2"
    z "mp_fireteammsg"
    ~ "toggleconsole"
    BACKSPACE "setspawnpt 5;say_team Spawn 5 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
    CAPSLOCK "weaponbank 5"
    PAUSE "vstr pausetoggle"
    UPARROW "vstr gamma"
    DOWNARROW "vstr sens"
    LEFTARROW "vstr fov"
    RIGHTARROW "vstr sound"
    ALT "weaponbank 4;wait 120;+attack;wait 20;-attack;wait 10;kill; forcetapout; say_team Kill!!!"
    CTRL "+movedown"
    SHIFT "+sprint"
    F1 "vote yes"
    F2 "vote no"
    F3 "ready"
    F4 "notready"
    F7 "vstr clock"
    F8 "vstr crosshr"
    F9 "vstr crosshair"
    F10 "vstr crosshairsize"
    F11 "vstr nextwav"
    F12 "vstr nextdemo"
    KP_LEFTARROW "set reset vstr allies_team; vstr allies_team"
    KP_5 "vstr pbg"
    KP_RIGHTARROW "set reset vstr axis_team; vstr axis_team"
    KP_END "vstr fps00"
    KP_DOWNARROW "vstr rate00"
    KP_PGDN "vstr packets00"
    KP_ENTER "mp_fireteamadmin"
    KP_INS "vstr nextstatus"
    KP_DEL "vstr time00"
    MOUSE1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"
    MOUSE2 "+moveup"
    MOUSE3 "vstr lenovo"
    MWHEELDOWN "weaponbank 3"
    MWHEELUP "weaponbank 2"



  20. LenovoNoteBook cfg

    My setup was modified game for portable computers, of poor performance Update 19-02-2017



  21. Game Scanner

    Homepage software
    This software is used to search for all online games Enemy Territory, is fast, lightweight, reliable, integrated one buddy list, and all the major controls server side, rcon_password example, ping, tracert etc ... I recommend it to everybody



  22. Assault RC1

    Protect the Communication Tower
    Destroy the Communication Tower



  23. Das Boot RC1

    Hidden away in the secret base is an Axis Submarine which must be destroyed.
    1 "Primary Objective:Destroy the Axis Submarine."
    2 "Secondary Objective:Destroy the Main Door."
    3 "Third Objective:Destroy the Filtration Door."
    4 "Fourth Objective:Control the Allied Forward Spawn."
    5 "Fifth Objective:Construct the command post."
    1 "Primary Objective:Protect the Axis Submarine."
    2 "Secondary Objective:Protect Main Door."
    3 "Third Objective:Protect Filtration Door."
    4 "Fourth Objective:Control the Allied Forward Spawn Point."
    5 "Fifth:Construct the command post."



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