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  1. 1944 Huertgen Forest

    1944: Huertgen Forest was thickly wooded, cut by steep defiles and trails. The Axis built deep, artillery-proof bunkers, surrounded by fighting positions.
    AXIS - The Allies are attempting to steal valuable supplies from the Axis Truckyard, stop them at all costs!
    ALLIES - The Axis Truckyard contains valuable supplies. We must secure them to claim victory in the Forest!



  2. ETDO Fueldepot - etdo_fueldepot.pk3

    Download pk3 name: etdo_fueldepot.pk3
    Map name: etdo_fueldepot.bsp
    Allied objectives
    1 "Primary Objective:
    Destroy the Fuel Depot."
    2 "Secondary Objective:
    Destroy the Depot Defense by the Satchel Charge."
    3 "Secondary Objective:
    Destroy the Generator to open the Back Doors."
    4 "Secondary Objective:
    Capture the Forward Bunker and secure from the Axis reclaimings."
    5 "Secondary Objective:
    Construct an Assault Ramp up to the Axis Forward Bunker."
    6 "Secondary Objective:
    Prevent the Axis from establishing a Command Post."
    7 "Secondary Objective:
    Establish a Command Post to increase a charge speed."
    Axis objectives
    1 "Primary Objective:
    Defend the Fuel Depot."
    2 "Secondary Objective:
    Construct the Depot Defense to prevent Allies from the Axis Fuel Depot."
    3 "Secondary Objective:
    Defend the Generator which holds the Back Doors shut from the Allies."
    4 "Secondary Objective:
    Defend either reclaim the Forward Bunker from the Allies."
    5 "Secondary Objective:
    Prevent the Allies from constructing an Assault Ramp up to the Forward Bunker."
    6 "Secondary Objective:
    Establish a Command Post to increase a charge speed."
    7 "Secondary Objective:
    Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post."



  3. silEnT 0.5.0

    The 0.5.0 version of silEnT mod is out.
    The amount of changes below might suggest that 0.5.0 is not a huge improvement, but believe us it is a huge step forward.
    Here we present the main features:
    silEnT GUID, the new silEnT GUIDs replace the PB GUIDs in everywhere, but compatibility is provided for the old PB GUIDs also
    Admin Level Protection (ALP), with this mechanism, the server can ensure that admins on protected levels are properly authenticated
    g_cheatLog, server will log all non gaming related information into this log if enabled
    g_XPSaveMinXP, when this value is set to above 0 or above, the XP save system will use different timestamp for the XP save then the rest of the database. This allows cvars like g_XPSaveMaxAge_xp to work correctly.
    Referee hack attempts are logged
    dboptimize server console command. Read the manual for more information. Do note that this command is server resource intensive and should not be used often.
    Support for revive spree sounds. Admins can add custom sound files revive3.wav, revive5.wav and revive10.wav under the sound/announces if they like.
    Debriefing, mouse wheel scrolling of the lists when the cursor is over the list, not only over the scroll bar
    Omnibot (unofficial 0.82) support for tripmines (tripmines can be planted by bots)

    And the change log:
    Added: dboptimize server console command. Read the manual for more information.Do note that this command is server resource intensive and should not be used often.
    Added: support for revive spree sounds. Admins can add custom sound files revive3.wav, revive5.wav and revive10.wav under the sound/announces if they like.
    Added: g_XPSaveMinXP, when this value is set to above 0 or above, the XP save system will use different timestamp for the XP save then the rest of the database. This allows cvars like g_XPSaveMaxAge_xp to work correctly.
    Added: referee hack attempts are logged
    Added: Admin Level Protection (ALP), with this mechanism, the server can ensure that admins on protected levels are properly authenticated
    Added: silEnT GUID, the new silEnT GUIDs replace the PB GUIDs in everywhere, but compatibility is provided for the old PB GUIDs also
    Added: g_cheatLog, server will log all non gaming related information into this log if enabled
    Added: debriefing, mouse wheel scrolling of the lists when the cursor is over the list, not only over the scroll bar
    Added: omnibot support for tripmines (tripmines can be planted by bots)
    Fixed: vote blocking will not block referee commands
    Fixed: missing original mouse cursor in the menus for Windows builds
    Fixed: silenced colt anim bug
    Fixed: XP for team kills made with tripmines
    Reworked: tripmines can't be destroyed when they are not armed, now it takes 2 shots instead of 1 to destroy the tmine.



  4. TeamSpeak

    Client 32-bit 3.0.0-beta36
    Client 64-bit 3.0.0-beta36
    TeamSpeak is a proprietary Voice over IP software that allows users to speak on a chat channel with other users, much like a telephone conference call. A TeamSpeak user will often wear a headset with an integrated microphone. Users use the TeamSpeak client software to connect to a TeamSpeak server of their choice, from there they can join chat channels.
    The target audience for TeamSpeak is gamers, who can use the software to communicate with other players on the same team of a multiplayer game. Communicating by voice gives a competitive advantage by allowing players to keep their hands on the controls.[1]
    New and Improved Features
    Our next generation TeamSpeak 3 software has been highly improved compared to its predecessors. For starters, both the Client and Server are now available as a flexible cross-platform solution for Windows (32bit and 64bit), Mac OS X (Intel and PPC) and Linux (32bit and 64bit). All platforms are 100% feature compatible and feature rich so regardless of which platform you use, all new features will be available across all platforms upon TeamSpeak 3's launch date.
    Our engineers have re-written the code from the ground up using C++ to improve TeamSpeak's performance and compatibility. This allows TeamSpeak 3's native binaries to be built from the same codebase for various target operating systems.
    TeamSpeak 3 also includes a robust cross-platform Software Development Kit (SDK) which enables full-featured voice integration within existing products or services including online games, virtual worlds, educational programs, military simulators, or any application where up to thousands of users require crystal clear, simultaneous voice communication.
    Improved Voice Quality and Latency
    TeamSpeak 3's voice quality is truly revolutionary. Featuring completely new codecs, automatic microphone adjustment, advanced noise reduction and echo cancelation, TeamSpeak 3 offers only the highest quality in voice communication. Users can finally say goodbye to echo, feedback, and background buzzing noises as the evolution of quality voice communication has arrived. In addition, we've significantly lowered the latency (the amount of time it takes for your voice to be "heard" on the other side) compared with TeamSpeak 2 and other voice communication software solutions.
    Raising the Bar
    TeamSpeak 3 was designed with cutting edge hardware in mind. Thus, it will have full support for the latest G-keys from Logitech® in addition to other currently unannounced hardware manufacturers.
    It's also possible to connect to multiple servers at once using "tabs" similar to what is found in most web browsers so now you can administer or participate in multiple TeamSpeak 3 Servers at the same time. In addition, support for multiple audio devices and outputs over simultaneously connected servers is also available. Preferred servers are now stored as bookmarks, similar to your favorite web browser.
    Stunning 3D Sound Effects
    TeamSpeak 3 now features fully integrated 3D sound support which allows spatial placement of sound effects and audio streams. This creates the illusion of a sound source being placed anywhere in three dimensional space, including behind, to the left of, to the right of, above, or below the listener. The possibilities and applications of 3D sound are virtually endless with TeamSpeak 3. Other TeamSpeak users can be virtually placed around your own audible position. Place conference hosts in front of the attendees or team mates around your own player position. No special hardware is needed. Simply use your headset or 5.1/7.1 speakers to enjoy spatial sound.
    Powerful Permissions System
    The TeamSpeak 3 Server features a completely overhauled, hierachrical permissions system with the ability to dynamically create, define, and apply group permissions as you see fit. This provides server administrators superior control and effective tools for managing and building social networks.
    Improved Security and Privacy
    TeamSpeak 3 introduces a new authentication system. Instead of using a combination of username and password, the TeamSpeak 3 Client creates unique identities which are stored and tracked by every TeamSpeak 3 Server you're connecting to. For administrators, this eliminates the need to manually register a username and password with the server and allows administrators to assign a set of permissions to your identity which can be automatically recalled by the server every time you connect. The end result is strengthened security and improved administration with eliminated username and password issues, effectively making the process of administering users far less tedious than ever before.
    Friends and Foes
    Track your friends (and foes) through TeamSpeak 3's all new Friends/Foes list. When a friend or foe is added, the TeamSpeak 3 Client remembers your friend or foe's unique identity regardless of whether they change their display/nickname, and regardless of what server you're connected to. TeamSpeak 3 allows you to assign a custom nickname to your friends and can play a custom sound event when your friends come online. TeamSpeak 3 also tracks your friends/foes "last seen" date and allows you to permanently mute/ignore your foes.
    Firewall Friendly File Transfer
    Maximize your online collaborative experience with TeamSpeak 3's all new file transfer features. Depending on your permissions, users can recursively upload or download files on a per-channel basis or into a common folder tree. All files are stored directly on the TeamSpeak 3 Server. Users no longer need to worry about how to setup FTP or mess with complicated firewall issues or other file sharing solutions. TeamSpeak 3 makes file sharing a breeze.
    Improved Licensing System
    The TeamSpeak 3 Server introduces a completely new licensing system containing simplified, automatic, and effective tracking of all of your licensed servers. The former, tedious "registration by IP" process has been replaced with an encrypted key which allows your TeamSpeak 3 Server environment to be tracked and licensed automatically. As an added option, the TeamSpeak 3 Client can also indicate to users who the host provider is and provide a link back to your website.
    Community Driven Features
    Got creative talent? TeamSpeak 3 allows you to create, customize, and automate almost all aspects of the client and server.
    Fully Customizable User Interface
    The TeamSpeak 3 Client's GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been completely redesigned, providing a professional new look and intuitive navigation. The interface itself can be fully customized or "skinned" using stylesheets, allowing users to further alter the look and feel of the Client. Advanced users can even write modifications or addons to suit their needs.
    Custom Sound Packs
    Sound packs allow users to customize just about any events or sounds within the TeamSpeak 3 client. Don't like the default "Connected" voice? No problem. With TeamSpeak 3 you can create entire sound packs...and even better, share your creative talents with your friends.
    Unprecedented Extensibility via Plugins
    TeamSpeak 3's all new plugin system allows developers to add functionality to their software or hardware. For example, upon release the TeamSpeak 3 Client will include a plugin for the for the Logitech® G15 keyboard LCD, which allows you to see in realtime who is speaking, what channel you're in, how many users are logged into your server, and more. TeamSpeak 3's plugin system features the powerful Lua scripting language which is also supported by many popular gaming titles.
    Improved Scripting and Automation
    The all new TeamSpeak 3 Server represents years of engineering experience in creating scalable VoIP solutions. The server introduces the ServerQuery system (formerly TCP Query) which allows powerful scripting and automation tools to be built based on the exact same instruction set and functionality provided by the TeamSpeak 3 Client. In addition, the server can now support hundreds of virtual server instances per master binary. This is particularly cost effective for large scale hosting.



  5. Ventrilo

    Ventrilo is widely used by gamers, who refer to it as Vent, and who use the software to communicate with other players on the same team of a multiplayer game. Ventrilo is chosen by gamers because it uses minimal CPU resources, communicating by voice gives a competitive advantage by allowing players to communicate more quickly than typing messages to one another, the ability to use a voice activated system allows messages to be passed without diverting the players' attention from the game interface, and if the game crashes voice communication is maintained.
    System Requirements
    Windows i386 - 32bit - Win2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008



  6. [AwB] SoundPack Creator -TestVersion

    - Save/load Soundpack Project
    - Check the SoundFiles for compatibility (hz, rates, channels...)
    - Create SoundPack and test it on the fly, like in the Game, just use KeyBoard Keys.
    - Export as pk3- File



  7. silEnT mod 0.3.3

    There wasn't 0.3.2 public release, so 0.3.3 covers also things done in 0.3.2.
    Here is the change log:
    Version 0.3.3
    * Fixed alternative fire bug introduced in 0.3.2.
    Version 0.3.2
    * Readded class awards. They should work now correctly with XP save.
    * Added possibility for server admins to enable teamhit sounds.
    * Added flag 8 to g_identOptions. Actions taken based on client identifications are reported in the adminchat.
    * Added default silEnT watermark.
    * Fixed bug with missing hitsounds (http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/tracker/issue-54-no-hitsound-on-enemy-with-mortar/).
    * Fixed bug with class stealing (http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/tracker/issue-46-weapon-on-class-change-go-empty-clip-and-change-weapon/).
    * Fixed bug with soldier secondary weapon changing to akimbos.
    * Fixed throw last knife bug (http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/topic/587-knife-bug/).
    * Fixed fireteam overlay bug.
    * Fixed server list server name filter bug/crash.
    * Fixed bug with say_teamnl command that allowed muted players to write in team chat (http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/tracker/issue-73-say-teamnl-working-with-muted-players/).
    * Fixed bug with g_classWeapons cvar (http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/tracker/issue-72-g-classweapons/).
    * Fixed bug in the TDM timebar.
    * Fixed some bugs with the win probabilities. Not in algorithms, but with the calls to calculate them.
    * Removed Active Team Balance.
    * Removed g_teamForceBalance_playerrating.
    * Removed !balance admin command.
    * The g_XPSave flag 8 will no longer kick guidless players for duplicates.
    * The !howfair command now uses K/D determining fairness.
    * Possibilities for invalid kicks for spoofed client identification reduced.



  8. CoD4 Demo-Viewer

    Tool for easy playing demos of game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
    It's a great way to explore the demo and of course, exploit it a little bit. The various features should allow you to get as much of a customisable experience out of COD 4 as your online poker games. So download it and install, and in no time you'll be watching a COD 4 that looks more like The Matrix than the gritty realism of Call of Duty.
    You can use slowmotion, faster playing, freezing demo, toggle third person view, toggle view HUD info and some keys for cheathunters.
    Installation and run:
    1. Download file cod4player.zip (227 kB, cod4player.exe + readme.txt).
    2. Just unzip file "cod4player.exe", but rather don't put it into the COD4 folder. Then simply run it.
    * In main screen click on the keybord to show info about controls.
    * You can set association demos in Setup menu and then just click on demofile to playback.
    - If You have CoD4 just as copy on HD (no info in registry), cod4player ask You for path to iw3mp.exe.
    - Windows Vista: When get this error "Permission denied", run cod4player as Administrator (right mouse on cod4player ad select from menu Run as..)



  9. Game Booster 2.3

    Current Version: 2.3
    File Size: 6.74 MB
    Operating System: Designed for Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000
    Release Date: Feb. 25, 2011
    Designed to: Make your games running at peak performance.
    Languages: Arabic, Catalan, Finnish, Indonesian, Croatian, Czech, Dansk, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese(BRAZIL), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, 简体中文, 繁體中文.
    Designed to help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play in the latest PC games with the touch of a button, Game Booster helps achieve the performance edge previously only available to highly technical enthusiasts.
    It works by updating hardware drivers, downloading essential gaming tools, tweaking system settings for gaming, defragmenting game directories, temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance.
    Works compatible with PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, VAC, and any other anti-cheat software, Game Booster makes it simpler to enjoy the latest games and take your experience to a new level. All systems go!
    Key Benefits in Game Booster v2
    1-Click Boosting Game Performance Enhanced
    Game Booster v2 can easily and fast close background processes and unnecessary Windows services, to speed up you game playing and avoid possible conflicts and incompatibility. With the innovative "Enhanced 3rd parties' services detection" technology, Game Booster v2 can automatically detect and close more unnecessary background services.
    Defragments Game Files Enhanced
    With the improved defragment engine, Game Booster v2 can quickly defragment game directories and files, to make your games load and run faster than ever.
    Tweak System for Top PC Performance New!
    Game Booster v2 can tweak your PC for the ultimate system and Internet speed with a single click.
    Create Your Own Game Box New!
    Add and manage your games in a small box and boost the game automatically with Game Booster v2 when launching.
    Install Latest Drivers New!
    PC gamers know how important to install new drivers for modern PC games. Now Game Booster v2 keeps every game's specialized drivers up-to-date, including drivers for video/sound cards.
    Game Booster v2 Simplifies and speeds downloading and updating of necessary game software like Ventrilio and Steam, to enjoy better gaming experience.
    Fine Tune-up Game Settings New!
    Fine-tune mouse, keyboard, and specialized game controllers with ease
    Intuitive and Vibrant Interface New!
    Game Booster v2 takes on a vibrant look that greatly appeals to most gamers. The interface is also intuitive for complete computer beginners.
    Safe, Secure, and Free
    Game Booster v2 does not overclock your hardware. Game Booster v2 is a freeware, without any virus, adware, and spyware.



  10. Ponza Isle - isle.pk3

    Download pk3 name: isle.pk3
    Map name: isle.bsp
    Map Description:
    The Axis are attempting to create an isle outpost to facilitate their missions in the south.
    To prevent this the Allies have to destroy the Axis Helipad to cease incoming personnel and equipment.
    To do this the Allies will have to reach the summit of the Axis controlled hill.
    Axis Objective 1 "Primary Objective: Defend the Helipad from the Allies!"
    Axis Objective 2 "Capture Aqueduct House for Forward Positioning!"
    Axis Objective 3 "Keep the Aqueduct blown to prevent the Allied advance!"
    Axis Objective 4 "Keep the Bridge blown to prevent the Allied advance!"
    Axis Objective 5 "Build and prevent the destruction of the Well Gate to prevent Allied access, repair it if needed!"
    Allied Objective 1 "Primary Objective: Destroy the Axis Helipad to prevent the creation of their isle Outpost!"
    Allied Objective 2 "Capture Aqueduct House for Forward Positioning!"
    Allied Objective 3 "Repair and protect the Aqueduct to aid your advance to the Axis Helipad!"
    Allied Objective 4 "Repair and protect the Bridge to aid your advance to the Axis Helipad!"
    Allied Objective 5 "Destroy the Axis Well Gate to gain further access to the Axis summit!"



  11. TrainYard (ET) - trainyard.pk3

    Download pk3 name: trainyard.pk3
    Map name: trainyard.bsp
    Map Description:
    This map has been made to have a layout in the style of mp_depot: it's 2
    large bases for allies and axis to defend with a forward spawn area half way across
    the map. Axis control a trainyard on which they are about to transfer toxic gas from a
    wagon that will be used to make bombs against allied forces. Allies therefore have to
    destroy the wagon containing gas in the axis trainyard. On their side, Axis have to
    block the allied progression by blowing the bridge they use to bring their reinforcements.
    1. Destroy / Defend the gas tank
    2. Capture / Defend the forwar spawn flag
    3. Destroy / Defend the bridge



  12. Vengeance TE (Final) - vengeance_te_final.pk3

    Download pk3 name: vengeance_te_final.pk3
    Map name: vengeance_te_final.bsp
    Gameplay Notes:
    Axis Objectives
    Phase I
    - Gain access to base by breaching the Main Gate
    - Gain access to Bunker #2 in the Ammo Depot
    Phase II
    - Transport control codes to Radar Station
    Phase III
    - Destroy V2 Rocket in the North Ramp hanger
    - Capture Ammo Depot spawn (flag goes perm-Axis when bunker door is blown)
    - Construct CP Spawn
    General Notes
    - Map is designed for 12-28 players
    - Axis are on offense
    - In order to destroy rocket, control codes must be taken from the Ammo Bunker to the radar station. This will deactivate the fail safes, which enables the rocket to be dynamited and open the hanger doors



  13. Artic Gun (Final) - artic_gun.pk3

    Download pk3 name: artic_gun.pk3
    Map name: artic_gun.pk3
    Its Winter 1944. The Axis have constructed 3 massive long distance guns, bombing targets from great distance.
    After a successful allied dropping into the mountains, they will need to steal a tank out of the small outpost the axis have build there.
    Once the tank has been stolen from out the axis outpost, they will need to escort it through the small village of Saurburg and blow out the side wall of the axis base where the massive guns are stationed. a alternative route will be found through the underground tunnels wich can be opened once the tank had blown out the side wall.



  14. Castellum (Final) - castellum_final.pk3

    Download pk3 name: castellum_final.pk3
    Map name: castellum_final.pk3
    Axis Objectives
    Defend the side gate
    Defend the side door
    Defend the gold crate
    Construct the command post
    Allied Objectives
    Destroy the side gate
    Destroy the side door
    Get the gold crate
    Construct the command post



  15. Caen 2 (Final) - caen2.pk3

    Download pk3 name: caen2.pk3
    Map name: caen2.bsp
    The Allies have control of Caen and have set up a Battalion Headquarters across the river. The Axis are trying to regain control of the town and get to a broken down tank, to break into battalion HQ, and steal combat intelligence.



  16. Dover Bridge (Final) - doverbridge_final.pk3

    Download pk3 name: doverbridge_final.pk3
    Map name: doverbridge_final.bsp
    A renegade ss troop of axis have made it to the UK under to cover of darkness ....
    Both teams must transmit this information to their superiors. Each team must defend their radio equipment at all costs.
    If the other team mangages to cross the Doverbridge and dynamite the radio equipment they will win the war !
    Primary Objective: Establish a Command Post to increase your charge speed
    Secondary Objective: Blow the axis main door to gain access to their Radio Equipment
    Third Objective: Blow the Axis Radio Equipment
    Forth Objective: Be nice and friendly this is a happy server
    Primary Objective: Establish a Command Post to increase your charge speed."
    Secondary Objective: Blow the Allies main door to gain access to their Radio Equipment."
    Third Objective: Blow the Allies Radio Equipment."
    Forth Objective: Be nice and friendly this is a happy server."



  17. Base 12 (FP) - base12_fp.pk3

    Download pk3 name: base12_fp.pk3
    Map name: base12_fp.bsp
    The axis are hideing new prototype rocket in the base and are almost ready to transport it to more secure place. Axis must defend it until the transport arrives while allies forces must destroy it before it will be tranported to more secure base.



  18. Ammo Bunker 2 - ammo_bunker2.pk3

    Download pk3 name: ammo_bunker2.pk3
    Map name: ammo_bunker2.bsp
    By the beginning of March 1943 the Eighth Army, advancing westwards along the North African coast, had reached the Tunisian border and Axis found themselves in an Allied two army pincer. They were outflanked, outmaned and outguned. The British Eighth Army shattered the Axis defense on the Mareth Line in late March and First Army in central Tunisia launched their main offensive in mid April. The axis are regathering there forces in north Africa to Tunisia where they have an ammo bunker and newly developed rocket. They have been given the order to launch the rocket on allied headquarters and hold the perimeter until reinforcements arrive. The allied forces have landed in Tunisia and are about to destroy this low guarded axis ammunition bunker and the rocket.



  19. ACI: Marrakech Streets - aci_mor_mod1.pk3

    Download pk3 name: aci_mor_mod1.pk3
    Map name: aci_mor_mod1.bsp
    This map has been updated to fix (clip) seem leaks in the two pillars near the tank ramp, clip the overhead section on the town side of the front gate, added wm_set_round_timelimit in script, and re-named et_mor files to aci_mor_mod1 for co-existence. {STS103} DC9 CAN.
    Description : Allied intelligence has learned of the existence of Operation Hitlers Beard, a top secret project that the Axis top minds have been working on. If the Allied command could get there hands on the information contained within these files it would help them plan for a swifter and more decisive victory in the entire North Africa campaign. The Allies have put together a small strike force to attempt to break through the Axis defenses and steal the documents they are guarding. Needless to say, the Axis soldiers can not allow this to happen, and must defend the town at all costs.
    Objectives :
    1, Escort the tank passed the barrier
    2, Escort the tank to the town gate and destroy them
    3, Destroy the entrance to the laboratory and get the document case
    4, Take the documents back out through the gate to a waiting truck
    : Axis;
    1, Don't let the tank get passed the barrier
    2, Stop the Allies from destroying the town gate
    3, Guard the laboratory entrance
    4, Don't let the Allies escape with the document case



  20. Arha Beach TE (Final) - arhabeach_te.pk3

    Download pk3 name: arhabeach_te.pk3
    Map name: arhabeach_te.bsp
    -Defend the Beach Wall;
    -Defend the Side Wall;
    -Protect the West Gun.
    -Destroy the Beach Wall;
    -Destroy the Side Wall;
    -Destroy the West Gun.



  21. Falkenstein SW - falkenstein_sw.pk3

    Download pk3 name: falkenstein_sw.pk3
    Map name: falkenstein_sw.bsp
    The Allies are trying to infiltrate a secret Axis base inside a mountain. They are attempting to steal a secret prototype which could be decisive for the success in this war.



  22. Castle Duel (Final) - ron_castle_duel_final.pk3

    Download pk3 name: ron_castle_duel_final.pk3
    Map name: ron_castle_duel_final.bsp
    The map has been developed for duels (1vs1), but also can be used for matches with up to 12 players (6vs6).
    Great for the small massacre in between...



  23. Decrypted - decrypted.pk3

    Download pk3 name: decrypted.pk3
    Map name: decrypted.bsp
    Axis must keep the decrypted documents until the reinforcement arrive. First they must save the doors which have very good protection. Secondary, they must keep control of the transmitter which is the key of salvation.
    Allies have to get back the decrypted documents to their brain trust in order to change the code and change their war plans. They must enforce this axis basement, begining by doors to get decrypted documents back home.



  24. X-Dam Complex 2 - xdam2.pk3

    Download pk3 name: xdam2.pk3
    Map name: xdam2.bsp
    Map Description
    The Axis have started to build a new X-Lab facility in an old factory near an old water dam. Allied forces have come across this information and are now planning an attack with the mission to destroy the X-Lab and eliminate all Axis forces they come across. It is a dangerous mission and there is a need for some good strategy from both forces.
    Map Objectives
    Allied objectives:
    *Destroy the service area garage door.
    *Destroy the upper dam wall (this wall can be constructed by an Axis engineer)
    *Destroy the X-Lab
    *Build the lower dam MG42 nest.
    *Construct the Command Post.
    *Capture service area spawn.
    *Go covert op and go thru the Axis door in service area.
    Axis Objectives:
    *Defend the service area garage door.
    *Construct the upper dam wall to stop/slow down the allied attack.
    *Defend the X-Lab
    *Build the upper dam balcony MG42.
    *Build the upper dam MG42 nest.
    *Capture the service area spawn.



  25. The Citadel - citadel.pk3

    Download pk3 name: citadel.pk3
    Map name: citadel.bsp



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