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  1. Happy Birthday Mayhem!

  2. Yea well, tried that as well, but that didn't work out either. Anyways, thanks for your help though! but I've switched to the newest version of GtkRadiant now, where it does work
  3. No matter which texture. All the textures are white. The textures of the 6 standard maps, as textures like Chaulk and Common, as textures of custom maps.
  4. Hello FA, I do not know if there are any mappers here? And if there are, whether they are using GtK-Radiant 1.4 (/1.5)? Well, I hope anyone could help me out My problem: When I am mapping, the textures are just working, all fine. However when I close GtKRadiant and later open it again to start working on mapping again, all my textures are plain white. Also when I load the textures in my texture-window (the one below the 3D-view window), the textures just appear as white squares, nothing more. So, this is pretty annoying, because I CAN apply the textures on my brushes, however I can NOT see which texture I am applying. (So who knows I just added the water texture to a wall lol ;p) It would be very, very great if anyone could help me out! For your information, I have Windows Vista and GtkRadiant version 1.4. Thanks in advance! ~ Mayhem
  5. Mayhem

    One direction

    Start listening to Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, the Jonas Brothers and Rebecca Black as well, if you like One Direction. Same style of music = no music
  6. Happy Birthday Mayhem!

  7. Oh com'on, it's not like we're all from the FBI here. I'm not gonna arrest you or something if you share a torrent lol btw; I downloaded Minecraft myself some months ago. What's your server IP? Maybe I come by so now or then
  8. Good afternoon, has been a while ago since my last visit here :)

    1. Moron4


      hello, saw you on jay3 yesterday ^^

    2. Mayhem


      Yep, that's right ;D

    3. Nimrod


      Yes, and its been even longer now..........

  9. Mayhem


    Nope, I definitely did not leave for that reason m8. I left because I just didn't feel like fitting in here. Most people are different than me and would take different choices than me. And both of the choices (mine and yours) could be correct and awesome. But it's just that I'm searching for another type of clan if you know what I mean (I just got difficulties with bringing my thoughts into words ^^).. @EquaniMity: That's right. I definitely won't say that FA-members are total abusive morons and as shitty as hell, cause you just are not. You people are great, but then just in another way ^^ I'm searching for some different clan, so sorry for all this shit I caused around Trial-stuff etc., didn't mean to associate you people with the evil side of life Bye again, all take care and who knows we'll meet later
  10. Mayhem


    Sorry if I made you misunderstand me :/ I did not mean that FA clan is not ''good'' (can't find the correct words), I just don't feel like fitting in here, that's all. I should have written that topic in a different, more understandable way.. Thanks to all now, and I wish good luck to you and the whole FA as well.
  11. Mayhem


    Hey folks, I know I'm just a Trial Member and I also know that I have not been active on forum and server for over a week, so I leave the clan (though I never fully joined, but okay). Thanks to those who supported me on my way to becoming a full-member. But I just do not belong here. Several things in this clan are things I dislike and I'm not saying that this 'dislike' is the clan's fault, cause maybe it's just my way of weird thinking. Just don't feel fit in, that's all. Good bye all Mayhem
  12. Yea, it's like asking: ''What colour has an orange?''
  13. Teams that will advance to 8th rounds: A: Russia & Czech Republic B: Netherlands & Germany C: Spain & Italy D: Sweden & England The winner will be The Netherlands ofcourse

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