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  1. ET DemoView Edition

  2. ET Demo Stats

  3. ha! any assumptions of you having a loot that #3 , your last attack? watch gulari's jack daniel style sort of attack haha
  4. and we won again! Sweet. One of our weak strikes using dragon attack lol http://youtu.be/SDwS_S-RxRc
  5. PiNoY

  6. COC How to Join =F|A= CoC Clan

    imma join 2nd account on peace division soon, same pinoy ID to cause confusion
  7. This is quite effective, we need a patent for this LOL
  8. COC =F|A= Clash of Clan - War #9

    This is FA Clan War, and this is how we do it http://youtu.be/GfVK1fr7Lr4
  9. ..and we won again. 4 straight victory in a row. The 2-clan brigade is seemingly effective for all of us. Good loot, faster upgrades, better attack strategy. Congratz all ! Thank you for help and participation! Sweet victory
  10. COC Coc update

    Somebody needs to stream this on twitch tv
  11. COC Coc update

    Let's do this. We are stronger than last war
  12. COC Coc update

    In 21 hours time lvl5 AD and lvl3 tesla would be done, making a max TH7 defense weaponry. Boosting elixir atleast on first strike I could go for all dragons for sure, was busy at work past days.
  13. COC =F|A= Clash of Clan - War #8

    and we won again! Three-peat victory
  14. COC =F|A= Clash of Clan - War #8

    Here are 3 attacks made on their top #3 so far. I tried to stream our game play live on twitch with decent video quality and I was surprised to know that on the first 5 minutes, live stream had hit 7 viewers immediately as soon as the streaming started. Quite fun and interesting, felt sleepy so I stopped .
  15. Enemy base #3. We've been trying to hit this one hard, with hogs and dragons. Atm, we got 1 star only as the base god 3 AD and one of it is at lvl5 already.