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In retrospect, coming up with yitch1.cfg and yitch2.cfg CoD4 multiplayer config files was relatively easy. After all, yitch1 was made by ostensibly copying and moderately tweaking a configuration made for slow computer systems that was included in the CoD4 DVD by an IW staffer known as dk05. BASHandSlash.com spoke to this IW employee this week and we asked him about his now famous configuration. Apparently, the dk05.cfg file was concocted as a result of the fact that dk05 had a sluggish computer and wanted to run CoD4 with as high a frame-rate as possible. The other interesting fact we learned was that the config should never have been on the DVD! It was accidentally copied to the master - and that's how we got it.

The rest is history.

Of course, we here at BASHandSlash.com thanked dk05 for his config file...heck, without his efforts many of us in CallofDutyville with slug-computers would have been S.O.L. when it came to CoD4.

What is the yitch3.cfg file?

In our opinion, CoD4's config_mp.cfg file plays a huge role in the outcome of online gaming. More accurately, the role is huge *if* your system (hardware and communication systems) is bottlenecked. FPS rate is life online and if your system cannot attain the same framerates as your opponents, you will find yourself more often than not...dead.

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