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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Mods - Jaymod, ETpub, Silent, Nitmod, ETpro, etc.

69 files

  1. Nitmod 2.3.4 b4

    Depending on how the mod package was created, it may contain all the required files inside a "nitmod" folder, or directly into the Zip root.
    Installing for the first time
    Stop your server
    Unzip the mod package.
    If the mod package doesn't contain a "nitmod" folder:
    Create a "nitmod" folder on your server, next to the "etmain" folder.
    Upload the content of the mod package to the folder you just created
    If the mod package contains a "nitmod" folder:
    Upload the "nitmod" folder to your server's root (near "etmain")
    Once the files are uploaded:
    Change your server's "fs_game" cvar to "nitmod" (either in your control panel for rented game servers, or in your startup command line if you're hosting it yourself)
    Start your server
    Stop your server
    Delete the current mod pk3 file from your server's "nitmod" folder (usually nitmod_*.*.pk3)
    Unzip the mod package.
    If the mod package doesn't contain a "nitmod" folder:
    Upload the content of the mod package to your server's "nitmod" folder
    If the mod package contains a "nitmod" folder:
    Upload the content of the package's "nitmod" folder to your server's "nitmod" folder
    In both cases, you will probably have to confirm you want to replace qagame_mp_x86.dll (Windows servers) or qagame.mp.i386.so (Linux servers).
    Once the files are uploaded:
    Start your server
    Server configuration
    N!tmod releases come with a sample configuration file (nitmod.cfg).
    It contains every mod Cvars set to their default value, and a small description of what they're used for.
    For a complete description, visit our Cvar reference (link on the left menu of this page).
    Admin system configuration
    Setting up SQLite Database
    N!tmod includes a powerful Shrubbot like admin system, partially rewritten to use a SQLite database, extend features and provide higher performance.
    It allows you to modify/add/delete admin levels and manage every player who has connected to your server, even whey they are offline
    Admin system is disabled by default, because it requires you to set the path to where you want the SQLite database file to be saved, using the n_SQLiteDBPath Cvar.
    The database file will be automaticly created if the above cvar is set correctly, and the server process has read/write permissions on the specified path.
    If an invalid filename is provided, the mod will attempt to create a "NITMOD_DB.sqlite" database inside "fs_homepath"/nitmod directory.
    The SQLite database is also required for XPSave (see g_XPSave), Offline messaging (see n_userMail) and Map records (see n_mapRecords)
    Setting up admin levels
    To setup admin levels on your server, you must create a levels.db file inside nitmod folder (download sample here).
    DO NOT copy & paste level entries from another mod's 'shrubbot.cfg' file, it will NOT work!
    Here is 'levels.db' file structure description:



  2. N!tmod 2.3.2

    N!tmod 2.3.2 is in the making, and the testing phase has started!
    After five years, I started playing again and noticed a few things that could be improved.
    So after all we've been through this year, here is my little gift to world.
    You only need to replace the qagame .dll or.so and the pk3 files with the new ones to update your server.
    If you are installing for the first time, or updating from a version prior to 2.3, don't forget to check the Setup tutorial and the NxAC Setup tutorial.
      N!tmod 2.3.2 (Build 20201231)
    Fixed: Mod couldn't load on Linux/MacOS (MacOS Remains untested because I don't have a Mac at home...)
    Fixed: Something was wrong with shuffle by K/D Ratio
      N!tmod 2.3.2 (Build 20201228-1)
    Fixed: Self-stab bug with g_hitboxes enabled (Thanks to eG clan for help with debugging).
    Fixed: Announcer ("prepare to fight", etc) was sometimes corrupted
    Modified: Announcer font (kill assistance, etc...)
    Added: Objectives announces on screen (when planting, destroying, damaging, etc...)
    Fixed: Typo when tripmine was set
    Added: Intermission Awards 'emojis'
    Added: LUA et_obituary can now replace the default obituaries with it's return value (Request #54)
    Fixed: Typo when tripmine was set
    Fixed: BUG #73 Satchel bug where satchel would only damage players but not objectives around
    Fixed: Satchel bug where satchel wouldnt drop (related to BUG #73)
    Fixed: BUG #70 Medics couldn't pick Sten at all when g_pickAnyWeapon was enabled (except if g_weapons 512 flag was set)
    Modified: Avoid flooding client with server commands when arming/disarming dyna/mines
    Added: Objective hints, makes it easier to find objectives to construct/destroy (experimental)
    Added: cg_objectiveHints client cvar
    Added: 'cg_drawHUDStats' cvar (0/1): toggle drawing N!tmod's HUD stats
    Modified: Reworked some HUD text elements to make them easier to read on bright maps
    Added: 'cg_woundedNames' cvar (0/1): Draw names above wounded players when playing as a medic. Wounded players will also see nearby medics names.
    Added: 'cg_drawBanners' cvar (0/1): Allow disabling drawing of server banners (requested on Facebook and bug tracker).
    Added: !seen output now displas UserID (NGUID last 8 chars)



  3. Revolution mod for noquarter (Funquarter)

    Mod: Revolution mod for noquarter
    Version: b1
    ET Version: 2.55 or 2.60b
    This is a mod that runs on noquarter (and only noquarter) and replaces several weapons and adds some cool stuff. It recycles some weapon skins that you may be familiar with, however it FULLY adds them to the source code and game.  The classes were changed a bit to provide new strategy and something different.  This mod was designed for our frag and sniper servers. So now we are sharing it. Before you install it, check out our server at bottom of page and see if you like it.     
    /// INSTALL
    Install as an standalone NQ release (sorted out by @Blu2300)
    /// CHANGES
    * M4 Carbine- Soldier/Allies (replaces plain sten)
    * AK47- Special Ops/Allies (replaces stg44)
    * Tesla Port- Special Ops/Allies (an original RTCW weapon that replaces flamethrower)
    * Unsupressed Sten MKII- Soldier/Axis (added by noquarter)
    * M3 Snooper- Specialops/Axis (replaces fg42)
    * 12 Gague- Most classes (a reskinned version of jaymod shotty)
    * Venom II- Soldier and Femme Fatale (medic), both classes (reskinned and less fire delay)
    * Chainsaw
    Skill Rewards:
    * Level 4 Light Weapons:  Most classes get a chainsaw (heavy melee weapon)
    * Level 4 Medic: SpecialOps gets medpacks
    Other Changes:
    * Elite Soldier class gets more grenades, and can supply their own ammo
    * Femme Fatale class is an elite female medic that carries a venom and can also snipe
    * Accuracy table updated with new weapons
    * Limbo menu updated
    * Kill announcements updated
    * Most all references to weapons or classes updated
    * Chainsaw has an occasional critical effect and gibs play instantly, also can overheat
    * Uniforms and limbo menu are reskinned
    * This mod was build on noquarter 1.2.4 source code, so it has some of the fix/features in 1.2.5
    * When stealing a special ops or femme fatale uniform, the disguise is not 100% complete (you can tell by the face)
    * Made shortcuts to !listplayers and !nextmap commands, it is now !li and !ne (like jaymod)
    /// BUGS
    * Regular NoQuarter bugs of 1.2.3
    * Sometimes the chainsaw will be given before level 4 light weapons then goes away next spawn
    * Too many files in the etmain folder will cause disconnects at map starts.  This is a NQ problem on 2.55.  
    It seems that 6 files are the limit on our server.  The server-side fix is to simply combine map files into the same .pk3.  
    This is beta version, so help me test it out!  

    /// MODERS
    If you can mod, perhaps you can help with fixes and improve skins and weapon animations.
    Credit will be given.      

    /// Fixes
    * Poll votes work 
    * Banners now work on ET 2.55 and dont give you an error message (I found this really dumb)
    * One of the disconnect errors was re-worded so players know what to do if disconnected
    /// THANKS TO
    etpub forums
    Berzerkr (GER)- skins
    us | Monkey- skins
    Baiter- skins
    Blowfish- skins
    k4m!l0$- skins
    GuNer- skins & code changes
    If I forgot anyone, email me. 
    Author: =POW=GuNer
    Website: http://www.powclan.forumotion.com
    Private Msg "guner"
    Game Server:



  4. etl_2.76-nitmod2.3.1_patch.pk3

    This is to fix errors thrown from ETL 2.76 with N!mod 2.3.1
    There was errors thrown for default maps used the previous patch to resolve them first https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1866-etl_pak0_patchpk3/
    some sound errors weren't thrown movers/doors/door4 and door5 were imported anyway cause I know the sounds are thrown by custom maps



  5. etl_2.76-silent-0.9.0-patch.pk3

    This goes into the mod folder of the server to fix some errors thrown by ETL 2.76
    for technical details the mod was from Hardcore New XPS



  6. etl_pak0_patch.pk3

    This patch is for ETL 2.76 goes into the Mod Folder of the server it must be carried over to each server mod that includes so far Jaymod, Silent working on others atm
    using default map sounds errors to fix for ETLegacy 2.76 console errors
    Also using default sounds from Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\pak0.pk3 unfound sounds will use a blank.wav 
    this is for maps with errors listed below plus there was no issues with Battery or Railgun so far
    Wurzburg Radar
    Siwa Oasis
    etl_pak0_patch.pk3 file size 244 kb
    last updated 7-19-2019



  7. etl_2.76-jaymod-2.2.0_patch.pk3

    This patch is for Jay1 running Jaymod 2.2.0
    to fix ETL 2.76 warnings and errors
    This goes in to the Jaymod Mod folder to fix the " Info: fs_game now defaults to 'legacy' mod instead of 'etmain' " swap in ETLegacy 2.76 at startup
    The reason for this fix is to help better locate map errors that are reoccurring on each map and if this is fixed you would only see the map errors
    This is not a Jaymod related issue this is a Legacy issue
    Your welcome to shorten the file name or rename it just remember its tied to the pk3s in use currently
    etl_2.76-jaymod-2.2.0_patch.pk3 file size is 595 kb



  8. ETJump 2.3

    The gold standard of trickjumping mods, updated VERY recently with an incredibly lengthy changelog which can be read here:
    This mod allows both players and developers the freedom to play with the physics of the wonderful quake engine without a million quirks that this game is known for. Many years of development has led to a very stable mod and enjoyable experience.
    Download the mod, run it, run your favorite map and fool around. Maybe you can learn a new thing or two about it in the process.
    Tutorial to help you do just that incoming.



  9. xmas mods

    for DF



  10. Xmas mods

    For DF.



  11. Christmas Dynomite (Beta 7)

    A fun Christmas mod
    - fairy stick instead of knifes and a few other features as can be seen on the Screenshots



  12. Christmas Mods

    This Mod contains several pk3's including:
    - Two diffirent ammo and medkit skins
    - Angel object
    - Christmas 2007 pack
    - Grinch object
    - Sackmines ( mines in the form of a Santa bag )
    - Santa heads instead of helms
    - Santa Shell
    - Wand decoration ( or something )
    - Christmas helms, Minemarkers, Minetrees.
    So 1 file for many fun an nice Christmas features for Enemy Territory



  13. Omni-bot 0.7.1

    Omni bot version 0.7.1 for Enemy Territory game.



  14. Silent MOD 0.8.2

    Version 0.8.2
    Added: g_goatSound server cvar to enable/disable goat sounds on knife kills.
    Added: enemy team objective carry indicator. Use g_misc flag 1024 to enable it on the server and cg_objcarry client cvar to enable it in the HUD.
    Fixed: Players carrying objectives are now shown correctly.
    Fixed: !useredit was not able to set level higher than 99 when executed as rcon. !setlevel was working correctly.
    Fixed: The name of the disguised covert op was not drawn to spectators.
    Fixed: The class icon in the crosshair player name to be the current class instead of the latched class.
    Fixed: wm_sayPlayerClass now announces the latched class correctly, even when using class swithcer.
    Fixed: If map voting was enabled but g_mapVoteFlags 4 was not enabled. It was possible to issue multiple votes by hand using /mapvote command.
    Fixed: debriefing screen buttons didn't handle highlight theme parameter properly.
    Fixed: The output of finger command didn't show warnings if there were more than 2 in total.
    Fixed: UI crash in menu
    Fixed: Minor bug with g_maxPanzerSuicides introduced in 0.8.0. If panzer suicides were disallowed completely, the player was not informed about it.
    Fixed: g_muteRename allowed to change the name when player used /reconnect
    Fixed: When unmuting/muting during intermission/warmup, the mute wasn't saved.
    Fixed: cg_effectDistance was affecting the played sounds.
    Fixed: g_classWeapons not working for class command
    Fixed: class command not handling secondary weapon parameter properly, it didn't influence the limbo menu, e.g. /class s 3 2 wouldn't select akimbo pistols or SMG as secondary in limbo.
    Fixed: switching problem with double SMG
    Improved: If player is completely dead in the game, the scoreboard shows the player's latched class to other team members.
    Improved: UI tabbing to edit field makes it focused.
    Improved: limbo weapons menu for soldier class.
    Improved: sort order of the map vote menu map list.



  15. Omni-Bot Enemy Territory

    Omni-bot is an artificial intelligence(AI) controlled opponent for first person shooter games. Unlike many bots that are written for specific games, Omni-bot was designed from the beginning to exist mostly as a generic framework with which support for many different games can be made, and most of the functionality can be shared among them.
    For making waypoints for ET maps have a look at Belo's tutorial.
    Side-note: The 0.81 version can be found here and has not been updated since some users prefer to work with the older version and it is supposed to work much easier/better with Jaymod.



  16. X-Labs

    A new mod for ET has found his way to life.
    Mod Discription:
    Steal the enemy gold. Enemy die he lost a goldbar.
    One shot kills. Weapon for the Teams Carabine.
    Touch the flag's to score! (Flags arround the maps)
    Gold weighs you down!
    The more gold you have, the more points you get!
    Supportetd Maps:



  17. ET Mod: Infected (A13)

    ET Mod: Infected (A13)
    Micha! released a new version os his ET mod "Infected"
    Infected Mod is a survival gameplay mod.
    It changes Allies to Humans/Swat and Axis to Infected/Zombies.
    Basics of infected mod:
    * Humans: You need to survive till the timelimit is over !
    -> Get ammo on kills
    * Infected: Kill all humans to win the round (starts with 1 player)
    -> Kill a human to infect him
    Some features:
    - Random Map vote
    - "Infect a random player" vote
    - Removes Mg42 and objectives out of maps
    - Heartbeat sound on lower healthpoints
    - World sounds for better atmosphere
    - Player punishment for "spec -> human team" to avoid dead (empty weapons on respawn).
    - Get ammo for kills (infected players get another throwing knife, humans get bullets)
    - Thirdperson mode ( /tp 1 or /tp 2)
    - More shrubbot commands
    - Infected Team has special spawnpoints on some maps
    - Edited mapscripts
    - Tripmines
    - Water breath bar
    Server: 2.55, 2.6b, et300
    server: windows, linux
    client: windows, linux



  18. Mod Mad Warfare 1.0 (ET:MWM)

    This is the First (public) release of this mod.
    ET-MWM Details: Call of Duty 4 - Weapons / Textures / Sounds, Soldier of Fortune 3 - Weapons / Textures, Modern Skins, Flashbang, Blood and a few features.



  19. Chaos Mod

    Chaos Mod V 0.1.7



  20. RtCW: Evo-Wolf-MP

    Evo-Wolf-MP 2013, bringing RTCW Multiplayer up to date ! - Mod by =KT= SuperRetardo. You must have a DirectX SDK setup (better DX11) on your machine and referenced properly.
    What's evo-wolf-mp do?
    - Better Graphics (Bloom lighting, lens flares)
    - Fixed Graphics (Bad bug in 1.41b, left maps looking like junk)
    - No more "Too Many Shaders" Error Bug
    - HTTP Downloads - If the server is setup for it, just like ET (only be supported)
    - Replacement GUID system. Since PB no longer supports RTCW.
    - A couple of other bug fixes.
    - Fully 100% 1.4, 1.41, 1.41b compatible including ALL Mods.



  21. ET COD Menu

    Call of Duty Main Menu for wolf



  22. et_fsmod

    Enemy Territory ET FS Mod



  23. Gundam/Zaku Helmet

    Axis and Allies skinpacks



  24. Falckonet

    Falckon ET is a realism and fun based modification for RtCW:Enemy Territory. Our goal is to please players who think that ET is a fun game, but a little unrealistic, and who wish to see a few new features.



  25. britmod

    Brit-mod replaces the Americans with British troops, all flags, symbols and weapon sounds are complete, all that is needed to do is to change soldier models and complete the voice chat sounds.



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