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Found 132 results

  1. Server Info - I have started modifying server so that it's more suitable for pub style game play. As of now map list is below. Some changes - server would be max 28 slots after next reboot. 14 vs 14 max. It has basic admin system - level 1 to 3 to support mute and kick but that's about it. Any suggestions, please share here! I am looking for some more feedback, especial server settings for public game play. adlernest, 0, 100, erdenberg_b3, 6, 100, frostbite, 0, 100, karsiah_te2, 6, 100, braundorf_b4, 0, 100, supply, 0, 100, missile_b3, 10, 100, et_ufo_final, 8, 100, pirates, 8, 100, sp_delivery_te, 0, 100, sw_goldrush_te, 0, 100, radar, 0, 100, tc_base, 0, 100, sw_battery, 8, 100, sw_oasis_b3, 0, 100, et_beach, 12, 100, First day - not bad - Shout out to @w1cx @kajto3 - who came for camping!
  2. Anyone tested this map? We had on jay2! how was it? https://www.moddb.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/addons/lays-of-schwarzwald-b1
  3. fastLaunch View File Hello, here is a little script to launch multiple ET on multiple servers with 1 install Say to me if you have issues with it Submitter Scarface06 Submitted 07/21/19 Category Software  
  4. I thought it would be interesting to share your favorite (and least favorite) ET class and why. For myself: 1. Engineer/Soldier (panzer) 2. Medic 3. Field ops 4. Covert ops I listed engineer and soldier with panzerfaust both first: 90% of my game time is divided between those two, the remainder goes to the other classes. If I'm in the mood for objective play, I'll be an engineer unless there are already enough of them I'll pick a supportive class like medic. If I just want some lazy fragging, you cannot beat panzer... Also I'm probably the worst covert ops you'll see on Silent1.
  5. Scarface06

    ET fastLaunch

    Version 1.0


    Hello, here is a little script to launch multiple ET on multiple servers with 1 install Say to me if you have issues with it
  6. Hello, I talk about it in the subject or I share my videos I wanted to know if a mod was available to "detach" the camera from the player, to take several shots I wanted to know if we could also hide the HUD (only in read mode) I precise it was for video editing: in compilations, take a player "outside", could make the video more complete, more beautiful! I've been told about Wolfcam and Demoviewer, but I do not think he has the option desired, at least I do not know how to do it. Thanks !
  7. 1 year ago i had 10 m xp now 15 ----next 20 m xp
  8. Hello everyone! I thought of a game that could be fun to play What to do is to post screenshot of a map from an unusual (but guessable) place, and othera will have to guess which map the SS is from (Make sure to not reveal the map name from the name of the SS) I have these maps, try to guess which map are they from
  9. Achilles90

    AjB Jumps 2

    Version 1.0.0


    A quite lovely map that came out in 2018 by the great AjB A great easy side of 27 jumps as well as a considerably harder side made of maybe 50 more jumps A unique map with interesting jumps and ramp styles Very enjoyable to play and quite nicely done. eT|SpeeD running the easy side of this map:
  10. AjB Jumps 2 View File A quite lovely map that came out in 2018 by the great AjB A great easy side of 27 jumps as well as a considerably harder side made of maybe 50 more jumps A unique map with interesting jumps and ramp styles Very enjoyable to play and quite nicely done. eT|SpeeD running the easy side of this map: Submitter Achilles90 Submitted 06/29/19 Category Maps  
  11. absoluto

    ScreenShot Error

    Today I happen to take a screenshot my game unexpectedly closed. I do not remember well but something like that was *the temporary folder is not found*,
  12. D..X

    Summer Game Day

    The silky smooth sands, the breeze of the wind, and the heat of the sun. What can be better than this trifecta? =F|A= SUMMER GAMEDAY 2019!! Join us for a weekend on the sands, battling it out in the scorching blaze of the ball of fire! Who's ready?! Set your dates and mark your calendars for the 22nd & 23rd of June. You are welcome to enjoy all of this on our servers! We'll be hosting the following games: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday, 22nd June Server Name: =F|A= Beginners #2 Server IP: b2.clan-fa.com:27960 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord Insurgency Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0  Date: Saturday, 22nd June Server Name: =F|A= #4 COOP 35 ANGRY BOTS (MEDICS) Server IP: ins4.clan-fa.com:27022 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday, 22nd June Server Name: =F|A= Beginners 24/7 Server IP: Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord
  13. Hello everyone, here is a little tutorial on how to receive notifications from certain channels on discord 1. Select the server that you want, right click on it and select "Notifications Settings" 2. go down in the window and choose a channel in the Notification Overrides section (here server-help) 3. choose the notification that you want ! here "ALL". and that's it, do not forget to save! Good luck to you all
  14. Simple steps - Note - Do NOT delete any of the files in your installation. It's just replacing it. 1. Open your ET installation folder. In that put the below files in your etmain folder - pak1.pk3pak2.pk3mp_bin.pk3 cgame_mp_x86.dllui_mp_x86.dllqagame_mp_x86.dll 2. Then replace your ET.exe with this one - ET.exe It should do the job! To confirm - open your ET and then open the console using ~ key. It should say 2.60b
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Map by [UJE]Niek It is Snipertime. This time in a huge Classroom You can cross by leaving the classroom and hope the teacher won't see it. Have fun. bsp name of this map is UJE_classroom_sniper
  16. UJE_classroom_sniper_b1 - UJE classroom sniper b1 ET map View File Map by [UJE]Niek It is Snipertime. This time in a huge Classroom You can cross by leaving the classroom and hope the teacher won't see it. Have fun. bsp name of this map is UJE_classroom_sniper Submitter ++Vindstot Submitted 03/30/19 Category Maps  
  17. Hello all New to the forums here and have been noticing peeps using the +1 in comments. Looks to be added to the community reputation. Any chance someone can explain how this process works?
  18. ...i found this on the www and i thought its good to get this pinned. almost all errors are listed and solved. this can be extended. so if you have an issue and a solution, you can post it in here and gonna add it to the list. i deleted some who are useless imo Known errors: 2- CD Key 3- Cg.ClientFrame 5- CL_GetServerCommand 6- Connection Interrupted 7- Could not exec xxx.cfg 8- Could not load OpenGL drivers 9- Could not load an official pak file 10- Could not initialize installation 11- Could not reopen pak0.pk3 12- cl_ParsePacketEntities 13- Client / server game mismatch 14- Client communication failure 15- Disconnected for unknown reason 16- Duplicate Guid / CDkey 17- Integrity failure 18- Error Hunk_AllocatedTempMemory 21- ET.exe crashes without error message 22- ET.exe encountered an error 23- Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) 24- GLW_StartOpenGL () - could not load OpenGL subsystem 25- Hunk_AllocateTempMemory 26- Ignoring md5tool queries 27- Incorrect et.exe version 28- Can not connect to a server 29- I / O error 31- Losing key packets 32- MD5 Tool: ET.exe md5 tool mismatch 33- Max_Gamestate_Chars_Exceeded 36- O / S Privileges 38- Runtime error 40- Sv_wwwDownload: unexpected wwwdl bbl8r 44- VM_Create on cgame failed 45- Warning Cvar whatever must be EQUAL TO 0 46- can not write to hunkusage 2-CD Key Exact message: Valid CD Key is not reaching GUIDAUTH Server ouYou have been kicked by PunkBuster for a CD Key fail Reason: There is a key conflict Solution: 1) Go to the Etkey.org website. 2) Press "Get a new key". 3) Save it on the desktop. 4) Place the key in your Etmain folder. 3-Cg.clientFrame Reason: Your console continuously displays a series of: cg.clientFrame: 24190 cg.clientFrame: 24191 cg.clientFrame: 24192 Solution: If your variable "cg_stats" is 1, the console displays the number of the frames (images displayed), so try to put this variable on "0" 5-CL_GetServerCommand Exact messages: CL_GetServerCommand: a reliable command was cycled out Reason: After a long download on a server, a command does not find a path. Solution: Attempt to reconnect to the server (open the console and write: / reconnect) 6-Connection Interrupted Huge error message.Often related to an internet connection problem. Solutions 1: 1 / Check that you are not behind a firewall (Antivirus). 2 / Update Punkbuster. And try to connect to a server without Punkbuster (Some servers still run with PB). 3 / Check that the connection mode is selected in the game options (Modem, ISDN, ADSL, LAN). 4 / Check the connection settings in your cfg (all lines "cl_") Solutions 2: We can also try to add these commands in the config: - / cl_maxpackets 30 (number of incoming and outgoing packets) - / cl_packetdup 1 (packet size) - / snaps 20 (modify the SNAP configuration) - / cg_predictitems 0 (removes the "prediction" on the client side.The prediction allows your machine to extrapolate the position of the entities without waiting to receive data from the server.This allows a smooth game) - / rate 25000 (configure the transfer rate) - / cl_timenudge 0 (Leave at "0" (reduced (negative) or increases (positive) the lag but opponents who use an analog modem will become jerky) 7-Couldn't exec xxx.cfg Reason: The path of your CFG is not correct. Solution 1: Put the cfg file in the Etmain folder, and write in the console: / exec xxx.cfg Solution 2: Change the name of your Cfg. Replace xxx.cfg with yyy.cfg 8-Couldn't load OpenGL drivers Reason: It's a problem of drivers coming from the graphics card. Solution: Update your graphics card driver. 9-Could not load an official pak file Exact message: Please check your installation and make sure you have the latest patch and the latest version. Reason: - Either you do not have the right version of a mod (which must be downloaded and installed, by doing a / cl_allowdownload 1 on the server itself) - Either you do not have the correct patch of ET (if you are in 2.60b to pass in 2.60, just install the patch 2.60 over or use one of the many patch selector). - It stuck for example if you install Etpro 3.2.6 with only the ET 2.60 patch. In this case, you must patch AND in 2.60b. - You can check that you do not miss some files in the directory andmain (of style pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3, pak2.pk3, mp_bin.pk3 ...) 10-Could not initialize installation Exact message: Could not initialize installation.File size expected = 270305943, size returned = 270306346 Reason: You just downloaded the game, and when you try to start the installation, this message appears. In the case above, the file is larger than the expected file. It is corrupt, and it must be reloaded. 11-Could not reopen pak0.pk3 Exact message: Could not reopen \ Program Files \ Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory \ andmain \ pak0.pk3 Reason: The etmain \ pak0.pk3 file is corrupt. Usually by a file recently downloaded to a server. The file pak0.pk3 can not be physically modified since it is a system file of the game, it is actually the downloaded pk3 that modify it somehow. On the other hand, the new pk3 can interact with this pak0 and create conflicts if the pk3 is poorly designed or downloaded. Solutions: 1 / Delete the latest downloaded files in the Etmain folder or the folder of the last mod installed. There is a freeware that cleans up the wrong dl files: LNAcleanet 2 / It may be due to too many pk3 files. Delete a maximum of .pk3 file in Etmain (or other mod files) 3 / Reinstall the patch, or at worst the game AND. 4 / Instead of checking "uninstall", check "repair" when launching the uninstall. 12-cl_ParsePacketEntities Reason: I am disconnected with this error message Solution: Follow the same instructions as the error message on the CD KEY: Valid CD Key. 13-Client / server game mismatch Exact message: - Client / server game mismatch - Could not load an official pak file; verify your installation and make sure it has been updated to the latest version - Protocol Mismatch Between Client and server.The server is trying to join an incompatible version of the game. Solutions: 1 / Either you do not have the right version of a mod (which must be downloaded and installed, by doing a / cl_allowdownload 1 on the server itself for example) 2 / Either you do not have the correct patch of ET (if you are in 2.60b to pass 2.60, just install the patch 2.60 above or use one of many patch selector).It stuck for example if you install Etpro 3.2.6 with only the ET 2.60 patch. In this case, you have to patch ET in 2.60b. 14-Client communication failure Exact messages: Server disconnected - Client communication failure Reason: There is a problem between you and the server. Check if your network does not have a problem. Also see if your box is not offline. 15-Disconnected for unknown reason Reason: This message may appear when your computer takes too long to load a card.The server no longer receiving activity message from you, it expels you. Solution: Try to reconnect by typing in the console: / reconnect Solution 2: Quit the game and restart. 16-Duplicate Guid / CDkey Solution: To solve this problem, simply go to your directory andmain found in wolfenstein - enemyterritory and delete the file etkey. Warning: Any experience gained on servers with "XPsave" will be lost by doing this! To put a key, see the forum "Etkey" 17-Integrity failure Reason: Punkbuster is not up to date. Solutions: 1 / Open the folder Punkbuster: \ Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory \ pb 2 / Select all the files in the folder pb and delete them. 3 / Download the program ETPbSetup.exe 4 / Copy this program into your folder (blank) pb 5 / Launch it, select the Enemy Territory game and follow the steps. 6 / Close ETPbSetup.exe and start the game. 18-Error Hunk_AllocatedTempMemory Reason: The game crashes with this message when one is on a particular map.This is certainly a memory story allocated to ET. Normally it happens when there is in the config com_hunkMegs too high or too low. Solution 1: Check the value of the com_hunkMegs cvar in the config (from the Profile folder, or the autoexec.cfg) and set the value to 256 or 512 (to make sure that all the textures of the maps load) Solution 2: Modify your shortcut to start the game and add + set com_hunkmegs 256 at the end (do not forget to put a space before the + set ...). Your shortcut will look like this: "C: \ Program Files \ Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory \ ET.exe" + set com_hunkmegs 256 21-ET.exe crashes without error message Reason: The game crashes, freeze, or quits in any way without displaying an error message (or at least you do not have time to see it). Solutions 1: 1 / Check that your system has the minimum required. 2 / Check that you have the latest video card drivers. 3 / Check that you have the latest chipsets (for the motherboard). 4 / Turn off (to the maximum) the applications at the bottom of the spot. 5 / Some players have problems also after several map changes. In this case, reboot the computer. 6 / If you have changed the options of the game, restore the default (set recommended). Warning : Punkbuster has noticed conflicts with these materials: Motherboards based on nForce4: If you have a SATA controller: Look at which SATA Controller is present in your system. Then check on the manufacturer's website if there are any driver updates (especially for WHQL drivers). If nothing is found, look for a driver on the same site. You can also check on the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard. If none of these solutions is conclusive: Go to: Mesdrivers.com and download all the updates. 22-ET.exe has encountered an error Reason: ET.exe has encountered an error and needs to close or ET.exe made error.It will be closed. Solutions: 1 / Check your Ram and analyze your pc on viruses and spyware 2 / Allow the firewall to connect with ET 3 / Check that the graphics card does not overheat (and remove the dust in the tower) 5 / Update your graphics card. ID Software Solution for all-gray, black, or other colors 1 / Check to have the right video driver (the last usually) 2 / All applications in the background must be cut to launch the game first. 23-Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) Exact message: Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) failed pure server check Solution: Update your graphics card mostly directly on the manufacturer's website Solution 2: Put the game in administrator 24-GLW_StartOpenGL () - could not load OpenGL subsystem Reason: The game encountered an error while loading OpenGL. Solution 1: Put r_stereo 0. Solution 2: Update the drivers of the graphics card. This error is caused by the fact that the game is not able to detect your Open GL drivers for your graphics card. If this error appears in the start window of your game, you must update or reinstall the drivers for your graphics card. Just go to the website of the manufacturer of your graphics card, download and install the latest driver, which fits with your card.If that does not work, simply go and uninstall the current driver and try to reinstall it. WinXP: Right click on your computer's icon -> Properties -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager -> Graphics Cards (click on the small and more) -> Right-click the name of your graphics card, then click uninstall. Win7: Click the Start button -> Control Panel -> Device Manager (In small / large icons view) -> Device Manager -> Graphics Cards (click small arrow) -> right click on the name of your graphics card , and then click Uninstall. For NVIDIA cards: http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp For ATI cards: http://www.nodevice.com/driver/company/ATI.html Solution 3: Check the resolution in your cfg. A resolution that is too big can cause a crash. Solution 4: Check if you have not reversed the settings of your resolution seta r_customheight , seta r_customwidth Solution 5: Delete the profile folder. 25- Hunk_AllocateTempMemory Reason: Your system is not providing enough RAM to Enemy Territory. Solution: Workstation> Right-click> Properties> Advanced> Performance> Advanced> Virtual memory Or change the value 'com_hunkmegs' in your cfg 26-Ignoring md5tool queries Reason: You are disconnected from the server because Punkbuster noticed a big packet loss during a md5 check, so it could not be done. Solution 1: Check your connection (cfg and / or modem): Solution 2: The server admin must change the value of pb_sv_md5toolfreq to at least 10 (the default is 60). 27-Incorrect et.exe version Reason: You do not have the right version of Enemy Territory. There are 4 versions: - 1.02 - 2.55 (Default) - 2.60 - 2.60b Since the vast majority of the servers are in 2.60b and the competitions are in 2.60b, put the 2.6b. Install your game, then patch 2.60, then install patch 2.60b. You can install etpro 3.2.6 or download it directly to a server (cl_allowdownload 1). 28-Can not connect to a server Problem: I can not connect online, or find servers. Solutions: - Make sure you are not behind a program like a firewall. - If you can not disable your firewall, you will need to open ports 27950, 27960, 27965 and 27952 for Enemy Territory (using TCP and UDP at the same time) Other ports may be required to open depending on the server. Other problems with routers: - If you are using a router, shared connection, NAT mechanism, or gateway software, you may have problems playing online. Your router may not transfer the correct information to your machine. This problem can be solved by opening certain ports used by the game. 29-I / O error, corrupt or bad media installation Reason: - You have installed the game and you have this error message. - Your installation file is corrupt. Solution: Download the game somewhere else. 31-Losing key packets Exact message: Losing key packets. Reason: The internet connection has lost the thread, so the game stops: Update Punkbuster with "ETPbSetup.exe" 32-MD5 Tool: ET.exe md5 tool mismatch Exact message: You've been kicked by punkbuster ... MD5Tool MISMATCH: Exe.and (len = 2048) Solution: - Put the correct patch (2.55, 2.60 or 2.60b) that allows you to have the correct ET.exe - Do little housekeeping in the ETpro3.xx.pk3 version of the directory etpro then put cl_allowdownload to 1. 33-Max_Gamestate_Chars_Exceeded Reason: Problem with your server configuration - Mods that is not up to date. - Config problem - Problem of pk3 - Problem in the "campaign" After checking, reboot your server. 36-O / S Privileges Exact messages: - Insufficient O / S Privileges - Inadequate O / S Privileges - Blocked O / S Privileges Reason: Some cheats can not be detected if the player does not use an administrator account: Punkbuster therefore requires players to be administrators of their operating system to play on the servers it protects. Solution: Right click ET.exe> Properties> Compatibility> Check "Run this program in Accounting mode for: Windows xp packs 3> Check Run this program as administrator Solution 2: Update Punkbuster. 38-Runtime error Reason: Graphic driver problem.Current when changing graphics cards. Solution: The old drivers of the old graphics card have been uninstalled incorrectly. Uninstall the old driver by: - Remove / install new program. - Reboot the PC. - Installation of the last driver. The graphics card may also be defective. 40-Sv_wwwDownload: unexpected wwwdl bbl8r Reason: Apparently, there is a problem with a misconfiguration of the server.Notify the admin of the server, that it checks the installation. Solution: 44-VM_Create on cgame failed Reason: Memory size problem for the game. Not enough system memory for the game. Solution: Allocate more virtual memory allocated to Windows (or other). - Start> Control Panel> System> Advanced> Performance (Settings)> Advanced (tab)> Virtual Memory (edit) - Change the initial size of the swap file and put for example 1000MB. Do the same for the maximum size. 45-Warning Cvar whatever (= 1) must be EQUAL TO 0 Reason: A value of your config is not allowed by a server Solution: Examine the warning message, and note the offending variable. - Open the console: / set whatever 0 - Change the value of the variable recommended by the server. - Restart the new parameters by writing in the console: / vid_restart 46-Can not write to hunkusage dat Solution: - Search: 'hunkusage.dat' - The (s) remove - Starting the game - Watch if it works Source: https://enemyterritory-stuff.net/forums/topic/111-et-problems/
  19. Hi everyone, in this tutorial you will find out how to take a screenshot (SS) in the game Enemy Territory (ET) as well as upload and attach it to a post on the Fearles Assassin's forums. It is particularly useful for those wishing to apply and are not yet familiar with the mechanics and features of the website. Step 1: Open ET. Make sure to run ET as administrator You can open ET from your desktop, or from start menu, or from its folder. Step 2: Join a server. If you are an applicant, make sure to join the server where you have EXP (or xp) and want to add to your application Step 3: Join a team (axis/allies) From here there are different ways how can you proceed. I will tell both Method 1: Step 4: Open console To do this, push the key highlighted in the image below (tilde key). This will bring down the console appearing on the upper half of your ET screen If you push the tilde key shown above AND the Alt key simultaneously, the console will extend to cover the whole screen. Not advised to do if you want to take SS of your xp. If you push the tilde key AND ctrl key (control) simultaneously, the console will shorten and take up only 3+1 lines on your screen. If you want to find out more about the console, click on this post by Rendel Step 5: Delete any characters already typed out in the command line. Make sure there is nothing written in your console. Step 6: Type: /autoscreenshot This way you will see something like this in your console: Alternatively you can type /screenshotjpeg This way you will see something like this: You can give a name of your choice to your SS if you use screenshotjpeg by typing /screenshotjpeg [name_of_screenshot] For example: Note: Using /screenshotjpeg [name_of_screenshot] will enable you to locate your screenshot a lot easier. You need only search the name of the screenshot in the search bar. Step 7: Congratulations! You successfully took a screenshot As I mentioned above, there is a different way to take SS Following from my previous steps~ Method 2: After you have joined a team (which is not a necessary step) Step 4: push F11 on your keyboard You will see the below in your console. Step 5: Congratulations! You successfully took a screenshot The SS will look like this Note: You can also press tab and F11 at the same time to take a screenshot of your XP. However, if this doesn't work Remember: Press TAB a couple of seconds before pressing F11 and keep hold of it until you have taken a screenshot. OR type /+scores in the console. This executes the same command as the TAB key and keeps it on screen. Type /-scores to remove it once you have taken your screenshot. In this case, the SS will look like this Now you have your SS, next thing to do is to find it. Step 1: Open the location where your ET is installed (default is C:\Program files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory) Step 2: Open the mod folder that corresponds to the mod of the server you took the screenshot on. (In this example, the server mod is Jaymod) Step 3: Open the screenshots folder Step 4: Find the screenshot you took. The SS should be at the top if you sort by descending date order. Step 5: Congratulations! You have found the SS you have taken And now I will show how to attach a SS to your post. Step 1: Start making your post There are a number of ways to attach a screenshot. Step 2: Click on choose files... Step 3: Locate the SS (or other type of file) you want to attach Step 4: Doubleclik on the file OR click Open Your SS should appear like that Step 5: Congratulations! You have attached a SS to your post The other method you attach a file I will continue from step 1 Step 2: Open your documents and locate where your SS is Step 3: Click once on the file, drag and drop into your post You can drop your files into the post area, anywhere there OR you can drop where it says "drag files here to attach" Step 4: Congratulations! You have attached a SS If your SS appears at the bottom, you can click on the plus sign, to make it appear on the post area before posting Then the SS will appear, and you can manipulate it in different ways You can doubleclick on it to resize it for example, or drag and drop to different places in your post In this way the SS will take up place in your attachments, however the SS is independent of any other website. But you can also use an upload site to upload your SS there and paste it here Alternatively to upload a file Step 1: Go to https://imgur.com/upload Optional step: Make an account there Step 2: Locate the image in your computer you wish to upload Step 3: Drag and drop the image where it shows It will appear as: Step 4: Open this page (imgur) and the FA forum page where you are making your post. Step 5: Drag and drop this image to your post Step 6: Congratulations! You have attached a SS to your post Keep in mind that the previous method is the recommended one And now you know how to (1) Make, (2) Locate and, (3) Attach a SS to your post The previous tutorials from @RendeL is for the previous forum we had, he agreed I make a new one These were: https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/90946-how-to-take-screenshot-ingame-xpproof-enemy-territory/ https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/90856-how-to-post-your-screenshot-of-your-xp-on-forums-by-2-methods/
  20. Using SDL, I am currently working on Porting WOLF ET (wolfenstein ET) to the android and IOS devices. IOS - The problem I have though, is that although Wolf ET is a free game, its not leagal to share the .PAK files, Meaning that this is very hard for non "JailBroken" IOS Devices, Also as far as i am aware you canno't use SDL for IOS, as its Linux based (and Android is based on Linux) So i will have to find a way around this... Could possibaly be emulation. Android - Once again the problem with the .PAK files stands, but now I have SDL Sorted, it does work on my android Device. So my current problem is that it is laggy as it was not designed for mobile devices (Yes It Currently works on my Android Device) Also it works with all FA Servers. But Once again, I must state that it is no where from Finished What I need - I need aload of People from Android Operating Systems (Cyanogen Mod, Samsung's Touch Wiz, ASOP and Any other android Based system) to test this for me, This will allow for me to accuratly tell what Devices are Working and What devices need Patching and working on. ANDROID DEVICES DO NOT NEED TO BE ROOTED OR OVERCLOCKED!!!, However if they are. it means i have a better mix of tests. However I would like a mix of Rooted and Non Rooted Android Devices. In the Near future I will be passing out copys of the Android ported ET for testing to anyone who applies for them. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ For People who want to be considered for the Beta testing of the WOLF ET android port. please send me an INBOX on the Site, Also post here on the on the topic with your Phone and spesifications for the phone (If your new to modding android and spec Sheets, then the phone model is fine) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So Lastly my order of programming is 1st) Android Stability Issues 2nd) Device Patching 3rd) Roll Out Beta Copys 4th) Look into IOS Porting 5th) Examin Data and Hopefully Figure out whats causing Lag issues 6th) Fix Lag Issues From the Gathered Data 7) Start work on IOS Port! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks to anyone who Applies (Remember to Inbox me and post Below) And I hope to beable to Serve the ET Community with this port of one of the best Games of all Time!a
  21. Before I begin to post the Forms, I would like to say something. I decided to build this for many reasons, but none more than these. I wanted to honor all the greats and the friends that I have had the privilege of playing with for many years and hopefully for many years to come. I am not saying these guys are the best of the best, but instead, I am saying that they are of the higher echelon and anyone who has played this game for a long time knows them, and has most likely watched them over the years as I have and learned a tremendous amount from them. Any of the mentioned players in these forms I suggest watching to help pick up the forms and see how some of these tactics are done and can be modified. I was always taught in my old clan that spectating is truly needed and essential to improve and advance to greater levels of playing this game and of course others, along with study and planning, always have a plan. I also wanted to make something for anyone who just starting in ET to use and have to help acclimate and adapt to ET which can be very very hard. Much of what I bring is from the old days and from that clan, but also as said before from the greats and what we learned from them then and what I have learned from them now. Paying homage to those who have been in the same virtual world as I for all this time of great fun, challenge, adversity, talkin shat banter, incredible happenings. I mean some of you are closer to my life than anyone in it in ways. I can't thank you all enough for that. And now for the homage C!t0 Bows
  22. Wolfenstein ET - Map Source Files View File ZIP file containing 6 original maps' source files. - Battery - Fueldump - Goldrush - Oasis - Radar - Railgun Have fun! Submitter Smileyyy Submitted 05/26/18 Category Maps
  23. ktg's config View File My config. Submitter ktg0000 Submitted 08/07/18 Category Player Configs
  24. Version 1.0.0


    My config.
  25. hi mates, after the windows update ET does not execute, I leave the video with the demonstration. thanks to all

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