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  1. It means the SB issue isn't present on the Mobile app
  2. I go right to the forums so I can see each topic, but like I said, to me, it's no big deal either way
  3. This is on the Web forum, not mobile
  4. It shouldn't be hard at all. Every forum I go to that has a SB (Shoutbox) has a way to minimize it. I don't use it, so I'd be cool with that
  5. The only thing I don't like is that I can't use the scroll wheel on my mouse to scroll the forum, because the shout box scrolls, so I have to move my mouse under it, instead. Not a big deal, though
  6. I totally disagree. When the server is full, it may be possible sometimes, but most times it's almost impossible to capture the flag for Axis because all the Allies are defending both ways, which are bottle necks. Teutonia - Allies always steal the tank and almost always get in the bank. Gold Rush is a tough map for Allies, BUT it's pretty common for them to blow up the guns
  7. -=HipKat=-

    Class cfg

    I have a script for changing class that works perfect in ETPro and Silent, but not on JM. Same with my Spawn Timer and Spawn Point Select. JM is just funny, that way, I guess
  8. Not quite working. It's restarting cvcars and execing my cfg before the map loads so I still have the milky looking graphics. I wish I knew what caused that. Been over a year I've had that problem
  9. Tanks, I didn't know if i need quotation marks around them or not
  10. This conversation has reminded me, about adding to the command line, how do I add commands for cvar_restart and exec hkjm? {For some reason, if I don't restart cvars, exec'ing my cfg makes all the graphics all milky looking)
  11. Not that you’re trying to date her, but anytime she is on the server, you act like a seventh grader having his first crush. It’s kind of embarrassing. You haven’t noticed the other regulars making comments about it?
  12. You should not of mentioned your boyfriend. @CabaL will probably go jump off of a building now LOL
  13. Excellent choice! ‘Gratz @RendeL

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