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  1. Cool, I just watched this vid the other day with my kid! Brutal!
  2. Yep, although I haven't had much time for Discord lately. I've been a member since about the time the group started. I'll start making posts in there about the server. I guess I better get my old ETPro CFG out and updated!! And remember which bind sets my spawn timer....
  3. That's awesome! I wasn't aware of that. I'll have to pay more attention
  4. There have been many attempts to get the FA ETpro servers active. I wanted to give it a try last year, too, but a few things. There's a reason that there are only a few Pro servers and that's that there are not may players left. And most of the ones who are left, don't really like Pub play.There is still a pretty active scene for Tourns though, so that could work. I would try and find some people from that Discord group I posted (Sorry @Blo0dy I thought you made one for General ETPro, not FA ETPro) and seee if anyone will come and give ideas on what the servers may need as far as lag, maps, sl
  5. You know there's a huge ETPro Discord now that's populated by almost everyone that's ever been active in the Community, right? https://discord.gg/Na9vygKg
  6. -=HipKat=-

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    That makes sense. Also, I may have been wrong about BBA Castle great map but I think it's too big for Jay 2. Even with 20 people on the server, it seemed like a lot of running around looking for enemies
  7. Not like it wasn't the first time, unless you didn't know any of my Aliases
  8. -=HipKat=-

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    I was t rying to think of some maps I haven't seen in a long time on Jay 1 or 2 and this is one that used to be on Jay 1 many years ago that was popular Also TC Base - although I thought there was an FA version of it??
  9. That's because it's still the best overall FPS game
  10. Hey, other than those brief periods where I get bitchy, thanks to Jay 2 playe5rs and admins for making ET fun again for me. It hadn't been in some years.
  11. Adren is just a matter of opinion and preference. I don't think either side, pro or con will ever budge More players who are serious about fragging/Objective and nut just running around melee'g with flames, etc. Like dude posted in the other thread- last might was just a great night and good example of what makes Jay 2 what it is. I wish I knew the answer to bring more players to the server. Other than a few maps where I have a preference and even then, I'll move if asked 99% of the time. Just gotta ask. Like most people,. I don't always watch scores or tea
  12. Truth. Exactly what I had to do with Betrayal last night. Gauge where he was coming from, where he'd be and get behind him
  13. At the end of the day, the last hour on Jay 2 was some of the best gaming there has been in a long time! Just like the way I was remembering in my thread. No one arguing, no excessive "noob" weapons, just a lot of good fragging and objective play! THAT'S what I love about Jay 2
  14. I don't mind good players coming to the servers. I don't get why good players use Adren. I mean, ET is an Ego game. Great players have always been ego-driven because they're great, so why use something to give you an advantage? It's like Tom Brady using Steriods.... why would he?? He's the best without them On the ones I mentioned, can we try to give Allies longer spawn times? Maybe 10 or 12 secs? The other map I forgot is the FA Oasis. Allies romp on that one usually, also and many times it gets done in less than 10 mins I try
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