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  1. -=HipKat=-

    ET Server Suggestion FA WOLF ET COMPETITION

    Well first, we need a list of players that are interested. We'd need to post here, DIscord and on the servers. Next let the players vote on the mod. Personally, ETPro is for ETPro and only ETPro. Not very many players on FA servers are ETPro experienced. There's a lot of work to be done.
  2. I wonder if most people don't know how good Jay 2 is. I wonder if too many have come to the server and seen Bots or were put off by the Adren. If So, that's a mistake. I was the same way but last year I started playing on Jay 2 primarily after my last ban on Jay 1. What I found there was the ET I was looking and spent way too much time crying about not having on Jay 1. Let me explain. There are some fundamental differences although both are Jaymod servers with similar settings. Where Jay 1 is crowded, at most on Jay 2, teams will be like 10v10 which gives you more room to move arou
  3. -=HipKat=-

    ET Server Suggestion FA WOLF ET COMPETITION

    Well regardless, is this something people want to seriously do?
  4. -=HipKat=-

    ET Server Suggestion FA WOLF ET COMPETITION

    Maybe you're right about silent because it's kind of a hybrid JM/ETPro mod, but we could just take a good look at different options and see what works out the best in the long run I was always a big fan of N!tmod, too.
  5. I'm sure most people aren't worried about XP as much as restoring levels
  6. Looks like something happened on Jay 2 overnight. I see everyone's XP is gone and I and maybe the others have no levels
  7. -=HipKat=-

    ET Server Suggestion FA WOLF ET COMPETITION

    I don't agree with ETPro, especially if this is just competitive for everyone who plays here - which ETPro is the least amount and the settings on ETPro servers is going to be an obstacle to people joining who don't understand ETPro. I would rather see most Jaymod settings inplace to keep it attractive for the largest number of players. Same weapons but maybe minus poison knives and adren since those are the most complained about and none of the custom vsays. An agreed on list of maps, double jump on, rushing off, etc... It would take a little time but I think it could be a l
  8. -=HipKat=-

    ET Server Suggestion FA WOLF ET COMPETITION

    I think it would be cool to have a fun teams tourney made up of FA Admins and Regulars but I don't think Silent is the best mod for it. This is primarily a Jaymod heavy community so it should be a Jaymod server with agreed upon settings. Is that Classic server or whatever it was called still active? The other issue is timing. People play form all over North and South America and Europe, primarily, plus other countries, too and most of us work, so weekdays may be difficult but it would be cool. Also, I'd like to see teams made-up of varied skilled players so that there isn't a High
  9. -=HipKat=-

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Sabrepeak has been on there and removed so many times, it's just not liked on Jay 1
  10. Maybe it should be posted under Other Games. Meanwhile I played the RealRTCW Mod last night. It's nice! Many of the common settings we use in custom CFG's for ET are in the settings menu plus there are 5 levels of Difficulty
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