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  1. Seems that way, but weird that as soon as I added those lines, the problem stopped and I just never took them out of my cfg
  2. Maybe it was a coincidence?? I know I started a thread about it a few years ago
  3. I tried to use Edge recently, for a few weeks. It's OK and I imported my Chrome favorites/Short Cut Bar links, but I still ended up going back to Chrome as my Default
  4. Pretty sure this is the same problem I had a few yrs ago and I added these lines to my CFG, which seemed to solve it pb_sv_enable pb_sv_guidauth 0
  5. I used to play on RC all the time and post on their forums - when I wasn't arguing with Chuckie. Those were great servers!
  6. Man, that is dead on. I forgot to mention about having to setup accounts on portal type sites just to be able to download the new game that you can only play by being logged into the portal type site (Steam, etc)
  7. I don't see mine either, bro, so we're just outcasts I guess lol
  8. Modern games are just too chaotic. The maps don't have a logical flow to them. There's so much detail, you can't even see anything until the last second. I suppose that's part of developing skills for those maps, but no thanks. You just run around and jump over debris, etc. Even simple things like public/team chat is ridiculous. To me, they're just not fun. No Trick Jumping, for example, makes movement more difficult. No custom CFG's. And they all have the same theme - modern day terrorist attack. And finally - the communities for those games will never, ever come close to the community that ET has always had. Us long time ET die-hards, even if we don't get along are like an extended family. I don't that in other games
  9. I can't wait to see this

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