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  1. I'll pay 50 bucks right now to remove
  2. No, of course not. Ad blockers on browsers do wonderful things
  3. You hit some good points, as usual, and reminded me of the things that frustrate me the most - the knifer who hits you and runs away for one. You want to duel, stay in there and duel to the end, not run off like a sissy. The other, I DO care about my K/D Ratio. I've been working hard to still be better than ever, even with slower reflexes and slight arthritis creeping into my hands - and doing a fair job of it. But getting knifed by campers right after you leave spawn (add arty spammers to that, too) get's so aggravating, I end up rage-quitting
  4. Because some people came from competitive mods and aren't used to being back raped by campers with knives, 1 shot to kill weapons and noobs that take the lame easy way out, because it's the only way they can get a kill, instead of developing skill. Now, is everything you said true?? It is. You're right, people like me should just learn to deal with it - except people that are really like me are old, stubborn,. stuck in our ways and hate change So deal wit dat!!! lolz
  5. Have to tryout Wunderlist. After ignoring it for years, I just started using One Note. Pretty amazing actually and instantly syncs on all my devices
  6. Yeah, if there's one near you, but that's not how it always is A GOOD medic is the key. So many times I'll be hitting Heal Me, Heal me and 3 meds will run right past or just stand there
  7. Yeah, if there's one near you, but that's not how it always is
  8. I know what @Smileyyy is saying, but how cool would it be to have some of those OG RTCW maps in ET???
  9. Well to be serious for a minute, I don't think dropping damage on knives is a good idea. Hitting an opponent with a knife is a skill. Getting a kill is part of that skill. The poison makes it so one sided, there's no defense. I know I'm not winning this one, but that's my opinion on it
  10. This is what I can say for me and only me. It takes about 3 poison knives and then the frustration kicks in, then once I get frustrated, the bad HipKat starts to show up. We don't like the bad HipKat. We like the GOOD HipKat, right?? Ok, then Like Hulk says, you don't want to make me mad. You REALLY don't want to make me mad lolz lmao!
  11. Some people, cough cough, LIKE gun all the time
  12. Actually, my 1st was a 486 I rented from a place like RentACenter, but only had it 2 weeks before i bought a Hewlitt Packard P1 - 166Mhz!! Very good, Patrick!! It had Windows 3., which was a shell program for Dos 4.0 back then and my whole online Experience was Prodigy until I finally got brave enough to install AOL
  13. Oh, I can beat that, mine was huge!!! 1.6Gb Hard drive

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