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  1. We can try that and see what happens, but I don’t know. Once the other team is on you, there really doesn’t seem like any good way of getting out of spawn because the whole other team is just watching all the exits and blasting people as they come out
  2. Hydro Dam.... Please, stop it with this horrible map. Once one team captures the other's flag, it becomes nothing but a spawn kill after that. Only VERY rarely is the team that's getting SK'd able to recapture their flag and most of those times,. it just gets stolen again. Once that happens, for the team that's pinned in their spawn for the rest of the map, it just sucks. And sucks bad. The the losing team starts seeing players quit, it gets heavily stacked and no one wants to move because their too busy spawn killing the crap out of the other team. I never see anyone ask for it to come back so could we please just stop trying?
  3. -=HipKat=-

    ET 2 Update

    My epic mistake. I must have been thinking about something else?? My bad, fellas....
  4. So now, it is after work, after dinner and you were right! There are now TEN humans on Jay 2! Jay 1 has 35 humans....
  5. OK, I'll report back when night gets here and people aren't studying or at work, generally
  6. -=HipKat=-

    ET 2 Update

    Oh, I think it'll kill the current base after it becomes stable and people are secure playing it to the point that RTCW is today
  7. -=HipKat=-

    ET 2 Update

    God I hope not! Although from the graphics, it might take technology form 16 years in the future to run it stable lol Because the source code is closed source, so there's not really much that anyone can do
  8. Yeah, on weekends it gets like that. Right now, 11:30 AM US Central time, Jay 2 has 5 human players on it. (Jay 1 is full, for reference)
  9. I get that you don't like me and the feeling is mutual but 1, no, I'm NOT the only one who has a problem with over crowding and you sound like a 10 year old bratty kid for even saying that and 2, who gave you the authority to end MY topic? this is a discussion not a "Let's-prove-HipKat-wrong" thread. If you don't agree with or like the discussion, then stay the hell out of it
  10. -=HipKat=-

    ET 2 Update

    The biggest thing I got is that they've successfully been able to connect on a multiplayer platform.
  11. -=HipKat=-

    ET 2 Update

    ET2. There is another thread with details of a group putting together a new version of ET. It’s quite nice, actually
  12. Well and that IS one of my suggestions, that Jay 1 have 10 less slots OR 10 less public slots and 10 more private slots for admins to use maybe (??) Which would still be less people in general so less spamming of the things you listed and redirect more to Jay 2, where settings are basically the same, but Jay 2 has Adren and Jay 1 has Poison Knives

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