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  1. If I die and use V813 (What A Pu**y), it's absolutely directed at that person that killed me and That's how most people use that particular Vsay and others like it. The Vsays make a really cool way to converse, right?? That'sway beyond "Hello", "Goodbye", "Good Game" in the case of Jay 2 and any other servers with the custom Vsays on it - for positive or for negative comments
  2. Yeah, that makes sense, cool.
  3. Wait, 180 is censored? I agree with everything daredevil said except one thing, some of the words that are censored just don’t make sense. Like I just mentioned, 180? And a couple of others also. Everybody always question is why the word Bot is censored when the servers have Bots and I understand people accusing other people of cheating but that is very rare. Although, people have found a way to get around that word also, like Bawt
  4. I use the claw grip, too. I use the remanufactured Logi MX518. Lightweight, but smooth
  5. The G9 was by far the best mouse I ever used. The fit in my hand was perfect, and everything about it just rocked. I wore it out but no way I'm spending 2 Bills on a mouse. Especially one that's about 11 years old or so
  6. Looks pretty nice. What do you set the Hz and DPI at? I might give that one a shot Also a nice looking mouse. 3000 dpi?? Nice!
  7. Exactly the same here! the last line of my cfg, of course, is vid_restart which makes everything "milky" just as in your pic above. cvar_restart before my cfg fixes it, but it's a pain. on my old Logi Keyboard, I just setup G-Key macros that would run both scripts with one key. I can't figure it out on my Corsair Keyboard. (I can set the macros but they don't do anything in game) Also, I had added the cvar_restart and exec'g my cfg in the ET command line, but it made ET take much longer to start and sometimes I use other cfg's which means running cvar_restart before changing to a
  8. -=HipKat=-

    ET Jay #1 2020 Christmas Maps

    Searching the files for "Christmas" there are a number of maps I don't think I ever played before, like these 2 UJE Oasis UJE Goldrush and UJE Temple xmas
  9. -=HipKat=-

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    UJE Christmas Factory!! I dunno why, but I just love this map UJE Castle UJEChristmas UJE Factoryb1 Xmas There are a good number of Xmas maps I've never played in the file section, like these UJE Oasis UJE Goldrush and UJE Temple xmas
  10. In a similar thing, when I connect, if I exec my cfg, I get the exact same thing, so I have to do cvar_restart first, THEN exec my cfg to get clear graphics. That started about a year ago and I have never figured out what causes it
  11. -=HipKat=-

    ET Jay #1 2020 Christmas Maps

    That Factory map!! Every year I look forward to it
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