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  1. No to Fata Morgana - when it was on Jay 2 it was 100% a server killer
  2. I think Goldendunk with 50 ppl would be horrible. The whole game would be spawndie spawndie spawndie..... Imagine in real life, 50 people on an indoor basketball court with guns. Ready, set, shoot!
  3. I don't know why people complain about Adren. I don't use it and I still get more kills than deaths on almost every map. Headshots > Adren every time
  4. We seem to get along better when I use any other player name than HipKat Plus I've been less of a jerk on there...
  5. Jay 2 is best server for all players that are sick of the noobiness on Jay 1. Better maps, better players, less r_nade, etc spam. It's just a better server. The only reason I play on Jay 1, mostly, is because Jay 2 is often just Bots What is TSP?
  6. Hydro Dam will never bee a good map until it can be modified t o where you can't lose the flag. Like Tipsy said, once one team get stuck in their spawn, it gets frustrating and players start to quit
  7. But you did point out my typo! BTW, we're at 392,000 cases right now
  8. It took 67 days to get to 100,000 cases. 11 Days to get to 200,000 cases 4 days to get to 300,000 cases.
  9. In the image below, the zone at risk for a significant community spread in the near-term includes land areas within the green bands. 1, what does the Governor's political party have to do with it and 2, stop buying into conspiracy theories. No one knows anything about how to to treat the virus. Take your weak conspiracy theories and go away
  10. Wuhan biological laboratory is right near Wuhan market. Imagine a low-paid worker taking animals from the laboratory that survived and selling them to the market so he can put a little extra money in his pocket. Maybe some that didn’t survive. Market sells the meat or the entire animal and all hell breaks loose
  11. Things are good here. I’m still working and I have plenty of food. But grocery stores are open and I have money so no worries. I hope you’re doing well

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