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  1. -=HipKat=-

    Lag issues

    Which server?
  2. The first time I ever saw that video, I thought I had just lost my soul. It is without a doubt the most evil video ever and Megadeth is also one of my favorite bands!
  3. And that my friend, sums it up exactly. My biggest frustration is dying 400 pixels away from Spawn, Over and over and over. My hands are not that slow. Reducing heavy weapons opens the map so more people can move about and cover more of the map. Having more of the map available gives you more options for 1v1 battles, Which is the basic foundation for FPS games. There is a reason why the default weapon is a gun and not a heavy weapon
  4. Yeah, getting killed by a Panzer like that is annoying, and candy cane loves to do that but I don’t have that much against a Panzer because it’s just a part of the game and it’s limited and it really takes a lot of skill to kill somebody with one. Believe me, I’ve tried to use them and I am not good. I can’t get the timing down. If I do get a kill with a Panzer, it’s purely out of luck lol
  5. This is not a map suggestion topic. The name of the thread is Non-Map suggestions and I think you're misunderstanding. I never said lower the damage on R-nades or give everyone flack jackets. Let me try thins, since we're focusing on R-nades. If there are allowed 5 per team and the server isn't very full, like on the demo I posted above, it makes almost half the team using r-nades. This thread wasn't even started to focus on one weapon, but Heavy Weapons in General.. If I die 24 times on a map, and 11 are by r-nade, 4 by Arty, 3 by regular grenades and 3 by Garand and only 3 times by Thompson (Those are approximates, not exact numbers), that tells you something. Tells me I'm good in 1v1 duels with MG's lol. But seriously, a disproportionate number of deaths are by Rifle ande and almost all deaths are by HW's. I mean, I can track this for a few days on every map I play and I bet you see similar results. On this map, I roamed to all parts of the map to show how consistent it is that you get hit with them The point of this thread isn't top take anything away form anyone, but to possibly lower some numbers of HW's to make it less frustrating for players that don't use HW's weapons. I mean how do you double jump r-nades that are being pumped into a bottleneck Bob said last night on there, he uses Rifle nades because his aim sucks. I said, work on your aim then, mate. BTW, I use Rifle-nades myself at times. The only HipKat you know, is the one that was a total prick. I'm trying to have a conversation here in a civil way. Is that OK?
  6. Here's a perfect example. Over half my deaths 11 in all were by Rifle 'nade by 5 different people. Gas all over the map for the whole thing. There's no reason for there to be able to have half the people on the server using rifle-nades https://www.mediafire.com/file/hlk3czm2gdm61e1/2019-09-03-201041-et_beach.dm_84/file
  7. That is really cool. And something that most people would never have the opportunity to do
  8. The only one I know of is super gold rush. Does this one have that also?
  9. I didn’t post a screenshot on the icons because I wasn’t the only one seeing it so it’s not really fair to hang that on me when it wasn’t just me and I did eventually post a screenshot. I don’t complain about poison knives because people seem to have gotten away from using them so often. Some still do but it’s not out of control like it used to be and as far as the arty, on this map since I was playing sniper I was away from most of the action but when I got closer is when I can hear it. I never use arty, so I don’t know how it actually works, all I know is that there are times where you can Hear it nonstop. Finally, like I said we were having a pretty casual conversation here until you came in came at me all harsh. I don’t know why you do that. You’re the coolest guyever in pm’s on Discord but then on here, whenever you interact with me, you come across like you’re my boss or something. You’re not my boss. I’m not one of your jr admins. If it was me, I would be happy to see somebody that’s not a member take a continual interest in trying to improve the servers and make it a better experience for everybody. You choose to take me for granted though whenever I make suggestions. And one last thing, I haven’t had any beef with anybody on the servers in a long time. So I don’t know what you mean by I sound like I used to
  10. Did you ever think that the reason they play no matter what is because there’s nowhere else to play?
  11. So you're saying limit the abilities of everyone on the server because 2 or 3 guys are High++ Skilled?
  12. This demo, you'll have to jump ahead to where the time Remaining is about 16 minutes, but right then, it jumps to 21 minutes as Axis advances, but for about a minute I follow the arty sounds and it's non-stop https://www.mediafire.com/file/h9dzchan2j50h8r/2019-09-02-204206-mml_minastirith_fp3.dm_84/file
  13. You know what, bro. We're having a pretty chill conversation here and you come in accusing. I already explained why I don't play on HC or Silent and ETPro is dead. It's over. It's not going to happen. Randoms playing briefly at random times is not an active server. I didn't call for weaker nades, I said less rifle nades. What you "hear" isn't what the experience is, but I'll get your demo for you, so you can hear it for yourself, Making it more fun for everybody includes me and the people who may f eel like I do. We're part of the "everybody", too

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