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ET Mod: Infected (A13)

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ET Mod: Infected (A13)


Micha! released a new version os his ET mod "Infected"


Infected Mod is a survival gameplay mod.


It changes Allies to Humans/Swat and Axis to Infected/Zombies.


Basics of infected mod:

* Humans: You need to survive till the timelimit is over !

-> Get ammo on kills

* Infected: Kill all humans to win the round (starts with 1 player)

-> Kill a human to infect him


Some features:

- Random Map vote

- "Infect a random player" vote

- Removes Mg42 and objectives out of maps

- Heartbeat sound on lower healthpoints

- World sounds for better atmosphere

- Player punishment for "spec -> human team" to avoid dead (empty weapons on respawn).

- Get ammo for kills (infected players get another throwing knife, humans get bullets)

- Thirdperson mode ( /tp 1 or /tp 2)

- More shrubbot commands

- Infected Team has special spawnpoints on some maps

- Edited mapscripts

- Tripmines

- Water breath bar



Server: 2.55, 2.6b, et300



server: windows, linux

client: windows, linux


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