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  1. Ok my thoughts about DOI servers. From my perspective DOI #1 is fine, it is populated enough. If DOI members want any changes on that server. Please make a topic or a callvote what changes should be done. DOI #2 should be changed to USA location so we have one server in America at least. DOI #3 will be with map list casual with bots - so if you join server you don't have to camp it. One can start a match and play with bots versus bots.
  2. Glad you made it
  3. My goes from Unknown soldiers. I just picked the first part of it.
  4. Welcome on forums :-)
  5. Doi #2 is not as good with settings as doi #1 ?
  6. There is no "Dislike this" button. Wish you come back here someday!
  7. Yes, the first thing we need to know if the 2nd server will be on coop or coop_commando playlist, hence please check out first any coop_ commando server and compare it with our doi#1 server. Also compare which servers coop or coop_commando are more populated/more full.
  8. Hey, We've been fixing admin levels on server and until this morning we couldn't do anything. Right now levels are back and we can act accordingly to the rules. Still, we need help in managing PVP server as it might be tough to handle those trolls/racists. You may take either a screenshot of TK'er for instance or do a recording by the following procedure: open console, type record nameofaplayer (to start a recording) and stopdemo (to end the recording), then find it in your computer by searching it via name of the recording, then send it to us and don't forget to get player's steam profile. You can also add some admins to your steam so you will be in touch with us. Regards, Unknown*
  9. Welcome on forums, buddy! I saw you on our Pvp server

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