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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Submitted: May 04 2014 04:59 AM
  • Last Updated: May 04 2014 04:59 AM
  • File Size: 37.98MB
  • Views: 1813
  • Downloads: 68
  • Approved by: daredevil
  • Approved on: 05 May 2014 - 01:48 PM

Download Omni-Bot Enemy Territory 0.83

- - - - -


Omni-bot is an artificial intelligence(AI) controlled opponent for first person shooter games. Unlike many bots that are written for specific games, Omni-bot was designed from the beginning to exist mostly as a generic framework with which support for many different games can be made, and most of the functionality can be shared among them.

For making waypoints for ET maps have a look at Belo's tutorial.

Side-note: The 0.81 version can be found here and has not been updated since some users prefer to work with the older version and it is supposed to work much easier/better with Jaymod.

What's New in Version 0.83 (See full changelog)

  • 0.83 ET Change Log
  • ETBlight and Bastard mods are supported
  • === BOT ===
  • Added cvar omnibot_logsize (maximal file size in KB), -1 will disable logs, 0 will overwrite file every match
  • Added script goal property LimitToNoClass
  • Added you can pass 0 for all teams to MapGoal.SetAvailable and MapGoal.SetAvailableInitial
  • Added WeaponFireMode.AimOffsetZ
  • Changed log files are written to omni-bot/et/logs (if the folder exists)
  • Changed initialization is logged only if LogInfo is true in omni-bot.cfg
  • Changed waypoint property is cleared if value is empty string
  • Improved Server table is immediately updated when players connect or disconnect
  • Improved help command is sorted
  • Fixed memory leak caused by GameMonkey threads
  • Fixed crash in AddBot if bot is kicked in ClientUserinfoChanged
  • Fixed jumplow waypoint flag did not work at tank barrier or pile of box crates
  • Fixed weapon mask was 64-bit and could not be used for mod specific weapons, now it's 128-bit
  • Fixed InFieldOfView returned correct result only if bot had same Z coordinate as enemy
  • Fixed DrawTrajectory was not accurate
  • Fixed CalcTrajectory always returned null
  • Fixed CheckCharged parameter of HasAnyWeapon
  • Fixed Utils::ConvertString returned true even if string could not be converted
  • Fixed some console commands expected integer parameters, but got float
  • Fixed waypoint connection remained closed after blockable flag was removed
  • Fixed new connection between blockable waypoints was not blockable
  • Fixed crash if there was error in waypoints file
  • Fixed bot killed himself after command bot.Enable(false)
  • Fixed stuckage if paththrough navigation called Goto to unreachable destination
  • Fixed soldier with mortar waited forever if some aim vector was out of range
  • Fixed aim vector of mortar and script goals was sometimes imprecise
  • Fixed bot sometimes could not reload if two weapons needed to be reloaded
  • Fixed GetRandomWeapon
  • Fixed indentation in log files
  • === MOD ===
  • Added display scriptName and targetName for /entitylist command
  • Fixed fake client lua script exploit
  • === GOALS ===
  • Added target property to MOBILEMORTAR goal
  • Added coversplit property to PLANT goal
  • Added multiple aim modes for MOUNT goal, they can be set by ETUtil.SetAimModeForMount
  • Added Stance property to DEFUSE goal, can be set only from trigger and only "prone" value is permitted
  • Changed ATTACK goals are limited to 3 bots in progress
  • Changed AIRSTRIKE,ARTILLERY,MOBILEMG42,MOBILEMORTAR,SNIPE goals are limited to 1 bot in progress
  • Changed bot on CAMP goal selects his primary weapon (shotgun, panzer, ...)
  • Changed bot can say "Hold your fire" more than once per match
  • Improved priority to pick up medkits depends on current health
  • Improved ESCORT goal, stucked bot can jump or repath
  • Improved MOBILEMORTAR orientation when goal has multiple facings
  • Fixed REVIVE goal in some mods if dead players have health<=0, but don't have DEAD entity flag
  • Fixed MOUNT goal was not blackboard delayed after Timeout
  • Fixed bot killed himself if he stucked near tank and then successfully mounted the tank
  • Fixed stance property could be set to wrong values
  • === SCRIPTS ===
  • Added ability to give unique names for re-usable region triggers
  • Added sniper war and panzer war in Jaymod or n!tmod are detected in autoexec
  • Changed Util.ListTableMembers prints both keys and values
  • Fixed Server.MinBots
  • Fixed script errors when bot is kicked from server
  • === WEAPONS ===
  • Changed VENOM aim offset and aim tolerance
  • Changed engineer will not detach rifle grenade on camp goals
  • Changed weapon desirabilities
  • Fixed bots always aimed at head with mod specific weapons (shotgun, mp34, sak47, ppsh, rpd, ...)
  • Fixed bots could not use ammo cabinets when they have some mod specific weapons (stg44, mp34, m79, madsen, ...)
  • Improved skilled soldiers can reload mobile mg42 in NoQuarter or n!tmod
  • Improved melee weapon is used to attack only if distance is within range
  • Optimized some weapons cannot be reloaded and some weapons don't require ammo
  • Removed unused weapon properties
  • === COMMANDS ===
  • Added trigger_bounds command supports writing the RegionTrigger.Create function call to file
  • Added optional TRACE parameter to showentityinfo command
  • Changed command botgoal prints MapGoal name, not ScriptGoal name
  • Fixed difficulty command could not change difficulty of newly added bots, dead bots or bots waiting for a medic
  • Fixed difficulty could not be set to -1 which means random difficulty
  • Fixed difficulty could be set to 7, but maximal difficulty is 6
  • Improved command ab is much faster, it can add 20 bots per second
  • Improved command waypoint_view prints error message if drawing is impossible
  • === WAYPOINTS ===
  • 1944_huertgen
  • 2dom1
  • afd_beta5
  • ammodepot
  • barrocas_base_b8
  • byzantine
  • cherbourg
  • country_road_jp
  • denoflions_etdual
  • duplex_towers
  • es_alamo_sniper
  • es_garden_sniper
  • es_ziggurath_sniper_night_b2
  • et_mor2_night
  • field_hq_b4
  • flame-guards
  • fueldump_uvf
  • intel_center
  • kings1
  • lostparadise
  • mlb_daybreak
  • mp_base
  • mp_theriver_2nd
  • negoshk_b2
  • op_lucky_a2
  • password2
  • resurrection
  • snatch2
  • tankbuster
  • uje_convoy_final
  • uje_fantasie_sniper
  • uje_oil
  • uje_parking_sniper
  • uje_snowy_sniper
  • uje_warzon

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