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Silent MOD 0.8.2

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About This File

Version 0.8.2

Added: g_goatSound server cvar to enable/disable goat sounds on knife kills.

Added: enemy team objective carry indicator. Use g_misc flag 1024 to enable it on the server and cg_objcarry client cvar to enable it in the HUD.

Fixed: Players carrying objectives are now shown correctly.

Fixed: !useredit was not able to set level higher than 99 when executed as rcon. !setlevel was working correctly.

Fixed: The name of the disguised covert op was not drawn to spectators.

Fixed: The class icon in the crosshair player name to be the current class instead of the latched class.

Fixed: wm_sayPlayerClass now announces the latched class correctly, even when using class swithcer.

Fixed: If map voting was enabled but g_mapVoteFlags 4 was not enabled. It was possible to issue multiple votes by hand using /mapvote command.

Fixed: debriefing screen buttons didn't handle highlight theme parameter properly.

Fixed: The output of finger command didn't show warnings if there were more than 2 in total.

Fixed: UI crash in menu

Fixed: Minor bug with g_maxPanzerSuicides introduced in 0.8.0. If panzer suicides were disallowed completely, the player was not informed about it.

Fixed: g_muteRename allowed to change the name when player used /reconnect

Fixed: When unmuting/muting during intermission/warmup, the mute wasn't saved.

Fixed: cg_effectDistance was affecting the played sounds.

Fixed: g_classWeapons not working for class command

Fixed: class command not handling secondary weapon parameter properly, it didn't influence the limbo menu, e.g. /class s 3 2 wouldn't select akimbo pistols or SMG as secondary in limbo.

Fixed: switching problem with double SMG

Improved: If player is completely dead in the game, the scoreboard shows the player's latched class to other team members.

Improved: UI tabbing to edit field makes it focused.

Improved: limbo weapons menu for soldier class.

Improved: sort order of the map vote menu map list.