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  1. Jhonny/Shinobi

    Return from Inactivity Back

    Hey all, I'm back after not being active a while. Would it be possible to have my group reinstated ? With kind regards, Jhonny/Shinobi.
  2. Ohhh... how's all going u sneaky buddy :)

    1. Jhonny/Shinobi


      Lol it has been a while !
      P.S.: Don't shout that loud, you're giving away my cover :P

  3. It is C# for the record and take a screenshot of it. Some of us have some experience with VS and might be able to help you out EDIT: There is also a community version of VS, much lighter than the full version and still useful for at least learning to use it.
  4. Happy Birthday to JoeDirt Have fun wherever you are
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