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  1. do you suck dicks ? so bad you desactivated the account 😢

  2. DFighter

    Pk3 error

    in explorer my documents there's a 2nd ETL map i think its the cause of this make sure everything from it is deleted i think its mallware is the cause of this
  3. DFighter

    Pk3 error

    run the game as administrator right mouse button on the ET icon and run as admin if it wont work can you do this next time if you can the error /condump nameyouchoose in console it will make a text file from your console then we can see what kind of error you have or a printscreen from it is fine too
  4. DFighter

    Pk3 error

    ET Legacy is full with bugs and lately also there own mallware I also recommend to install the regular ET version that i added in the link above with this version you won't have much problems just make sure that the game runs as administrator once installed /connect jay3.clan-fa.com or come to jay1 there are often admins there that can help you fixing issues if needed In case you still want to play with ETL even i wouldnt recommend it you can still install the normal version and copy the files needed into the ETL version but again ETL is the cause of your issues so i would simply download
  5. DFighter

    Pk3 error

    here you can download the game: run the game as administrator if you have issues after let us know
  6. @kemon Ever since ET is released servers / clans use there own server / clan pk3 it's nothing new and always have been the case. All you are doing now is forcing your own will on clans that putted a lot of effort to keep filling servers and all you accomplish with this is telling screw you to all players and server owners and empty the last real active servers. Thank you for harassing players.
  7. video was also added in new year topic but i like it so much it deserve it's own topic and ofcourse it's a compilation of things that happend over the years so its not like this every year everywhere but the video is pretty accurate how The Netherlands celebrate this day so enjoy
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