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  1. Luki

    Good luck with your new horizons :thumbsup and thank you for being here for us! Stay safe and try to be around from time to time... ehhh :cya

  2. 🎂  we can share it if you want 😊

    1. Luki


      Let's celebrate it in silence :) Happy birthday to you mate! :cheers 

    2. DeKing


      Yes be quiet, everybody will take our cake :) happy birthday mate, and thank you 😛 

    3. Luki


      Thank you too, have a nice evening! 8-)

  3. Luki

    Other Suggestion Sniper map

    Maybe someday we will have sniper server with sniper maps , ofc DD must find some free time - at this moment he's busy.
  4. Luki

    ET Fun #1 Ingame Screenshots

    Don't ask me what's going on here
  5. Luki

    ET Fun #1 Ingame Screenshots

    They spend a lot of time in venice bar
  6. Yes, for me there should be reset bots xp by every map PS: What's happened with F|A tag in server name?
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