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  1. Buckwild

    Jay2 problems

    Oh, He is playing on F|A NQ and You cannot connect to Jay2... Hmmm...It is router problem. What router You have? Maybe We can figure It out.
  2. Buckwild

    Jay2 problems

    Try 27960 and 27961 Server will allow this /connect /connect
  3. 2 Christmas maps We've had before: UJE_castle_xmas_b1: Steal Santa's sleigh and UJE_xmas_factory_b1: Assassinate santa with dagger UJE Maps
  4. Please! /rcon bot difficulty 4 on Jay1 Thank You!
  5. Flame-guards Warzone was made with Axis final spawnpoint next to a shelves so players get stuck, But They can be pushed free or They can selfkill. Unfortunatly, It can't be 'fixed'
  6. Axislab at Jay2 isn't axislab_final(which has nuke). The map there(axislab_b2) has objective to take to truck... Please replace with: Axislab_final ET map download: https://www.harryhomers.org/et/download/etmain/axislab_final.pk3 Waypoints in omni-bot_0_86_ET
  7. Omnibot difficulty is set too high on Jay1...5, I think.
  8. Buckwild

    cft pool

    You have to start Enemy Territory and enter into console the hunk command, Then join a server(Once should set config) You can check svar while connected to mod...
  9. Ah. That's why It don't work...Skills.
  10. What command do I use to bind throwknife to a key in NoQuarter mod? weapalt?
  11. flame-guards, 12, 40 I was going to ask maximum be raised...
  12. fueldump.script(bani) can be used, Then Axis don't have any CP. Allies can build Garage CP for spawn
  13. Config files should be in etwolf/silent folder on server root
  14. We need map download links Please Then I'll check for Omnibot navs Rescue the Maiden (Final) https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/201-rescue-the-maiden-final-maiden1pk3/ Can't find waypoints anywhere Return 2 Goldrush (Beta 1) https://fearless-assassins.com/search/?q=Return 2 Goldrush&quick=1&type=downloads_file navs in omni-bot_0_86_ET Outer Space v1.0.0 https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/331-outer-space-final-1-outer_spacepk3/ navs in omni-bot_0_86_ET Monte Cassino (Final 2) https://fearless-assassins.com/files
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