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  1. We miss you anni :(

  2. Like, nade on j2 wont kill you if your health is full, whereas on j1 it definitely will. Panzer unless it's headshot, wont kill you on j2 whereas on j1 if it hits even close to you, it will kill you. At least, thats my experience.
  3. @daredevil panzer, nades and mines are definitively stronger on J1 than on J2.
  4. Hey:) Welcome back. I followed you a bit when you popped up so I'm aware you're happy and engaged! Evo čestitam ti ovdi, i nek ti je sretno u Njemačkoj. Brzo ćemo svi mi negdi, nema tu kruva
  5. Adorbssss Loove these posters and text in red and pink awwww
  6. Can't wait to get back from vacay to see it!
  7. audrey

    New PC

    You say this pc wont run Insurgency or doi? I already bought it it's set up and needs windows to be installed, so we'll see what it runs. I'll buy new ram, prolly 8gb ddr3 kingston. But thanksss
  8. audrey

    New PC

    Why no, tho, why do I need more?
  9. audrey

    New PC

    I don't play much anymore here because I cannot on this current setup anything. I mentioned on Discord, first game for a long time that I tried to run (except ET which crashes too nowadays) was FarCry 3 and it crashed the PC after like 3-5 minutes. The PC needs a good cleaning that's for sure, but it's very dated as it is and I wanna make some changes. I really didn't mind it much since I don't have much time to play, but now when it crashes even ET... The machine is definitely not faster than the one I want to buy. @Xernicus just trust me, everything is much much better with the new one comparing to my old one (athlon II x3 455, ati radeon 3870 for example :D) I just wanted to know if the price is okay for the components he's selling.
  10. audrey

    New PC

    Hey so my pc is slowly dying. Keeps turning off when playing and stuff. Plus it's kinda very old so it's time for somewhat of an upgrade. I don't need some extra pc, I want something decent I can run a few games with. So my coworker is selling his and I think it's decent enough for me. Whatchu think about this setup; Fx8320 Sabertooth 990fx Samsung evo 850 120gb Msi gaming msi gaming x r9 380 2gb Corsair gs 600w Coolermaster hyper 212 evo dual fan I need to buy RAM tho. He's selling these components for $230. Whatchu think?

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