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  1. Congrats to all of you Well deserved!
  2. Hi Dennis welcome to the forums Vettel fan here but i like Max also he's the future in F1
  3. Syroox

    ET BEGINNERS #2 Improve shooting skills?

    I can't really tell you that much on tricks to improve in my case it was just find my best settings which fitted best to me. And then it was more like a playing much thing (sorry i would like to example it better but i can't xD) At some point you realise what you have to do (if you are a wrist or forearm guy) But the basic things like the head crosshair placements etc. need to be also practised (i don't know how but this came somehow from alone playing by me) Then you just need to adjust your gamestyle to your aim and try to be as accurate as you can. I don't have a
  4. Everyone loves beer even if they say they don't I enjoy the time with you on the server and we know each other now for a long time Let's make this time longer
  5. Happy Birthday Rambo enjoy your day and have a good time
  6. So far i also have no tattoos but i think it will change in future when i finally get an idea for a good one with a meaning
  7. One of my most liked song (so many reminds about F&F) And the best TV show (in my opinion) in the background
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