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  1. Yep. It happened to me again, so i ran pk3 cleaner, restarted both pc and internet device, and it worked.
  2. sure i wanted to, Heine told me to do as he always do when some1 has trouble with connection, but hes right this time mby But i couldnt find pk3 cleaner on forum
  3. Okay u guys rly great, i just uninstalled et and downloaded from the link u provided, installed and its running without issues. Idky why but it works, so thank u all again
  4. Already fked up on this one, i had to format HDD while installing win10 so it got lost. Will update my IDs later.
  5. didnt help, says its set to '1' and def is '1' well, no
  6. I connected by /connect jay1.clan-fa.com It was mentioned here: I now see the server list, which is good, but i keep getting these messages:
  7. UPnP stuff running... Yes i reinstalled ET and downloaded those files from captns post, still can't connect.
  8. Yes it says internet. Here are the pics
  9. I run 2.60b version, i did run it as admin and compatibility for win7, ET enabled in firewall. I succesfully connected by @Buckwild's way, through the console cmd /connect. But i still can't connect to Beginners 1, have the awaiting conection...1...2...forever
  10. Okay my dear friends, i need your help again. Installed win10 and now when i install ET i cant see any servers in the list, also cant join them via IP. Is this common win10 issue and u have some magical hax on this or do i have to dig deeper? I run it as admin etc, compatibility for win xp sp3 etc etc Thx fot your help
  11. This guy always cheerful and helps me everytime :D Doing things for no reason is best!!
  12. Yeah xD Well one positive thing about this, with the reinstall everything works better, even have better fps with details higher than before. Probably the old ET was just copied from my old windows to new one. Now its like optimised.
  13. Uhm lol im rly stupid, i really am. I dont have router since i just use USB and my phone to share mobile data, but... yes... i just restarted my phone and it works xD happened to me in past, i forgot i gotta restart both pc and phone after using pk3 cleaner. So yes it works now, i didnt even need to reinstall et xD Thx lol, im real idiot
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