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  1. Ok , Band Over

    1. GwS BadBoy

      GwS BadBoy

      Hahaha just what I wanted to post xD

  2. Have to service like every weekend but kinda like it
  3. Ahoy there

    1. GwS BadBoy
    2. GwS BadBoy

      GwS BadBoy

      Should have been Hey... lol

  4. It was just this one server. For some strange reason, after using this Pk3 motherf***er and restarting my PC (and mobile phone xDd), it works!! So... Thanks for your help, don't rly know what happened and why that happened, but I did connect succesfully!! Touchdown!! Thank you all.
  5. Okay but my router is my cell phone i share data to my PC (tethering or so) xD
  6. Hey, guys, Gw$BadBoy here, you may know me only from Beginners 1 XPS server, I'm the chat-spamming, always-talking-about-my-exes-or-ex-cars stupid f**k but I hope u kinda like me. Got a problem since todays evening, can't connect anymore, anything worked just fine trough the day. It just says Awaiting connection and counts to 15648481561816655418616886 and more. Got windows Vista business (fk u if u say thats the problem xD, im not buying anything now, have to save money, its corona crisis). I must say I didn't change any settings or so, it just stopped working. Might be so
  7. BMW e38 730i V8, automatic transmission (unfortunatelly :D), 160 kw Rover 416 tourer, 82kw both cars in Czech Republic
  8. Cool im gonna send that file to u. To the nick, I think its been a number of months by now but i dont rly know how to do that would you do it please? Thx
  9. Lol wtf my nick is wrong xD BabBoy.. didnt notice that before
  10. Hey. There's a mess in my console (check the picture). When I move the mouse then it appears like million of times. Can somebody please explain what that is? It's part of a config that one player made for me. Is that allowed? Is that considered a cheat? The player told me it was something to just 'correct the mini-moves or my mouse' or sth like that. Thx for the answer Your Gw$Badboy, Reznik, Grinch... The official FA troll
  11. Yup Still wanna puke while going back trough history :S
  12. Well, I don't like diving into this topic again but I'm gonna do it for you Spar. I was desperate virgin and was always kinda nervous around girls the hole life, then I met this girl that was rly hot, we starting hanging out, I knew she was much more experienced (don't want to say she was a fkin slut bus yes she was ). That made me even more nervous, but we didn't have sex for a long time so that made some space for both of us falling in love. She sucked me for few times I licked her and so, but there was still a big tension between us and we needed to have sex but I always felt this pressur
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